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episode 1: “you jerks!! and you claim to have gin tama?!”

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Chenyeolli:  i dare you to record yourself singing it and post it on here

Song Cover - “Lifted” by CL

Forgive my fail for I don’t sing. Also send me a truth or dare and I will do it.

Tag game

Hi! @h-stan tagged me :)

Name: Kris
Birthday: October 15th
Favorite color: Honestly I like all the colors (like my house has all the colors in it…) but if I am forced to pick… Blue, gray, teal
Siblings: Younger brother (27)
Relationship: the only relationships I have had in the last decade are friendships… This is entirely a choice that I have been happy with :)
Pets: a four year old standard poodle who has been mistaken for a child on more than one occasion when I talk about her or buy things for her…. It’s strange… I would post a picture of her again but mobile is weird…
Met a celebrity: No…
Last song listened to: Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons
Gender: female
Favorite food: Mexican hot chocolate
Favorite fictional characters: I have so many…. Where to start? Abby Sciuto (NCIS), Spock, Scotty (AOS), Uhora, Captain America, Iron Man, Bilbo Bagins, R2D2, Leia, Finn, Dr. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds), Dr. House (House MD), Chase (House MD), dr. Charley Epps (Numb3rs), Chuck (spn), Crowley (spn), Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon), Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)…. This is all I can think of right now…
Zodiac: Libra
Last thing I googled: Ummm…. I was looking for reference images for Rob and rich for my next fan art piece…. I am just glad you did not ask two days ago….
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Tea or Lemonade: Lemonade
Time rn: 1:02 pm
Favorite subject: history, art, design
Where do I live: USA, Colorado… Right next to the middle of nowhere
Spirit animal: I have no idea…..
Fav KDrama: none?
Ok… To tag people… @blackdog1318 @narrettwist @mancamonster …. I can’t think of anyone else right now but if you want it you can have it

questions about what language I think/dream in always mess me up now I’m a wreck


i thought up this script at like 2am a few days ago 

all i know is that it’s a big fucking joke

another joke is how much effort i put into jasper’s face. like damn. what a face.

I know I’ve talked about this before but I really like the idea of Alien Keith because, if the writers treat the plotline right, struggles to reconcile his two halves could be a parallel to the confusion mixed kids often feel.

I’m probably explaining this really badly but… we can assume that Keith was raised human. But one day, he realizes he has alien heritage (maybe he’s half Galra). When the truth comes out, the next time the team attacks a Galran outpost the aliens there reject Keith because he’s not ‘Galra enough’ for them. Or, they encourage him to abandon his teammates and forget his human upbringing so he can become a ‘proper Galran.’ And Keith tells them to fuck off but, y’know, there’s a little temptation there. Not to join Zarkon but… He wants to understand his own identity.

I just? Give me a Keith who always felt like an outsider on Earth, and now he knows why. But he’s too human to be Galra, and he’s too Galran to be human. So he doesn’t know where he’s belong.