Sooo. If you follow me on twitter (@brvkenalec) you’ll probably know these things already. I decided though to do a recap here on tumblr as the project has started here.
First of all I remember to everyone that Harry couldn’t attend the con, he cancelled for “work problems”, so I gave the flag to Matt.

Let’s begin by saying that I met Matt a lit of times during the convention as I had a lot if extras with him.
I kind of dedicated the Saturday to myself, so at my first signing session with him on Saturday evening I gave him my gift and a letter for him and we talked a bit. I managed to say everything I wanted to say, I thanked him for helping me with my sexuality and with my fight with anorexia as well. He was REALLY nice, he said amazing stuff to me and he hugged me. I am saying this to prove that he is truly the mist incredible human being ever.

On Sunday morning when I gave him the flag he recognized me from the dat before. Before talking about his reaction I am gonna say that I had very little time as he was late for his panel, so people kind of rushed us. I couldn’t take a video because it was a mess, but I insisted for having pictures taken from the photographer.
( It wasn’t possible to take pictures of his reaction/face, as his agent didn’t allow it)

Okay, so, when I entered the autograph room the first thing I asked him was if he remembered me and he said “yes of course”, smiled really nicely and asked me how I was feeling that day. I then something like “I have one more gift for you” and I straight on put the flag out of the bag. He was really excited about it, he always had a smile on his face and he started asking questions about it. I do not remember everything as I was SUPER NERVOUS so I kept smiling like an idiot. I remember that he kept saying stuff like “oh wow, this is amazing”, then he asked me how many people have signed it and I said a lot. Then he took his phone and he asked me to take a step back so he could take a picture of both me and the flag. I was freaking out and at first I didn’t realize what was happening but I did as asked and I kind of posed. I wanted to cry but instead I smiled cause I told myself that the purpose of the project was to show him how happy he makes us. He took two pictures (I guess) and then told me he would send it to Harry. He asked for my name cause he didn’t remember and then said “oh right”, because he suddenly remembered it from the day before. He then told me he REALLY APPRECIATED it, and that I had been very sweet and kind the day before. He said thank you so many times, and so did I. At first he didn’t get that he could keep the flag but when I put it back into the bag and put the bag on the table he asked, surprised, “oh I get to keep that?” and I told him yes. He said “that’s amazing, this is going straight to my apartment” and smiled even widely. I kept thanking him and he kept talking to me even when I was about to leave, as I could tell the staff was in a rush. He asked me who wrote the names on the flag and I said it was me, I explained I asked people names and that I wrote them down. He said something like “oh got it” and nodded. He then thanked me again and said he appreciated and he waved at me and said bye, as I left.

Even if I was nervous as hell I can assure you that he was very happy. I didn’t expect him to take a picture of it and me and I was shocked when he tweeted it at me couple of days ago. I am proud of myself as I didn’t cry in front of him so I could talk and enjoy the moment but I started to sob afterwards and when I saw he tweeted at me.

Harry still hasn’t say anything but I really hope he liked it. If you want to hear what he thinks maybe you can go and tag him asking him if he liked under my pinned tweet, maybe he will answer!

Btw I want to thank everyone of you that has signed the flag, I was so touched while writing your messages down. Thank you.

I did this recap because I think you guys deserve it and Matt as well, as he’s been receiving some hate lately and I wanted to prove that he is truly an amazing human being, he is an angel.

If you want more details about the other meetings I had with him you can ask me!!

Love you guys P.s: these are the pictures the photographer took, and then the last one it’s the picture that Matt took and sent to me. ❤️🏳️‍🌈

take one pint of water

add half pound of sugar

the juice of eight lemons

the zest of half lemon

pour the water from one jug

then into the other

several times

strain through a clean napkin


the alchemist

you spun gold out of this hard life

conjured beauty from the things left behind

found healing where it did not live

discovered the antidote in your own kitchen

broke the curse with your own two hands

you passed these instructions

down to your daughter

who then passed it down

to her daughter

[grandmother hattie speaks] ‘i had my ups and downs

but i always find the inner strength to pull myself up

i was served lemons but i made


—  Redemption, LEMONADE - performed by Beyoncé, written by Warsan Shire

HobbitCon vier favourite funny moments (that I actually managed to capture in a sort of okay quality):

1) The first comedy panel. Adam Brown’s “Hula Hoop Man” almost bloody killed me tbh, “Sorry I’m late *casually wanders in shaking hips*”.
2) Billy Boyd phoning Dominic Monaghan mid-panel.
3) Some dwarves in a hot tub (from the beginning of that story about Aidan Turner’s underwear).
4) Aidan’s aforementioned unwashed underwear and a fan that can’t believe her luck.
6) Jed Brophy using Mark Hadlow as a hoover.
7) Jed and Mark straight up snogging each other.
8) Last but certainly not least, the moment when I actually started sobbing uncontrollably from hysterical laughter - Craig motherflipping Parker’s Kim Kardashian impression. Without doubt one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen.