anonymous asked:

Sf and swap Papyrus finding put their usually quiet and shy s/o is a singer in a small (and not very well known outside the bar they play in) band?

{Sure thing, sweetheart!}


Hahaha, honey he knew the entire time. What? He is a very crazy, very stalker-ish puppy who just loves his monarch very, very much.~

So yeah he stalked you.

He is there every knight, listening to your beautiful voice.~


He didn’t find out as fast as Rust did, he just forgot dinner while going home and stopped at that bar, and boom, there you were. Really, after finding out he sees all the signs, and feels a little stupid for not realizing sooner. He sits in the crowd, cheering you on.{I hope this was alright QwQ}

October’s falling temperatures trigger the annual migration of millions of monarch butterflies across the continent. Every fall, these lovely butterflies fly thousands of miles from as far north as Canada to overwinter in California and Mexico. When swarms of monarchs pause en route to rest and feed on nectar-bearing plants, admirers will see them blanket trees and shrubs in orange and black. Photo of a monarch butterfly chandelier in California by Joanna Gilkeson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.