• Save You Tonight (2015 Audio Edit)
  • One Direction


I have always loved this song, like you don’t understand how much I listened to this from Up All Night, it’s my jam! I would do anything if I got to hear the boys sing this song one more time live so until that day comes… I’ll settle with this audio edit :)
SomaFM: Secret Agent: The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and PIs too! Commercial-free, Listener-supported Radio

Okay all my Man From U.N.C.L.E. writers:

If you are looking for quality spy music to jam out to whilst writing about our favorite Russian, cowboy, and chop shop girl, check out SomaFM’s Secret Agent radio. I’ve been listening to this channel since 2007 and it never fails to inspire me!

Living with 5sos would include

  • ‘no calum you cannot put vegemite on ashton’s face when he’s sleeping’
  • ‘luke i love you but you have to start standing up for yourself, i can’t keep doing it’
  • ‘no we can’t have pizza again we’ve had it for the last two nights in a row’
  • ‘no michael i don’t want to play gta with you’
  • ‘fine we can get pizza all of you stop making puppy dog faces at me!’
  • stealing all their clothes because you don’t who shirts are who’s
  • being general dorks
  • having jam sessions and first listening privileges to new music
  • movie nights with cuddles
  • piggy backs from all of them
  • drum/bass/guitar lessons
  • dressing up in fun costumes with them

anonymous asked:

Favourite singers/bands/songs?? I love your taste in everything else *cough* Harry Potter *cough* so I have a funny feeling music won't be too different either xx

Haha right on! I hope you’re following my side blog potters-andweasleys ;)

I’ve spent all of today (and most of the past two years) jamming to Hunter Hayes. My favourite songs by him are:

  • I want crazy
  • Tattoo
  • Light me up
  • Storm warning
  • A thing about you
  • Love makes me
  • Nothing like starting over
  • Faith to fall back on
  • Storyline
  • Love too much 
  • Invisible (listen to this if you’re in high school pls)

Some of my other favourite songs - some of all time, some of the moment - are:

  • Everything by Michael Buble
  • Free Fallin by John Mayer
  • Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
  • Fire and Rain by James Taylor
  • Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer
  • It’s In His Kiss by Betty Everett
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
  • Best Thing I Got by Sabrina Carpenter
  • Exceptional by JoJo
  • How To Touch A Girl by JoJo
  • Ain’t No Mountain High by Marvin Gaye
  • Love Is On The Radio Hopeful Live Remix
  • Elevator Love by Guy Sebastian 
  • You’re All I Need To Get by by Glee cast
  • Wild At Heart by Gloriana
  • Get Right Back to Where We Started From by Maxine Nightingale

I love McFly and The Jonas Brothers and The Beatles and The Jackson 5 and James Taylor :)

I’m also a big fan of


,Today I’ve been jamming to

  • Hey Stephen
  • Fearless
  • Change
  • Starlight
  • Holy Ground
  • I’d Lie

And am generally always listening to musical soundtracks (legally blonde, bring it on, rent, the sound of music, the Book of Mormon).

I hope you can love some of these songs/artists/bands as much as I do!

music tag ๐ŸŽถ

“you can tell a lot about someone from the kind of music they listen to. put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping. then tag ten people”
i was tagged by chocoltaechipkookies ^^ thank you for tagging me in all these things it makes me feel loved
1. O.M.G - Got7
2. Dope - BTS
3. Tomorrow - BTS
4. Call Me Baby - EXO
5. No More Dream - BTS
6. I Don’t Need A Man - Miss A
7. Rain - BTS
8. Second Grade - BTS
9. I’m A Loner - CN Blue
10. Boyz With Fun - BTS

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and anyone else who feels like doing this tag because they want to share their beautiful music with everyone ^^

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i need need need some music to listen to, i love so much shit musically, but just gimme sum comparisons and i'll listen!! please link :-)

oooo I can’t link rn because I’m on mobile and that’s be a lil complicated, but I will give you a list of some stuff I’ve been listening to.

Leon Bridges
Chad VaanGalen (soft airplane)
The Mills Brothers
Girl Valley
Aeon Fux
Adele (19)
The Internet
All We Are (utmost good is my jam)

The list goes on, but those are on top.

Music Tag

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Go on your music player and list the first 10 songs, no skipping! OK, on with the show!

I was tagged by the fantastic itsmymicrowave (thank you so much btw I love this stuff)

1. Clean- Taylor Swift
2. One Man Show- Jonas Brothers
3. Happily- One Direction
4. Black Magic- Little Mix
5. Dancing With a Wolf- All Time Low
6. Viva La Vida- Coldplay
7. Letter Bomb- Green Day
8. Talk! -the 1975
9. Daylight- 5 Seconds of Summer
10. The City- Ed Sheeran

I tag aquaticmuke b3yond-the-lens letsbanglashton popcornlukey lukesclique favesos and lumosirwin !!

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Rule 1: Write down your five utmost favorite k-pop songs ever. The songs that you can listen to for the rest of your life and not get tired of. The songs that you’ve never skipped on shuffle. The songs that make you hardcore jam to.

Rule 2: Tag your friends, followers, people you follow, anyone!

200% - akmu

miniskirt - aoa

좋아요 - bts

hurt - exo

modern times - iu

adore u - seventeen

married to the music - shinee

no offense but i couldn’t pick just 5 and these aren’t even all my favs just the ones that come to mind lmao

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But for real though when I was in fourth grade I entered a HUGE Eiffel 65 phase and sometimes I look up their songs on YouTube because I’m too ashamed to actually download them as part of my music like CAN YOU IMAGINE rolling up next to someone in the car and they’re getting fucking down to “Another Race”???? That was my favorite fucking song but if you go listen to it right now and just picture yourself stopping in your car and seeing me jamming out to it IN 2015 WHAT WOULD YOU THINK! You’d think I was crazy! I think I’m crazy for fucking going into this so much! BUT FOR REAL THOUGH I had choreographed dances to almost all of the songs (EVEN HYPERLINK WHICH IS ABOUT SEX I WAS NINE I THOUGHT SEX WAS KISSING) and I would listen to the album Europop with my DISCMAN during road trips and I even had like…SONG DREAMS. You know what I mean when you were young and you would like think out a whole music video (where you’re the star fucking DUH) to certain or a lot of songs? Dude was this just me?? You’re lying you totally did this, but dude, that was like the whole ALBUM FOR ME. I GOT SO MUCH JOY FROM EIFFEL 65 ALRIGHT SO I GUESS WHAT I’M SAYING IS DON’T BE SURPRISED IF YOU EVER ROLL UP IN YOUR CAR NEXT TO ME AND I’M FUCKING JAMMING MY FACE OFF TO EiFFEL 65 CUZ I AM DOWN. LOAD. ING. THIS SHIT AFUCKINSAP.

[Infinite Challenge] ๋ฌดํ•œ๋„์ „ - Sangjuna - My Life,์ƒ์ฃผ๋‚˜ - My Life 20150822

I knew many of you would disagree but for me, this was still my FAVORITE among all the songs released for IC’s 2015 Music Festival, yep, it’s weird, I’m weird but this is my jam, my cup of tea. Sorry not sorry though XD

Many claimed that this song was a mess, the 3 parts don’t mesh well but I tend to disagree. I’ve been listening to this song over and over again, don’t really know how many times now but the transitions between parts were fantastic. First the opening “Assalaamalaykum Sawadikap Hello bonjour Don’t be sick Doto, Doto jambo“ really matched well with the beat. Then followed by Jun Ha’s rap. You can really notice how he improved, it’s not perfect, he’s still not worthy to be called a rapper but at least he tried, he gave his all, he really prepared for this, so very different from the 1st time he rap. Next the change in beat where it became mellow for Yoon Sang’s part :D Yoon Sang’s voice though, yeah I’m bias but you have to admit that his voice was very soothing/gentle. Wish his part was longer. Then again the drop of the beat for Hyorin’s part (chorus) was so on point, the chorus part was very catchy.  I don’t know why others claim that there had been a disconnection in Hyorin’s part -_- I really don’t get it

Kudos to Jun Ha for finishing the challenge. This is why the show called Infinity Challenge. At first, I’m very disappointed at him for trying to insist to rap even though he’s not good at it. Shame on me because he proved otherwise. I also believe he wrote the rap part himself, wow.
Kudos to Yoon Sang for being so cool about everything. He gave 100% to satisfy Jun Ha’s demands. He’s always full of praises for Jun Ha despite all the things. Yoon Sang’s support and Jun Ha’s determination paid off.

Also, out of all the songs for the 2015 Music Festival, this has been the only song that’s full of meaning. For the English translation of the lyrics, you can find it here so you can appreciate more the message of the song :D

-hi friends!!! I was tagged by deantops-sambottoms to shuffle my music player and list the first ten songs and im always a slut for tag games so:)))

1. isabelle by buster blue (actually an all time fave)

2. whatsername by green day

3. session by linkin park

4. murder city by green day

5. black by pearl jam

6. would you still be there by om&m

7. dysentery gary by blink 182

8. immortal by marina and the diamonds

9. satellites by sleeping with sirens

10. burn by in this moment

thanks for listening!! anyway if you guys feel like doing it im tagging anabelle80 malvcy idonwanttobenormal hallyeden sloother ttragician sons-of-bitches bibliophile-whale love yall!!!!!

Pro-Tip for Anyone

Buy a record player plus some music that calms you down. Then when you get mad play music from there instead of your earphone, if possible. That way it calms you and you have to get up to change the record because you can’t put it on repeat.

I know being sad or angry or overwhelmed sucks and all you want to do is let it consume you, but don’t. Bust out your favorite music and jam out, but don’t let it defeat you. I do this because I used to just put on music and play it on repeat as I laid down and wallowed in whatever I was feeling, but when I play my records it forces me to get up and move and do something. Also it’s a comforting process to move the needle and listen to the start when nothing but the needle scratching can be heard or carefully flipping it over to play the other side.

Alternatively: Create a playlist on your phone of the music that makes you feel better (I found making a couple works best). Take it off repeat and then put it far away from you with the music turned up. Getting up moving, doing anything mundan makes me feel so much better.

grantairse replied to your post “eponine is totally kate nash’s biggest fan. she can play all her songs…”

emma why are you doing this to me MY HEART CANT HANDLE IT

awwww nived 💕💕

okay but like i think ep would totally make a point to listen to only female made music, so she totally jams to joan jett, marina, nicki minaj, m.i.a, halsey (oh my gosh can you imagine?!! she would totally listen to badlands in repeat and identify with so many of the song, oh be still my heart), janelle monae, charlie xcx, stevie nicks, kate bush- ahhhh eponine has such good music taste :’’’)

(and keeping in line with the musical hc i had going on in the tags taire and ep would totally write a show like the last 5 years based on previous toxic relationships they’ve had and that would be such a healing process for them)

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs, then tag 20 people! I was tagged by ifuckinghatemakingusernames thanks!

1. No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper
2. Beast of Burden - The Rolling Stones
3. Ocean Size - Jane’s Addiction
4. My Wave - Soundgarden
5. Come As You Are - Nirvana
6. Jeremy - Pearl Jam
7. You Shook Me - Led Zeppelin
8. Whale & Wasp - Alice in Chains
9. Have It All - Foo Fighters
10. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle - Nirvana
11. Territorial Pissings - Nirvana
12. X-Girlfriend - Bush
13. My Melancholy Blues - Queen
14. Heaven Beside You - Alice in Chains
15. Nice Guys Finish a Last - Green Day
16. St. Jimmy - Green Day
17. Blood - Pearl Jam
18. My Hero - Foo Fighters
19. Through The Never - Metallica
20. Burritos - Sublime

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Firework - Peter Hollens (Originally by Katy Perry)


Okay, so, remember when Katy Perry’s “Firework” came out and you were like “AWWW YISSS, DIS MY JAM, DIS SONG’S MY LIFE, I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I FEEL LIKE I CAN DO ANYTHIIIIING.”

And then new music came along and you moved on with your life.

Well, I never really had that experience when I listened to Katy Perry sing it - but gosh dang it, when Peter Hollens made an a capella cover of it, you better believe I felt the power of the lyrics.

You would think he had a team doing the beat boxing while he sang lead, but guess what? Not true! He did it all himself! Don’t believe he’s doing absolutely everything in the song? Then check out the official video over here