Do not ever call someone a pet name they didn’t consent to. It’s not ok, it’s not cute - it’s gross.

Consent is a huge thing. If you are only in it for being called “Daddy” or “Mommy”, I suggest you stop and evaluate what it is you think you are doing. Especially if you are interacting with non sexual regression communities or just regressors in general.

I didn’t knew i would work on the demon gal so much, she was just supposed to be a normal icon, but since now i wanted to make more, i decided to do more demons to her, like a Family! I’m still deciding their names, i got some good suggestions from @navigationalninja and @angemon324 , but i’ll still see what ill do more, anyways, hope you like the new demon family!
Also thanks again for @navigationalninja for putting some clothes in my demon gal! I needed to put something on cus she felt kinda naked and such, but now everyone’s clothed!
Except smol mc'goo there, she naky naky, no nibbles or anything nsfw but, naky.

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Hi I️ sent you a question but I️ sent it wayy to early, I️ wasn’t done with it, but to continue it: we only been together for a couple months and we are long distance.My concern is more around the factor that some times I️ worry that he is a fake daddy but then again I️ know he’s not, it sounds confusing. He doesn’t ask me for anything sexual it’s only if I myself get in the mood. My question is more around the factor that he isn’t always as affectionate and dominant as I️ want him to be so yeah

Hello there!
I’m glad you’ve found a Daddy that you don’t think he’s a fake Daddy? What I’m getting from this question, is that you have a Daddy, but you sometimes feel he acts as a fake Daddy when he is not as affectionate or dominant as you’d like. I know sometimes littles feel like their Caregivers act as if they are fake. That sometimes they show traits that make you question their true intentions, even when you know their true intentions are to treat you with love and take care of you. I know I get insecure when my Daddy gets very busy and I just need some reassurance. A little’s minds can wander, become worried, and anxious when it comes to their Caregiver. This is completely normal!! I wouldn’t worry too much about it, unless they are showing many many signs of being fake and using you.

As for wanting more affection and dominance, I would talk to him about it! I know talking about feelings and what you want from the other person is hard, but I know you’re strong and can do it and that you’ll feel better after telling them.

Affection. I know some people are just quiet about their feelings. My Daddy is a quieter person when it comes to talking about feelings and why he loves me. Yes of course he tells me he loves me (which always makes me such a smiley bean!) but it’s so nice when he tells me why. Sometimes we will be in call and he will just tell me that I’m amazing, sweet, beautiful, and so forth. It’s just really nice to hear those things sometimes. I know I like to tell him why I love him ALL the time. Here are some things you could do to try to tell him you want more affection/lovey such! (That’s how I’m defining it) I really hope this helps!! This is not an entire list, and it might not be the kind of affection you’ve asked of, so I’m sorry if my perception was not how you meant it!!):
~Send them photos of quotes and photos that remind you of them. You could also casually ask if they’ve ever read a quote or seen a picture that reminded him of you! (They might get the hint and send you some as well! I love when Daddy surprised me with a bunch of quotes when I woke up! He wrote why or how it reminded him of myself!) or you could just ask them to send photos and quotes that remind them of you!
~Straight up sit him down and tell them you want more affection, and ways they can show you the affection you desire! (I did this with Daddy, I just told him that I would really like him to say goodnight and that he loves me before I go to sleep. It’s just a small lovey thing I enjoy and makes me all smiley and happy before I go to sleep.)
~Talk about what you two will do in person/ask them what they want to do in person! (I always find that it’s just fun to plan and imagine exactly how it’ll go!)
~You could go about talking to him about what you love about him, and then ask them what about you they love. It would be a nice conversation starter and it’s always fun to say the answers and receive them!
~You could hint to them that you want to cuddle and hold his hand when you’re together in person.

Dominance. I know so so so many little just LOVE when their Caregiver is dominant and does specifics that show them. I personally love when Daddy acts like a dominant bean and is super protective of me!
Here are some ideas to get your Caregiver to be more dominant!:
~Ask them who’s in charge/have them ask you who’s in charge
~Asking you If you’ve been a good boy/girl/little for them
~Go into little space and show them things and talk to them about things! (When I do colourings and show Daddy, he always smiles and gasps and tells me that it’s really pretty :3 even if it isn’t! It makes me feel small!)
~Make Rules and Punishments that you both agree upon! If you have Rules and Punishments…
•Ask them to be more stern about following the rules, and following through with punishments. (I know that as much as I hate punishments, I also really like when Daddy puts me in my place and tells me that I need to follow the rules.)
•Ask then to remind you of specific rules through the day, such as drinking enough water, taking your meds, going to bed on time/reminding you that it’s close to bedtime, etc.
~Make them use their Dominant voice! (I would not suggest this if you do not want to be punished or get close to punishment, as I’ve not done things until Daddy uses his Daddy voice, it makes me feel all small!! It also it’s on the verge of a potential punishment though! So if you’re a brat (like myself sometimes) and you like to live life on the edge ;) you could do this!)
~Tell them when you’re in little space to just over exaggerate their reactions, such as agreeing to whatever your side of the story is, or asking questions to stay engaged in the topic, gasping really loudly, paying close attention to the conversation at hand, telling you how much they enjoy what you’ve done/shown them, telling you that you’re the best little, etc. (I love when Daddy gasps and just talks with me like I’m a small child, such as agreeing with me when I talk about my stuffies and so forth! That my conversation about whatever is super interesting and that he is really really interested in it, even when I know for sure he never would be. Sometimes I just tell Daddy to gasp and pretend it’s really interesting so I can have the reaction I have :3 hehe!)
~To remind them that they should remind you throughout the day that they are in charge and you listen to them and do as you’re told like a good little! (Or you can be a brat ;3 that’s always fun sometimes too!!

I hope this helped in some way!! I’m sorry if these aren’t exactly what you meant when it came to affection and dominance! I tried! I’m sorry! I hope this helps and good luck!!! F you ever have any other questions you can always message me or ask :))! If the questions shows who sent it, I will answer it privately :))!!
I hope this helped and good luck!! Remember to stay safe and take good care of yourself!!!