Andy gives his toys away: IRL

This is Jessie! She loves critters…but none more than her best pal, Bullseye! 

This…is Rex! The meanest, most terrifying dinosaur who ever lived! RAWR!

The Potato Heads: Mr. and Mrs. You’ve got to keep ‘em together cause they’re madly in love! 

Now Slinky here is as loyal as any dog you could want. 

And Hamm…he’ll keep your money safe, but he’s also one of the most dastardly villains of all time: EVIL DR. PORK CHOP! 

These little dudes are from a strange alien world: PIZZA PLANET! 

And this…is Buzz Lightyear: the coolest toy EVER! He’s sworn to protect the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg!

Now you’ve got to promise to take good care of these guys. They…mean…a lot to me.

What’s he doing in there?

Now Woody…he’s been my pal for…as long as I can remember. He’s brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind and smart. But the thing that makes woody special…is he’ll never give up on you. Ever. He’ll be there for you, no matter what. 

So long…


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Do you ever get that feeling like you want to just sit on a couch, in your favorite chair, and just listen to someones day? Like just listen to someone else tell you how shitty their day was and then surprise them with their favorite snack and a movie. To just sit and let them finally relax into your side and let all the worries drift away. I guess I am feeling a little needy today and just hope that you and everyone else out there have someone in their life like this. I know that I miss mine

We will find it someday, don’t give up on that and don’t settle for anything less. Keep smiling, you’re more than a significant other. They will come when you are content and the timing is right, friend. 

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So basically MCU whitewashed as many characters as Fox and DC. Where is sj outrage for them? But that's ok. It's tumblr. DS has 2 badass poc characters with big roles in the story. XMA, for example, had Jubilee for 1 min and Storm as a villain's sidekick. So where were boycott for this film? Where were demands to JLaw to give her role to a poc? Or make Mistique gay like in the comics? Who cares. Well, sorry for not keeping promise about last ask. Now I said all I wanted, thanks for answers

MCU has whitewashed more characters than the XMCU and have you seen Suicide Squad? That movie had more representation that almost every single MCU movie combined. DC has El Diablo aka Chato Santana who is latino, Amanda Waller who is black, Deadshot aka Floyd Lawton who is black, Katana aka Tatsu Yamashiro, Slipknot aka Christopher Weiss is Native American, not to mention that Killer Croc is played by a black man. Now, as for X-Men: Apocalypse, have you not seen the anger over screen time for Jubilee and Storm? People were angry afterwards, but having some screen time is better than having no screen time for these POC characters. There were no demands for JLaw or Rebecca Romijn to give the role of Mystique to a POC because she isn’t portrayed as POC in the comics. She was blue and was portrayed as blue in the movies. As for making Mystique lesbian, that has absolutely nothing to do with the current topic of whitewashing. I do have to say - I would love to see a gay Mystique! That would be amazing LGBT+ representation in the X-Men series! The only problem with making Mystique gay is that she actually an open bisexual in the comics (which you would know if you read them, which I’m kind of assuming you don’t). Erasing that canon would be an example of biphobia in the media which I have expressed my distaste for before. Jubilee has always been underrepresented and people have always been upset about it. Storm didn’t get enough screen time in X-Men Apocalypse, but she did get a ton of screen time in the first X-Men trilogy. No problem for answering your asks.

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I'm on my period rn and it's giving me pain and dysphoria I lay down w a hotpad and watched Disney movies and that helped for awhile but now I can't get my mind off it

Sadly, in that kind of situation all we can do is distract ourselves. I know it’s hard when dysphoria is bad and sometimes it’s impossible to keep our minds off of it. It’s okay to let it hit you, it’s okay to feel the pain it causes, but then you need to remind yourself that it’s temporary and you will be okay. Being on your period doesn’t make you any less of the gender you are. You’re strong for getting through it on a regular basis, and like I said, keep in mind that if you want it to be, it’s temporary! There are many ways to stop menstruation, from birth control to testosterone, and if you choose to undergo any of these in the future that part of your dysphoria will stop.


i hate how im not doing anything w my life like im young and i should be having fun but instead im always on this website or watching movies on netflix and it just gives me such a bad feeling bc i know that one day ill look back and ill be like, “why the fuck did i waste my youth just moping around when i couldve done so many cool things” but fuCk i just don’t know how to stop being like this

Fresh off the proverbial presses, it’s Fandometrics.

Television: Never

Miraculous experiences the divine No. 1.
How to Get Away with Murder returns at No. 8. All hail Shonda Rhimes.
Gravity Falls and so do good TV shows. Down six to No. 13.

Movies: Gonna

Ghostbusters (No. 3) busting moves as well as those ghosts.
☆ Beep beep! Passengers debuts at No. 8.
Warcraft is losing the battle, clinging to the bottom at No. 20.

Music: Give

Twenty One Pilots is keeping steady at No. 2.
The Weeknd dropped a new single, the last e in his name, and into No. 14.
⬆ There’s only One Direction (No. 4) for those guys this week, and it’s up.

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Celebrities: You

Angelina Jolie is No. 3…
☆ …But Brad Pitt is only No. 6. 👀
Tatiana Maslany comes back to us at No. 17 after her rightful Emmy win.

Games: Up

Flight Rising reaches an altitude of No. 11
☆ An update titled Rise of Iron earned a certain video game No. 19. It was Destiny.

Web stuff: (…Sorry)

⬆ How-ell does he do it? Danisnotonfire is back at No. 1.
⬆ Check, Please! (@omgcheckplease) is at No. 5 after it won Kickstarter and Answer Time.
The Adventure Zone, a D&D playthrough podcast, debuts at No. 20.

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You know what I want to see more of? Post-Game godtier powers.

Give me a John who gets more airtime than should be possible when he jumps, who never gets too hot or too cold and can always tell when it’s going to rain or snow or bluster. (Give me a John who dreams of flying, who has to concentrate to keep himself corporeal, like if he stops thinking about having mass he’ll drift apart, unable to pull himself back together.)

Give me a Dave who can tell what time it is down to the millisecond, with infallible accuracy. Who makes split-second catches like it’s second nature, like time slows down for him before a crisis, who can fast-forward through any of John’s movies by speeding up his perception. (Give me a Dave who can’t stop hearing ticking. Who sometimes blinks and finds himself ahead or behind of where he should be, who can never be sure if he’ll wake up the morning after he fell asleep.)

Give me a Jade who can make any bag into a bag of holding by shrinking what she puts in it or making the inside bigger than the outside. Give me a Jade who can shrink herself at will to go on adventures inside terrariums, who could tell you where anyone is with pinpoint accuracy, who can show up on any of her friends’ doorsteps like it’s nothing at all, who never gets lost. (Give me a Jade who misses being able to wander, who feels trapped, confined, in her body, on this planet. Give me a Jade who feels purposeless without Prospit’s quests or the pressured trials of the game, who feels like nothing presents a challenge anymore.)

Give me a Rose who can still tell the most favorable outcomes of any decision. A Rose who is never in the dark, figuratively or literally. A Rose who never gives a wrong answer. (Give me a Rose overwhelmed by all the information in her head. A Rose who dreams of tentacles and ink and darkness and wakes up choking on her own tongue, who knows she shouldn’t be afraid of what she saw but can’t reason with her own emotions. Give me a Rose who can’t tell if she thinks people are individuals or pawns anymore.)


I’m literally like drooling on myself over Mad Max: Fury Road okay here children come sit and I will speak of this stupid fucking move that is easily my favorite movie of 2015 thus far

(I’m going to attempt to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. It may be difficult, so you have been warned)

  • set in a post-apocalyptic world in which a captalist fuckboy owns 99% and gives everybody else the 1%
  • has themes of rape and slavery but does not force you to watch violent, unpleasant depictions of sexual violence
  • Imperator Furiosa I don’t think I need to elaborate on this further BUT CHARLEZE THERON IS A ONE-ARMED BIOTIC WAR-MACHINE DRIVER FROM YOUR DREAMS
  • (the comparison, okay, fairly ends after ‘one-armed killer with smeared eyeliner’ but it works okay)
  • Furiosa seriously if I can convince you to go see this fuckin movie with one point that point would be IMPERATOR FURIOSA
  • the girls (the movie calls them breeders) are literally wrapped in strips of gauze but are NEVER EVER SEXUALIZED
  • Tom Hardy plays Max as a confused cinnamon bun to good for this world, too pure
  • there’s a guy with a flame guitar who’s entire purpose is to provide sweet tunes for these chase scenes
  • the best chase scenes I have ever seen in my entire fuckin life I LIVE FOR THIS FUCKING MOVIE
  • hail queen furiosa
  • mad max knows that furiosa is better than him at almost everything
  • why are you still here
  • get in your car rn
  • go see the next showing of mad max if you hurry you can get there while the trailer for whichever bullshit horror film is still showing
horror movie starter sentences

“I just love a man who gives you head - and lets you keep it!”
“It’s alive! It’s alive!”
“We’re going to need a lot of bullets.”
“I am the devil and I am here to do the devil’s work.”
“Heeeere’s Johnny!”
“My mummy always said there were no monsters– no real ones– but there are.”
“That cold ain’t the weather. That’s death approaching.”
“…and remember. The next scream you hear may be your own!”
“They won’t stay dead.”
“When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth.”
“In space, nobody can hear you scream.”
“I warned you not to go out tonight.”
“It started in May in a small town. And every month after that whenever the moon was full… it came back.”
“Be afraid. Be very afraid.”
“Suicide is like the ultimate ‘fuck you’.”
“Ding dong. You’re dead.”
“Humans are such easy prey.”
"The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is…they’re dead.”
“You have the right to remain silent. Forever.”
“He’s in town with a few days to kill.”
“Oh yes, there will be blood.”
“You are who you eat.”
“Something has found us.”
“What an excellent day for an exorcism.”
“Drink from me. And live forever.”
“Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.”
“We all go a little mad sometimes.”
“They’re here…”
“I wanna play a game.”
“I see dead people.”
“I think we’ll start with a reign of terror.”
“Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with?”
“We all go a little mad sometimes… Haven’t you?”


I will not leave you by yourself.
I’m sure that is the reason I was granted this eternity of time.

Okay but imagine Enjolras accepting Grantaire’s snapchat request, not even because he wants to but because Grantaire keeps nagging him and it’s easier to just give in and he imagines Grantaire is probably too drunk most of the time to actually use it.

But he finds himself so completely surprised as he’s bombarded with pictures Grantaire’s sent to all his friends, the sides to Grantaire that he doesn’t ever get to see; goofy mirror pics with Bahorel at the gym, snaps of the painting he’s in the middle of, sleepy morning selfies, pictures of himself helping Jehan out in their garden, or sharing photos of movie nights he has with J/M/B. Photos of him just out of the ring, bare-chested and bloodied, but a winner, snaps of sunsets and parks and just random things he sees beauty in every day.

And Enjolras is just to taken aback to learn that Grantaire is more than the drunk in the corner of the Musain, that there is so much more to him.

Have you seen the new Cinderella movie? If you have then you have met the Captain, the Prince’s loyal friend and advisor, played by Nonso Anozie.

My friends and I have named him Curtis.

Let me tell you about Curtis. Curtis is loyal as fuck. But he’s not the bowing and scraping kind of loyal. He’s the kind of loyal where he’ll tell you what’s up.
He gives the prince solid well thought out advise, with a healthy side dose of sass, just to keep you in your place and remind you that he’s your best friend and he knows you better than you know yourself.

Curtis will try a shoe on every maiden in the kingdom to ensure your happiness, but he also totally won’t let you run off with some girl from the woods until he’s had the chance to approve of her, cuz he’s got your back.

Basically, Curtis is the shit.

If you don’t have a Curtis in your life, you should get one, because everyone deserves a non romantic life partner like Curtis.