Yuri is Viktor’s Eros

Hear me out. 

What if, Viktor choreographed Eros based upon what had happened at the Sochi Grand Prix banquet? I mean, think about it. What’s the story of Eros? A playboy comes to town, enchants the women and pursues the most beautiful one in town until he gets what he wants and moves onto the next town. To Viktor, that man is Yuri. Yuri’s drunk, but its obvious through the snaps that we see at the end of episode 10 that people are entranced by this side of him (as others have pointed out), and I can only imagine that Yuri was constantly asking Viktor to dance until he finally gave in. At the end of the snap stories, we saw Yuri ask Viktor to be his coach if he wins the dance off, and Viktor’s eyes lit up. 

But what happened?

Yuri forgot all this and flew back to Japan. Who knows how long it took for Viktor to actually go to Japan and make the emphatic declaration naked that he would be Yuri’s coach. 

So not only do we have the program Yuri On Ice to broadcast Yuri’s love for Viktor on the ice, but we have Eros to broadcast Viktor’s love for Yuri on the ice too. 

These creators are going to kill me I swear to god. 

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