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Coordinates: 62.72, 28.63

Zone: Krasarang Wilds

Continent: Pandaria

Planet: Azeroth

Level requirement: 1

Style: Pandaren

Expansion: Mists of Pandaria

NPCs: None

A lovely little home overlooking the Angler’s Warf. It is a very homely location that includes a bed, table, and cooking supplies. The oven can be used for cooking. The dock is convenient for landing flying mounts, or in case of apocalyptic flooding, boats.

As this house sits at the top of an extremely tall and steep hill, flying is required to reach it. A Ritual of Summoning could also work. 

anonymous asked:

Mists of Pandaria did a great job of giving a dynamic and increasingly deep story as it went along. Slowly the expansion became more and more real until Garrosh just lost it- and it was insane following! It really showed the devastation that war can bring, while giving us goofy fun along the way. Luigi's Mansion 2 really only gave the goofy fun.

Sometimes, I think on Warlords of Draenor, think on the lost potential, try to avoid thinking about the Orc Cocks we were forced to gargle, but ultimately failing… and it all leads back to a single thread. 

“Hot damn I sure do miss Mists of Pandaria and Cataclysm (and Wrath, but that was an entire life time ago, or it feels like it, at least).” 

The thing is, while I was generally okay with Pandaland (except the dailies out the nose, and that’s when I burned out on raiding), I fucking hated Cataclysm. With a blazing passion. 

In the beginning, it was due to the fact that every time I tried to heal a heroic, I’d get booted. I still don’t know why. Was I bad? Were shamans just shit at that point in time? Were the tanks made of paper and people coming in off the high of WotLK AoEfest were shit at CC? (Probably a bit of all three/four?, really.) It was really discouraging.

Then, around Firelands, I think, things started evening out on the dungeons/healing front. I was actually able to keep a tank alive because one or both of us outgeared it. A lot.

Somewhere between Firelands and Dragon Soul, I met John (a high point!). We’re still good friends today. (Well, technically, I met him in BC/WotLK, but it was through mutual standing in Goldshire, and less meeting, more just kinda standing there, staring at idiots duelling.)

After that, Dragon Soul came out. It was cool for a minute, then it melted into sameness. The upside was John and I making fun of things, breaking lore. (Ex: “It’s time to end this charade!” -> “It’s time to play some charades!”; Tirion Fordring really hates flying pancakes (nether rays))

Then Thrall being the killstealing cockwaffle he still is today… yea. (GO’EL GO’EL GO’EL… Aggra, pls.)

This got away from me so here, have a tl:dr: WoD is bad and should feel bad for making me have fond feelings for Cataclysm (the actual game section, not the friends I made along the way. I have fond feels for them all the time. :3 ), which should just not happen.