Good monster factory things:

- Freaking out over what one slider can do

- “euuuuuugh. uuuuuuuuuuugh. euch it’s bad”

- Griffin provides monster noises

- “Oh yeah absolutely are you kidding me”

- Justin provides monster voices

- “It looks like *adjective* *celebrity*!”

- Good amount of dog goofs

- When Griffin or Justin say something then the other loses it


esther_koop: This photo was taken at the last show of our most recent tour. It is very special to me for a number of reasons… it is also the only photo I have ever taken with them at a show. I love these 5 so much it hurts and I am excited to see what they do moving forward, both individually and as a group. I am grateful for the memories we have made during our journey these past 5+ years and am looking forward to making many more. 
I love you, Pentatonix

Helping Hand P3

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Summary: Who knew that being saved by spiderman would start a blossoming friendship… or maybe something more?

Requested:  OMG I LOVE IT MORE PLEASE IM BEGGING (if u dont have an idea maybe she sees him at school i would love to see that) 

YOUR REQUEST IS MY DEMAND HUN! I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS! I kind of at the end lead it off for smut maybe.. idk I was trying something new XD LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINKKKK

Word Count: 3.9k (this one is a longy so enjoy)

Warning(s)?: Cursing, Some Sensual content I guess? If that’s a warning. CORNY AF! LIKE HELLA CHEESY OMG SORRY! And just to save confusion the parts where its all like 

this, this is like a flashback to her and spiderman talking if that makes sense as she’s in the present kinda thing.

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Part 1  Part 2   Part 4

Helping Hand

To say you didn’t get a wink of sleep that night would be an understatement. Peter Parker… His name sounded familiar.. Almost. You rolled over underneath your covers, plugging in your ear phones hoping some soft tunes will lull you to sleep. Of course unknowing about the surprise you were about to receive tomorrow.

You woke to the smell of waffles. Hoping out of bed quickly, you raced to your bedroom, quickly having a shower. Only spending 10 minutes in there, you get changed then whip out of your bedroom. You walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, grab an apple from the fruit ball. 

“Morning hun” Your mom greeted you cheerily. You smiled through your food and she laughs. She sets a plate in front of you with two waffles and syrup. 

“What’s the special occasion?” You ask. Normally waffles were only done occasionally. Your mum shrugs your shoulders and turns back to her waffles.

“Okay your being weirdly quiet” You state through your mouthful of food. 

“Eat with your mouth closed please young lady” You smirk and raised your chin and let a bit of maple syrup run down before quickly wiping it off with the back of your hand. 

“Your in a good mood this morning” You have no idea. 

“Yeah, I am actually” You finish saying once your swallowed your food with a smile on your face. She looks down at her food and twiddles a bit of it with her fork. 

“Wouldn’t have anything to do with.. a boy maybe?” She asks not so subtly. You almost choke on your glass of water but refrain. You set it down before turning to your mother wide eyed. 

“Why do you think it’s a boy? It could be a girl, you never know mom” You state cheekily poking your tongue out at her. She laughs and shakes her head at your teenage antics. You quickly looked to the clock and realised you were going to be late. You quickly lean over the counter and give her a kiss on the cheek. 

“See you!” You called out over your shoulder as you head for the front door. 

“You too! See you later ‘Bug Boy!’” You froze. Damn. You turn around slowly to see her sitting there with a smirk. 

“I can explain-” You begin before she points towards the door. 

“School. now” She says with a smile. You smile back nervously and walk out the front door. You make your way over to your jeep, it was very old but you found the car’s personality appealing, yes your car had a personality. 

~At school

You rush to your locker, quickly putting in your code before grabbing your books for calculus. Slamming the door shut quickly you see Liz out of the corner of your eye. 

“Hey Y/N!” she greets with a hug. You return it happily and begin to strike up a conversation as you both made your way to calculus. 

#Peter’s pov

I rush over to my locker, putting in my combination before grabbing out my physic books when I felt something touched my shoulder.

“Join me as we build the new lego death star” Ned said from behind me using his 'yoda’ voice. I turn around surprised with a huge smile. 

“Dude no way!” I respond excitedly, we have been waiting for the death star to come out for ages!

“Lame” I sigh at the comment from the cheerleaders behind us.

“That’s awesome!” I say to Ned totally stoked. This has seriously got to be the best day ever!

“Yeah so I was thinking tonight after your stark internship of course I could start building it, you know while your at the stark internship and get most of it done then pop around to yours-” By this point I have zoned Ned out completely. In front of us was Liz and… Y/N? I scrunch my eyebrows slightly confused. Since when were they friends? 

But that wasn’t what confused me the most… What confused me the most was when I saw Liz I felt nothing… normally i feel like she takes my breath away but seeing Y/N… She took my whole oxygen source.

“Yeah that’d be great”

Y/N's pov#

“I swear if I have to sit through one of Mrs Larbs (Im sorry I had to) lectures again I might just kill myself” I over exaggerate. Plonking myself down on the seat in between Liz and Jenny. 

Unfortunately we were currently in gym class, the only class really were all year levels shared the same class, apart from sporting teams and the decathlon club. 

“Okay let’s make this lesson fun then, for Y/N’s sakeeee” Liz says dramatically throwing an arm around your shoulder. You sigh in content and lean causing you both to laugh. 

“I have an idea!” Jenny speaks up. 

“Let’s play-”

“You say truth and day one more fucking time Jenny I swear to god I’ll throw you on a mat and make you do crunches myself” you say half jokingly. Her face slightly grows nervous cause if there was anything she hated doing, it was crunches. 

“You know getting yourself so worked up like that isn’t healthy and isn’t good for your brain cells” Jenny retorts with a smirk causing Liz to 'ooohhhhh’ from beside you. You just smiles and shake your head letting out a chuckle. 

“So Jenny, what is this ingenius game of yours?” You as mischievously starting to giggle. 

“Kiss, Marry or fuck… Avengers edition” Jenny says with a smirk. You shake my head, smiling. 


’'Oh come onnnnnn” Liz groans from beside me.

“Okay Liz you first!” Jenny says excitingly, gathering a small crowd around. 

You begin to daze off, your eyes scanning over the entire gym. There was nothing special about it really… apart from the fact that Flash yet again was showing off. You resisted the urge to roll your eyes at him knowing he wasn’t even worth it. Ever since second grade when he spilled his custard all over you on purpose you’ve kinda been frenemies. Darting your eyes across to the group of people on the mat doing sit ups, you notice one girl lying down lifting her book to and from her face. You laugh. 

“Good going Peter!” Wait what? You head turned to the sound of the familiar name being spoken. What are you talking about, there are like at least 20 Peter’s in your school. Your eyes follow over to the coach who was next to these two guys. You couldn’t see their faces seeing their backs where to you. You looked down, beginning to remember details from last night. 

It was weird, the sensation, you couldn’t describe it. It was so… foreign. You’ve never felt like this before and you weren’t sure if that was a good thing. Well yeah you’ve had a boyfriend before but nothing serious and you rarely ever got crushes. You were one of those people to crush on celebs rather than the people who go to your local highschool. In your opinion celebs where just smarter, wiser, nicer and hotter

A feeling you definitely didn’t miss was the zoo in your stomach. It was so bad that it actually almost physically wanted to make your hurl. I mean how could anyone like that feeling? It was like every time I could feel his breath, or when his skin came into contact with mine, I felt this… fire. Oh god this is so stupid

“Yo Y/n?” You look up to see Liz looking at you with her eyebrows furrowed. You shake clear of your thoughts. 

“Yeah?” you ask. In the distance you heard a thud, almost sounding like someone falling. All your heads snapped around to the sound to see it was one of the guys you were looking at the back of earlier on the ground. 

“Couldn’t get enough of the floor Penis Parker? At least take it out to dinner first before you go down on it!” Flash yells out causing a small erupter of laughs to echo in the gym. Parker? Wait, Penis Parker? Is that actually someones na-

Oh no. No, no, no god wouldn’t do this to you. 

“So Y/N, Thor, Hulk or Spiderman?” Liz asks. You were confused. Unfortunately you were still looking at the boys back as he began to rub his head slightly. His friend however seemed to notice and pointed in your direction. You quickly advert your guys. Gosh why were your palms sweating? What the hell. And why did it feel like suddenly I woke up a restless monster inside my stomach? 

“What?” You ask. 

“Thor, Hulk or Spiderman?” Liz asks again, giving you a funny look. You shook your head, still slightly confused.

“If you could fuck, Marry and kiss them which one of them would go with which?” She asks. You could feel your throat immediately begin to close up. Almost like you were feeling claustrophobic. 

“Are you okay?” She asks concerned. You nod your head in response, but you felt far from okay, you felt on edge. And you only ever felt on edge when you were near… him. 

“Wait so you got bitten on a school trip?” You ask from your desk chair, spinning around to face 'bug boy’. 

“Yeah and the spider was only about this big” He said showing you with his hands. You began to laugh again. He grabbed one of your cushions of your bed from where he was currently sitting and threw one at you. You ducked your head and came up with fake surprise on your face.

“How dare you want to hurt your nurse Bug boy! If I die so do you Spidey” This sent you and Bug Boy through a fit of laughter. 

“Okay so the spider bit you-”

“Yeah and it hurt to, so bad that I fainted” You laughed again. You threw your head back and laughed. You laughed so much you could feel tears welling up in the corner of your eyes. You rest your head back on the back of your chair and stare at him. 

“You weren’t the one bit! I swear this one had like superpowers or something so when he bit it made me pass out from like shock or something!”

“You know for a genius you ain’t sounding very genuisy” You mock playfully. He grabs another cushion and hurls at you, this time it hitting you in the face. It came at you so fast you didn’t have time to prepare. You began to laugh. 

“Holy hell how did you throw that so quick” You state in between your laughter.

“Like I said, spider - superpowers, bite - superpowers - me’' 

"Are you high?” You ask half seriously not understanding a word what he was saying. He threw his head back and laughed then groaned. 

“Wait, wait, wait I think I get it” You state after thinking about it for a bit. 

“Are you saying that maybe.. after being bit from this spider you developed its… abilities?” You asked amazed. How cool would that be!

He stared at you with a blank expression, well you assumed seeing he was still wearing his suit so you couldn’t really tell.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying Y/N” He says causing you to laugh. 

“Stop making me feel dumb!” You yell out dramatically before laughing again. 

“Gosh your laugh is so cute” He says out of the blue. You hide your face in your arms to cover your blush, shaking you head disagreeing with him. 

“So what kind of abilities?” You ask, immediately changing the subject. You couldn’t tell for sure but he seemed kind of.. nervous, like he said something he didn’t mean too maybe. You shrugged it off. 

“Well the first one was hearing” Hearing? 

“I can hear from about 600 metres from me (making this up cause I actually dont know how far spiders can hear so just go with it)”

“Really?” You ask kinda impressed. He just nods his head in response. 

“Y/N” You felt a hand gently shake you from your thoughts. You glanced to your left to see Liz with a worried expression. 

“What’s going on with you?” she asks. You shake your head and smile. 

“Sorry I was just… spacing out, what was the question again?” You ask. 

“Out of Thor, Hulk and Spiderman, who would you marry, fuck and kiss” Liz states seriously. You nervously gulp. Little did they know that spiderman was sitting less than 100 feet from you guys and could hear every word you guys were saying perfectly. 

“Well I’d kiss… Thor” You say. You turned your head to face the boys direction again, their backs to you again. but unfortunately you couldn’t make the beating of your heart slow down, if anything it sped up. your palms were coated in sweated to the point of discomfort that you had to wipe them across your shorts. You could feel the hairs on your back beginning to stand, almost like you had just been zapped.

“And…” Liz states wanting you to go on. You bit your lip anxiously, crossing your legs over one another. You wiper your palms again, noticing your heart beating faster and faster. By this point you were sure he could hear it. 

“Yeah it’s weird actually like one day I could hear a human heart beat!” Spidey states excitedly. You smile at him and shake your head in disbelief.

“That’s impossible” You state. 

“It should be” Was all he replied. You just shake your head and softly laughed. 

“Okay well… what else?” You ask. 

“What do you mean what else?” He asks confused. 

“Well you said ’'The first one was hearing" so.. what was the second?’'  You ask.

’'Oh! strangely enough it was smell” Smell? 

“What do you mean?” You ask and he begins to laugh. 

“You mean like you can smell someones perfume from down the hall or something?” He shrugs in response. 

“Yeah basically..” He trails off. 

“Basically… what” You say, urging him to keep going. 

“I don’t know its like I can… sense someones emotions? if that makes sense? Like for instance right now your happy” He states, You laugh. 

“Yeah you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out” You point out cheekily as the smile on your face grew wider. He sighs and rest his head back against the wall letting out a laugh.

“No but its more than that, it’s like I can.. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain” You decided to leave it at that, not wanting to push him further. 

“Okay what about the third thing?” You asked excitedly.

“Uhhh Hulk?” You question unsure. Liz just nods at you, eagerly waiting for an answer. To be honest you weren’t ready to give her one. Well, you could lie but she would know straight away, let’s just say.. your a horrible liar. 

“Uhhh” you stuttered out, rubbing your legs together. You could feel a fire beginning to ignite inside your stomach and lower giving you sinful thoughts. Fuck, snap out of it Y/N! Now was not a time to be a typical teenager. 

“Ummm” Gah you sounded so pathetic. You glanced back over towards tho boys. But this time you weren’t looking at their backs but instead their fronts. 

You didn’t want to look but you did. Your gaze lifting to meet Peter’s gaze. Now you felt like you were trembling in your seat, not literally of course but it sure as hell felt like it. How could a simple looking leave you completely unhinged? This was bad, really bad. You were trying to get rid of the thoughts, the thoughts of him trailing kisses down your neck, across your torso down to your lower region, you wrapping your arms in his hair as this went on. 

Liz’s fingers were quick to snap you out of your gaze. She snapped her fingers in front of your face and you and Peter immediately broke gazes. You looked at Liz uneasy before quickly turning to look at Peter again, this time he was glancing around the room confused, it was weird, he tilted his head up slightly, it was only then that you began to realise. You eyes widen in horror as you could begin to hear your heartbeat in your ears. You could feel the blood pumping through your veins, your body going warm. You began to shake your head rapidly probably looking like an idiot. Oh god please don’t, please… don’t. 

“Can I say something without it being totally weird?” Bug boy mutters out nervously. you rested your head back on the back of your chair against your arms.

“Course” you reply. 

“Won’t laugh?” He asks. You shook you head. 

“It’s not just like.. smells… there’s also chemosignals?” it came out more of a question at the end like he sounded very unsure. chemosignals? 

“I’m confused” you replied.

“okay this is going to sound really weird’' 

’'Okay, it’s okay I can handle weird have you met me?” you finish with a small laugh. 

“I walked past this couple a few months back and they were walking down the streets, just side by side, not holding hands or anything-”

“Wait how did you know they were a couple?” you ask confused. Normally seeing two people walking down the street side by side doesn’t mean they’re a couple. 

“It was like I could smell their… love? for each other I mean. Like how they desired each other I guess” To say you were shocked would be an understatement. This definitely took you by surprise. 

“Did it happen only once or all the time?” You ask curiously.

“It happened all the time but then I learnt to tune it out and only focus on it if I really wanted to” You nodded your head. But there was just one lingering thought on your mind. For some reason your curiosity just needed to know.

“What do you mean by.. desire?” you ask shyly. 

“Like they wanted to be together” he replies calmly. That wasn’t what I meant Bug Boy. You shifted on your chair getting comfortable. You took a deep breath, not really sure if you should ask this question or not. 

“Is there… other desire you can pick up on?” you ask again shyly. He just shrugs his shoulders casually, obviously not getting your subtlety. 

“Like… sexual desire?” You ask, your voice slightly squeaking at the end due to your nerves. Gosh that was so awkward, why would you ask that! Damn you and curiosity for wanting to know everything. 

At this he stiffened. Uh oh, you went too far, great, you ruined it Y/N, good job. 


“K-k-k-iss h-h-ulk” Your voice came out shaky, you even managed to stutter as well. You squeezed your thighs together tighter, hoping to relieve a bit of pressure that has been building. You watched Peter nervously, hoping he has no clue as to what was going on and wasn’t listening in, no matter how nosy that boy may be.

But of course fate wasn’t on your side today. You watched as his eyes went from confusion to wide eyed. You were done, you were so done. If it was possible you wanted the ground to swallow you up whole right then and there. You watched as he quickly scanned the room. The guy beside him continuing on with his set of pull ups. Once his eyes finish scanning he looked over towards you. 

Fuck you couldn’t be more embarrassed! It’’s one thing to tell a guy your into him them for them to literally smell the desire rolling off of you. You bowed your head in embarrassment, feeling your cheeks heat up. 

“So, Jenny is is your turn?” You ask out of the blue, spinning around to face Jenny. 

“No, no, no” Liz says resting a hand on your shoulder spinning you back around. You groaned. 

“Say it” She says. 

“Say what?” you say innocently. Liz just smirks evilly at you. 

“Come on! Just say it! Say it and I’ll stop” she says. Yeah hell no. I turn back around to face Jenny to see that she was now also wearing a smirk. Great. 

“But you already know!” you complained. 

“Oh we all know I just need to hear you say it” She says cheekily. She was enjoying me being in torture way too much. It wasn’t like I could just come out and say 'No I am not going to say it because little do you guys know, spiderman is actually sitting not 10 metres from us and he can smell things like desire and he can literally smell my arousal right now and that if he has been listening in this whole time which he probably has he knows what I’m about to say and I’m going to ruin the first amazing thing I’ve had in a very long time’

“I’m not saying it” You respond, turning back to face the front of the gym, both Jenny and Liz leaning on you trying to get you to speak. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at Peter, you were too afraid to see his reaction. In fact you knew what his reaction was, you just didn’t want this whole situation to be actually real. 

“You’ll feel better if you dooo” she says in a sing-song voice. Yeah I’m sure I would, but after I do there is no going back from it. 

“I can’t” you whisper out. Now slowly bringing yours over to Peter. You looked him in the eyes and you felt your heart stop. Your breath caught in your throat and you froze. He was just staring at you, with what seem like a blank expression. Almost like he was dazed or something. His friend next to him nudged him in the rib and he snapped out of it quickly shaking his head, there conversation to each other inaudible to my ears. Fuck it, he already knows? What else do you have to lose? 

You weren’t sure where this new set of confidence came from but you were going to use it before it went away. Pulling your nerves together and using them to your advantage you finally speak. 

“And Spiderman..” You say trailing off, catching Peter’s attention. He was listening. 

“Spiderman what?” Liz teases. You take in a deep breath. Mustering up every last courage you had you looked Peter straight in the eye, making your heart stop again. 

“Fuck spiderman” You finally spat out. You immediately closed your mouth taking a nervous gulp, all the confidence in the world beginning to slip away. Jenny and Liz from beside you squealed happily and laughed into your sides. But your eyes never faltered from Peters. 

You felt so vulnerable. So bare. And it terrified you. 

Without realising your eyes followed his movements. His tongue came out to lick his lips. Subconsciously you licked yours too, immediately getting 100% more turned on from this simple movement. He made such a simple movement seemed incredibly… mezmerising. You watched as he licked his lips not once but twice, then slowly begin to pull his bottom lip between his teeth. You raised your eyes to meet his. 

And it only took one look. 

One look and you felt it.

He wanted you too. 


A/N: would you guys want a smut for part 4? I have never wrote smut and published it before but I’m willing to give it a go if you guys want?

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In a perfect world, how would you want Sheith to become canon? Would it be subtle like korrasami or more of a straightforward "I love you"?

Okay, so–let’s assume we’re right about Kuron being a clone, and Shiro is trapped in the astral plane. Finally, Black lion manages to astrally project, and Keith finds Shiro there. And he just, runs right up and flings his arms around him and they crash together in a spray of stardust, holding onto each other as intimately as they did during the hug. Keith’s head nestled in shiro’s shoulder, the fingers of Shiro’s galra hand gently combing through his hair. 

And it’s just them in a world that’s completely still, this liminal space between realities. Their own little corner of the universe. And so, displaced from time and afraid he’ll never get this chance again, Keith starts talking. Ranting, really. He goes on and on about how long he’s been searching, how much it hurt like hell to lose Shiro again, how hard it’s been without him, how much they need him–and then he stops. “How much I need you,” he says instead. 

The confession is clumsy and rushed, it’s Shiro’s strong arms around him while he breaks apart at the seams and chokes back tears that he’s never shed. It’s knowing he doesn’t have a body but still feeling his throat close up like he can’t breathe, and he’s saying everything he should’ve said since Kerberos. It’s Shiro’s gentle ministrations, his soothing voice and soft nature. It’s how he offers Keith a smile and says, “I need you too,” and then in the same breath–“I love you.” 

And then when they get back, there’s these small differences here and there. But they’ve always been so openly fond of each other, and the change is so slight and gradual, it just feels very natural. Almost like nothing’s changed–they’ve loved each other all along. It was just something they never got to say. When all is said done, they return to Keith’s little shack. His home. Their home. “It’s good to have you back,” Keith idly comments, carrying in some of Shiro’s luggage. He smiles. “It’s good to be back.” 


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“We’re gonna take it nice and slow, little one.”

“Ahhh it feels so good.”

“No reason to rush.  I want to enjoy this ass.  I want to enjoy how good it feels in my hands.”

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I wish there were more ways, to say, I love you

Candlelight gutters, the stutter
of smoke, breathe in
relieving my addictions, better
she’s #1 on the list,
her kiss, a quick fix for the butterflies,
this is, reckless,
abandon always meant dying,
head strong, headlong,
a dive into the abyss

her kiss, I wish,
I had another quick fix for the
Butterflies, Sometimes
Time lies and, we
find eternity in finite moments,
or maybe,
forever comes, it’s too soon
for never to be right now,
because right now,
she’s all I’ve left, in
my heart,
it’s a debt, the depths of which, neither of us knows,
but I’ll pay it, till death, and he
can keep the fucking change, I just
want the receipt, proof I can staple to my lungs,
Young, love was meant to grow old, so
Te amo, Je t'aime, Amore mio
My darling,

You saved me, and I think I saved you


The more I listen to the album, the more I love it. Serendipity is still my favorite but mic drop, Go go, Best of me, DNA, dimple, outro and Pied piper come second very close (!hehe)

can’t wait to receive the 4 pack I’ve ordered, really! I honestly think they did a very good job on this! I’m not a big fan of the DNA’s MV, (especially the insert effects are kinda bad, but maybe it’s on purpose?) however I love the dance (and the song too) so everything is OK. Can’t wait for the show too (21th)!

I’m so proud of my boys, really >u<


Id be lying if i said i didn’t love my apartment room atm its so spooky~ I ran out of space for more paintings but i still love the affect! I kinda themed it very witchy haunty mansiony but based of hansel and Gretel with the children toys and large ovens/fireplaces. Any lalas wanna help a poor kitty clean her oven? I swear im only holding the oven handle to keep it open…

BBS: Circus Au Chapter: 1


BasicallyIDoWrk, Moo, SMii7y, Vanoss, H20Delirious, Mini Ladd,

Daithi De Nogla, Terroriser, Ohmwrecker, Cartoonz, Lui Calibre, I AM WILDCAT

Okay, warning. This is my first time writing anything in a really long time. I’m still super rusty, but hopefully y’all will enjoy and I won’t delete this within a day of writing it! (And for the sake of my own sanity, I’m going to be writing smii7y’s name like “Smitty”. Just because it looks more serious for this. I love my meme boy, but I don’t want certain scenes to be memes.)

I also might be posting art inspired by this au.


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He watched them very carefully, his targets bound to the wall. They remained there with slight motions, but could do nothing to protest. He could feel the weight of the tool in his hand. His instrument. It was small, but it had balance to it. The tip was sharp enough to penetrate from a distance and finish the job. Marcel smiled and bit his lip. His victim could do nothing but hang until he said so.

“Just do it already!” Cried Brock, waiting for the outcome.

A twitch of frustration ran through Marcel. He let out a long breath and aimed his weapon. His little game was about to end. And he would be victorious.

“Do it! Please!” Brock shouted once more. And this time Marcel obliged.


“Sorry sir. You’re all out of tries.”

“DAMMIT. Brock! You messed me up!”

“Sorry man. It’s not my fault you suck at carnival games.”

A wall filled with an odd amount of balloons and three darts at the center taunting him. Their bright colors and obvious placements teasing him with the idea that it could be easy to win a large stuffed banana with a mustache. But things are never as simple as that.

“Did Marcel actually hit anything yet?” Asked Smitty, returning with a bag of popcorn.

“Nope.” Brock said while trying to hold back a chuckle.

“This thing is rigged! I am the jackpot king! I should be winning these things left and right!”

“No shit man. It’s a carnival. Everything here is rigged.” Smitty said, stuffing his mouth with another hand full of bright yellow puffs.

“Then why did you want to come here!?” Marcel exclaimed.

“‘Cause I like watching you rage at stupid things irl. Carnival’s the best place for that to happen besides Dave and Busters.”

Marcel let out an exasperated sigh as he reached for his back pocket.

“Just one more time…”

The teen behind the counter looked just as annoyed with Marcel as he did the game.

“You know sir if you keep doing this all night you and your friends will miss the show.”

Marcel paused.

“What show?”

“The circus act. It’s half the reason the town’s having this stupid carnival this week.”

“What do you mean?” Brock asked with genuine curiosity in his voice.

“The circus act. They’re a pop up circus. They come to random towns and preform surprise shows. The town heard rumors that they would come a couple of weeks ago and threw this whole stupid thing together to try and rake some money in from it.” The teen said while flipping the bangs away from his eyes.

“Why would the circus act still show up if their losing money to the rest of the carnival then?”

“Apparently the city council cut a deal with the guy in charge of the act. Giving them special perks and stuff to show up.”

“Perks? Like what?” Smitty asked, mouth still crammed with food.

The teen let out a long and heavy sigh.

“Look man I don’t know. I’m just here to get paid.”

With the last of the teen’s snarky attitude, the three of them continued to walk through the carnival. Past tents filling the air with the aroma of roasted nuts and elephant ears, past few small rides that were brought in and  looked slightly unstable, and past more games Marcel would be sure to rage at.

“Oh hey, is that where the circus stuff’s gonna be?” Smitty pointed towards a tall red and white striped tent towards the bottom of a nearby hill.

“Yeah, probably.” Moo answered, figuring where this conversation may lead.

“Let’s go check it out!” Smitty exclaimed, excitement showing from behind his two toned glasses.

“Why? It’s probably just gonna be a magician and a couple of clowns or something.” Marcel brushed off.

“C’mon, with that big a tent? No way! There’s gotta be somethin’ cool in there. Let’s go!”

Marcel shook his head.

“Fine, but if I’m right and it sucks you’re paying for my next carnival game.”

“Pfft. Whatever man. I’m tellin’ ya right now this is gonna be some good shit right here.” Smitty said with a kick in his step.

They entered the tent and paused in their tracks.

“Woah. I guess this might’ve been one of the perks that kid was talking about.”

From far away it was harder to tell, but the tent was ginormous. Bleachers had been set up all around the stage that had been set. People had already begun to pack the seats even the show wouldn’t begin for another hour. Murmurs of I can’t believe they’re actually here and I wonder if we’ll actually get to meet any of them? rang through the crowd. Teens were excitedly taking selfies of themselves on the empty stage and rushed back to their seats before they could be taken.

“Are these guys really that famous?” Moo asked.

“Don’t know. I’ve never heard about any pop up circuses before.” Marcel shrugged.

“Welp, I’m getting some seats before there’s none left. I want to see what this is all about.” Smitty said leading the way through the people still scattered on the ground. The boys managed to get the few remaining front row seats and watched as people continued to flood in and out through the tent. After messing around on their phones for what seemed like forever, the lights in the tent started to dim.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…”

A voice rang out through the stage.

“Children of all ages…”

The crowed started to whisper in excitement among themselves.

“I hope you are all prepared to experience a night that you will never forget!”

Suddenly, a puff of smoke erupted from center stage, revealing a man dressed head to toe in a dark suit, top hat, sequined red bow tie, and oddly enough- a mask that covered only half of his face that seemed to resemble the head of an owl.

“I am the Great Hoodini, and I welcome you all the Banana Bus Traveling Circus!”

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Sorry for the delay, as we ALL need some happy thoughts.  I was looking for a photo, even tried to take some screen caps, but they were awful (too light everyone ended up being more of D whom I love, but this is about Chris). So I will just post the entire video.

There is nothing more beautiful than Chris when he lets his walls down. And it is such a rare thing to behold. And to be honest, the few times I have seen it, it is always with Darren. If that is not a testament to how much these two love and adore each other, I don’t know what else is.  

Here is hoping that sometime in the not too distant future, we are given glimpses into their reality again. I know it will never be over the top, but a few RCs or photos will make so many so very happy!!!!!!