*Food Blessings*

Sister Mary: “… We thank you for the poor Mexicans who invade border patrol to work at this fine establishment to fix our food. And we pray Lord that you told them, in their language of course, to wash their hands before they touch our food…God I want to thank you for these napkins”

CeCe: “Seriously!?!”

Boss Lady: “Shhh”

Nina: “God likes napkins”

Sister Mary: “I also want to pray for the Muslim who just tried to interrupt my prayer to you. Please let her know Lord that there is room for her in religious acceptance training which takes place this Saturday in a room with no A/C or free water!” *continues prayer*


The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl

Omg i was so weak that I watched it about 10 times!


My new fav webisode and peep the Howard shirt! :D


Get Nerdy With ‘The Mis-Adventures Of Awkward Black Girl’

LINK: Afternoon Delight