What good memories do you tie in with songs from our third album, MK III?

Were you there with us, watching our live midnight release party when we gave the album to the world? Does Turn Back the Clock remind you of another little “Julia” in your life? Perhaps She Said Maybe inspired you to talk to your honey for the first time. Maybe Go Spine Go makes you sigh and reminisce about the good ol’ days. Reblog this and tell us all about it!

The track list for MK III is as follows:

  1. Curtain-Raiser
  2. Steam Powered Giraffe
  3. Mecto Amore
  4. Hatch Fever
  5. A Way into Your Heart
  6. Ghost Grinder
  7. Please Explain
  8. She Said Maybe
  9. Go Spine Go
  10. Roller Skate King
  11. I’ll Rust With You
  12. Wired Wrong
  13. Fancy Shoes
  14. Steam Powered Giraffe (Reprise)
  15. Turn Back the Clock
  16. Bleak Horizon

Don’t have a copy of MK III? Don’t worry - Walter Worker Chelsea’s got your back! Order yours today and she’ll get one shipped out to you as soon as possible, and you’ll get your fix of amazing art and music in no time at all!

For more information on the band Steam Powered Giraffe, visit our website at:

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I know I asked this already but I have REALLY been wanting Flowerchild!Calum and Badassbitch!Luke I can never find them I would love it if you wrote me one, your my favorite writer. Thank you!

Cake-drabble : Appearances

“Room’s occupied.”

Luke raised an eyebrow as he shut the door and turned around. 

“Hey…,” he mumbled awkwardly, with a nod at the figure slumped against the headboard. He was drunk enough to have missed the other boy (?) on his first cursory glance through what must have been one of the guestrooms. It was past midnight and the party outside was in full swing. Luke himself would’ve preferred to be out there, trying to get a better shot with Aleisha McDonald. Unfortunately, that Long Island Ice Tea was heavy on the liquor and short on the Ice Tea and he had just enough sense left to not wander around in his inebriated condition making a fool of himself in front of one of the hottest chick in Year 9.

Not that he was really thinking of about Aleisha’s long red hair, or her legs at that moment. The boy (Luke was sure now it was a male) was becoming more and more interesting as the seconds ticked by.

He peered closer; chances were pretty good this kid went to Norwest Christian College but for the life of him, Luke couldn’t place him at the moment. But the more he looked, the more he wanted to know who the other boy was.

The brunette was attractive, beautiful being a better adjective to describe him more than handsome. Big dark eyes stared up at him through thick lashes. Full lips were pursed together, set into a natural pout. A wreath of pale pink roses rested on his dark hair, curled delicately around his prettily flushed cheekbones and slender jawline. Luke didn’t know much about makeup, but he could almost swear this kid was wearing some and carrying it off like a pro.

“Hey, you from Norwest?” Luke tried again, stepping a little further into the room.

The boy bristled at his approach and retreated further back into himself against the headboard. “How about you go find another room to sleep off your hangover in, Hemmings?” 

Hmm… So he and this kid definitely knew each other, probably were in the same class. Then it suddenly hit Luke.

“Calum? That you, Hood?” Luke asked, taking a few steps closer and studying Norwest’s resident soccer star. He noticed the creamy white blouse barely clinging onto slender tan shoulders, highlighting Calum’s delicate collarbones and tucked into a pair of acid wash jeans that emphasized the slender curve of his waist. Luke absently marveled at his own blindness. How could he have missed the brunette’s obvious beauty before?

Calum groaned and buried his face into his hands. “Urghh… God… not you too… I’m gonna kill Damon for putting me up to this. No one’s gonna know it’s you, bro, he said. No one’s gonna know my ass.”

Luke chuckled as he took a seat on the other side of the bed. “Lost a dare?”

“Bet,” Calum corrected. “Same difference. Either way, I’m stuck here in women’s clothing, getting hit on by men. Even one of the guys on the team tried to hit on me before he figured out it was me. Then he couldn’t stop laughing.”

Laughing? Luke could honestly say Calum’s present state inspired anything but laughter in him. He said as much. “Well, I’m looking at you now. You don’t see me laughing, do you?” he murmured staring intently into the other boy’s soft, doe eyes.

The flush on Calum’s cheek darkened noticeably even under the dim yellow lighting. He quickly broke the stare and glanced down at his own fidgeting hands. “You look different too. What’re you? Pop-punk?”

Luke shrugged. “You like it?” He’d forgone his usual preppy-style for the black skinny jeans and Ramones t-shirt in hopes of impressing Aleisha; but what she thought had quickly started to become irrelevant the moment he stepped into this room.

“The lip-piercing’s new isn’t it?” Calum did not answer his question, but Luke decided to take the way he was biting into that plump bottom lip as a good sign.

“Supposed to feel good kissing. Just so you know” 

Calum turned to stare at him thoughtfully, thick eyebrows furrowed together and chocolate eyes narrowed. “Are you flirting with me, Hemmings?”

Luke smirked, running on liquid courage now when ordinarily, insecurity would’ve caused him to stutter and stumble long ago. Calum Hood was part of an entirely different (aka more popular) social-circle than Luke Hemmings would ever achieve. Fuck if he didn’t know it & fuck if he cared right now. 

“Maybe. Would you lose your shit if I was flirting with you?” He reached out one long arm to stroke the edge of one sharp collarbone, enjoying the silky warmth of the brunette’s skin. He expected to be pushed away any second.

Except Calum didn’t push him away. Instead, the brunette shifted so he sat on folded legs facing Luke, one hand holding Luke’s against his throat. He looked up at the blond from beneath the protection of sooty lashes. “You wanna kiss me, Lucas?”

Lucas. Oh fuck. He didn’t know what was happening, only understood enough to know he was in trouble. 

“Y-yeah…” He croaked, throat suddenly parched as he suddenly realized everything Calum was describing sounded perfect. “W-want to do that…” He ran his thumb over the plump curve of Calum’s bottom lip. “You’re so beautiful like this…” He managed, eyes skittering over delicate features as that thumb pressed into the seam between soft lips.

There was a subtle stiffening of Calum’s posture. But Luke instinctively knew he’d said something wrong, although he didn’t know what.

“I’m beautiful like this, huh?” Calum whispered, disappointment in his tone even as he pushed forward, closer towards Luke. “Wanna get me out of these pretty little clothes & see if I’m wearing panties underneath these shorts? Lay me down on this bed & see how far I’ll let you go?”

Luke watched, trying hard to swallow the lump in his throat as Calum practically crawled into his lap till hardly any space between them. Thank god for unforgiving skinny jeans. “Y-yeah… wanna do those things with you…,” he mumbled, bringing one big hand to awkwardly settle on the curve of Calum’s waist. The warmth of the brunette’s skin radiated through the flimsy material of his shirt. 

For a few, fleeting moments, Calum leaned forward and stared into Luke’s eyes, obviously searching for something, although Luke had no idea what that something might be. Then the beautiful brunette threw his head back and laughed. “You’re another one of them, aren’t you? Seen me dressed up like this and now you wanna fuck me…? Goddamn Luke. And here I thought you were supposed to be smart.” The brunette pulled away, bounced up from the bed and headed towards the door. 

He paused at the door, and turned to glance back at Luke with something indecipherable in his dark eyes. “I’ll see you at school, Mr. Punk-Badass.” Then he was gone.

Luke blinked after him, trying to comprehend what just happened. In the span of 15 minutes, he’d gone from never having talked to Calum Hood, to almost kissing him, to being left feeling like a damn fool. Of course, Calum was making fun of him. Why the hell would a popular, male soccer player want anything to do with Luke? 

It’d have been easy to convince himself that was true. But there was that glimmer in Calum’s doe-eyes, something sweet and vulnerable and inviting, hidden though it was under layers of bravado. Luke thought he might be flattering himself, but he was intrigued. Enough to want to know how Calum would react if he pursued the older boy when he looked like his regular self.

Calum might’ve meant it as a flippant remark, but Luke would keep an eye out for the brunette at school. He shook his head, picked himself up, & headed out the door. 

He decided to forgo talking to Aleisha, thinking instead of big, dark eyes and delicious tan skin.

Anon, I don’t see Calum as a flower-child. I see him as a dumb-jock soccer player. I’m never going to write a real “flower-child” Calum story! I’m sorry!

i might as well go through the guys’ aesthetics as i see them. maybe things will make more sense.

adam: the city at sunrise/sunset, black clothes, cats, flowers in bloom, messy bedrooms, cigarettes. bloody and bruised.

bruce: stereotypical white boy, humor posts, california, amusement parks, ska bands and other lyrics. gold.

james: water, the beach, dogs, pictures of people/things, intimacy, explosions, early morning. chaos.

lawrence: foreign languages that he doesn’t understand, black and white, coffee, maps, broken technology. cynicism.

joel: neon lights, confessions of love and lust, midnight, drugs, partying, fancy guns and fancier clothes. art and positive words.

sean: doodles, minimalistic tattoos, hats, knives, space, pastel colors, scrapes and bumps. peaceful.

matt: darkness. fog, moonlight, the city at night, cars, shattered windows. mysterious.


Midnight Cinderella: 2015 Battle of the Princes: I got both of the early rewards (the crown and the blue/gold/white dress in the first picture) and voted 300 times for the background in the second picture. (I had a lot of bells saved up, as well as some chapter tickets and stamina items, so the event was pretty easy to finish.) I got most of the rare items for my prince’s avatar from the corresponding Victory Parade garden gacha (seen in the first picture); I’m just missing the background and the coach. I also ranked in the top 100 for voting for Alyn, so I got his plushy (seen in the second picture); strangely, you can’t use the early-clear dress with the plushy.

Be My Princess Party: Our Sunset Summer: Got both of the early clear rewards (Joshua/Glenn chibis and Edward/Zain chibis), completed all four SHEs for the sunset background, and ranked in the top 200 for the beach sunset gown. I had only enough LF to clear two HEs, so I went for Jan and Yu, my two favorite butlers.

Be My Princess Party: Royal Steward Tea Party (town event): Full-cleared the event, did the early clear because I needed chibi butlers wandering around my town, and ranked in the top 100 for the full moon dress (not pictured because it’s kind of ugly).

Didn’t finish the My Forged Wedding Party Secret Summer Diary house reform campaign, only did the Party route HE of Mitsunari’s birthday event from KBTBB Love Trap, not sure if I’ll be able to clear the current KBTBB Love Trap spade point event, and am only doing the group route for Saeki’s MFWP event to see Yamato in a dress (probably won’t even bother to complete the NE).

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How do your bots pass time when they're not entertaining children? Do they play board games or any other activities/shenanigans?

Depends on the era, really.

In the early 80s, they’d hold little parties after midnight. There wasn’t late-night security, so they didn’t really have to fret about being spotted. If anyone left any alcohol during the day, they’d pretend to drink it and be sophistimacated human adults. Of course, Chica would dig around the kitchen for leftover pizza too.

They’d invite Foxy to join, but he was always a wet blanket and rarely joined in. He had more fun playing pretend to an empty stage.

Then 87 rolled around, and they became a little less tight-knit, but still palsy.

Freddy mostly just watches the toybots (or the youngin’s) do their thing

Bonnie’s passtime is being angry and feeling sorry for himself, passing the blame for his troubles on his replacement.

Chica likes to hang out with everyone, and when she’s not she’s eating mountains and mountains of pizza and, like Bonnie, blaming Toy Chica for being a wash-up.

Foxy spends all his time in the parts room, grumpily sulking. When he’s not doing that, he and Balloon Boy are causing mischief, since he’s become the most important person bot in his life.

Toy Freddy mostly just rehearses for tomorrow’s show. He’s very career-driven. He’ll also hang out with the other toybots if they ask him to.

Toy Bonnie does whatever he wants. He mostly just goes around talking to the others and trying to make himself look impressive around them. Chica thinks he’s funny, so he probably enjoys her company most of all the classics.

Toy Chica goes around henpecking people, making sure everyone’s in a good mood and not breaking any rules. She’s more concerned about the company image than the rest of the toyline, so she’s more likely to tell everyone to stop doing things they shouldn’t.

When she’s not doing that, she’s either staring longingly at sweets, doing exercises, or trying to impress Toy Freddy.

Mangle mostly stays in the cove. She doesn’t really socialize much, but she’s friendly to everyone when she does. Most of the other bots are accepting of her solitary lifestyle, and she’s pretty happy. Toy Chica does hang out with her though, and she often tries to bond with Foxy, who refuses her company on principal.

Then we move into post-87.

For the most part the bots are just out to kill the nightguard, by Freddy’s orders. That’s not to say there isn’t any downtime.

When Freddy’s not on the stage, he’s usually in the girl’s room, for some reason. What he does in there is anyone’s guess; it’s like his own private office that only Chica will go into.

Bonnie mostly hangs out backstage, reminiscing about the past decade, perhaps of better days. It’s also where he does most of his drinking, binge eating, smoking recreational activities.

Chica likes to hang around the kitchen, mostly because it’s a comfort zone for her. The cameras are off, so it’s hard to tell what she does in there. Maybe she’s actually taken up cooking herself?

Foxy’s given up leaving the cove at all, unless his malfunctions act up. He spends his time just talking to dolls or thinking about the good old days, sometimes peeking out to check the cameras. He’s not too keen on company, but he also doesn’t turn it away.

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Hi! This will probably sound really odd, but how is Singapore after midnight? Not party-wise, but the everyday routine. Are the streets calm or too crowded? Are the stores open or just bars and stuff? Sorry if this sounds weird or creepy, I'm just really fascinated by the nightlife of different cities around the world and I like how you answer things haha :(

The streets are mostly calm, but trafficked enough with plenty of cabs and nighttime public transport. I love Singapore at night, actually, when the buzz dies down not to radio silence but the lowest level hum. And it’s ridiculously safe too, really - I like walking out as late as I can to buy cigarettes, after long nights studying or working, to savour the cool night air because our days are scorching. There is always at least one convenience store or coffee shop open 24 hours within any 2 kilometre vicinity so late night supper runs are always a fixture in Night Life TM. Cities at night are my favourite thing, even if the fear of the odd supernatural element kind of wavers in the shadows between the street lamps.

Join us Monday night for a midnight release party celebrating the publication of The Story of the Lost Child, the fourth and final of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels.  

Snack and drink and meet and mingle with other Ferrante obsessives until the clock strikes twelve, when we can officially begin selling the book that will, undoubtedly, be the literary event of the summer. 

Event date: Monday, August 31, 2015 - 10:00pmEvent address: 1818 N Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90027

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If you could have one holiday episode in season 8 what would it be?

…I dunno, does Beckett’s birthday or their first anniversary count as a holiday? Cause I’d pick either of those in a heartbeat. I also REALLY want a Halloween episode where they all end up in a Clue type murder mystery and, no, I don’t care that I borrowed that premise from Seamus Dever. 

But as far as seeing a holiday episode that we haven’t already done, I’d say New Year’s Eve. Maybe something where there’s a dead body a day or two before, and the indication that the murderer will kill again when the ball drops and the gang has to hurry to stop it/not completely ruin Castle’s very elaborate party that he’s spent weeks planning/all be at said party by midnight so that the show can end with Castle and Beckett making out like teenagers to celebrate the new year. 

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