Aiiight Black Tumblr, So Black History Month may be over but that doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate and be recognized amongst each other as a race and show love to our people. I seen a post about this yesterday & thought it would be hella dope to be a part of and I just wanted to spread the word to people I follow as well as my followers who didn’t know about it. March 6th get ready & let’s link up and spred love with our people for The BlackOut aka Black Friday!!! blackprinc3ss, threeiiistomyalumni, golden-natural, prettylittlekiki, sunshineeee-xo, boypolo, tim-aiko, pussy-and-pizzza, miyokitty, melaningxddesskravemychocolatekurves, amour-dans, amajuj, goldennmami blackgirlsrpretty2, black—lambmsthedacaptaincharge, belikesheem, nubiansistaweedheadbitch, coalgxld, vxxen23, trustussy1, thickxsista, notoriouslynaytherealniggaape laurene7, theblackkenn, d-drizzy d33bizz13 thetennesseehoneyy, scuba-sheef, sheisskyler, she2cray, happyneez, carmen692 blvck-is-a-culture, blogsofabadgirl, blkgirlstuff, vongt, thatbawsasia bigbootyzay22, asvp-joe-, littlemissayoxo, afro-arts, afrokid247, a-crosstown, notapear, x-dopeshit, xiaoyu1, shardaesunshine, beige-scorpio, guiltyofmyownobsessions, 4ublackbeauty, naughtynubian, supertonic1898 simpleasthatson, theblogofarealnigga, hooplaaaaahannanickolesmith, reignbowclouds, blkproverbs, uniquewhicker, diamondalexuspretentiousblipstertasteofjones desmond-wave, darealtor, fro-licious, gvldengvddess, popeondope, greyflxwer, vegetariangoddess, bizarregorgeousness, spliffcity, megatron1016, infinity45kingtayelchapo, tayler-xo, mikeymixstunna, youngandwellington, yo-tori  x-beautifullife-x, cocoapuffpussy, weirdishly, beautifulldarktwisted, cozy-king cocainswag, janiexo, spoiledsidditysoutherngirl, crownunicorn, pabsr40, 90steeeeze,chelseayoungheartcom, blvckcarnations, natashenglish, naturallysky, richhomiedon, roguerebellion brittvnysvmone brittanyohyea, babybree, basquiyacht, simplynaturallqueen, werewolfsareinmydreams, ruhhshay, picassobb, pheallsphree, papweezy, jdynasty02 and special shout out goes to my dude expect-the-greatest for planning this whole thing. 

Black Tumblr let’s show up & show out and turn this bitch pitch black on Black Friday with all our different shades & complections of Black Beauty & Dopeness!! I wanna send Daps & Pounds to the all Fellas and Hugs to all the Ladies!! Let’s Do This Shit!!! Love Y’all!!!


Happy nine months my love. I’m so honored to have you in my life and so lucky to have you as my partner in crime and my soulmate. You mean the world to me and I can’t wait for all the fun adventures our life will bring us I love you ochman98


so i was tagged by to spell my name with songs so…

M- My Understandings by Of Mice & Men

E - Even If She Falls by Blink-182

G - Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake by Bring Me The Horizon

A - Alone Together by Fall Out Boy

N - Not The American Average by Asking Alexandria and   

now it’s your turn :) 

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
― Albert Einstein

Change your mind. Change your definition of reality.

'Change the World'

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