If only the core MCU gave us 13 hours of backstory for each character before doing team movies.

If only…

Selena is not FAT !! Ugh this world is so fucked up :| it makes me wanna kms

Drake edit


Now this is what I learned french for…I’ve watched it probaly 10 times now today and still get teary eyed and goosebumpy and EXCITED!

I watched OK Kanmani today and died of cute:   

OK Kanmani is absolutely adorable. It’s so hard to pinpoint the best thing about the film; was it Mani Ratnam’s insane ability to turn a simple love story into something magical? or P.C. Sreeram’s gorgeous depiction of romance in Mumbai? maybe it was A.R.Rahman’s wonderful background score? it could very well be Dulquer’s charm? Nithya’s feistiness? Their undeniable chemistry in even the most trivial of moments (and that’s saying a lot coming from me because I’ve never shipped them, even in the extremely appreciated Usthad Hotel)? Maybe it was even the quirky yet oh-so-beautiful love story portrayed by Prakash Raj and Leela Samson? All I’m positive of is that it was simultaneously a treat to the ears, eyes, intellect, and of course the heart.

I just watched What We Did With Our Holiday (a bit late I know, shame on me! for my defense I’m a baby fan, juste a few weeks ago!) and my god David is so perfect in it, I HAD to make a post about it. BTW this movie is a real breath of fresh air, it’s funny, I cried with laughter sometimes, but it’s also emotional, and David, did I told you he is FANTASTIC??? <3 <3

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You tweet convinced me to start watching PoI. I'm on episode 5 now and I see Jesus, Ben Linus and Cookie. Now, where are the dog, the puppy and the badass?

Okay, this made me laugh. The dog appears on 2x01, the puppy is introduced in 1x13 but you don’t see her face until 1x23, and the badass appears on 2x16. 

For those who didn’t see the tweet, anon is talking about this, my list of reasons to watch Person of Interest.

it’s been nearly 20 hours since i’ve seen age of ultron and i am still mad about natasha

what possible thought process was this?

marvel: i think we should take our main female character, and reduce her to a romantic subplot with no other real plot. thoughts?
marvel: seems like it might be a terrible idea. who with?
marvel: let’s see. bruce?
marvel: that’’s probably be even more terrible, let’s do it!

i mean


i am just so fucking bitter and pissed off

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I'm actually really excited for the supposed FNAF movie. If it's good, then that's awesome; we get an interesting horror movie that adds to the lore and mythos of the games, which were already interesting on their own. If it's bad, then that's great, too; we get a terrible movie that takes itself too seriously that we can laugh at. Win-win, if you ask me. Worst case scenario is if it's mediocre, which I really don't think will happen.

But what if it turns out to be like…late 90′s direct-to-DVD bargain bin at Hollywood Video-level terrible?

Or like…Brain Damage Films-level terrible?

There is a definite line there, and it’s wider than most people think it is.

     recoil. gets home from my first shift. I’ll make an open l8r.

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Why are you dedicated to BH6 so much?

The story just… really grabbed me I guess so that’s why, that and the characters are wonderful too ahghghgh

I suppose a huge part of it is because I related to Hiro really easily? His problems and stuff were stuff I went through, and I lost someone who I considered a father when I was around 14 also, so I knew exactly what he was going through. We had the same reactions and same methods of coping. 

all that and Baymax is a cutie patoot so what’s not to love

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Fan of horror movies?