Sergeant Hatred: You gonna help me blow up your old boss or what?

Gary/21: Alright, she’s coming in low and slow: that’s classic Monarch look-at-my-cool-new-thing approach.

Sergeant Hatred: Should I ready the extinguishers?

Gary/21: Please, he only uses fire or lasers at night.  I got my money on acid or a magnet kinda thing

The Monarch: Ready the Acid Magnet!

-”The Venture Brothers”

Phantom Limb and the New Guild

So one thing I’m especially eager to see more of this season (you know, because “things I’m ESPECIALLY eager for” isn’t a list of several hundred items or anything :B) is getting a better idea of Phantom Limb’s role in the new Guild, and how he and Sheila are interacting now.

Because we’ve all come into this with the mindset, well she’s Councilman #1 now, she’s gonna be the new Sovereign, etc. (Do we know that for sure or did we just assume due to the outfit? Might they still keep the Council ruling by committee setup?)

But so far… he seems like as much of a Big Deal as she does, even with the tiny glimpse we’ve gotten?

When they attempted to fool/comfort the Guild, Sheila was the face of the Council, the one addressing the people directly and announcing the Sovereign; but Hamilton was the one acting in the Sovereign’s place.

And yes, Sheila got Wale’s support, but who picked Wale to approach and set up that appointment? And she didn’t really protest, at least that we saw. There was no “ugh okay but please run things like this by me next time”; she just did it.

(Which, incidentally, also makes me wonder if he knew Wale would have a thing against the Monarch, and if choosing Wale to approach wasn’t something of a Xanatos Gambit. That aside, though…)

Like, I wonder if that’s gonna sort of fade into the background as Sheila evolves more to fit the leadership role, or if there will be tension as she gets more competent because he’s always wanted to be Sovereign. Has that desire faded in the face of all he’s been through, glad to just be back in the Guild at all now and accepting a Council position as ‘close enough’ or better than he dared hope for; or is his aspiration as strong as ever? Would he accept his former student, former #2, and ex as not only an equal but a superior? Has his time with the Revenge Society humbled him that much?

And on Sheila’s end, I find myself wondering. Is she just kind of putting up with him for now? Is she putting the past behind them and moving forward, doing her best to view him as a colleague and valuable Guild asset rather than all the roles he’s served in the past? Is she– heaven forbid, subjectively speaking, because bby no…. but… objectively/from an analytical standpoint I’d kind of enjoy a lot if they made it clear enough that was what was happening, but– is she falling into the old habit of relying on him and trusting his guidance even knowing full well how badly that’s turned out just because it’s something familiar to turn to at a time when everything is changing around her and seems to be working out okay for now? We know she’s always been the type who’s more comfortable as the power behind the throne, so with the Monarch not available to fill that role in this environment, is she subconsciously putting herself behind Phantom Limb in order to maintain some semblance of that dynamic?

I have so many thoughts and so many questions and I love every character so much and I need more info/answers. ;w;

So last night I had a dream that the Monarch’s dad’s old persona was named “Nighthawk”, which, in said dream, was totally a species of moth or something. Definitely. (Also his mom had a surprisingly tough, barking sort of voice and was a badass<3)

While I’m pretty sure my subconscious is full of shit, it did get me thinking. And looking at the costume over here again…

And then looking back at particular shaping of the mask that @goettia (who it finally let me tag after a billion years of trying! :’D) pointed out to me a while back..

We had talked about how it could totally be a butterfly (although probably not one drawn as poorly as mine xD)

So I was thinking! It doesn’t LOOK like possibly-a-butterfly in the s3 screenshot, but that could be incidental and/or could be retconned. There’s also a possibility that, with the trailer being such an early thing, the final design in the actual season will change  a little.

On the rather off chance that there actually was some butterfly motif to the old costume, it’d be cute as shit that the interest ran in the family.

But what sounds more likely is the Monarch taking his dad’s old costume design, but also making it his own. With things like the gold tie that keeps a bit of his own color motif in the mix, too (assuming it doesn’t change), but most importantly, working butterflies in. Which is, imo, also cute as shit. xD

I’m really just super excited about seeing how this all plays out in general.

[VB Spoilers/Theories - The Monarch’s Family]

So between Dr. Doug Ong (BEST NAME) and the very blatant set-up for the Monarch to take up his new alter-ego and start picking off villains, I’m feeling pretty jazzed about calling stuff tonight. So of course, time to make another attempt. :’3

With the discovery of the ‘Monarch Cave’ and our knowledge that the Monarch’s parents knew Jonas, my first thought was what if one or both of them had super personas that the Monarch’s new guise will be either inspired by or copy directly, carrying on a family legacy and all.

But then I realized that while I still like that thought overall, my initial thought was of them in sort of a Batman role, the maybe-grayer-than-average-but-still-heroic type. And do you know what would be SO MUCH BETTER?

If they were Jonas’s arches.

Given the interactions between Pete/Billy and St. Cloud in this episode, especially, and how strongly they highlight the nature of arching in this show; as well as the persistent nature of things like “oh hey I’ve got an appointment can we pick this up later?” and Rusty being the Monarch’s best man? Having a casual picnic where you let your kids play together or attending a big wedding with your arch(es) seems entirely within the realm of not only possibility but plausibility in the Ventureverse. And family legacy is another strong theme in the series (and another that was particularly highlighted this same ep, even, with Rusty’s devotion to carrying the mantle of super-science over modern science).

I mean… They’ve said we won’t learn too much of the Monarch’s backstory this season, so I don’t expect confirmation any time soon. But this would be pretty fun imo.