Completely forgot to upload the one picture I got from The Mission @ The Welly Club, Hull 21/05/17
Really teeny tiny venue, so such an intimate show. Simon, Wayne and Craig joked with the audience a little bit about British supermarkets (where the three of them debated which supermarket was better for what and whether you should do all your grocery shopping in one place or go to different shops).
Wayne remembered me from when I met him and Simon outside because I was an awkward mess who couldn’t find where to queue up and accidentally (I swear) ran into then popping out for a fag during the soundcheck but you already know about that, and embarrassed me a little by pointing at me and saying “Is that Max?” And then when I sort of timidly went “yeah” he waved and said hello in that one voice that can only be described as “Wayne Hussey”. Not to brag but he gave me one of his guitar picks and a rose too during the encores so he spoilt me a lot it was pretty surreal tbf


CN/TW: Flashing lights