Wally: “So my cousin got arrested the other day.”

M'gann, barely a day after the mission undercover in Belle Rev: *leans back in chair with an unlit cigar* “Arrested, eh? Yeah, I remember my time in the slammer. It changes ya man, it changes ya. Days run together, you’re fighting for everything you own, and boy oh boy on ice cream day, you’d best be prepared for some trouble. I’m lucky I got out of there alive, man. After a few years, that’s about as close to home as you’ve got.”

“M'gann you were in there for literally two days.”


‘you’re okay?’ ‘i am now’ (bellamy blake one-shot)

Request: An imagine maybe where you and bellamy blake are in love but then you get separated and you end up in mount weather with the others. Then Bell is out to safe you and when he finds monty and some others he gets told what happens in the mountain. While they then get on a rescue mission Bell finds you in one of the cages but you dont respond cause you’re too weak and he thinks you’re dead. In the end he can free you and outside he just holds you until you whisper his name :) I hope it is okay :)

Prompt: You & your boyfriend Bellamy get separated after the last fight against the Grounders. Bellamy comes to Mount Weather on a rescue mission with a couple other people and they manage to bring a few of you back to camp. My “imagines” always turn into one-shots, I’m so sorry! I hope you like this & I’m sorry it took so long! Sorry if it sucks xox

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: blood, mentions of violence, fluff

Bellamy’s POV

Y/N had been gone for about a month now, and until recently, no one knew where to start looking for her. Just last night, Clarke showed up outside Camp Jaha and told us about Mount Weather. The supposed “protectors of humankind” who tortured Grounders and our people alike. Clarke just told me that she say Y/N there at first, but couldn’t find her later on.

“What do you mean you couldn’t find her? Did she manage to escape like you did? Clarke what the hell does that mean?” I growled, yelling at her accidentally.

“It means that they probably took her somewhere. Our blood is useful to them, Bellamy. They took Anya, tied her away in a cage and used her blood. There were so many cages, Bellamy. So many people like Anya tied up in cages,” Clarke rambled on and I put a hand up to stop her.

“I don’t want to hear about Anya. I want to hear about Y/N. Please tell me she’s alive,” I whispered, desperate to hear Clarke say yes.

“I-I don’t know, Bellamy. I really don’t,” Clarke sighed dejectedly and looked down. “If she is, she doesn’t have much time. We need a search party. We need to organize a rescue mission. My mom can help.”

Clarke quickly makes her way to Abby as I sit there, stumped. I can’t go by myself, I don’t even know where Mount Weather is. But if Abby doesn’t okay the rescue mission, I wouldn’t have any other choice. Y/N might be taking her last breaths at that hell-hole and here I am, not being able to do anything. Clarke came back about an hour later with a not-so-happy Abby. She looked over at me, face somber but understanding.

“You want to go on a rescue mission? Fine, but Kane has to be with you at all times. You, Kane, and a few members of the guard. No one else.” Clarke begins to protest as Abby finishes talking, but I give her a look.

“I need to find Y/N, Clarke. You just got back. Get some rest and we’ll find our way, just draw us a map,” I pleaded and Clarke nodded in understanding before walking out. Abby nodded and walked out, leaving me standing by myself. I’m finally gonna get to see Y/N.

Third Person POV

You lay there, groaning and half-dead. You’ve lost all track of time and all traces of energy. You’d only been here for a week, but it felt like months. The people of Mount Weather had drained you of your blood and drugged you to keep you from making any noise, you saw no hope of ever seeing the others again, you wouldn’t ever get to see Bellamy. At the thought of him, your heart wrenched and you coughed quietly. You held your arms close to you and breathed heavily. You slowly laid your head back against the cold wall of the metal cages, ready to die. As you closed your eyes, you heard a door open. But it couldn’t be Dr. Tsing, this door opened on the other side of the room. You tried to open your eyes, but no longer had the energy to.

Bellamy slowly walked in and he gulped as he saw all the cages. He took a breath and walked over to them, praying that you weren’t locked up. He looked through a few of them and his breath caught in his throat when he finally laid eyes on you. He motioned Kane and the guards over as he hurriedly worked on opening your cage.

“We need to get a few of them out today. We’ll come back with more guards and get the rest of them out tomorrow,” Kane whispered as he managed to open a lock and went towards another cage.

“Got it,” Bellamy nodded and finally opened your cage, only to find your limp body laying against the floor of the cage. “No,” he whispered and pulled you out.

“We have to leave now. They’ll be around any minute,” Kane hurriedly whispered and carried out two of your people. The guards followed suit, and Bellamy grabbed you and ran out.

A few hours later

You guys finally made it back to Camp Jaha. The gates opened, and before Kane could say a word, Bellamy ran inside and yelled. “Y/N needs medical attention. Now!” He ran with you to medical and just as he laid you down on the examining table, Clarke and Abby made their way inside.

“Y/N,” Clarke whispered and made her way over to you and Bellamy. “What happened, where was she?”

“In a cage,” Bellamy whispered and gulped as he looked up at Abby. “Help her, please.”

“I will, Bellamy,” Abby nodded as Jackson ran inside. “Clarke, take Bellamy out until I’m done here. It looks like she has some fractured ribs and there’s something inside her chest, we need to operate now. She’s barely alive.”

Clarke pulled out a screaming Bellamy as Abby began her procedure. Hours later, Bellamy was pacing back and forth outside the room as Abby walked out with a soft smile.

“Bellamy?” He looked up as Abby spoke. Bellamy ran to the room and Abby held up a hand. “She’s alive, but barely. Her lungs were punctured and she had two broken ribs on the right side. Let her heal, Bellamy.” WIth that, she walks off.

“Y/N,” Bellamy breathes out and walks over, pulling a chair to sit next to you. “I’m so sorry,” he whispers as his eyes fill with tears. He lays his head near your stomach and cries himself to sleep.

The next morning, you slowly opened your eyes. It took you a few blinks to get the fuzziness out of your eyes, but eventually you succeed. You yawn softly and look around confused, not knowing where you were. You looked down and saw that you had been bandaged, you had to do a double take as you saw a mess of curls over to your side. “Bell?” You whispered. “Bell?” You rubbed his head and he looked up, confused before he saw you.

“Y/N?” He sits up, rubbing his teary eyes. “Y/N!” He yells out your name and stands, calling for Abby. He looks down at you and leans down to kiss your head. “You’re okay?” Bellamy whispers, his eyes searching yours.

“I am now,” you whisper, feeling okay for the first time in a while.

anonymous asked:

Oh my God, your Gaston fics are giving me life. <3 Could you please do one with him where the reader loves him and he also feels the same but nothing happened between them and when he wants to go after the beast the reader is against that decision and they have a huge argument, then, lefou returns and tells the reader Gaston died but in fact he survived the fall and idk happy ending and stuff ?

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; BatB (2017)
Warnings: language

A/N: yaaay! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them!!!! here, have one where Gaston has his happy ending :’) hope you enjoy it!


Everything was so hectic. Gaston was riling people up, to go to the castle with him and they all followed like they were his faithful servants.

It wasn’t hard to spot him, the problem was getting through the crowd to get to him.

“Gaston!” you said, once you were finally in front of him.

When he saw you, he nodded one last time and jumped off the wagon, walking towards you. The others already grabbed their torches and other ‘weapons’ they could find.

“You should wait here. It’ll be dangerous.”

“Why are you doing this? This is wrong and you have to know it!”

“This Beast is a monster! A danger to all of us. A danger to you!” he placed his hands on either side of your face. “I need to protect you!”

You shoved his hands away, angry at how he was behaving, then you pushed against his chest to get him away from you.

“You’re about to kill someone. Don’t pin that on me! Don’t you fucking dare pin that on me.”

He stood a little taller and made sure his gun was loaded, then he turned around and walked back to the others.

“Gaston!” you yelled after him, but he ignored you and kept walking, like you didn’t even exist.

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You Left Me (Cassian Andor x Reader)

This was requested by tinkerbellstwin.

Before I start this off I just have to say thank you. Sincerely, thank you. I have been writing fiction since before I can remember, but I’ve never posted anything before. The fact that it’s so well received blows my mind and makes me the happiest person alive. If you have any requests, don’t hesitate to message me, and please feel free to comment on anything. You are all angels.

Okay now that you’ve all had a taste of how sappy I am, let’s get on with this.


Pairing(s): Cassian x Reader

Words: 2795 (I kind got carried away…)

Warnings: angst, fear, like two curse words, major feelings??


The first thing you feel is the cold.

Reaching out across your blankets, you feel around for Cassian. Your hand reaches the other edge of the bed without finding another body. The other body that fell asleep next to you last night. The body that had slept next to you every night, without fail, for the 7 months that your best friend had lived with you.

You shoot up, scanning the room for Cassian. His shoes are gone from the foot of your bed and his jacket is no longer hanging on your chair.

He’s gone.

There’s no note on your table, nothing to tell you where he’s gone or if he’ll come back to your room. A sick feeling settles in your gut.

You pull on your boots and thin jacket before sprinting out of your room. The halls are empty.

You beeline for the airfield, noticing immediately that Cassian’s u-wing is gone. You think through the events of the past few days. Did he say he was leaving? Did he mention a mission? Nothing rings a bell.

You head to the dining hall, trying to find Vera, a friend of yours that often works with Cassian. She’s nowhere to be found, and neither is her girlfriend, Blair. No one else seems to notice the missing faces, but they do notice your frantic behavior and unease.

“Captain, are you alright?” a nurse named Millie asks.

“I’m fine, thank you. I just seem to have misplaced Captain Andor. You haven’t seen him, have you?” you try to ask lightly.

“No, I’m afraid I haven’t. But I’ll let him know that you’re looking for him if I see him.”

You search the entire compound, but can’t seem to find him. The missing ship worries you.

That evening, you confront Mon Mothma about it. She’s in the middle of her diner. You sit down across from her, “Sorry to disturb you.” You start off, hoping that by getting into her good graces, she’ll tell you what the hell is going on.

“Don’t worry about that, Captain. What seems to be the problem?” For being our leading political figure, her composure is surprisingly easy to crack.

“Captain Cassian Andor seems to be missing, and his ship isn’t on the landing pad.” She drops her head, spearing a carrot with her fork. “I must not remember being told about a mission. Do you know where he is?”

She puts down her fork. “Need to know basis only, I’m afraid. Now, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to return to my diner.”

Knowing that the dining hall wasn’t the right place to make a scene, you nod and back away quietly, returning to your aimless pacing outside of your room.

Something could have happened to him. Anything could happen to him. You’re not there to watch his back. You don’t even know where he is. You chew at your thumb nail, running scenarios in your head.

You stay up well past dark, waiting for Cassian to return and tell you that everything is alright. You can’t sleep without him in the bed next to you.

The two of you had always been friends, and he didn’t know how strong your feelings were for him. He wasn’t someone that was ordinarily dense, but when it came to your feelings, he was a brick wall. There was nothing platonic about the way you thought about him, and he didn’t seem to notice. If you lost him…

You’re hands begin to shake as you realize that he left. He could have told you, and he didn’t. You can’t contain your anger as you pace your room, muttering to yourself.  

In an attempt to stop worrying and take some action, you decide to find Mon Mothma and ask again. You’re one of the best pilots in the Alliance. You have a very successful record. She can’t just deny you.

Hurrying through the halls, you try not to draw much attention to yourself. You pass everyone quickly, head down, the purpose of your mission a mystery but the presence of a purpose evident.

You reach the council room, assuming that she will be in there. You hadn’t realized that a council meeting was in session before your hand in on the knob. You pause, hearing voices.

“They should have returned before sundown. This was a basic reconnaissance mission. They should not still be in the field.” A man says. You can’t identify the owner of the voice.

“There was nothing basic about their mission, Senator.” Mon Mothma speaks up. “Jalucan is in the heart of imperial territory. I agree, they should have returned by now. But the odds of this mission failing were high. Captain Andor knew that when he agreed—“

That’s all it takes.

You burst through the doors, shouting, “You sent him to Jalucan?”

“Captain, please,” a few council members stand and attempt to subdue you.

“Get out of my way.” You push them, and end up standing in a circle of guards and council members, facing Mon Mothma. “Tell me what the mission was.” You beg, the anger laced in your tone causing a few people to take a step back.

“We sent Captain Andor and a team of 10 to Jalucan to retrieve information about the Clone armies, and statistics about weaponry and droid manufacturing.” Mothma explains.

“You sent them on a suicide mission.” You spit.

“We need the information.” A woman you can’t see speaks up.

“Why wasn’t I sent? Cassian and I could have completed that mission together. Two ships. Two teams. Better odds.”

The room is quiet.

“You are too valuable to risk on a mission like this.”

“And Captain Andor isn’t? You said you need this information? Have I not proven myself to be reliable?” you take a deep breath and try to calm yourself. “I just want to understand.”

“Someone please escort the Captain from the room.” Mon Mothma waves a hand at you and turns her back.

You’re dragged out of the room. The doors are slammed in your face and bolted.

You manage to make it back to your room before tears escape your eyes. Sobs wrack your body as you lay in bed, trying desperately to sleep. Cassian is gone. He might never come back. He’s on Jalucan of all places.

He could be dead.

Your tears eventually run dry, and you fall into a fitful sleep.

It takes three days for them to return.

You had locked yourself away, refusing summons, refusing orders, your anger fierce and unquenchable.

Lea, a young pilot, bangs on your door for the second time that day and says, “We just received word in the com tower. They’re back.”

You throw open the door and blow past her. You reach the airfield just as a crowd gathers to watch them land. The moment the ship touches the ground, the back gate opens.

A bloody Cena stumbles out of the ship. Two men carry a third between them, following her. You don’t recognize them at first, under all the dirt and blood.

It’s Cassian, suspended between Juren and Galgi, his head hanging limply. Your chest seizes up. You push through the crowd to Cassian. Shoving Galgi out of the way, you take his place supporting Cassian. “What happened?” you spit at him.

“The troopers were on us the moment we opened the doors. They knew we were coming.” Galgi huffs. “Senani went down, and the Captain went out after him. His body is in the ship.”

“Dammit Cassian.” You hiss in his ear, hoping he can hear you, “Why do you always have to play hero?” you turn back to Galgi “Did you lose anyone else?”

“Vera and Blair.” Juren answers. “We couldn’t save their bodies.”

“Did you at least get the info?” Galgi shakes his head. “Trooper stats? Blaster count? Base locations?”

“We were pinned down the moment we got there. We couldn’t get anything. We had to stop on some moon for days to avoid patrols and repair the hyperdrive. The amount of times that we almost got caught… we couldn’t retrieve any data. I’m sorry.”

Three lives, lost for nothing. You try to contain your anger, but can’t help but spit, “We have to get him to the infirmary. You can go find Mothma.”

Galgi steps away, nodding his head at me respectfully. “Yes, ma’am.”

A man you can’t name steps ahead of us, wheeling a stretcher in our path. “Here.” He says calmly. “Lay him down.” You and Juren lift Cassian up and lay him as gently as possible on the stretcher. Cassian groans in pain, the first noise you’ve heard from him.

You kiss his forehead quickly, “Stay alive.” You order, voice quiet.

The man wheels him away. A sick feeling settles in your gut as you watch him leave you again, but you know that staying with him right now will just get you kicked out. Wait a moment, you tell yourself. He’s not leaving any time soon.

You and Juren return to the ship for a moment to ensure that everyone has gotten off safely. Senani’s body has already been removed.

You try to distract yourself from running off after Cassian. It doesn’t work. He’s all you can think about.

Juren breaks the tense silence, “How did you find out about the mission?”

“Mothma. I wouldn’t leave her alone until she told me.” It comes out as a near-snarl. “What I want to know…” you turn on him, “Is why I wasn’t told in the first place.”

“The captain wanted to tell you. He tried to bargain with Mothma to bring you along. She wasn’t having any of it. She said that the two of you were a dangerous pairing. In front of everyone.” His words are jumbled and rushed. “I’m sorry. We would have been defying direct orders.”

You grit your teeth and whisper, “Dangerous pairing?”

“Something about sacrificing the mission to save each other.” Before you can turn on him, he raises both hands in surrender, “Her words, not mine.”

You storm out of the ship, past K-2, and across the airfield to where Mon Mothma was standing with Galgi. “Please excuse us for a moment.” You tell Galgi.

“Captain…” she starts, but you cut her off.

“Let me speak.” A look of resignation crosses her face, but she stays silent. “I don’t understand why you are under the impression that my work with Cassian Andor is anything but adequate. We are the most successful pairing in the Alliance. I have access to those stats. I know that for a fact. You compromised the mission by keeping us apart. Why?”

She takes a moment before explaining, “If the mission went south, I needed to ensure that one of you would be kept alive. Even if I had sent you, we would not have attained the objective.”

“Bullshit.” You snarl.

She lifts her head, looking down the bridge of her nose at me, “The ‘spirit’ that keeps you alive on the field has no place in politics. Follow your orders, or you may find yourself somewhere you’d rather not be. Now, I would advise that you spend what time you can with Captain Andor.”

You strut away from her and to the infirmary, picking up your pace to a run once out of sight.

Reaching the doorway, you see many of Cassian’s company laying on beds and getting stitched up. “He’s through there.” Millie, the nurse, points you through a set of doors.

You nod in thanks and push them open.

Cassian lays on the bed, shirtless. Large lacerations crisscross over past scars across his chest. One side of his face soaks the pillow under him in blood. An older man stands over Cassian, stitching a large cut across his collarbone. His head snaps up as you enter.

“I won’t get in your way.” You promise. “I just need to be with him. How can I help you?”

He nods once and gestures to a table in the corner. “Get me more thread. I can’t stitch all of this using the current method. I have to go traditional.”

You nod, tearing your eyes away from Cassian’s broken form and handing the man the spool.

The two of you work side by side for hours, cleaning, stitching and trying not to flinch every time Cassian groans or convulses in pain. Each time it happens, you thank the maker that he’s still alive to distract yourself from the fear that soon, he may not be.

It’s into the early hours of the morning before the man (whose name, you learn, is Abistus) tells you he’s done all he can. Cassian still hasn’t woken since you arrived.

Without asking permission, you pull a wooden chair from where it was tucked under the desk, and sit next to Cassian. Abistus rolls his eyes slightly, wishes you a goodnight, and closes the door with a click.

You let your head fall into your hands, the exhaustion and weight of life resting on your shoulders. You aren’t sure how long you sit there before you murmur, “Come on, Cassian. I can’t lose you.”

“Not planning on that.” He groans.

Your head snaps up, “Cassian?”

His eyes are dull and sunken, but open. He looks down at himself and makes a sound of disgust. You giggle slightly, Cassian’s eyes meeting yours and a small smile gracing his lips. “Is my pain funny to you?” he teases.

“No of course not. Your ‘ew’ sound is funny to me.” He laughs at that, wincing at the sudden movement.

“Don’t make me laugh. It hurts.” He whines quietly.

“Don’t make me laugh. I’m trying to be mad at you.” The smile falls from his face.

He takes a deep breath, “I couldn’t tell you. I would have been—“

“Disobeying direct orders.” You finish is sentence. “I know. Juren told me.”

You see unease in Cassian’s eyes. He hesitates before asking, “Did he… tell you anything else?”

“He told me what Mon Mothma said about us being a dangerous pairing. I confronted her about it.”

“That must have been a fun conversation.” He smiles.

“I sort of… yelled at her? A little bit?” Cassian laughs gently again. “I’m not letting that ever happen again. I’m going with you, or you aren’t going.”

“Why?” Cassian asks. “Why do you care so much? Why are you here with me? You should be mourning and helping the others.”

“I came straight here.” After yelling at our boss, you add mentally.

“But why?” his desperation is evident.

“Because I’m in love with you.” It slips out before you can stop it.

He freezes, mouth slightly open. You’re almost certain that he can hear your heartbeat from where he lays. “What?” he whispers.

“I’m in love with you.” You repeat. “I never wanted to fall in love. Not at all. But at some point you smiled and I was like holy shit, I blew It.” tears brim in your eyes. “When I woke up and you were gone, I was terrified. You left me, Cassian. You disappeared and I had to barge in on a council meeting to make enough of a scene for someone to tell me where you were. I was so scared I’d never see you again and I just…” You trail off, looking at the ground.

“Look at me.” He whispers. You look up. “I never wanted to scare you. You’re my best friend and I’ve had feelings for you since I met you, and I thought that maybe Mothma was right. That what I was feeling, the loyalty and want and love I felt for you, was dangerous.” You relax as he continues to speak. “I thought I was doing the right thing.”

“Don’t ever do that again.” Your tears fall and he reaches out a hand to brush them away.

“I promise I won’t ever leave you again.”


He falls asleep soon after that, and you rest your head on the bed, your fingers intertwined with his. Your eyes fall shut and you sleep soundly for the first time since he left.

I was at my favorite Target, trying on cute clothes. Shopping the clearance jeans. And I heard it–the bell. It was part of the obligatory Obnoxious College-Age Man™ display that creeps into stores every summer. Target had been plagued with a collection of ‘Ring for Beer’ cowbells. I pitied the phone operator at the fitting room.

I kept shopping, but I kept hearing it. The bells. There were three, and every single person that passed them felt compelled to ring them. As if they’d never heard the sound of a bell before. I began to feel like the narrator of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” I could feel my temper fraying, becoming angry and raw with every accursed peal. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I went home with my clothes. I steeled myself and in the midst of my four cats made my decision. I would purchase the offending bells from my favorite Target and return them to my least favorite Target, miles away.

Jingle Bells - Metro Version

Crashing through the snow
In a car made out of scrap
‘round the streets we go
No time to check the map!

Demons on our tail
My comrades start to wail
If we’re not fast our lives won’t last
And our mission: it will fail

Jingle Bells,
This tunnel smells,
My flashlight’s almost dead

Those sounds are weird,
they’re to be feared,
and I think they’re in my head

Jingle bells
The bloodstains tell
Of a station torn apart

We’re out of luck
And we’re all stuck
Under Moscow’s frozen heart

OUAT Positivity - Friendship Friday - Week Five

This isn’t so much one friendship as it is one person who had a yearly friendship with various Disney princesses

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It started with Belle and Mulan in Season 2. They had an adventure and learned from each other…

Originally posted by moda-serieseblahblahblah

In Season 3 Ariel came to town with a mission for Belle and of course Belle was there to help her new pal find her love story…

In Season 4 Belle found her way to Arendelle in flashbacks to had an ill fated adventure with Anna …

Originally posted by onceuponadaily

In Season 5 she was kidnapped by Merida but ended up helping her find her strength without using magic.

Alas, the trend stopped in Season 6 but Belle did end up having more time with Emma who is every bit a Disney princess. She helped Belle through one of the most difficult situations she ever faced.

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100 Things I Am No Longer Allowed To Do at the Resistance Base

1. We’re not just letting Ciel think she’s in charge because she’s “absolutely pwecious”. It is wrong to tell new recruits this.

2. Pantheons are not good eats. Conversely, the red stuff they leak is not ketchup.

3. Despite our status as outcasts, I will not refer to us as an army of thieves and whores.

4. While the suggestion that General Harpuia is a woman is an entertaining notion, it does not count as useful enemy intelligence. Especially the seventh time.

5. We do not live in Mordor.

6. There are much better uses of resources than giving the cyber elves tiny hand-knitted outfits.

7. No matter how it’s framed, suggestions to outfit the foot soldiers with red shirts will be greatly frowned upon.

8. For the last time, even if they turn into bigger, better versions of themselves when they eat, cyber elves are not digimon.

9. Just because we are a resistance and primarily named like Francophones does not mean I can have a guillotine.

10. Not allowed to, upon hearing that our plan is to wake a legendary hero, break into Latin Chanting.

11. My battle cry is not “THIS WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA” at the top of my lungs.

12. I cannot requisition a golem to serve as my battle steed.

13. “I thought you’d be taller” is not the appropriate greeting to the legendary hero. Nor is “Hey, aren’t you really famous for dying a lot?”

14. Not allowed to convince Alouette that Zero’s hair is a braiding free-for-all zone.

15. Even if the base could use some repair and maintenance, a couple strategically placed throw pillows is hardly going to help things.

16. Just because there is a Necromancess does not mean I can become a wizard.

17. There is not a secret society of gnomes hiding cyber elf capsules.

18. The fact that a general’s first name is “Fighting” does not mean I can give myself a similarly-lettered name based on other kinds of prowess.

19. Not allowed to play schmultzy adult video music over the video feeds of Zero and Leviathan fighting.

20. The fact that Master X is utterly awful at naming things is not considered relevant enemy intelligence.

21. Not allowed to note how many redheads there are in the resistance while suggestively waggling my eyebrows at Cerveau.

22. Aztec Falcon cannot be disabled simply by pointing out that the Mayan calendar has already run out.

23. In the fight to prove that beam sabers should be standard gear for a resistance member, I will keep in mind that Zero’s killcount is a statistical outlier and will not be counted.

24. Running bets on whether Fefnir or Leviathan has a bigger crush on Zero are discouraged. Possibly with Beam Saber.

25. Just because Master X is a copy does not mean there is a copy of me ruling over a city somewhere, waiting for its rightful leader.

26. Elpizo is not our band-aid solution pretty boy.

27. No, I may not set up a love triangle reality TV show between Elpizo, Zero and Ciel. Even if all that is on is Neo Arcadian propaganda.

28. Not allowed to tap the baby elf’s glass.

29. The Chain Rod is not a toy, and definitely not a sex swing.

30. Not allowed to grade my fellow members’ missions on a bell curve.

31. Playing “Fuck the System” every time Elpizo tries to make his speech about invading Neo Arcadia is in incredibly poor taste.

32. Just because the guardians all have descriptive first names does not mean Harpuia is the spice lord.

33. Cyber Elf X is not Zero’s stalker boyfriend, so it should logically follow that I am not allowed to file a restraining order on Zero’s behalf.

34. Not allowed to ask what other swords Zero might need to train up.

35. Now that we have a better base, the appropriate response is to be grateful, not complain that I don’t get a cooler uniform like the new guys.

36. The reason Zero is not going on the invasion trip is not “an HR-determined conflict of interest”.

37. “I told you so” is not an appropriate response to our crushing defeat, even if Zero agrees with me.

38. Phantom’s ghost does not haunt Zero’s hair. It is wrong to tell new recruits this.

39. When we are having a missile lobbed at us is an incredibly poor time to level petty vendettas against the snack machines, even if I am completely confident in Ciel and Zero’s abilites.

40. Not allowed to parrot everything Elpizo says back in a whiny emo band voice.

41. Cyber Elf X is not secretly princess Leia’s hologram, despite overwhelming parallels.

42. Phoenix Magnion is not, and will never be, up for s'mores.

43. Despite the fact that his guns are called “Sodom” and “Gomorrah”, his outfit, and his overwhelming interest in Zero, not allowed to contact Neo Arcadia to confirm my suspicions about Fefnir’s sexuality.

44. The Baby Elves are not up for vulgar renaming after the recent turn of events, unless I wish to see Alouette cry.

45. “You’ve gained weight” might not be the best thing to tell Leviathan’s armed phenomenon.

46. Elpizo’s transformation does not get power from its bling.

47. The Dark Elf is not, in fact, Drizz’t.

48. Not allowed to organize Cyber Elf cage matches.

50. Cyberspace is not a social media site. It is wrong to tell new recruits this.

51. Amusing video remixes of the guardians getting smacked down by Omega are in poor taste.

52. Not allowed to frame my rampant crayon wall-vandalism on Alouette.

53. If I must experiment on which aspects of Dwarf Fortress are realistic, I should not start with filling our base with cats.

54. Not allowed to tamper with the secret disks to spread my rumour that Leviathan does bikini shoots in her spare time.

55. You cannot equip “One head chip on top, another on bottom”. It is wrong to tell new recruits this.

56. The new Copy X is not Copy Copy X, Carbon Copy X, or any similarly ridiculous distinction.

57. While Harpuia is in our base, not allowed to harrass him for future plot twists in Neo Arcadian sitcoms.

58. The eight gentle judges are not the mythological reploid naming commitee.

59. The eight gentle judges are not mahou shoujo, transformation sequences notwithstanding.

60. Cubit Foxtar is not just a member of the judges because of affirmative action.

61. Giant detached floating hands are not the ultimate measure of enemy power.

62. Not allowed to use Cyberspace as my personal shortcut to the recroom.

63. Finding out how on earth anyone named Blazin’ Flizzard got a judiciary position is not the final goal of our intelligence-gathering mission.

64. While Harpuia is being repaired, not allowed to doodle obscene things on his face.

65. Not allowed to sell tickets to the video feed of Zero’s fight with Copy X. Especially if the tagline is “Tonight, someone dies!”

66. Not allowed to keep pet viruses in cyberspace.

67. Even if Cerveau just gave Harpuia a logic smackdown, yelling “OH SNAP” from the hall probably won’t increase his chances of joining forces with us.

68. Just because the Dark Elf fuses with people willy-nilly does not mean there’s a cool ultimate form in my future.

69. The easiest way to catch the Dark Elf would not have been to just be the biggest, most pompous jerk in the room, despite the trend.

70. Nobody is interested in the irony of Phantom having a ghost, least of all Harpuia.

71. Not allowed to copyright any of our enemies’ names as titles for metal bands.

72. Having been Maverick for a few minutes does not give me the rights to intimate counselling.

73. Cyber Elf X is not obligated to explain how he happens to know the exact counter for the heretofore unknown maverick field the enemy is using.

74. Omega does not get more powerful the prettier he gets.

75. The guardians are not the new Elvis.

76. Not allowed to suggest “alternative” uses for the Z-Knuckle’s grabbing feature.

77. Not allowed to break into the computer system just to make my mission grades spell out words.

78. Not allowed to fiddle with the weather system just to mess with people who dressed for clear skies.

79. Our caravan is not in dire need of bumper stickers.

80. Croire is not a digimon.

81. Not allowed to street race other caravans.

82. Area Zero’s name is a coincidence, despite the fact that I haven’t heard of any Area Ones or Twos, have you?

83. When we’re on the road, not allowed to share my antiquiated, quaint stories about caravans being ambushed by natives.

84. Not allowed to create item recipes for illicit products and mix them in with the regular ones.

85. Not allowed to tell Neige she missed the scoop on scandalous pics of Harpuia at the resistance base.

86. Craft has no relation whatsover to Kraft dinner, even if they are both very cheesy.

87. Not allowed to test Weil for tragically chronic mythological naming addiction.

88. Not allowed to ask where Weil got all of the energy for this artifical sun when we’re in the middle of an energy crisis.

89. Pegasolta Eclair is not a type of ice cream.

90. … Which also means that Popla Cocapetri is not a soft drink.

91. Not allowed to play cheesy romance music over Zero’s Comm whenever Craft and Neige are in the same place.

92. Ragnarok is not just Weil compensating for something.

93. Not allowed to teach Croire dirty words.

94. Can’t just take down the giant laser space station with another giant laser, even if it worked last time.

95. Craft and Neige’s relationship is not stockholm syndrome.

96. Not allowed to just take the space elevator. That’s patently ridiculous.

97. The inside of Ragnarok is not in actuality just an acid trip.

98. Not allowed to tell Weil he’s gotten a head in life.

99. During the final climactic battle, not allowed to sell popcorn and e-crystals.

100. Not allowed to just assume Zero will be back, because… He won’t.

Not As It Seems

Originally posted by thorduna

Requested by anonymous:

“I saw that you do marvel imagines! Could you please do one with Thor, where you are an avenger, but you think that he hates you because he kinda ignores you. However, it’s just because nobody taught the big dork how to deal with his feelings. During the Battle with Ultron, you get threatened/almost die, but he saves you and confesses? (Is it too specific)”

Warnings: Fluff, violence

Note: Nothing is ever too specific anon! 

For the first time in what felt like years sunlight streaming through your room was what woke you up, not your alarm buzzing at four am. Yesterday you and the other avengers had successfully taken down another hydra base, Clint had been hit pretty hard, and the rest of you had the usual bruises and scratches but in general you were fine. You think you deserved a sleep in.

That being said, there was still a world to protect. With that you groaned as you eased out of bed, stretching your stiff limbs out enjoying the satisfying cracks of your joints. You internally winced as you took a few steps, this usually happened after a big mission.

“I’ll just walk it off.” You mumble to yourself as you glance out at the bustling city. Your stomach growled in hunger, reminding you that you were craving breakfast. “And get some breakfast into my belly.” You decided. With that you squeezed your eyes shut and thought of the kitchen.

“Jesus christ!” Tony yelped when you suddenly appeared out of thin air.

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my first kiss went a little like this

hey everyone! part 1 of this week’s emotional whiplash. funny:

  • “this is orna…” “…”
  • oi mista you me da
  • “and cezall doesn’t talk right now”
  • “okay. new mission is to get bell laid”
  • “back to boats! it’s boats!”
  • voyage flirting and bell just… not knowing how to react
  • “oh my god keen, i know what sex is!”
  • “don’t twunk with my heart”
  • SO many fucking nat 20s? like within the first 15 minutes but… damn. a lot
  • “i hate this… dumbass bitch”
  • “i want them to spell out cik’s name on its body”
  • voyage found dead in var silor
  • bell flirting: i died
  • “you really think she’d be scared of a snake” “no. damnit.”
  • bell had his first kiss! with a tiefling named voyage
  • “we just want to see it, we’re botanists”
  • “what if we had an unfriendly dragonborn of our own”
  • “do we know for sure whether voyage has scurvy or not”
  • “do they… know the art of pickling…”
  • “the brothel buddies!”
  • “get me the biggest, hottest dragonborn in there… oh shit, i don’t have any money” (+ cezall’s 22 constitution saving throw. he only takes half-damage)
  • “except for me, i’m from here” (rolls a 7 in deception)
  • “who’s fucking child is that” as selxi
  • and a bonus from the post chat: “i want to go back in time and choke myself out”
I need you. (Murphy x Reader)

Summary\Request: Idea (you don’t have to do this in that way) Murphy and Y/N are couple. They are happy. One day, she will get drunk, and cheat on him with randomly gay. He will be so angry and yell at her. Y/N will apologize hundred times, but he won’t forgive her.

& Could you do some jealous murphy?

Originally posted by john-murphys-trash-queen

The nerves you feel are unsettling. You don’t know who it is laying next to you and honestly you don’t want to know. The only thing that matters is that it isn’t Murphy, your boyfriend. Slipping a shirt on, you feel your head spin and your throat scream with an overwhelming thirst. And as you step out of the bed, you feel a sudden urge to throw up everything you ate and drank last night but for the sake of a quick, silent escape you keep yourself together. With an anxiously disgusted feeling in the pit of your stomach, you make your way to where you knew Murphy would be - the drop ship. When you walk in, an odd number of heads turning to look at you force your eyes to wander to the ground. “Y\N?” Murphy’s voice is coated in confusion and you get the paranoid feeling that everyone else knows except the one person who really matters.

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unrequited // a klance playlist from lance’s pov

wonderful wonderful cover art by the talented @yuki119 / original art post


the edge of tonight // all time low | stay with me // you me at six | i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys | from above // ben folds & nick hornby | my last heart attack // brigades | just for you // joel faviere | mission bells // matt nathanson | fallingforyou // the 1975 | single // the neighbourhood | all of me // john legend | fall away // lund | these are the lies // the cab | painting flowers // all time low | the beach // the neighbourhood | numbers // the cab

listen to it here on 8tracks