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Shirtless zombies? N.. no. You lost me. No. Girl no.


here’s the gif it was just a small scene where it looked like there might be a hot actor under the zombie make-up with a good bod that’s what fucked us up that was weird

do you understand where I’m coming from plese don’t think I thirst for the undead 

susannahmccormick said something about tying to make out my DVD collection from the background of another photo.  To save her eyes, here’s my collection!  :-)  Feel free to ask me about anything if you’re curious.

My Thoughts on Mad Max: Fury Road

First of all: go see the film.
If you have seen a trailer and you think you might enjoy it, just go see it.
Nothing I have to say can provide you anything you need more than the actual experience of seeing this wild ride of a movie.

Having said that, what do I think about it?

I think it’s fucking fantastic.
It’s so rare to see a franchise come back after three decades and pack the same punch as it did in its glory days. It’s also rare to see a film with such a committed vision. Fury Road locks you into its world and never lets you go. It’s adrenaline powered, absolutely insane and for my money it’s my favorite film I’ve seen all year.
When you are literally head banging in the theater, that’s probably the sign you have something special. When casually-serious is on her second watch through and is still giggling and behaving like someone on a pure ecstasy of carnage, you definitely got something unique.

George Miller is 73 and he showed more life and madness in this than most creators in their heyday. He committed to practical effects and that commitment shows in the pure glory of the stuntmen and acrobats.
The editing is nearly flawless, never too fast but never slowing down. The music is a pure cocktail of drum beats and electronic scratches that reach down into your chest and make you want to rage across the road.

Basically, there’s not much to say that wouldn’t go into rambling but… This film is beautiful.

I enjoyed it start to finish and I’m hoping we get a new Mad Max trilogy for the new age.

Go see it.
And have a lovely, lovely day.

I’ve heard markiplier talk about the book “The Martian” by Andy Weir a few times, and his like of the book. It is a great read! If you haven’t, definitely do so.

But I’m wondering, has he heard that it’s being made into a movie that’s said to come out later 2015? I know a lot of book to movie adaptations aren’t always the best, but the on set photos look promising.

It’s going to be directed by Ridley Scott, the same director from Alien, Blade Runner, and Prometheus.

and it’s got Matt Damon starring as Mark Watney.

Either way, it looks promising, and I’m interested to see how they do with it.

and was just curious if markiplier had heard about this or not.

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The scene where Mona has all the whistles she says 'put it between your lips and blow' this reminds me of the movie Casablanca where she says 'you know how to whistle don't you steve, put your lips together and blow' the writers love movie references so maybe it's a clue

Also Spencer said that movie line to Toby in “Its s Dark Ride” Halloween episode.

I just saw Mad Max. I want to watch it over and over and over again. This movie is 100% my aesthetic. I don’t think I blinked for the whole movie. Love love love.

On the way back from the movie, my mans’ friend who didn’t think I would like the movie said “well, that certainly wasn’t a movie for girls”. I almost crashed the car. Like, for real, dude. Ultimate chick flick. The fact that I am more excited about it than you should say something. And every lady I know who has seen it has had a similar reaction, soooooo………