The Signs in the Hunger Games
  • Aries: Dies in the Cornucopia, but at least they get to kill someone first!!
  • Taurus: Died sometime in the first five minutes
  • Gemini: Makes quick alliances, but then gets betrayed and killed about halfway through
  • Cancer: Basically just the whole Rue situation (RIP)
  • Virgo: First to die
  • Libra: Hiding in a cave until a large group of rich district people find them and stab them like 40 times.
  • Scorpio: Makes allies and then kills them in their sleep the same night
  • Sagittarius: Killed by tracker jackers
  • Capricorn: Their quick wit helps them make survive in the woods, but their fighting skills just aren't up to par
  • Aquarius: Comes in 2nd because they hid the whole time (while painted to look like a tree)
  • Pisces: The first to die tbh

○The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay ○


“the moment he realized he loved her”.

— Alleato. — Peeta pronuncia il termine lentamente,
assaporandolo. — Amica. Innamorata. Vincitrice.
Nemica. Fidanzata. Obiettivo. Ibrido. Vicina di casa.
Cacciatrice. Tributo. Alleata. Aggiungerò anche questa
all’elenco delle parole che uso per cercare di capirti. —
Fa passare la corda avanti e indietro tra le dita. — Il
problema è che non riesco più a riconoscere cosa sia
vero e cosa sia inventato.


HUNGER GAMES: Mockingjay Part 2 premiére

actress Jennifer Lawrence

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