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Hello, Ford! Have you met any friendly cryptids in your travels? I'd like to hear about them!

Plenty of them have been friendly at first, then turn out to be horrible monsters. Ask @stanblogs about that, he’s tried dating most of them, especially the ones disguised as beautiful young women. 

Really the only friendly one has been that Ningen fellow we met. He was about to cross the path in front of our ship, then stopped and asked “Excuse me may I pass through here?” When we said yes, he thanked us and went on his way.

What feels different and groundbreaking here, though, is that the online beauty community has long-been dominated by a hyper-feminine, aspirational, makeup-clothing-cute boyfriend-diet vibe that’s followed in the footsteps of traditional media targeting young, white, well-off, heterosexual, cisgender women. There are many LGBTQ youth who have never seen themselves reflected in the the beauty and fashion space.

Letty Schmiterlow

Ashley Brokaw | Fashion’s Most Unlikely Power Player

The odd, unconventional beauty of today’s most successful models is largely the result of the vision of one woman. Meet the industry’s in-demand casting director.

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