In my career, I have played many unorthodox characters that have included letters, numbers, inanimate objects, monsters, males, females, animals, vegetables, and minerals… and now I can check off super dairy products as well, since I played one in 2010 for an outreach video. While preparing for the pre-record and figuring out the character’s voice, I actually told my husband, “I don’t know if I need to sound like a superhero or like a cheese.” Yeah.
—  Stephanie D'Abruzzo


here ya go, thanks for being birthed so that i could funnel quality muppet neetle content into every orifice i have. for real tho, happy bd u meme dip




Welp, time to admit I was wrong; not only have the volunteer tomatoes survived the exceedingly mild winter, but the little bastards are blooming. I honestly don’t think my patio has actually dropped to freezing at all this year. Technically we aren’t in the clear until after the first week of March, but it got up to 83 yesterday, so I’m feeling pretty confident this will continue.

I did not buy this chayote with the intent of germinating it, as I have no room for big sprawling vines, but then I read something that intrigued me. Unlike most curcubits, the chayote contains a single large seed, and every source I found said it has to be left to germinate in the fruit. Logically this makes no sense; what’s the point of investing energy into a large, fleshy fruit if you need said fruit intact to germinate? That said, the fruit does seem to designed to accommodate this, as the muppet-mouth grimace on the fat end parts to let the sprouts out, like it’s vomiting a squid. If anyone knows more about why it might do this, let me know!

Speaking of weirdo plants, I went back to Fiesta Mart to trawl for fruit/seeds, and found this bag of morro seeds. They’re the principal ingredient of a Salvadoran drink, but I was pretty excited to find out they’re also the seeds of Crescentia alata, one of the best arguments for evolutionary anachronism and a plant of some significance among the Maya.They’re also just a plain weird tree, with flowers and tough gourd-like fruit borne directly from their trunks. Seeds imported for consumption are frequently not viable for a variety of reasons, but you can’t know until you try, right?

Then we have a large green avocado, exciting solely because it’s not a fucking Hass. I’m planting that seed for sure.

Finally, flowers. My phone mysteriously died yesterday, so until I get that sorted out, there will probably be no pictures. :(

trump is seriously the only politician that looks somewhat fresh in a way that isn’t just abhorrently… ‘‘wrong’‘? there’s atleast some form of naturalness going on with the guy.

like, bernie is literally falling apart into sand cernels and looks like a muppet character

hillary’s got a botox vibe going off with her style

whilst jeb and cruz are just in general tired old men that really need to step down, go into elder care and write nice articles to the local newspaper about when they fed the ducks at the pond this afternoon (with seeds mind you, don’t want to glut their little duck stomachs together with bread)