I forgot to add memento post about Wakfu.
My dA says that at July 20, 2010 I added first art on that website.
I still remember that summer when I just copy/redraw some caps from serie Wakfu with ballpen.
I was so hyped that I was made four drawings per day! That was good time, though kind of silly…

But without that I wouldn’t be able to draw as I do today.

playingfetchwithdinosaurs  asked:

🍦 😌 (are you going to say thoughts of seb for this one? because i'm expecting that to be one thought tbh)

🍦 what is one treasured childhood memory?

I actually don’t really remember a lot of my childhood before the age of about 10, and what I do remember a lot of it isn’t great. I don’t really have one specific treasured memory, more of a general memory of growing up with my puppy, and where I lived there was a big river and me and my cousins and my sister and our friends that lived on the same road used to play in the river in the summer with my dog. And we’d eventually bring the dog back home to dry off and we’d go back out and walk the length of the river until we got to our local park. But pretty much all of that is stuff that happened at like 10+, I really don’t remember much before that at all. I guess that’s a secret I’ve never told anyone before? I don’t really remember much of anything before moving in with my grandparents. I talk to friends that I used to know from then and they talk about things we used to do and times we used to have and I just don’t remember any of it.

I’ve done the other one!
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