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Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds on the Oprah Winfrey Show, 2011

I watched this interview this morning, and it’s full of wonderful moments. Honest moments. Hilarious moments. Memories and history and so many trials. Sadness and joy and two wonderful women who have lived such full lives in the public eye. 

A wonderful moment, after discussing growing up with starlet parents, where Debbie says that it works out because ‘now I’m the mother of Princess Leia.’ There’s just a lovely, quiet pride there.

And they duet! For, I think, the first time on camera.

As part of my ongoing effort to preserve sanity in these fucking horrifying times, my current goal is to not check news/social media—including you, my dear, beloved tumblr—after 8 p.m. or before I’m fully awake in the morning (barring exceptional circumstances, like something extra-special awful happening). No news/tumblr/twitter in bed. Don’t worry, I’ve left like 14 hours in the day for lots of rage and anxiety.

Every morning when I wake up, my mother sees my dead looking eyes and asks “what’s wrong?”
And every morning I tell her,
“Nothing at all”
After all, nothing is wrong. The moon is still revolving around earth, and earth is still revolving around the sun. The birds are still chirping, this city is still buzzing.
And this is how life is supposed to be isn’t it? Sometimes soul mates aren’t meant to be together, sometimes one becomes unhealthy for the other. So you move on, find new people to love and you never allow yourself to wonder
“will I ever love anyone else I meet the same way I loved them?”
But I’m an over thinker, and that question is always on the back of mind.
“will I ever really be able to move on?”
“If nothing is wrong, then why do you have that look on your face?” my mother asks again.
And I don’t know what else to do except to shrug at her and walk away.
Because nothing is wrong.
Nothing is wrong, but I still wake up half dazed because I would rather be in dreamland than in a reality that refuses to acknowledge my pain.
Nothing is wrong, yet my chest is always tight and there’s a constant imaginary lump in my throat; just on the verge of crying but not quite there.
Nothing is wrong at all, but I suck at goodbyes; and even more so at talking about it.
Nothing is wrong, but nothing is right either.
—  and life goes on, apparently. // a.b
  • The Man on the Island
  • Varric and Solas Party Banter
  • Solas: Do you ever miss life beneath the earth? The call of the Stone?
  • Varric: Nah. Whatever the Stone - capital S - is, it was gone by the time my parents had me.
  • Solas: But… do you miss it?
  • Varric: How could I miss what I never had?
  • Varric: But say I did have that sense, that connection to the Stone. What would it cost me?
  • Varric: Would I lose my friends up here? Would I stop telling stories?
  • Varric: I like who I am. If I want to hear songs, I’ll go to a tavern.
  • Solas: You are wiser than most.

(transcript of the the rest of the banter under the cut)

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if the first time he says he loves you sounds more like an apology than a confession, run.

tell him you’ve heard it better in the way the trees speak with their leaves, in the way the earth sings to its undergrowth. tell him you’ve heard it better in the sky and the clouds just after it rains, just after everything is born again.

tell him you are full of far too much love for yourself to be loved like he’s sorry for you. to be loved like holding a broken thing. like every time he kisses you it tastes like regret, like the morning-afters are all bitter with it. tell him all the places your bones show are battle-scars. that you’ve fought wars for this type of love. that you’ve forgotten what it was like to be tame.

tell him you’ve found lionesses under your skin. tell him they won’t rest for mediocre things.

—  Reena B. | Tell him you want a greater type of love, a love without apologies.
Why Jaden Smith as the face of LV womenswear is threatening transgender territory
So, it’s been announced that 17-year-old Jaden Smith, son of American actor Will Smith, is to be the new face of Louis Vuitton clothes. To be more specific, the womenswear section. And I didn’t even know they had an old face – clearly I’m out of the fashion loop. But what a great publicity stunt for Louis Vuitton. So many people thought their fashion offerings were confined to handbags – whoever knew that they were actually selling womenswear for men?


So y’all know that I am up in this conversation, but this might actually be the most loony tunes thing I have EVER read.  EVER.  I do not understand how this “movement” has not already been completely discredited.

I do not understand how anyone who has even the most rudimentary ideas of feminism are not appalled by this.

I do not understand how this is not read by any person with five brains cells as insanely misogynist and woman hating.

Plus this ish:

When you get out of bed in the morning the most important thing you have to do all day is tell the world what your gender is, because from that, everything else flows.  You may think that your job is to be an office supervisor or a stockbroker or police officer but these are all human constructs.  Deep down your real job is to reproduce, and showing other humans your gender is the first step on that path.

This is straight up the definition of sexism.  To reduce life to telling the world your gender so you can have babies.  That is straight up what women have fought for millenia.  And this is what this jackalope is calling liberation.  Do you see how this sort of “activism” is incompatible with feminism?

I just cannot.

Dating - Thor

Anonymous said:
‘Allo! For the headcanon thing, can you do D (dating) with Thor? Thanks! xoxo

D - Dating

Originally posted by likemadeofstarlight

  • well Thor is basically a giant puppy
  • so he is always down for the love and the cuddles and kisses and whatnot
  • he is also a natural born gentleman 
  • and he does the nice boy things like opening the doors and knocking out enemies that try to touch you
  • ya know, the usual 
  • he can’t really be trusted in the kitchen yet, unless he’s just getting poptarts
  • so you cook him breakfast in the morning and he RAVES about how good it is
  • he tells all the avengers and anyone else he meets how good of a cook you are
  • ‘she makes the best food known to man’
  • ‘my y/n is the best cook in the nine realms’
  • actually he just brags about you in general
  • ‘she’s the most gorgeous person you’ll ever see’
  • etc etc
  • when he goes to Asgard he always brings back gifts for you
  • something unique from another planet
  • and you keep all of them because they’re special
  • and he takes you to meet his parents on Asgard
  • and Frigga ADORES you
  • she’s so happy to see her boy so happy
  • and Loki actually gets along with you
  • Odin is proud of his son for getting such a good girl
  • and he takes you on a walk around Asgard
  • shows you off to everyone
  • he’s just so proud and happy to have you
  • when you’re in public he always has an arm around you or a firm grasp on your hand
  • his love for you is always showing

Okay, so I know I promised you guys a pastel!Nico and punk!Will one-shot, but I’m not done with it yet, so here you go. I have another one-shot for you:


“What is this? You guys are seriously planning a sleepover in my cabin? Without telling me?” Nico di Angelo was glaring down at them, arms crossed over his Simple Plan t-shirt. “Are you out of your minds?”

“We- um, we were going to tell you, but you’ve been busy all morning. What have you been doing, anyway? You weren’t in the cabin when I checked earlier, so I looked around, but I couldn’t find you,” Percy said, looking up at his cousin.

“I was doing important things for my father as well as getting my weekly check-up in the infirmary,” Nico said, slumping down on the bench next to Piper. “I swear, Solace is crazy! He got me up at 7 am. 7 am!”

Nico groaned and poured himself a cup of coffee. “Fuck me. I’m too tired, it’s too bright outside and too much noi- wah!”

“Now, now, Death Boy. You shouldn’t be that grumpy. It’s a beautiful day,” Will Solace said happily, his hand clasped tightly over Nico’s mouth. “And for your information, I’m ADHD, not crazy. There’s a difference if you didn’t know.”

“Hello there, Will. Nico seems to be quite annoyed with the time you wake him up at. Why exactly do you wake him up at 7?” Annabeth asked, shooting Piper a look, who in return gave a subtle nod.

“I thought that Nico would prefer his check-ups before the infirmary gets too busy in the morning,” Will said before letting out a girly shriek when Nico licked his hand. “Nico! That’s unhygienic! Do you know how many germs-?”

“Oh, shut up, Solace.” Nico said tiredly, taking a big gulp of his coffee. “I’ve heard your voice almost all morning. It’s annoying, so keep quiet until I’ve finished this cup of coffee.”

“You know you love me, Death Boy!” Will said happily as he walked away from the table towards his own cabin’s table. Nico, in the middle of another gulp of coffee, choked and spit out the bitter liquid while blushing violently. He turned around. “Solace!”

Percy and Leo (who had come back one week earlier), snickered. “Well, you and Solace have been getting pretty well lately. You sure that there’s nothing going on?” Leo asked innocently.

The Son of Hades glared at Leo, though the effect was muted by the red still tinting his cheeks. He opened his mouth to say something but ended up closing it again as he tightened his grip on the white, chipped coffee mug. “Just shut up Valdez. It’s too early.”

“Anyway, back to the sleepover. We were planning to have it on Friday. Frank, Reyna and Hazel are coming over from New Rome, too. What do you say to that, Nico? Sound like a good idea?” Piper asked.

“Yeah, whatever.” Nico muttered, the dark liquid in his cup being a good distraction from staring at Will.

“Great!” Percy exclaimed, knocking over his glass of orange juice by accident. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. The orange juice spilt over the table before dripping onto Nico’s lap and t-shirt.

Nico’s face first contorted into a grimace showing disgust, but it was quickly replaced by a mask of carefully controlled anger.

“I’m so sor- Nico!” Percy yelled as Nico stormed out of the pavilion.


Nico stormed into his cabin, slamming the door shut behind him before pulling off his shirt, throwing it into the laundry bin. He sighed and started to pace back and forth. “They planned a sleepover in my cabin, without telling me? Are you kidding me?”

Nico grumbled before walking over to his dresser, finding a new pair of black pants before replacing his currently orange juice soaked ones with the new pair. Deciding that he wasn’t going to leave his cabin anytime soon, he just kept his shirt off.

“Nico?” Nico turned around to face the door of his cabin. The person who had called his name was Will.

“Hey, Sunshine,” Nico mumbled, watching Will shut the door before coming up to him to pull him into an embrace. Nico instantly hugged Will back, hiding his face in the crook of Will’s neck.

“What happened there, angel? I saw you running out of the pavilion earlier. Did anything happen?”

“Percy-fucking-Jackson spilt orange juice all over me,” Nico muttered. “On my favourite Simple Plan t-shirt, too.”

Will kissed Nico’s forehead. “I’m sure it’s going to be fine. Now, what’s happening with that sleepover on Friday?”


It was finally Friday and Will was a little nervous.

“Are you completely sure that it would be okay for me to sleep over too?” Will asked Nico an hour before the others were supposed to come.

“Of course. I already told them, and noo unless you get, like, an emergency call from the infirmary, it’ll be fine,” Nico said, running his fingers through Will’s hair. “They like you. You’ve saved all of them with your healing. Not letting you be friends with us would kinda be a lousy way to repay you, don’t you think?”

Will laughed and kissed Nico’s nose. “Yeah, I suppose. Now, what do you say to some more kissing and cuddling before the others arrive?”

Nico pulled away from the kiss a while later. “They’re going to be here any minute now. We better clean up a bit.”

Nico looked around and on the bed they were sitting on. Pillows and blankets were messed up on the bed, and a couple had even fallen to the floor.

“Yeah, it looks messy, and we wouldn’t want the others to get any ideas, would we?” Will said, moving so that he was sitting up instead on laying on top of Nico.

“Definitely not,” Nico agreed. “Come on, let’s pick up these pillows.”


A couple minutes after they had fixed the bed, the door to the Hades Cabin opened. In came Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Leo, Calypso and Reyna, all of them equipped with blankets pillows, bags of snacks, games and movies.

Nico was sitting with his back against the headboard of his bed playing Pokémon X, while Will was sitting at the foot of the bed reading a medical journal.

“Hey guys,” Percy said as he dumped everything in his arms on another bed before sitting down next to Nico. “What game are you playing, Neeks?”

“Pokémon X,” Nico muttered absently. “Could you be quiet for a moment? I’m trying to beat the fourth gym.”

“Nico, you’ve been trying to beat that gym for an hour. How hard can it be? Will asked, looking up from an article about the immune system.

“Weak Pokémon,” Nico mumbled unhappily. “Forgot to heal them.”

“Let’s put that away now. I have a movie we need to watch,” Leo said, holding up a DVD. “Okay, so how many here have seen Disney’s Hercules?”


“Wait, my dad has flaming hair and is the evil guy in this movie?” Nico asked, eyes wide open as he stared at the TV screen. “And Deimos and Phobos works for him? How inaccurate is this movie?”

“Extremely inaccurate,” Will said happily. “But, you gotta admit, the way they portrayed my dad isn’t too bad.”

“This movie is confusing. The Greek names are hard to remember. Artemis is Diana, right?” Frank asked Hazel, who nodded.

“Are everybody ready to continue now that everyone is over the shock of seeing the Disney version of their parents?” Leo asked excitedly before pressing ‘play’.


After the Hercules movie was over, Leo started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It was already well past curfew and most of them had already gotten quite a bit of caffeine and sugar into their system.

The couples had also crawled closer to each other. Annabeth was sitting on Percy’s lap, Frank had an arm wrapped around Hazel’s waist, Piper was sitting in between Jason’s legs and Leo’s head was placed on Calypso’s lap.

Reyna was sitting right next to Nico and Will. She looked happy enough, even though most of her friends were in relationships, and she wasn’t- as far as Nico knew. Though, he suspected that there was something between her and Rachel.

Nico himself wanted nothing more than to cuddle up to Will, but he knew that he couldn’t. They weren’t out yet.

To be honest, Nico wasn’t scared of the camp’s reaction or the mortal world. He couldn’t care less about their opinion. No, he was afraid that his friends would think he was a freak and push him away.

Of course, Percy and Annabeth had seemed supportive, so had Jason and Reyna, but he didn’t know about Leo, Piper, Calypso, Hazel or Frank.

“Are you okay, Nico? You seem kinda… distracted. Is something wrong?” Reyna whispered in a voice so quiet that only Nico could hear it. Nico debated with himself for a couple seconds if he would tell her. He and Will had talked about it. Will had been ready to tell everyone since the day they got together, but Nico felt like he was still somewhat connected to the 1940s. He was scared of being left alone, of being hated, so they hadn’t come out to camp yet.

“Well, um… so, you know that I’m gay, right?” Nico whispered back. “Well, um, I… me and Will… we’ve been dating for four months.”

Reyna smiled. “I knew there was something you didn’t tell me. Also, you know that none of the others in this room will judge you. I’ve already talked to them, y’know, their opinion on the LGBT community. None of them has anything against it.”

“Really?” Nico said in a low voice. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see Will smiling at him before asking a silent question. Nico straightened up a little and sat closer to Will before connecting their lips in a gentle kiss.

Reyna smiled, and soon after, the rest of the Seven turned to look at them, smiling.

“I knew they were together,” Annabeth whispered to the rest of them.


The next morning, the Seven and Reyna found Will and Nico asleep and cuddled together with matching small smiles on their faces.

Tell me about your irrational fears and childhood dreams. Tell me about your scars and all the wounds that never seemed to heal inside of you. Tell me why you find comfort in the night sky and why you never walk away from fights. Tell me what you think about when you’re awake at 3 in the morning, and all the what ifs swimming in your head. Tell me what makes you laugh, and what made you cry in the past. Tell me about your first heartbreak and your last try at love. Tell me about your mother’s laugh, and the food she cooks for you. Tell me about your first fight with your father, and the first time you saw him cry. Tell me about the 5-year-old you were, and the 50-year-old you want to be. Don’t tell me your favorite color, tell me why it is. Don’t tell me where you grew up, tell me what it was like growing up there. Don’t tell me about yourself, tell me who you are. That’s the conversation I want to have and the things I want to hear.
—  a. gale, Can’t we skip the awkward small talk and dive down into the depths?
Morning Sickness

Request: Can you do a Misha and reader story where they had been dating and broke up due to a stupid issue (your choice) After a month or so the reader finds out she’s pregnant and has to tell Misha?

Pairings: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy, morning (all day) sickness, and FLUFF

Word Count: 1.2k

Originally posted by cherrybomb124

You and Misha had been chasing after each other for a long time, everyone always teased the two of you, asking when the wedding would be and things of that nature. You always just shrugged it off, never thinking anything of it. Until one day apparently Misha couldn’t hold back anymore, and pretty much announced that he loved you in front of the entire cast and crew, while filming a scene. It was pretty hilarious. It even made it on the gag reel. Either way, it worked, and the two of you became inseparable for three whole months.

That’s why you didn’t know what happened. Everything was going so well with you and Misha. Just one night after a date, you got into a small disagreement with him about something, you don’t even remember what it was about. You just got out of his car and told him that you didn’t think that this was gonna work out. 

You had tried to talk to him on set a couple of times over the last few weeks, but it just turned into this awkward staring contest. You two began avoiding each other, your scenes together were awkward, and it started to make you nauseous. Or it had today anyways. 

You were filming a scene with Misha and Jensen when you ran off set to throw up in a trash can, a prop trash can. They called off filming for a few hours so that you could lay down. 

You laid down in your trailer for about thirty minutes before your heart dropped, causing you to get sick again. Sitting on the floor next to your toilet, you pulled out your phone and started to count weeks on your calendar. Four weeks, almost five. You also noticed that your period was two days late, which you hadn’t really thought much about until now. 

You peeled yourself up off of the floor and made your way out of your trailer, to your car. Looking all around you, you made sure that no one was there, as if they’d be able to tell where you were headed by the look on your face. Which some might be able to tell, some of the women on the set anyway, that knew how to add weeks. Guys didn’t really think about it. Oh, God, Oh God, Oh God, you thought. How would you tell Misha? You guys couldn’t even talk to each other. You still loved him but what if he didn’t feel the same way about you anymore? You really didn’t know.

You found the nearest drug store and practically ran inside, heading straight for the bathroom before looking for what you needed. Having to peel yourself up off of the bathroom floor, again, you made your way down the right aisle, picking up two boxes, and practically ran to check out, hoping no one recognized you. Luckily it was just a sweet old woman who probably didn’t watch any tv. She smiled at you, a good luck look on her face, and you made your way back to set.

You had to choke back throwing up the entire ride back. Is this what it’s like? Is this what it was going to be like for however long? This can’t be normal. Do women really just throw up all day? You pulled up on set and opened your car door, leaned over and got sick again. You made your way back to your trailer, luckily there was a ginger ale in your fridge, which seemed to help a tiny bit. You sat the two boxes on the table and started at them. You didn’t want to believe it. You were quite honestly terrified. You picked up the first box, opened it, and unwrapped the little pack inside. You went to your bathroom and sat down on the toilet, set the timer, doing as the directions on the box said. When you were finished, you cleaned up and sat with your eyes closed tightly for five minutes, or however much time the timer had left. When the timer went off your eyes shot open. Positive. You felt your heart sink to your stomach again, which caused you to throw up, again. You quickly downed some water, trying not to throw it back up, and took the second test. When the second timer went off, your eyes shot open once again. Another positive. Luckily it didn’t make you throw up this time.

You went to sit at the table in your trailer, you had to figure out what to do. This sickness was obviously not going to let up, and you had to find a way to tell Misha that you were pregnant. With his child nonetheless. You looked at your phone and went to your text messages. You looked at the many saved drafts that were typed up to Misha that you had never sent. You began to type up another message, this one had to be sent. His trailer was right next to yours, so hopefully you wouldn’t have to wait long. 

Y/N: Hey, could you come to my trailer please? It’s important.

You hit send and laid your head down on the table and waited. Less than two minutes later the door to your trailer opened, and Misha walked in. He looked at you suspiciously, almost as if he knew. 

“Are you feeling okay?” he sat down across the table, reaching his hands out for yours, but pulling back when he remembered you weren’t together. 

“I’m, I’m fine.” You reached down in your lap where the two pregnancy tests were sitting, and you laid them on the table. Misha looked at them for a second, not realizing at first.

“Are these-did you…are you?” He couldn’t form a whole sentence. You tried to respond but you just started crying, nodding your head to confirm what he was trying to ask you. He stared at them for another minute before getting up to sit next to you on your side of the table. He wrapped his arms around you, still in shock.

“It’s okay, Y/N, hey. Look at me.” You did as he said and looked at him, your eyes still red and puffy from crying, he was going to have to say what he was going to say; you were close to needing to throw up again.

“We’re gonna be parents.” he smiled at you, the biggest grin you’d ever seen on his face. “Y/N, I can’t think of anyone, that would make a better mother than you.” You felt more tears coming, but this time they were different. 

Misha couldn’t have said it any better. He hugged you and kissed you on the top of your head before you were pushing him off of his seat and onto the floor, trying to get to the bathroom again. 

“I’ll let that one slide!” He said jokingly, getting up, he walked to you and held your hair back. 

“You don’t have to do this you know.” you said, trying to spare him from watching you get sick.

“I know, but I love you, and I want to.” you tried to smile up at him but you felt another wave of sickness wash over you. This was going to be a long nine months.


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Be My Lifeline

*Not requested, but something I have been working on.

Summary: The reader goes off to explore the world only to come back and find out her father has passed.

WARNINGS: Death of a loved one, swearing

Word Count: 2,572 

The gifs are not mine, I found them on Google.

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narwhalsarefalling  asked:

ive never been drunk but i react badly to thermaflu and once i forgot to logout of tumblr after taking one and i reblogged 15 posts with the caption "ill tap that"

oh goodness gracious

(don’t drink children)

anonymous asked:

how tf can you hate batjokes and still fucking ship jokerXharley??? that shits 100% more abusive and unhealthy lmao

Wow! I finally got my very own ask about how abusive JxHQ is! I feel so lucky! Ah, yes, the sarcasm is strong this morning.

Let me tell you a few things, sweetheart. Even though this all has been said time and time again, I guess it still has to be repeated so everyone can get it through their fucking thick skulls. 

Everyone knows JokerxHarley is abusive. At least most people do anyways. 


It’s fiction! And everyone is entitled to like whatever the fucking ships they want! Sure, JokerxHarley is abusive, but so is HarleyxPoisonIvy and you can definitely make the case that BATJOKES IS TOO.

Literally ANY relationships the Joker could ever get into will be abusive. Do you know who the fuck he is?

So please, keep your irrelevant opinions to yourself. Because, in case you haven’t noticed, this blog is JokerxHarley and I don’t want you on it.