Zevran: …Besides, if you ever grow tired of my colorful stories feel free to use kisses as a method to shut me up anytime!

Reine: I’ll… keep that in mind.

Zevran: Oh? Is that a promise? Because now the anticipation is going to kill me, thank you very much for that!



the live show of CocoRoise never bored you.

S H E W O L F ; a dahlia hawthorne mix - [listen]

look out young son grand ole party || guillotine yadi || ipswich georgi kay || blood on my hands danielle parente || goat shepherd mirah || beggin for thread BANKS || mz. hyde (piano cover) cherrychu || pretty little head eliza rickman || shoot the water austra || heart killer gossling || up in flames sam tinnesz ft. maggie eckford || poison cocorosie || yellow flicker beat (cover) maddi jane || empire alpines || the snake shivaree || get away with murder (cover) the difference || gigantomachy cake bake betty || the moon asked the crow cocorosie || special death mirah || visitation of the ghost the brobecks || the devil within digital daggers || the rest for the wicked the sohodolls || black eyes radical face || host alex winston || tristan patrick wolf || wow and flutter april smith and the great picture show || (if) you want trouble nick waterhouse || just desserts marina & the diamonds ft. charli xcx

Black Swan With a Broken Heart- A Princess Kraehe Mix

“I’ll be your black swan, I’m for spare parts, broken up”.

A mix for Princess Kraehe, our tragic, tortured, conflicted villain. 

(Basically I found way too many Kraehe songs making the Tutu Mix so she got a separate playlist).

1. Vampire Smile| Kyla la Grange//2. Black Swan| Thom Yorke//3. I Want to be Evil| Eartha Kitt//4. Troubled Waters| Cat Power//5. Leather| Tori Amos//6. Infrared| All About Eve//7. Paint It Black| Vanessa Carlton//8. Glittering Clouds (Locusts)| Imogen Heap//9. Black Swan Blues| S.J. Tucker//10.Bad Intentions| Digital Daggers//11. The Moon Asked The Crow| Coco Rosie

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Lyrics and AMV Link:

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johndave fic rec!!

here’s a fic rec for all your johndave needs

  • The Heir and His Knight - this is one of my favorites in all honesty. it’s a medieval au with secret relationships and lots of sadness, fluff, and nsfw. rated mature because of said nsfw
  • Seven Minutes - it all just started off with a harmless game of seven minutes in heaven. rated mature because there’s plenty of sexy times but it’s great.
  • vacation - mermaid!john rescues dave from nearly drowning and suddenly they were inseparable. with plenty of obstacles the two have to overcome, they end up together at the end. super sad and super cute. rated teen and up
  • The Moon Asked the Crow - i don’t remember mucha bout this fic but i remember it was super duper cute. dave works at a club and john comes to watch him every wednesday until he gets the courage to talk to the wonderful coolkid dave strider rated teen and up
  • True Colors, Ironically Speaking - sOULMATE AU. in a world where you’re born with your name on your wrist and your soulmate’s appears on your other on your 18th birthday, dave and john are paired up for a penpal class assignment. super cute. rated teen and up
  • The Finer Details of Gay Cluckbeast - a game of gay chicken taken a bit too far. super great, though i had to put it down sometimes because second hand embarassment oh gee. rated teen and up
  • Listen as My Watch Unwinds - i read this whole thing in one night and reread it the next day. it’s amazing. john has gone blind because of a car accident and his dad died as well. after not being online for a month dave his phone number and calls him. finding out he’s all alone, he goes to help him. rated teen and up
  • Silence is Golden - another disabled john fic where he is mute. dave is the new star of the football team, but only ironically. it’s wonderful and perfect. must read. rated teen and up

this is all i’ve got for right now. if you want to suggest one, check out the sumbit!

- Mod Mae

Shall we dance?

Maybe Zevran is not so confident (only because of his lack of expirience) when it come to skating, but he definitely is the best dance partner Reine has had for the last few years.

The Moon Asked the Crow
The Moon Asked the Crow

CocoRosie - The Moon Asked The Crow - Grey Oceans 

Pues con la tardanza entre post y post aqui les traigo a CocoRosie, unas hermanas bastante estudiaditas en esto de la musica, una de ellas, estudiante de opera, es la que ofrece a su hermana hacer la banda. Traen un sonido un tanto hip-hop, Folk y operistico… algo a lo que le llaman Freak Folk, pero bueno, juzguen ustedes.



Where The Wild Things Are

“You catch his wrist in your hand and he looks down at you. It’s hard to talk because your throat feels like sawdust but you’re able to squeak out a "chill.” and he sits on the edge of the bed next to you. He doesn’t seem to care that you haven’t let go of his hand, and he doesn’t know that you don’t plan on giving it back to him. You are just so thankful he is this kind to you and his presence alone is medicine.

He smiles down at you and shifts to get comfortable. He gets the idea that he’s going to be there a while.“

The Moon asked the Crow written by bowiesnippleantennae

The scene, where Dave crashes face first into John`s arm and John thinks his soulbrother just sleeps, but Dave has open eyes… its pure magic, thats what it is.

*wolf doodles lazy Dave John july doodles*

The Moon Asked the Crow
The Moon Asked the Crow

The Moon Asked the Crow- CocoRosie

Angel brother I miss your hair
Careless nature, gentle stare
You fell like rain in the dark abysses
Kiss the lips of bloody twins 
Sung to by a slew of sirens
Tricky mermaids, evil pirates
You watch the sky with kaleidoscopic eyes
Handing out rides to the blasphemous night
A wolf in the garden why do you need a soul
Like a selfish little sow

The Moon Asked The Crow
The Moon Asked The Crow
Track: The Moon Asked The Crow
Artist: CocoRosie Album: Grey Oceans

I caught a glimpse out the window
A Polish graveyard filled with widows
I coddle a bottle of warm beer
I see a pool of liquid tears
Glimmering so sweet and mellow
A sea of lilting wilting willow
A secret book of forgotten wishes
Drown in ponds with broken dishes

The moon asked the crow
For a little show
In the hazy milk of twilight
No one had to know

Angel brother, I miss your hair
Careless nature, gentle stare
You fell like rain in the dark abysses
Kissed the lips of bloody twinsis
Sung to by a slew of sirens
Tricky mermaids, evil pirates

You watched the sky with kaleidoscopic eyes
Howling out right to the blasphemous night
A wolf in the garden, why do you linger so?
Like a silky snail soul

The moon asked the crow
For a little show
In the hazy milk of twilight
No one had to know