It wasn’t that she was the most beautiful creation I’ve ever laid my eyes on or that her voice could shatter my world with a few words or that she’s the only person who could binge watch horror movies with me while on the phone - it wasn’t that when we were together we could just stare at the world in front of us without saying anything to each other and it would still be one of the best days I’ve ever lived. No. It wasn’t because of those reasons. I loved her because she had this gravitational pull about her. And that I always seemed to find it no matter where I was. Even when we broke up, even when she kicked me out, even when we shattered each other’s hearts - we would come back to each other. As friends, as neighbors, then in the end - as lovers. That’s what it was.
—  Oko Ninjah (what it was)

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My crush is one of my best friends and she's pretty much the most beautiful human being on earth. She has beautiful hazel eyes that are sometimes green and blue or Amber and they are so pretty there's not even a word to describe them. And when she smiles it's like nothing is wrong in the world and my whole day brightens up because it's so beautiful, it's like the kind of stuff read in romance books. but she doesn't know I'm in love with her. No one even knows I like girls too.

this is?? so beautiful?? and so sad??

the struggle, my friend, has never been more real. ily.

I looked up an ex today and daaaaaaaaayum!

The exact words that came out of my mouth were “holy shit!”

Okay but, you need to understand, when we dated, she was really closed off, she didn’t really want to go anywhere or do anything, she’s literally she most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes on, her personality is the fucking bomb diggity and her body [bites fist] oh my fucking god.

Now she’s embracing herself, she looks fucking amazing and I’m so happy that she’s happy.

Chungus - The Beginning

Chungo Munn was a simple farmer living in the Chungle, when one day he met Scrungus Nairn, a charismatic city boy who, unbeknownst to Chungo, would change his life forever.


It was warm summer’s morning in the Chungle as Chungo Munn tended to his crops. The sun was beating down, the sky clear and blue, and the birds were singing. The vast expanse of the Chungle was empty of humans save for Chungo - or so he thought. As he stooped down to water his Chungo Plants, a loud voice rang out across the field.
“Hello? You must be… Chungo?” Chungo raised his head and found himself gazing into the icy blue eyes of the most beautiful man he’d ever seen. His hair was hairy, his skin looked skin-like, he was as tall as a tall person and his face was shaped almost exactly like a face.
“I,” he said in a smooth, silky voice like caramel, “Am Scrungus.” He reached out and shook Chungo’s hand. “I am here researching the mysterious Chongo beast - I trust you’ve heard of it?”
Chungo nodded; of course he’d heard of the Chongo. The Chongo was a mythological creature rumoured to live in the Chungle. It was 10 feet tall with the head of a horse and the body of a slightly smaller horse and was said to prey on the souls of small children͖. But Chungo wasn’t concerned about the dangers of the Chongo; he couldn’t take his eyes off of this intriguing stranger’s chiseled features.
“Do you… ” he stuttered quietly. “Do you want to…” Scrungus leaned closer.
“Want to… What?” he asked.
“Do you want to… Play Pokemon?” Chungo asked. Scrungus nodded.
“Of course!” he laughed. It was a bright, welcoming laugh that made Chungo feel at ease, but filled his mind with questions. Just who was this Scrungus? Where had he come from? And, Chungo thought as they headed inside Chungo’s house, the Chungo House, discussing battle tactics, was this the start of something special?