Remember Seven Minutes in Heaven? (For girls only) Or Spin the Bottle?

Remember fanfictions that came in 30 or more “parts”, not chapters?

Remember how asking your favorite color was the most hated question of all?

Remember going back and changing one answer each time so you could see all the results?

Remember generic anime girl faceclaims?

Remember reading smut for the first time?

I have a lot of memories invested in Quizilla and now the site’s being shut down for good. I’m actually quite sad.

Goodbye, Quizilla. It’s been real.



sometimessurprising replied to your post “Stumbling on non-Swedish people posting Swedish Eurovision…”

haha i remember that guy who won a couple of years ago! my great-aunt was very taken by his hotness :D

Ah, yes. Måns. 

Hot problematic ESC fave 

(this is from when he and Petra Mede hosted ESC last year)

anonymous asked:

wait, you were /scared/ of bowie? lmao you HAVE to elaborate on that

lmfao yes

the only thing i used to know about david bowie was ‘that cover album with the lightning bolt’ and that he scared me (mostly from his ziggy stardust look can you believe it) because he reminded me some disturbing shit i watched on the internet one time many years ago (please don’t ask what it is lmfao) and i had never heard a song of him (until feb 2014)

so that’s part of the story lol, BUT THEN one time in 2014 i saw this picture on my dashboard:

and i was like; ok that’s david bowie?, …weird. and some days latter i saw this gif

and i thought: whatthefuck, i couldn’t stop staring at the gif, i clicked the like button immediately, and then the magic happened ◕‿◕

starman was the first song i heard, and then space oddity, the funny thing is that somehow i ended up watching just a gigolo on youtube because i saw the gifs from the bathtub ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)