Almost There - The Muir Project

One Foot In Front Of The Other...Carefully.

So… Here’s my story. Well, it’s not just MY story per say, but I sure am a part of it. The future however, that will be written in as we go along.

Let’s start with a little background, not much, but you’ll get the picture. I was born in small town, Pennsylvania 1993. Nothing interesting happened in my timeline. My only complaint? My parents divorced in 1999. However, both of my parents remarried. I live a healthy life. I am graduating from college in three months. I am loved and I can’t say many things went wrong in 20 short years. That is, until February of 2013. My hero, role model, and rock, my dad, suffered from not one but TWO cryptogenic strokes (strokes of unknown origin). How could this have happened? My dad made a living by being fit and playing tennis. 

I lived with him for about a year, driving him around, taking care of him, being with him.
He’s come a long way. Three years of rehabilitation can do that to a stroke victim…If you’re lucky. That brings me to now. February 14 2016. I will be stepping foot on the John Muir trail in about 160 days, give or take. I will be taking this journey with Mark Townsend. The man who taught me so much, and now is teaching me how to put One Step In Front Of The Other…maybe not so Carefully. 

Life is short. You don’t get many second chances like my dad did. I’ve lived a timid life, always in fear. Afraid of my shadow, afraid of what my school mate was saying about me, afraid of heights, the dark, loud noises, and being alone. Its time to overcome. Its time to persevere. Its time to live this one life I was given. Now what makes this journey so special? We will be creating a documentary (sponsored by gopro) while raising funds for the American Heart Association. We will release this documentary to the general public as a message of hope and perseverance. Follow us. Support us. And most importantly, put One Foot In Front Of The Other…Carefully.

New on 500px : Range of Light by douglasscrima

John Muir called the Sierra Nevada “The Range of Light.” When witnessing summer evening sunsets such as this over Evolution Lake along the John Muir Trail, one can see how it aptly lives up this description. (HSB-011) via 500px


All of you wonderful people who follow me and all others who see this. Today I begin the process of applying for a John Muir Trail application. It’s extremely competitive and hard to secure a permit. So I’m asking, begging, pleading. All good vibes you have to send, any prayers, thoughts, whatever it is you do, keep me and my permit in mind.

That’s all have a great day.


Day hiking in the High Sierras back country! This rad hike ended up taking longer than expected and encompassed the entire day, what seemed like an easy hike that I have done before ended up being one of the hardest hikes on my body I have ever done scrambling/climbing over rocks and bushes, river crossings and awkward steps on steep rock faces. A seriously memorable day.

Pinecrest CA

February 10th, 2016

I’ve started to plan my John Muir Trail hike, my first big step in preparation to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I’ll be leaving July 1st (should all work out according to plan), and I’ll be returning in early September. I’m currently in the process of rounding up people to help with my bounce boxes.

There’s a lot of reasons why I’m making this 211 mile Trek through some of the most beautiful and dangerous landscapes and mountain ranges on the West Coast. But the primary reason is that there’s nothing me holding me back in Brentwood anymore. I’m ready to leave and figure things out for myself, and I can’t think of a better place to do that than in the solitude of nature.

So this blog will serve as a peak in to my mind as I prepare and train for my trek, as well as a documentation of what I get up to before and during the trip. Hope you guys enjoy the ride.

- Jake

hikes, revisited

West Coast Trail, British Columbia
Camino de Santiago, Spain/France
Torres del Paine, Chile
Kungsleden, Sweden
Laugavegurinn, Iceland
Tour du Mont Blanc, France/Italy/Switzerland
Jomolhari Trek, Bhutan
Dingle Way, Ireland
Muir Trail/PCT, California
Long Trail, Vermont
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

i want to hike the john muir trail this summer alone and my mom is being like an uber bitch about it and won’t even talk to me. She won’t listen to the fact that I have extensive backcountry experience, that i will buy an emergency spot tracker, that the trail is incredibly well traveled and that i have friends that are planning on meeting me during the end to hike the final stretch. no she just refuses to actually talk about it to me. 

nevermind the fact that she’s 100% okay with my brother flying airplanes that have a 40% crash rate.

My friend is working on getting permits to hike the John Muir Trail in July and it’s becoming real in my brain and I’m so pumped to live minimally in the mountains for three weeks!