Nervous you nibble on your nails while you’re waiting for Sirius to come back.
“I don’t think it’s the right time for one of your surprises.” You hear Remus’ voice.
Automatically your heart beats faster and a lump builds in your throat.
“Believe me, you’ll love this surprise.” Sirius responds amused before he opens the door.
With shaking knees you stand up, a quiet sob leaves your mouth as you look in Remus’ incredulous face.
“(Y/N)?” Remus whispers and you nod.
None of you notice how Sirius leaves the room.
You thought he’d be mad at you, but you never thought that he’d react like that.
His arms are wrapped around your back, holding you close while the first tears running down your face and you hug him back.
“I missed you so much.” You whisper in his neck, smelling his familiar scent.
“I never thought that you’d be coming back.” Remus confesses with a shy smile.
“I know that you didn’t come back for me, but it’s nice that you’re here.” He quickly adds with a smile as you opened your mouth.
“Remus, I..I..” Speechless you stand in front of him, stroking over the scars in his face.
“I know.”

After what happened during the wizard war you couldn’t stay any longer in england.
You lost nearly everyone.
Family, friends.
Only Remus was left and you tried for a few days before decided to go to australia.
Remus tried to undertand you, but in the end you were both heartbroken.

“The others are here.” Sirius informs you as he opens the door.
“Ok.” You both nod and Sirius leaves you alone with a small wink.
“Remus, wait.” You say after he turned around. “What do you think, uhm, about a firewhiskey later? I have a room in the leaky cauldron.”
“You invite me in your room?” Remus chuckles and for a second the old Remus is back. “I’d love to.”
“Ok.” You whisper with red cheeks.
“Ok.” He responds and squeezing your hand.

Distress Tolerance - Radical Acceptance: Half-Smile

Half-Smile is a skill used to help move your emotions and mind in the right direction for willingness and Radical Acceptance.  

To use Half-Smile, relax your face and let the corners of your mouth go slightly up at the corners, so you can feel them.  This will help you adopt a serene, willing facial expression and will hopefully put you on the path to willingness.

Yes, this was actually a thing. Coming from McCall’s Great American Recipe Card Collection of 1973, Ham and Bananas Hollandaise was a secret government project introduced to distract an innocent public with something worse than the oil embargo. To create this potassium horror, I sprinkled the helpless bananas with lemon juice, wrapped them in ham, smothered them in mustard, and baked the lot for 10 minutes, pausing only to douse them in viscous hollandaise.

The finished dish smelled liked a banana slaughterhouse, but for the good of culinary archaeology, I dug right in. The end result was OK going down, but two cans of Coke and a mouthful of Listerine did nothing for the lingering aftertaste. Important note: If your face assumes a thousand-yard stare after eating something, there is something wrong with that food.

7 Gross Foods Your Grandparents Ate (That We Taste Tested)

Opening your locker with a sleepy look on your face, with a yawn escaping your mouth, you rubbed at your eyes tiredly and switched out a few books. The morning had been boring, starting out with physics, something you weren’t very fond of, but honestly, no one enjoyed school these days. You knew you were late for your next class but you didn’t bother, you needed to get these books switched so you wouldn’t have to carry them all in your bag without any reason to it.

“You see what your boyfriend did to me?“

Your eyes widened the second you heard the sound of Mark storming towards you with anger in his eyes, his nose leaking blood. Your lips parted in shock as a gasp escaped your mouth the second you were pressed against the lockers harshly.

“If he did that to you, you most likely deserved it.”

You said through gritted teeth but whimpered when he pressed you harder against the lockers, clearly forming small bruises on your shoulders.

“Now is not a time for jokes, because you know what? I’m angry and not just the typical angry. I’m tasting revenge and you have a part in that.”

He breathed against your neck but was ripped away from you before he could do anything.

”Revenge? That sounds exciting.” Michael commented with a chuckle and turned Mark around, smacking him against the locker next to you.

“But the thing here is if you want to get to me by using her? You’re doing it wrong. You see, revenge is a form of justice. But if you use her against me? Your so called revenge will be the death of you.”

“Is that a threat Clifford?” Mark bowed up to Michael.

And all Michael did was chuckle dryly. “Not at all Jones, that right there was a promise.”

Michael seemed to enjoy this while holding Mark by his shirt, almost lifting him up from the floor.

”So I’m only gonna say this one time, Jones. Don’t fucking touch her.”

Mark nodded his head agreeing while wiggling in the air, Michael now lifting him up with ease and having a smirk on his face.

”Great we had this conversation then.”

He chuckled and let go of Mark. But before he could even catch a breath Michael knocked his head against the door to your opened locker and let him fall to the ground unconscious.

”What a morning huh? Twice I’ve had to beat the shit out of this idiot and I still haven’t had breakfast.”

He smiled softy at your reaction while you were somehow still pressed against the lockers shocked.

“Morning gorgeous.” He smiled and dried off his knuckles on his black pants before pulling you into his chest, embracing you in his warmth.

"I honestly knew he would come after you the second I threw him that punch in the nose. But you gotta admit. It was a pretty good one, wasn’t it?”

He stated while swinging you around, pressed his lips against your forehead and looked down at you lovingly. You rolled your eyes by his confident attitude but pressed yourself closer to his chest, his heartbeat loud and clear and showing that no matter what you were always most protected by his side.

Maybe I'm overthinking it...

But what Kacchan says when he slaps Shindou’s hand away is kind of perceptive of him.

“The words coming out of your mouth don’t match up with that look on your face.”

And based on the very next panel, we know Shindou is planning something, right? Just as Kacchan seems to imply. Therefore, I don’t think he was being rude as usual, just wary and defensive.

The main reason I’m pointing this out is because no one else in Class 1-A noticed. So now I’m wondering, what exactly does Shindou have up his sleeve in regards to Kacchan?

Tease me

You hear that? Can you? Cause I sure can. Its the sound of those pants straining to hold in all that lard you’ve got stuffed in there. I cant even begin to imagine how you managed to squeeze into those without ripping them. I love your love handles just pudge over the sides. Those perky little tits you’ve got there are only starting to form, but soon enough they’ll be huge. You’re such a good boy arnt you? Cant control yourself? Always have to be eating? Im sure you’re reading this now while shoving more face into your greedy mouth you fat pig. You like this teasing dont you piggy? Makes you wanna get bigger? Cause from what I can see you’re only just starting.

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I’ve watched your eyes turn cold and empty. Your laugh sounds bitter now, more anger and sadness than joy. You used to smile a little too big for your face, now one corner of your mouth goes up and your eyes narrow instead of closing. Your face may be the same, but everything has changed.
—  fire turns to ice and i’m losing my best friend
It’s Cause I’m her Favorite

A/N: This just sorta happened cause @izzy203040 started talking to me about big brother Dean & made me want more big brother Dean.

Dean’s age-13

Reader’s age-5 months

“Y/N….come on now, open wide.” Meredith tried coaxing you into opening your mouth so she could stuff the carrot baby food into your mouth. She had tried every can of baby food she had but you turned away every flavor and she was losing her patience.

You made a funny face and turned away, you had no interest in eating the disgusting guck your mom was offering you. Dean chose that moment to walk into the room and you happily opened your mouth while waving your hands, “DE!” you shouted. Your mother took the distraction as an opportunity to shove the baby food in your mouth. You made an insulted face and stared at her while pushing the food out of your mouth with your tongue. Dean chuckled and stood next to Meredith.

“Here, let me try.” He said to Meredith while taking the spoon from her hand, “Okay babygirl, do me a favor and eat this.” He reached into the jar and grab a generous amount on the spoon.

“It’s not gonna work Dean I’ve been going at this for hou-” Your mom started but stopped herself when she saw Dean put the spoon in your mouth, you willingly accepting it. “What the hell?” She asked.

Dean just chuckled and grabbed another spoonful, “It’s cause I’m her favorite.”

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Seventeen reaction to eating your handmade food for the first time~

Seungcheol~ He didn’t have the heart to tell you that you must have read the recipe wrong, that 2 teaspoons probably didn’t mean two cups of salt so he kept on eating. “Cheollie why are you drinking so much juice?”

Jeonghan~ He had been watching you cook the entire time, honestly it turned him on more than anything but when he ate it, watching you put all your love and effort into the dish made him love it the most. 

Joshua~ He put a piece of it in his mouth and his face dropped. Your heart felt heavy, was it that bad? No, it was the most delicious thing he has ever had but he couldn’t help but tease you a little.

Jun~ He didn’t realise that when you said that you didn’t cook, it meant that you should never cook. “Jagi, i uh i…i’m sorry” he felt bad because you knew how he would react. Seeing you doubt yourself even more, he shoved it down his face. Though he spent the next 2 hours in the bathroom, for some reason, he didn’t regret it.

Hoshi~ Was he surprised? No, he had been nagging you to make him some for weeks. Would he run around making sure everyone saw what you had made him? Yes Most definitely. Did he let anyone else have a bite? Not a freaking chance.

Wonwoo~ He kind of hid the fact that he loved it so much when he first ate it but you caught him in the middle of that night rummaging through your fridge for the cold leftovers. “Enjoying yourself there woo?” “Yes. Very much so thank you.” you heated it back up for him and you both to enjoy a midnight snack feast.

Woozi~ “y/n, i didn’t know you could actually kill all the natural flavours of food” After the first bite, the colour drained from his face. It’s not your fault, how were you supposed the know the difference in fish sauce and soy sauce. “For one Jagi, Soy sauce is black!”

Seokmin~ You surprising him with your cooking was a first but breakfast in bed as well? Was it his birthday? yes, yes it was and everyday since then, he had been wishing he had birthdays everyday. 

Mingyu~ “So this whole time you could cook this well and i was doing all the cooking. I see how it is y/n”

The8~ He had initially thought a fan had bought him food when it was delivered but lost his breadth when he saw your hand written note attached to the cake. He lost all thought and sat down to immediately eat it, a full cake all by himself.

Seungkwan~ He loved it because it reminded him of but wasn’t as great as his mothers home cooking and gave him instant memories of Jeju the second he smelt it.

Vernon~ “Jagi, i thought this was supposed to be spaghetti” Lets be real, he knew he wasn’t the greatest cook but at least his meal didn’t look like a hot bowl of lava made of clumps of God knows what type of meat. 

Dino~ He always kept nagging you to make him something so one day you surprised him with an intricate and cute bento box and he swore his soul left his body to go to heaven to high five Michael Jackson. Plus, very envious members


Hip hop Unit~ They decided to make something special for you since constantly making food for 13 growing boys wasn’t easy. These boys knew how to say thank you.

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You were trying to get through to Bucky when it happened. Your hands were up in a gesture of peace as you tried to calm him down, to remind him who he was. You didn’t even see the knife in Bucky’s hand before he had already driven it into your side.

Your eyes stretched wide in shock and confusion as you looked down to the hilt of the knife sticking out of you before looking back up to Bucky. His eyes were cold, utterly emotionless as he pulled his knife out of you. You tried to swallow and ended up coughing, blood filling your mouth. The pain hit you and you stumbled, your legs crumpling beneath you.

You could hear Steve yelling for you, but he sounded distant. You shut your eyes, curling up on the ground. Your fingertips felt cold and you couldn’t breathe properly. You coughed wetly, blood spraying from your mouth. You forced your eyelids to open and saw Steve’s face swimming above you.

“[f/n]?” he begged, voice tight with distress.

Your breath came in shallow, harsh gasps as you struggled to keep your windpipe clear of blood. “S-steve?”

“[f/n], please, just hold on!” Steve pleaded, clinging to you desperately.

“I-I love you,” you choked out, tears squeezing out and trickling down the sides of your face.

“[f/n], I’m so sorry,” Steve whimpered, his own eyes burning.

You winced as the pain worsened, your body stiffening, “B-bring him h-home,” you whispered, voice weak and breaking. “Br-bring him ho…”

“[f/n]?” Steve felt his heart stop and he wanted to throw up. “[f/n], please, come back. Please…”

Gif Credit: Bucky / Steve

You’re My Everything [I.M /Changkyun Angst / Gang!au]

Genre: Angst / Gang!au

Summary: You were but one of the millions of stars in his sky ; he was your entire universe.

The rough rope that wound tightly around your wrists burned through your skin as you desperately tried to free your bound hands. Your legs were also tied together the same way, a thick straw rope going six rounds around your ankles before being tied into a dead knot. There was a bitter taste in your mouth and the skin on your face was stretched by the strong tape that was stuck across from one cheek to the other.

The room was dim and you could see nobody else but yourself. Some whispers and footsteps could be heard and you stood still, back pressing against the wall. Your eyes darted around, looking out for signs of danger or anything that could be lurking in the dark but there was nothing.

If you had been one of the other girls in the organization, you would have resigned yourself to fate and lose all hope of escaping. Based on the way you were tied up and the distinct, horrible taste lingering in your mouth, you knew that you weren’t kidnapped by just anybody.

“You should’ve guessed who brought you here by now.” You recognised his husky voice, his signature crooked smile flashed in your mind. Emerging from the shadows, he stood less than an arm’s length away from you and you looked away, refusing to acknowledge his presence.

Taking a few steps closer to you, he put his hand on your shoulder and sighed. “Right, you can’t say a word with that black tape there.” Holding the corner of the tape, he pulled it off your face and you winced, feeling the pain of some hairs being ripped out and your skin burning.

“Get away from me Jooheon,” you spat and he chuckled, throwing the piece of tape on the floor as he did.

“But I just freed you from the tape,” he pouted and you rolled your eyes, his overflowing sarcasm sickening you. What’s taking him so long? You took a quick glance around the room casually but Jooheon knew what was going on and he loved how nothing was going your way.

“Changkyun? Ah, I don’t think he’s coming.” Walking away, he flipped a switch on the wall which switched on the lights and you squinted as you tried to adjust to the light.

“And how would you know?” You asked and Jooheon snickered as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the door.

Changkyun always told you that you were his best fighter, best teammate and a good friend. Whenever he said that to you, you would feel special, being one of the closest people to him in the gang. If he were to be in any danger, you would risk your life to save him because you loved him so much and you hoped that he felt the same way.

“________, do you really think that you’re anything special to him?”

Your eyes widened when he said that and you felt betrayed even though at that moment, you didn’t even know for sure whether Changkyun was going to come for you or not. Jooheon’s words somehow struck you and you realised that apart from casual remarks, Changkyun had never showed that he really cared for you.

It was always you who came to him with food and you who started a conversation. You never thought of it as anything but then, you started to wonder whether the status of your relationship with him wasn’t what you thought it was.

“Your gang is big and there are so many girls like you.” Jooheon smirked and put his hand on the doorknob, ready to leave the room. “You’re just one of the millions of stars in his sky. Would Changkyun risk his life for someone who can be easily replaced?”

Shoulders slumped and head bowed, you hated to admit it but what he said made sense. What made you think that you were anything more than other girls? How did you have so much faith that Changkyun would come and rescue you?

“Why did you bring me here?” You whispered, eyes dull and tone emotionless.

Jooheon simply shrugged and replied, “Orders,” before closing the door and locking it.

You thought that you had hope. All your trust was placed in Changkyun and you had waited for the moment where he would come bashing through the door to get you out of Jooheon’s gang’s disgusting dungeon but you didn’t know anymore whether getting out alive was a possibility.

If I’m going to rot here, I must as well take a seat. You were surprised that Jooheon didn’t tie you to a chair or to a pole which was what he normally did. With your legs and arms tied together, you couldn’t move freely but you could still hop around. Of course, he made sure that there was absolutely no way you could free yourself and you expected no less from someone who had probably done more kidnapping than going to the toilet.

There was no window, not a single crack or opening where you could peek through to find out where you were. You could have been in a jungle, a house, in a city or the countryside.

As time went by, random thoughts started to pop into your head. Should I just have dashed out of the room while he was talking? But Jooheon had a gun attached to his belt. You had spotted it. Should I have talked more with him to try and fish out information on my location? But Jooheon was one of the top in his gang, someone who knew all the sneaky tricks one could possibly pull on him. How do I get out now? Something told you that you would die in that dusty room.

Time seemed to pass ever so slowly as you sat on the cold, hard ground, staring into space. You felt hungry and you wondered whether you would die of hunger before anyone could come to kill you. When it seemed like nothing was going to happen, the metal door suddenly flew wide open and your head shot up, heart racing and eyes lighting up when you saw someone in a mask running in with a knife in his hand and a gun in the other.

“Chang-” But when he took off his mask and crouched down to cut your ropes, you realised that it was Hyungwon and you were relieved but there was still the disappointment that Changkyun never came.

“My dear little sister, I’m Hyungwon,” he muttered and you grabbed his hand and got up, running out of the room together with him once your legs were free.

“You’ve gotten everyone down?” You asked as you ran out of the building as fast as you could with your brother right beside you.

“Of course. Not by myself though.” He pointed at Hoseok and Kihyun who were running ahead of the both of you and you nodded, picking up your pace when you heard a few shouts from behind.

“I thought you finished them off!” All four of you were full-out sprinting by now, hoping to reach the motorcycles up front before Jooheon’s gang could catch up.

“New ones perhaps,” Hyungwon panted and you bit your lip, sweat dripping down your face and neck as you ran for your life in a zigzag pattern, trying to avoid possible bullets. Hoseok and Kihyun got on the motorcycles and turned back to look at the two of you.

“Hurry up! You’re the two fastest runners for goodness sake,” Kihyun yelled and you got there almost right after, hopping onto the seat behind Hoseok while Hyungwon got onto Kihyun’s bike. With a quick start of the engine, you sped off with the three boys and got away from the place, mind in a frenzy and heart beating faster than ever before.

“So this is what it feels like to escape from death?” You rested your forehead on Hoseok’s back and he chuckled.

“So this is what it feels like to save a damsel in distress,” He mocked and you rolled your eyes, holding onto his waist tighter.

The ride back to your neighbourhood was long and by the time you reached there, all of you were exhausted.

“Thanks for getting me out of there…I really mean it,” You bowed and they hugged you, ruffling your hair as they did.

“We’re not going to let them have you,” Kihyun said with a fierce look on his face and you jumped onto the couch in your house, burying your face in the cushion.

“What will we do now? I mean, they’re probably planning some attack now,” Hoseok frowned and Hyungwon shrugged. The door to your house opened and all heads turned to see Changkyun running in, worry written all over his face.

“________, are you okay?” He held your hand and scanned you for injuries of any sort but you couldn’t help but feel hurt.

“Where were you?”

The room fell into silence as the maknae stood guilty, gaze fixed on the ground as he avoided your betrayed expression and the stern looks on his hyungs’ faces.  

“I thought that _______ was closer to you than to anyone other than Hyungwon,” Kihyun blurted out and the pang of guilt hit Changkyun even harder. He himself knew why he didn’t go. He was scared for himself. He just couldn’t risk it.

“I thought she was special to you,” Hoseok sighed and it worsened the situation.

“Guys, it’s okay. I’m here, safe, and it was because of the three of you and I really owe my life to you. I…I thought that he would come and he didn’t but you guys did. That’s all that matters, isn’t it?” You were pretending that you didn’t feel hurt because you didn’t want to start a fight. They could sense that and so they nodded, asking you to rest before leaving the room.

Despite wanting to clear all your thoughts and sleep, there were so many things to think about. Were you safe? Did Changkyun really not care about you? The second question repeated more often than the first. But your exhaustion overcame you eventually and your eyes closed, mind calming down as you fell asleep.

Why couldn’t life just give you a break?

You woke up to shouts and you jumped off the couch, flinging the door open to find the boys running their fingers through their hair in frustration.

“What’s going on? It’s been two hours and something’s wrong?”

Minhyuk crushed a piece of paper in his hands and threw it onto the ground.

“They had you a few hours ago. Now they have Changkyun.”

Your eyes widened and you ran to pick up the ball of paper on the floor. It was written in horrible handwriting, ink smudged but you could still make out the threatening words.

“T-they might be lying,” You told them with a slight glimmer of hope but they shook their head, revealing Changkyun’s jacket and wallet.

“We found these on the road. He probably got taken while he was walking on the pathway,” Hyungwon said as he buried his head in his hands.

“We should go save him, shouldn’t we? W-what are we doing here?” Hands reaching out for the gun on the rack, you almost got it when Kihyun stopped you.

“The last time, you were thankfully in a small house with unskilled men guarding you. You read it _______. I don’t think Changkyun’s at somewhere we can get him out of.”

Your hand fell to your side and your knees grew weak, causing you to drop onto the chair below.

“I know that you want to save him and that he means a lot to you but I don’t think it’s possible,” Hyunwoo said in a low whisper and the rest nodded their heads. For a moment, you actually agreed with them and wanted to give up. Besides, he didn’t come for you either, didn’t he? But just as you were about to nod your head, memories of him laughing with you, rare movie nights together and times when the both of you fought other gangs side by side flashed into your mind and you knew that you couldn’t possibly forsake him.

“He didn’t come for me because I mustn’t have been someone to risk his life for.” You said and all of them turned to look at you, wondering why you said that out of the blue.

“But I must try to get him out of there because he’s someone I would risk my life for.” Grabbing the gun and extra packs of bullets, you attached them onto your belt and some in your pocket before dashing out of the house. The boys took a moment to grasp the situation before taking their own guns with them and following after you.

“Is she crazy?” Hoseok yelled as he got onto his bike.

“Does she even know where to go?” Hyunwoo asked and Hyungwon cursed under his breath.

“We knew where she was because we followed Jooheon but how would we know where Changkyun is?” Kihyun said as he threw his hands up in the air.

“Just follow me,” You shouted at them before speeding off on your own motorcycle.

Taking your phone out of your pocket, you went to the map and saw a blue dot at the exact place that you were held at. So they tricked us. Changkyun is being held at the same place. They thought we wouldn’t look there?

I hope she got it. Changkyun closed his eyes and prayed that his device still worked and that you would see a blue dot on your map. Pressing the tiny button on the small metal remote, he prayed that you would get the signal and hoped that the little device that the kidnappers had missed out would save his life.

They didn’t drug him like how they drugged you and so he saw where he was at, who was guarding him and he knew that the chances of him escaping were slim. But what he didn’t know was that his friends already knew the place.

“They are keeping him at that dingy house?” Hoseok exclaimed when you told him where Changkyun was at the traffic light and you nodded.

“Can you think of any way to get him out? I think that they’re guarding it better now.” They must have learnt from their mistake right?

“We should have gotten more people to come with us.” The blonde groaned and you remembered what Jooheon had said.

“Your gang is big and there are so many girls like you.”

“Yeah, there are others who can probably fight better than me,” You said unconsciously and Hoseok frowned.

“You’re special in your own way and you’re amazing at fights. It’s the green light now,” He pointed and you nodded and zoomed off with the rest behind you.

Soon, all seven of you reached the place and you all parked your bikes at the same lamppost. It was quite a long walk through the wide alleyway before reaching the house and you watched out for men possibly lurking in the shadows.

The two-story house could be seen and there were five men guarding it with big guns in their hands. The seven of you hid behind the wall and tried to come up with a plan to get Changkyun without getting killed.

“There are so many of them!” Hyunwoo whispered and the rest of you nodded, panicking slightly.

“We don’t know which room he’s in and how many more of them are in there,” You sighed and closed your eyes, starting to wonder whether saving him was even possible. “How did you three do it?”

“We just fired at the recklessly, really. And there were only two men outside and two men guarding the room door inside so it was easy,” Kihyun recalled.

Suddenly, Hoseok grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him behind a rubbish dump but it was too late. The rest had already hidden, body fully covered by the large pile of trash but your back had been faced towards the direction where Jooheon came from and you didn’t have time to react.

“I thought that you would run far away after escaping,” the man chuckled and held up his gun, pressing it against your temple. You put on the best front you could, trying to prevent the rest from being caught together with you.

“Then you took him,” you snarled and Jooheon and his men smirked.

“Smart kids, you knew that I would come back for him.” You were scared, frightened for your life and for the others but you had to be as brave as possible.

“Changkyun always had a special place in your heart,” Jooheon teased as he got his men to tie you up. “We’ll let you see him I guess. Then maybe the both of you will die together as well! Isn’t that romantic?”

They dragged you into the house and shut the door. The musty smell of the place was so familiar and you hated it.

“At least you’ll have company,” one of them mocked and you spat at him, getting a kick on the shin after you did. Him and another guy opened the door to one of the rooms and shoved you inside, locking the door immediately after.

The first thing you saw was Changkyun lying on the ground, hands clutching a small metal device.

“C-changkyun,” you called and his eyes widened, head turning to see you standing there.

“_______…w-what are you doing here?” he eyes were filled with worry, your arrival coming in a different form - not to save him, but tied up as well.

You shrugged, keeping your tough front in front of the man you always felt like you needed to impress. “I guess I wasn’t good enough. They caught me while I was trying to get you out of here,” you laughed and he felt a growing lump in his throat and tears stinging his eyes.

“Why? Why did you come?” You didn’t know how to respond and so you kept quiet.

“I didn’t come for you _______. I was scared and I was only concerned about myself. Why would you come?” He curled up his hands into fists and punched the wall, skin cracking as he did and your heart broke.

“We won’t be able to get out of here. There are so many of them. You were safe, ________! Do you know what you got yourself back into? You shouldn’t have come. You shouldn’t have come!”

Tears were rolling down your cheeks and you could taste the saltiness in your mouth.

“How could I just leave you alone?”

Changkyun stared at you and watched as you struggled your way towards him and knelt down with difficulty, gaze ever so lovingly sending warmth and comfort at the time when it seemed like everything was cold.

“Jooheon’s right. I might be just one of the many stars in your sky, one of the many girls in your life but you,” you paused, trying to find the best words to show him just how much he meant to you and it came to your mind.

“You’re my entire universe.”


A/N: I honestly don’t know whether a part 2 is necessary

Imagine The Joker (Heath Ledger)...

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“Madness as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is one little push.” The Joker whispered in your ear as a shiver ran down your spine. “Just let go, Y/N. What doesn’t kill you makes you stranger” The Joker purred again. You shook your head. “What are you gonna do Mr.J?” You spoke trying to hide your fear. “Oh darlin’! I’m not gonna do anything to hurt ya.” The Joker tilted his head liked his lip and smiled. “Come with me, my dear Y/N. Together we could rule the world. Be the most wanted couple in Gotham.” The Joker finished. Your mind froze. This was what the greatest villain in Gotham wanted. The Joker wanted you at his side. You looked up at his painted face and opened your mouth to answer.