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This thread made me realize…maybe that disembodied hand with a gun, the one that kills Emelia as she requests, maybe that’s just another clue that Mary helped Jim fake his death.

Because okay. Emelia can be a mirror for Mary, Jim, and/or Sherlock. The way she kills herself is similar to the way Sherlock tells Anderson he faked his death, but Sherlock is supposed to be using her to figure out how JIM faked HIS death. It makes sense that Sherlock would conflate the two incidents. I am you. You or me? 

Molly helped Sherlock fake his death, and as others have pointed out, “Mr. Hooper” could have left the bride’s message on the walls of the mortuary and then put the gun in Emelia’s mouth when the time came. Another conflation. He would’ve needed a confidante. But then, why not just show that it was MP!Molly? Why this?

Emelia could have put that gun in her mouth herself. Like Jim did. Why this hand? Who is it attached to? 

I’ve written before about Sherlock using this simulation to figure out the truth about Mary, how he first imagines her working for Mycroft despite KNOWING that Mary left the CIA to go freelance, how he imagines her saying she’s a part of the women’s suffrage movement and is so damn clever and is neglected by her husband yet is NOT part of this uber-clever lady cult that she is inexplicably able to track down on her own? Bullshit. She’s a part of it. I’m sure she’s just visiting with friends. John’s always right. 

I think the above gif might be further evidence to the theory that Mary is both Moran and Moriarty. If Moriarty is more than a man, an organization –– if this is indeed a Dread Pirate Roberts situation –– then Mary was second-in-command at the pool and on the roof. And now maybe she’s taken over. Once (s)he had risen, anyone could be him/her. From confidante to mastermind.

And what the hell, I’ll throw this out there too. If John really is right about the twins, a secret twin, well, maybe that explains why Emelia says “Swiftly, now. No tears.” Killing your twin would be hard, even if you’re both murderous psychopaths.

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i saw stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers on your amazon wishlist n if you're interested in those kinds of books check out mortuary confidential: undertakers spill the dirt, its peoples silly stories of working in the funeral industry n the smoke gets in your eyes which is just about working in the funeral industry n has more of a comedic writing style

omg!!! i love that. i read stiff in middle school when i wanted to be a coroner (lmao) and then lost it a few years later and i’ve always missed it!! i will def check those out!!!


ikd-sj’s “Albino” from “the mortuary”

Brilliant song, although I don’t have the lyrics. Gotta buy that album ASAP.

“You should go and see him. In the mortuary. (…) I’ve robbed you of your last chance to see him alive. You should go see for yourself that he’s gone. Say what needs saying and…I dunno know. It might help close stuff down for you. Draw a line under things.”

It broke my heart when Robert said those words. Not bc of Gordon. But bc of Robert and his troubled past with his dad Jack. Robert sort of got this sad, distant look in his eyes as he said those words to Aaron. Like, Robert was reminded of his own dad and how he too had been robbed of the chance to say goodbye to his father when he had been banished from the village.

Robert telling Aaron to go see Gordon in the mortuary, to say what he needed to get off his chest, it was as if Robert was drawing from his own experience when he went to Jack’s funeral. It was Robert’s way of trying to close down his issues with Jack, to draw a line under it - even if it deep down didn’t fully help bc he never got the chance to make amends with his dad, which in ways are still hunting him today. But he tried at least and to some extend it helped. And it was as if Robert was thinking of that when he tried to advice Aaron on what he should do. That he hoped in some way it would help Aaron to go see his dad one last time and it would bring some form closure to him like it did Robert.

To me it was such a precious moment and I really hope one day Robert feels comfortable enough to open up completely to Aaron and tell him all about his and Jack’s relationship and share that part of his life with his boyfriend too.

I think Emmerdale need to establish another way for Aaron to express his anger than at Rob. I get the messed up emotions, he’d just come from the mortuary, it makes perfect sense. But it isn’t fair, on either of them.

It isn’t fair on Rob for obvious reasons, the fact that he’s so in love and wants Aaron in his life that he’s accepting this lash out behaviour because of what Aaron’s been through and because he cares about him (both reasons which are understandable) but it isn’t healthy. As others have said, this walking-on-eggshells dynamic isn’t cool, and Rob shouldn’t feel worried that Aaron’s going to suddenly explode and break it off.

And it isn’t fair on Aaron because this isn’t productive? He’s not getting his feelings out and then all’s fine and dandy, it leads to more hurt for both the lads, this constant back and forth of ‘I trust you // no I don’t’ and then extra guilt on Aaron’s side, and feelings building up again (he was so guilty following the 'you killed my dad’ thing on Friday, Aaron and guilt don’t mix well) He needs some form of professional help, CBT or talk therapy or something, to help him deal with everything in his head in a way that isn’t causing harm to Rob and to himself (this self hate which needs addressing) via the guilt he feels afterwards.

Aaron needs resolution of his and Rob’s past, and I’m not looking for anything extreme, just a conversation. Part of the issue is that Robron as a couple have been built on extremes, they got back together in a highly emotional time. They need a chat. About everything.

Basically, today was out of the blue and I want it sorted please, because when I used to say I didn’t want to see Aaron’s sad face I didn’t mean swapping for Rob’s sad face. Preferably I’d like some time with no sad faces!

Hopefully things will get addressed. We know the break up doesn’t last long (or at least, the bad blood. It’s possible Rob helps Aaron make a decision tomorrow as a friend, which maybe wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.)

I don’t know man, I'mma watch and see. Just throwing my rambly two pence in the pot.

NiF genderswap

So I was thinking about @sarah-yyy​‘s fic (♥) where Xiao Shu is born a girl and engaged to Jingyan. And then I started to overthink it - because if they married early (e.g. when Xiao Shu was 16), then post-Meiling, Jingyan would be in a Xia Dong kind of position, except that Xiao Shu wouldn’t even be allowed to have a grave/mortuary tablet. Which makes it a “worst of both worlds” Xia Dong/Marquis Yan hybrid kind of situation, and orz. As if there weren’t already enough angst in this goddamn fandom :’D

So I wrote a “happily married” thing, because I DON’T WANNA BE SAD NO MORE ;O;

Jingyan returns to Jinling late in the evening. Arriving home after a long day of travelling, sleep-deprived and saddle-sore, he has just enough energy left to peel off his armour, wash the dust and sweat off, stagger across to his wife’s apartments and crawl into bed with her. Gently, carefully, so as not to wake her, he tucks an arm around her waist, buries his face in the familiar curve of her neck, and feels the tightness he’s carried in his chest for all the months he’s been away finally ease. After one soft sigh of contentment, he sinks into sleep.

So, in hindsight, he thinks, blinking sleepily, it’s really no surprise that he wakes up on his back, sleeping robe pulled wide open, with Xiao Shu sitting on his stomach, running warm hands over his chest and shoulders after she checks him for injuries.

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