the signs as riddles

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aries: i am very easy to get into, but it is hard to get out of me. what am i?

taurus: what loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night?

gemini: there are two sisters; one gives birth to the other, and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. who are the two sisters?

cancer: what can you catch but not throw?

leo: i have no bed to sleep or no palace to live in. i don’t have a single coin, but i am also known as a king. what am i?

virgo: the more you take, the more you leave behind.
what are they?

libra: what fastens two people yet touches only one?

scorpio: what can one not keep, two hold, and three destroy?

sagittarius: what stays where it is when it goes off?

capricorn: i can be flipped and broken but i never move. i can be closed, and opened, and sometimes removed. i am sealed by hands. what am i?

aquarius: after you go through a fall, I will take over. all life will stall, or at least grow slower. what am i?

pisces: i can bring tears to your eyes; resurrect the dead, make you smile, and reverse time. i form in an instant but i last a life time. what am I?

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I spend a lot of time missing you
but even more thinking about
what I could have done to make you stay.

Most days, I feel like more poison than girl,
more fury than fire, more sex than touch,
making out on your best friend’s couch
the second he went upstairs,
making out because it was the only thing
we could bear to do with our mouths.

Everyone tells me it isn’t my fault,
that leaving me on the cold hard pavement
was cowardly, and I can’t say I disagree,
but in the end, you didn’t destroy me.
We destroyed each other.

We’d flash our supernova hearts
disguised as teeth,
finding comfort in the explosion
because it didn’t make us bleed.
We did a lot of things I’m not proud of.

But we loved much harder
than I could have ever imagined
loving anybody ever, and I think
“fuck you” is just another way of saying
I wish we could have survived this.

—  This is just a fancy way of saying I miss you and I wish you were here and I wish you had stayed and I shouldn’t be thinking these things anymore but I am anyway

Legends Crew + Twister:

  • Disclaimer: I have no good way to explain why this group of people would consent to a game of Twister together to begin with but let me have this ridiculous fluff. If you really need an explanation assume there was alcohol involved.
  • Stein excused himself on the basis that “I am 66 years old and I will die” which is pretty hard to argue with, so they put him on spinner duty
  • Snart also excused himself on the grounds of “I don’t want to touch any of you people” and “more booze for me”
  • Sara went into the game HUGELY cocky and overconfident, which obviously meant everyone was immediately united in their desire to destroy her
  • The game got sidetracked by a massive argument between those who insists it’s okay to have more than one foot/hand on a space (Kendra, Rip, Mick, Jax) and the purists who think that’s cheating (Ray, Sara, Stein).
    • Snart abstained from voting in favor of vodka.
  • Time Dad purposefully fell over the second round because he had his face in Kendra’s ass and his hand was going between Mick’s legs and honestly it just wasn’t worth it
  • Jax got stuck with his feet on opposite sides of the board so he had to sit there basically flinging his crotch in everyone’s face for ever. He was basically a nonstop stream of apologies the entire time
  • Ray has no sense of personal space to begin with so just imagine Twister with him. Do it. Imagine. 
  • Sara obviously kept purposefully trying to make things awkward by flirting with everyone to try and get them out. 
    • “Hey, Kendra, nice call on the crop top today. Looking good ;)” “Sara”
    • “Jax, can I use your butt as a pillow? That’s cool, right?” “oh my god please stop” 
    • “Ray not to make things weird but I could do my laundry on your abs” “Thank you?”
  • Seriously Ray wound up in some position to hike his shirt up and suddenly these ridiculous majestic abs on the body of Ray fucking Palmer are just out there for the world to see. It was blinding. There may have been an actual stunned silence.
    • Mick actually complimented him
    • Snart immediately drowned the rest of his drink and had some very angry conflicted gay feelings
      • (He wakes up hungover and finds a note he left himself that just says “Remove Raymond’s abs” and that’s how he knows it’s going to be a bad day) 
  • Mick isn’t super flexible but he can hold the same terrible positions for ever. Sara naturally tries to use this - “Damn, Mick, you have stamina” - and immediately suffers for it, as Mick looks Len dead in the eye and says, “Well, I’ve have a lot of practice.”
  • And Len. Fucking. Winks.
  • Which is the point when Sara’s jaw drops open and her hand slips and she hits the board yelling “I KNEW IT”
  • (Unfortunately she took Jax out with her, which Snart actually apologized for, because he’s a softy when he’s inebriated.) 
  • So it boiled down to Ray, Mick, and Kendra and ended when Ray accidentally stepped on Kendra’s hand, nearly breaking her finger and completely setting off her inner homicidal hawk goddess in a room full of tipsy legends 
  • It’s amazing how many game nights end like that tbh
  • TL;DR Legends + Twister is great and should definitely happen

blitzkriegboysbop  asked:

You did your headcanons for Tala, now how about your headcanons for Bryan?

Yes, hello my love! xD I could honestly sit and talk about anything to do with Demo/Blitzkrieg Boys, and not get bored. I love these boys, but lmfao Bryan is my main boy, and I’m going to attempt to not write an essay about this boy.

Okay, so Bryan is definitely more in touch with his emotions than people think. Man, oh man, am I tired of seeing fanfics based after season one where Bryan is still an emotionless douche canoe who wants to destroy everything. By season three, he’s didn’t grown by then, there was a lot more to him. Bryan is definitely not in tune with his emotions like some of the others, for example, times were there should be emotion, and emotional understanding, Bryan’s not really in the zone and giving it, whereas some situations where it’s more of a: keep emotions to yourself, sort of thing, Bryan’s more or less attempting to grasp at what strings that maintain this reputation he’s built up. It definitely took him some time to open himself up and be more open in terms of his himself and how he was feeling. Tala and Spencer definitely had to remind him that it’s okay to be human, whilst Bryan probably reminds Spencer that of course he has to say that, because Spencer is one big teddy bear, which Tala totally agrees with, whilst Ian is biting down on his knuckles and attempting not to laugh too hard because he’s got the mental image of Spencer as one big teddy bear.

Let’s be real - Bryan is extremely handy with his hands, and I mean, in terms of a physical fight and in terms of just genuinely using his hands. Back when he was a little younger, Bryan probably would have jumped into any situation either with his hands, in every literal sense of the word, or with his beyblade - now he’s a little calmer on the situation, and certainly won’t talk himself into a physical fight, if it can be resolved in some other way. He’s genuinely good with his hands in terms of fixing things and putting things together. I don’t care what anyone says, Bryan has a lot of patience when it comes to fixing/putting things back together. In fact, he probably spends time building things and putting things back together as a treatment in aid of calming himself, or talking himself out of doing something ridiculous. To be honest, I think when it comes to the Blitzkrieg Boys, Ian is more of the whizkid who can throw up all the combinations of a blade possible, come up with pros and cons for scenarios and techniques, whilst Bryan’s probably putting blades back together and occasionally getting into little scraps with Ian, because apparently Bryan didn’t put something back together correctly, and Bryan feels he has to remind him that he’s the violent one, and when Bryan’s done, Ian will have a hard time putting himself back together correctly.

I don’t really understand this whole Bryan/Rei thing, or the idea of Bryan hating Rei? I think season one Bryan hated anyone and everyone that wasn’t anything to do with the Demo Boys. I wouldn’t say that Bryan hates Rei, and I wouldn’t say that Bryan likes Rei, it’s more of a: I’ll put up with him because he’s one of Kai’s friends. But Bryan definitely has some sort of respect for the kid, especially after what Bryan put him through in the Russian tournament. Bryan can definitely get on with Rei to some extent, usually passing a nod of acknowledge, but never crossing the line that Bryan has set for himself. In terms of liking and warming up to people, Bryan warmed up to Kai, perhaps not to extent that Tala had warmed to him, but he definitely didn’t hate Kai. As I stated previously, season one Bryan probably hated near enough everyone, and Kai was no exception, especially after he left the Demo Boys to rejoin The Blade Breakers. Bryan definitely respects Kai and more so after he took on Brooklyn for the second time, and won. He respected Kai’s fighting style and the sense of pride that he carried with him, as well as the constant mutual respect that Kai applied (and proved, typically against Max/Rick.) Doesn’t mean he trusts him however, but maybe in the future, there’ll be more than just mutual grounds of respect and such, there might be a slight shot at a friendship. Who knows. I don’t know.

Bryan is very supportive of his team, and he’s definitely not afraid to show it. At the end of it all, these are the guys that Bryan’s grown with, he knows them better than anyone else. He knows their routines, he knows that Tala is very expressive over the breakfast table, typically with his face. He knows that every morning, Ian will get into a one sided slamming match with Spencer, because Spencer is holding Ian’s breakfast above his head and Ian is kicking his shins and verbally attacking this guy, and Spencer is just:

Do you hear that Tala? That is the sound of Mini mcMini boots incapable of maintaining his position in the hierarchy.” And Bryan definitely shows Ian a pressure point that will get Spencer is keel and give Ian his breakfast - turns out said pressure point is also out of reach for Ian. Anyway, completely off of the point I was making to begin with - he’s supportive of these guys, and he’ll happily sideline himself if it means that his friends get their shot within the limelight. With Bryan, it comes as unexpected. You expect this guy to be a complete cheesecake, he looks like that sort of guy who considers himself better than anyone else - he’s really not that guy. He supports the hell out of Ian and Ian’s computer mind, and will fight anyone who talks shit about this boy. Man, Bryan is just super supportive and protective. That’s a thing that comes with being part of this team, being part of this family, even. You learn to be close and love and respect one another. But I think Bryan shows his support in various ways, and sometimes does it through the same mechanisms that Kai uses, aka: lmfao if u lose in this tournament, boi u goin home, lol. There’s Bryan support and motivation, right there. I’m kidding.

If the thought of Bryan using smol ass Ian as a lifting prop hasn’t crossed your mind - u lyin’. Y u lyin fo? Bryan has definitely used Ian as a weight and bloody lifts him, and Ian’s counting away to himself, and occasionally asking to be put down, and Bryan’s just: no mate. Of course Bryan only ever does this as a joke, it’s never the serious side of his training. He just likes to have fun every now and again, let this kid have fun. He deserves it. Spencer definitely reminds Bryan of the dangers and the potential chance of dropping Ian, and Tala inwardly makes the comment of: might make his nose that bit smaller, and then cackles away to himself, because Tala believes he’s just so God damn funny - leave him be.

Bryan is strict when it comes to his own fitness routine, and over time, he’s changed his fitness schedule, because he doesn’t want to be reminded of Boris, nor the hold that Boris once had over him. Not to mention that it annoyed Spencer that Bryan was stil adhering to the schedule Boris had created. But yeah, Bryan is very driven by his own fitness routine, and rises an hour earlier than the others just to get himself warmed up and ready, after half an hour, he’s definitely ready to leave. He definitely starts with laps, and after a fair amount, he’ll definitely settle for breakfast, simply to rest his legs but also because Tala reminds him: breakfast is important, and one time, Spencer threatened to cram a spoon of cereal into Bry’s mouth if he didn’t eat. Truth is, sometimes, Bryan forgets to eat, because he’s too busy pushing himself to the limit when it comes to beating his lap times, or getting more laps in than the previous morning, never mind his schedule when it comes to the gym. Bryan definitely neglects to look after himself sometimes, and sometimes doesn’t dress appropriately for the morning, or doesn’t allow himself to rest, which Spencer has lectured him about on numerous occasions. Sometimes Spencer has to remind Bryan that he isn’t under the control of Boris any more, and that it’s more than okay to chill the fuck out once in while, and no one would think less of him, if he chilled out, which Bryan retorts: of course no one would think otherwise of him, because he’d knock them out.

Bryan is a good friend. I want this guy to be my friend. Bryan would be that take no nonsense, headbutt any fucker that gets in your way sort of guy, but he definitely has a pure heart. Bryan’s heart literally beats for his teammates. He really does love these guys. Only Bryan is allowed to push Ian around and mock Tala when Tala attempts to tell him off, only Bryan is allowed to make fun of Spencer for attempting to play ‘daddy’ to the Demo Boys - no one else is allowed too, unless you’re willing to dig yourself an early grave. These are his guys, his main bros, his dudes, his brothers, and if you fuck about with any of them, well now you have Bryan to do with, and whilst he’s very handy with his fists, he’s plotted 10 ways to murder someone and make them disappear without anyone else even batting an eyelash. Do not test the love and loyalty that Bryan has when it comes to these guys.


The sound
From slamming
The wooden door
Still haunts me
As I walk along the pebbled
To the bluff
Each fight
Became a bigger
And more tortuous
As your distrust
And jealousy
(For no reason)
Overwhelmed your love
Now, that door is closed
With rain pelting my face
Wind trying to push me off the path
I walk towards my only
The bluff is tall
My heart is not broken
It is destroyed
As I stand on the edge
Looking down into the sea
I think of the time we met
How amazing your hand felt
That first time we touched
The connection
The passion
The years of adventures
The deep love
(Was it real?)
And my heart breaks even more
I step closer to the edge
Wind gusts egging me on
And then I see it
Small purple and white
Blooming up and down the cliff
Bright and poignant
And then
That small, wood and stone
Down to my little boat
I remember
There is more than one way to leave
I climb down
I sit out the storm
Behind some rocks
I row away

the signs as riddles

aries: i am very easy to get into, but it is hard to get out of me. what am i?

taurus: what loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night?

gemini: there are two sisters; one gives birth to the other, and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. who are the two sisters?

cancer: what can you catch but not throw?

leo: i have no bed to sleep or no palace to live in. i don’t have a single coin, but i am also known as a king. what am i?

virgo: the more you take, the more you leave behind. what are they?

libra: what fastens two people yet touches only one?

scorpio: what can one not keep, two hold, and three destroy?

sagittarius: what stays where it is when it goes off?

capricorn: i can be flipped and broken but i never move. i can be closed, and opened, and sometimes removed. i am sealed by hands. what am i?

aquarius: after you go through a fall, i will take over. all life will stall, or at least grow slower. what am i?

pisces: i can bring tears to your eyes; resurrect the dead, make you smile, and reverse time. i form in an instant but i last a life time. what am i?


aries: trouble.

taurus: a pillow.

gemini: day and night.

cancer: a cold.

leo: a lion.

virgo: steps.

libra: a wedding ring.

scorpio: a secret.

sagittarius: an alarm clock.

capricorn: a deal.

aquarius: winter.

pisces: a memory. 

Yanno. I bet no one was more destroyed by Caesar’s death than Suzie.

As a fanbase, we always talk volumes about how Joseph felt and what he went through and his feelings, and even more scarcely, Lisa Lisa’s but i’ve yet to see anything touching on how Suzie felt about it. That doesn’t particularly surprise me, so let’s talk about it now.

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Black Hole

I remember you
Like how I remember
Learning about Black Holes in grade school Swallowing and destroying everything
That they touched

And the only thing I loved
More than the oxygen in my lungs
And more than the blood in my veins
And more than the sun on my skin
Was your touch

You dragged me towards you
Eviscerated me
Ripped me apart
Every joint in my body detached at your will
My bones broke and my eyes went blind
My nerves seized and my skin tingled for you

And I am left
Ripped apart and numb
While you go about your day
As if nothing happened

Shaky hands, a shivering body, and heavy breaths, heartbeats are racing, the smile on my face is fading. Losing touch with reality. The more hurts I get, the more feelingless I turn out to be. Thought I needed an intimacy, to feel a body nearby, but it was more than that… I needed to let go of everything including myself, because I, myself was the one who destroyed me and threw myself into the abyss.

If Juvia’s reaction to Gajeel’s death isn’t emphasized more than anyone else when the others find out I’m going to be very disappointed.

They’re supposed to be very special to one another, that’s what I’d like to believe. Their friendship is far more touching to me than any romantic relationship.

I’m having too much of high expectations but it would be even MORE emotional if, once Juvia finds out, we get flashbacks of Juvia and Gajeel when they first met in Phantom Lord? (Mashima’s especially good at writing flashbacks imo).

Mashima-sensei this is great angst potential please, I welcome you to destroy me with it.

anonymous asked:

I'm just amazed at the disconnect between the show, it's characters and the people who worked on it. I mean look if you were for Korrasami why did Mako and Korra get more screen time, why did they give each other loving looks and touches, and now claiming that remembrances wasn't romantic. This is why I fear for LOK comics in the future because at this rate the characters are going to be destroyed unless some new people take over

Mako and Korra probably got more screentime because the writers found their relationship more interesting… not that they can cop to that now.  =P

I don’t really want LoK comics either, to be honest.  I’m afraid they’d either mess up the great dynamic they developed between Korra and Kuvira by having Korra forget about Kuvira or completely ignore how Asami ought to feel about Kuvira in order to avoid conflict between Korra and Asami.  >_>;

i could wrap oceans across my heart, and drown in them to feel this warmth i’m missing. i could hold the storm / be the storm in my belly, and watch the world destroy us; i could watch the world rebuild itself, and breathe in the air it leaves for me. i could hold the sky in my eyes, and never touch it again- for now i am devoid of words; a void only so deep, as to hold all things that no one wants, and all the things i cannot have. i am lukewarm, and hurting more as each vein turns cold. i am searching for old wounds, and scratching them further; to tell you i am lost // to tell you i want more; the sun- that warmth // to tell you i want it all- to make sure i am not gone; show me love // pain, and let me feel it once more // tell me, is my numbness gone ? with everything that has died // with nothing born, tell me- let me be more bare than barren. let that be all. i am gone // am i not gone, as the wind reads us stories of when i was hungry // as my skin ached for more; i called for a touch, i ate for it- tell me, is that not how it is anymore? turn me around. turn me around; this mouth // i plead, with nothing to fill me // i plead, with all my softness gone, and shame lost- please save me.

Lola and Stéphane - Finale

What a perfect set up for S3!

Stéphane literally burst into the king’s private chambers asking for permission and help to find and save Lola, his precious jewel. Without ulterior motif! Everyone was convinced that John was dead, and he was genuinely surprised when he saw them both alive. Saving king’s son was gift from heavens because it is his shortcut for returning ‘back on top’. Two of them, working together, and putting their differences aside, in order to save Lola is like a dream came true (BROTP since - 'I don’t like you / I don’t care’)!

Yes, there wasn’t any kissing or touching, but that one look at the end said more than a thousand words! ‘He committed act that defy sense, and self-preservation!’  

After entire season of slow burn, I wasn’t expecting anything more than this. Every other couple was rushed, and destroyed within few episodes. Lola and Stéphane are the only constant on this show.

There is a promising future for them. They will have happy ending.

We Lorcisse shippers should be rewarded for being most patient, most loyal audience, during the entire season.