La tristezza del dopo concerto,come la definiamo,è una sensazione davvero bizzarra.
È una specie di fischio che ti rimane nelle orecchie,dopo il rumore,le urla e la musica a tutto volume.
È come se il silenzio avesse un suono.Capisci?
Come se non ci fosse silenzio.È davvero una strana sensazione.
—  Zayn Malik




Hearing people writing deaf characters be like:

Hi my name is Kathleen Jaylin Deafie Raven Way and I was born deaf (that’s how I got my name) and I have beautiful long hair and people usually tell me it’s such a tragedy I was born deaf! All that beauty mared by the grey world of deafness. My sign name (which I gave to myself obviously) is BEAUTIFUL SAD FLOWER in ASL. All of my family, friends and my dog and that guy on the corner who hates me know ASL, but I prefer speaking English (I speak ENglish perfectly of course) because ASL are just signed English words anyway!

I lip-read at school, so I refused when they offered me an interpreter. I can lip-read so well that I understand what my rival says at the table on the other end of the school cantina… I know you are badmouthing me, you nasty girl! Just because I am hearing impaired doesn’t mean I am stupid!!! I may not be able to tell apart yawning and screaming, but that doesn’t mean anything!

When I sleep, I wear hearing aids, naturally, don’t you just hate it when your ears are exposed? Also my friends frequently take my HAs off and I don’t mind at all!

Also, recently I met this incredibly cute guy… He is so amazing! He is a pop signer and he is RICH! He didnt know ASL when he met me, but I taught him and after 3 days he already speaks fluently. He is so amazing! But it’s so hard being together because I am deaf and I can’t hear his music!  It’s tearing me apart, like I am missing someting in my life, I can’t live like this, without music!

But, oh, he saved me! Since he is rich, he arranged a cochlear implant for me and I went to surgery (he held my hand whole time) and when I woke up from anesthesia, I could hear perfectly. I was cured, I am not deaf anymore! The moment I first heard his music was the moment I knew we would be together forever!

We got our happy ending. I just hope this will be inspiration to other poor disabled people out there, never give up!