I feel like athletes will never know what it feels like to practice for months and end up playing for an empty room but will never give up on what they do. Musicians are some of the most dedicated people I know.

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(can i do a few of my favorite bloggers? i can't do just one!): ruebella-b and vannadear are magnificent, gorgeous mermaids. asthewheelwills puts up with my ridiculousness and is writing my favorite literary AU at the moment. pinchtheprincess always cheers me on. julibellule and allegoricalrose are the most dedicated fic fans that i know of. perfectlyrose is the nicest lady on tumblr. :D

of course you can do multiple! you have excellent taste in bloggers, i must say! all of these people are wonderful!

(gonna @ everyone too on this one :) : ruebella-b, vannadear, asthewheelwills, @pinchtheprincess, julibellule, allegoricalrose)


put something nice about your favorite blog/blogger in my ask and i’ll tag them!

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I saw a suggestion to send an award to your favorite fandom contributor and thought of you right away... CONGRATS! You are Most Prolific (And Seriously Awesome) Writer Of All Fandoms I Love. I read (and lurk) in lots of fandoms but because of you ST is the one I can come back to where a writer I like consistently has new stuff. Plus even if I have to wait a little for the story to be complete I know you will finish it. So please don't stop writing! You are awesome and I love you! - A fan


Anon.  I love you.  I LOVE YOU.  

Please know that you have made my entire year.  When I’m weary enough to question why I continue to write, I will remember this - that most of all my dedication and perseverance are appreciated!  Thank you so much.  :3

Who won what in the APMas 2015?!
  • Best Vocalist:Hayley Williams (Paramore)
  • Best Live Band:A Day To Remember
  • Breakthrough Band:Pvris
  • Best Bassist:Zack Merrick (All Time Low)
  • Best International Band:The 1975
  • Philanthropic Award:Taking Back Sunday (American Cancer Society)
  • Best Guitarist:Tony Perry (Pierce The Veil)
  • Best Drummer:Rian Dawson (All Time Low)
  • Best Underground Band:Being As An Ocean
  • Most Dedicated Fans:Hustlers (All Time Low)
  • Song Of The Year:Kick Me by Sleeping With Sirens
  • Album of The Year:Black Veil Brides self titled
  • Artist of the Year:Issues
  • Best Music Video:Drown by Bring Me The Horizon
  • Tumblr Fandom of the Year:5 seconds of summer

//whispers/ happy birthday eicinic

can i just say how fucking happy i am for all time low, like alex and jack got to host the 2015 apmas and zack and rian both won in their categories for best bassist and best drummer and we won for most dedicated fanbase fuck i’m just so proud of all time low. 2015 is finally their year and i couldn’t be happier for them. 

APMAs rant

As a fan of all time low, I find it very disrespectful that fans of other bands ( bands that I like and consider myself a fan of) keep trashing all time low for winning awards.

First off, Zack Merrick is one of the most under-appreciated people in the industry, so don’t say he doesn’t deserve his award. Also,Rian Dawson is a fantastic drummer, and is also super under-appreciated, so don’t say he doesn’t deserve his award either.

all time low have been around for over a decade, and work so hard on albums and live shows. They obviously have fans, so don’t make fans of all time low feel bad because all time low won most dedicated fans. The hustlers obviously voted their asses off to see their idols win.

I know everyone wants to see their favorites win awards but you have to remember that the APMAs were FAN VOTED. Which means anyone who got an award tonight deserved it, fair and square.

So please stop hating on all time low just because they won… They work very hard, just like all the other bands. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if people were mad at you for accomplishing something? For being validated and appreciated in their industry? Seriously, stop the nonsense.