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hey Brooke! so there are lots of people that dislike bollywood because they copy other movies and even with their songs but its sad that people completely write off bollywood as some wannabe hollywood :/ i'll watch a bollywood movie trailer and half the comments saying "oh another copy movie" not everything is copied, there are also some great original movies too idk why people can't see that?

The thing that really cracks me up is when an official remake comes out and everyone is like, “Oh it’s a copy of X movie!” It’s like……no. That’s not how it works! They bought the rights! All of this is totally legal and above board and there’s nothing wrong with it!

I love the saying “Good artists borrow, great artists steal” because there’s very little out there that’s actually original. How many movies are essentially just retellings of Romeo & Juliet? The skeleton of a story can be exactly the same, but once you add the flesh, it looks totally different. Making a movie is a combination of so many different art forms coming together, and the story is just one of those art forms. You could give three directors the exact same story, and in the end you’d have three completely different films.

It’s okay to be critical of Bollywood, because you should always try to better something you love. But people should focus more on what it’s doing right, especially now. I think it was Shabana Azmi who said that India is a country that is living in several different centuries at once, with different sets of values and hundreds of languages and cultural variations. It’s not easy to make movies that appeal to such a diverse audience, especially not when Hollywood is nipping at your heals, essentially trying to take over the world and kill all regional film industries. Bollywood has sustained itself despite Hollywood’s cultural imperialism, and it’s even thrived. And yes, it’s difficult to find a balance between conservative values and more progressive ideas that have become more prevalent in society. That’s how you end up with awkward sex scenes. They’ll figure it out though, and in the meantime people should be more supportive of those efforts.

  • Me:I loved "Inside Out" what a great movie!!
  • Friend:omg me too!
  • Me:I loved how they showed that Sadness was important an that stifling your emotions is bad for you! Feeling is a good thing :)
  • Friend:ok that's enough with being sad now lets be happy again
  • Me:*looks at the camera like on "The Office"

Beyond fed up with people always complaining about the Hobbit movies. 

so i literally went through and counted, and as of this moment there have been approx. 134 kamen riders since the series’ inception. (i say approx. because i undoubtedly missed a few randos somewhere, and i didn’t count “novel-exclusives” or alt decade versions or anything like that.)

out of those 134, 9 of them have been women. that’s about 7%, i think, if you round up?

so in all the many years of this franchise, only 7% of our heroes have been female. which is more than a little bewildering and depressing, especially since it’s now 20-fuckin-15 and things do not seem to be getting any better.

and most of those 9 lady riders are not particularly great representation, either.

  • kirishima miho - movie-only, however considering the too many cooks (too many cooks) nature of the show perhaps this worked in her favor, dies but then again this is ryuki so i can’t really find too much fault in that
  • kimura saya - dies literally like an episode after being introduced, never shown transforming in or out of the delta suit, shown (very) briefly in action but no one knows it’s her at the time so again i ask wHAT’S THE POINT MR INOUE
  • miwa natsumi - movie-only, fairly minor character, dies
  • shuki - dies after a short few-episode arc
  • hikari natsumi - movie-only, however considering her main character status perhaps kiva-la might’ve been included in the actual show if decade had been less of a mess/had the normal number of episodes
  • nadeshiko - movie-only, is also a little questionable in terms of “female character representation” since she is, in fact, space slime assuming human form & might not actually have a gender
  • inamori mayu - the only one on this list i can actually give a wholehearted thumbs up to, sadly vanishes for a large chunk of episodes but this can be written off as Wizard’s Pacing Issues, has legit & satisfying character development and gets to actually Do Things, what fun
  • minato youko - dies, gets fucked over by the writing, the less said the better tbh, tsukui minami deserved so much more
  • akatsuki touka - movie-only, dies

so we’ve definitely got an issue with killing off the very, very few female riders we have, and with relegating them to the supplemental material rather than allowing them to be in the shows themselves.

people are always going on about how it’s a show for little boys, so it makes sense that we’d get mostly male heroes. and yeah, i guess? from a marketing standpoint at least. but 7% is just a sad, sad percentage. a solid 25% shouldn’t be too much to ask, and yet here we are.

and it seems like no one ever thinks of the possible young girl viewers kamen rider might be gaining by including more female heroes, rather than the money that might be lost when boys don’t buy the toys (hint: pretty sure they still would, as long as the designs were cool enough)

and i mean… we’re not gonna get anywhere with this shit if no one tries. drive had us set up perfectly for our first female secondary, and we all know what happened with that :/

i love kamen rider so much but i hate that it’s the year of our lord 2k15 and it’s still stuck in this weird rut concerning women


Now the fate of the world rests in the hands of Yona, little Timmy, and the polar bear they found while exiting the train

ahhh man when Ben was talking to otis about finding him alone on the meadow…and that night he swore he saw the “stars dance” and otis just laughs it off cause haha thats weird

and then at the end when his kinda gf Daisy gives birth and Otis is there and after awhile he goes outside looking all happy and content and he stares up at the night sky and he sees the stars dance….and the music…

it jsut…ahh -clenches fist-……was so,,beautiful


Got tagged by the lovely corseque for the ‘top 10 movies’ meme!!  What a hot mess - these would be roughly arranged in order of ’hella fun’ to ’most likely to emotionally scar you + your unsuspecting family’.  Been a while since I’ve watched a movie that wasn’t a documentary to be honest!

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Could 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' be headed for a 'Ghostbusters'-style all-female reboot?
Let's examine what 'female-centric' really means.

According to a Collider interview with producer John Davis, the upcoming League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reboot will be “female-centric.”

“It’s female-centric, which I think is interesting. I love female characters, point-of-view characters in action movies. I thought Mad Max was great.“

Before anyone gets too excited about the idea of a Ghostbusters-style reboot for a film with the word "gentlemen” in the title, we should probably examine what “female-centric” actually means in this context…


Life update: I was starting to get bad again towards the end of my school year but this past month I’ve been doing great and it’s weird but I haven’t felt this good in a really long time

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Name your top 10 favourite characters (1 for each fandom), then tag 10 people.

  1. Korra (A:LOK)
  2. Aang (A:TLA)
  3. Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies)
  4. Pearl (Steven Universe)
  5. Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)
  6. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
  7. Sarah Manning (Orphan Black)
  8. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
  9. Haruka Nanase (Free!)
  10. Edward Elric (FMA:B)

thank you for tagging me, Lou :)

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