positive rpc ask meme

hi friends!! i haven’t been in the rph community for ages, but now that i’ve been back a couple days i want to post this and see how it goes! i tend to see a huge focus on the negative these days, and i just want to put ideas out there for things that would be more positive to put in the tags when you feel like asking people to send you stories and stuff!

  • favorite rp experiences. ask what people have really enjoyed instead of hated! give people the chance to talk about a favorite group or something really great that happened in a group that maybe wasn’t their favorite.
  • favorite face claims. i see a lot of posts like ‘what are your most hated faces’, so this is the companion to that. let people tell you who they enjoy using / writing against! please make this a no judgement zone. don’t do it if you’re planning on trashing people’s answers.
  • favorite ships. everyone’s had at least one super amazing rp ship, right? and a lot of times those can be fun to listen to. ask people to talk to you about their favorites of their ships, whether current or past! please make this a no judgement zone. don’t do it if you’re planning on trashing people’s answers.
  • favorite users. this post, basically! have people send you nice messages about other users on tumblr, in the rpc or otherwise, and then tag those users!
  • favorite plots. come on, you’ve all had that one Amazing plot. or maybe you just really like a certain trope when it comes to plots. i always find it interesting to hear other people’s so i kind of feel like this could be a really interesting topic!
  • good experiences in bad rps. shockingly, it happens. without naming the rp (especially if it’s still current), let your followers come and tell you about experiences in roleplays they didn’t like or don’t like that actually surprised them for the better.
  • good experiences with bad face claims. another twist on the ‘send me your least favorite faces’. and again, shockingly it actually happens! ask your followers to send you some of their good experiences with faces they maybe don’t like. please make this a no judgement zone. don’t do it if you’re planning on trashing people’s answers.
  • good parts of your day. this one ofc isn’t roleplay related, but simply ask people to come tell you about good things that happened to them during the day! or things they’re looking forward to later in the day, if it’s early.
  • favorite memories. in general. roleplay or otherwise. just ask people what memories they have that stand out positively. like maybe that time they went on a really cool school field trip or won a spelling bee.
  • talk about your crush. a classic that i felt the need to include, but differently from normal. when i say crush here, i mean ask your followers to share someone they have a crush on - be it platonically or romantically. friend crushes count too!
  • anything else positive you can think of. concerts you’ve been to. favorite albums / songs you’ve heard recently. favorite movies. favorite colors and why you like them. what’s your most comfortable article of clothing and how long have you had it. get creative! talk about that stuffed animal someone had when they were a kid and why they loved it, or someone who made a positive impact on their life.

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag some blogs you wanna get to know better. 

I was tagged by @cabswatr !!

Nickname: Cassie

Star sign: cancer

Height: I used to b short but now I’m 5 5 and a half B)

Time right now: 7:41

Favorite music artist(s): idk tbh :/

Last movie I watched: trolls

Last tv show watched: Face Off ahsksla I’ve been watching like a season per week

What are you wearing right now?: llama pajamas

When did you make your blog?: I have no idea ???

What kind of stuff do you post: books, movies, television shows, musicals, aesthetic stuff animals n like miscellaneous crap

Do you have any other blogs?: no ,,, I just force all of my followers to keep up with my new fixations

Do you get asks regularly?: sadly, no

Why did you choose your URL?:  love my gay spy son (I miss turn when will it return..)

Hogwarts house: ravenclaw !!

Pokemon team: pokemon doesn’t work on my phone so idk

Favorite color: blue !!!!!!!

Average hours of sleep: like 8+

Lucky numbers: I have no .. idea probably like 5 or 14

Favorite characters: so many !! off the top of my head Blue Sargent, Rob Townsend , the lesbians from next door n gansey n Renee walker n Jesse tuck n so many more ahdkslsls

Favorite public figure: I don’t know

How many blankets do you sleep with?: two

Dream job: one where I get to sit in a cozy house or outside n the spring air and get to write n play my euphonium but in general I have no idea. Just smthg that makes me happy I guess

I tag @hugo-jacksons @youlittleschist @urspacepal @helplesseliza n @mendeltrina


I am TIRED of people judging my brains on my appearance. 

Message to the world: You can care about looks and still hit the books. 

Yes, one of main concerns in life is whether my eyebrows are always perfectly arched and how my contour looks. My favorite shows may be Keeping up with the Kardashians and my most beloved pastime might be watching makeup tutorials. My idea of relaxing could be reading romantic novels and doing yoga. 

This doesn’t mean that I am anything less than someone who is a “nerd”. I might not like Doctor Who or spend my free time reading articles about science. I have seen TEACHERS make that “what the hell is she doing here” face when I walked into their classroom on my first day of an honor/AP class. Nothing hurts as much as the person who is suppose to teach you believing that you are “dumb” before they even know who you are. 

Guess what?

Writing my notes in pink doesn’t make them any worse than yours.

Guess what?

I spend the same time or maybe even more studying than “smart” people. 

Guess what?

Smart comes in every shape and form. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a girl or boy. It doesn’t matter whether the person has long painted nails or barely any nails. It doesn’t matter if they watch Gossip Girl or Doctor Who. It doesn’t matter. NONE OF IT MATTERS. What truly matters what is inside their brain. Not what is on their outer shell.