I am TIRED of people judging my brains on my appearance. 

Message to the world: You can care about looks and still hit the books. 

Yes, one of main concerns in life is whether my eyebrows are always perfectly arched and how my contour looks. My favorite shows may be Keeping up with the Kardashians and my most beloved pastime might be watching makeup tutorials. My idea of relaxing could be reading romantic novels and doing yoga. 

This doesn’t mean that I am anything less than someone who is a “nerd”. I might not like Doctor Who or spend my free time reading articles about science. I have seen TEACHERS make that “what the hell is she doing here” face when I walked into their classroom on my first day of an honor/AP class. Nothing hurts as much as the person who is suppose to teach you believing that you are “dumb” before they even know who you are. 

Guess what?

Writing my notes in pink doesn’t make them any worse than yours.

Guess what?

I spend the same time or maybe even more studying than “smart” people. 

Guess what?

Smart comes in every shape and form. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a girl or boy. It doesn’t matter whether the person has long painted nails or barely any nails. It doesn’t matter if they watch Gossip Girl or Doctor Who. It doesn’t matter. NONE OF IT MATTERS. What truly matters what is inside their brain. Not what is on their outer shell.