Remember Seven Minutes in Heaven? (For girls only) Or Spin the Bottle?

Remember fanfictions that came in 30 or more “parts”, not chapters?

Remember how asking your favorite color was the most hated question of all?

Remember going back and changing one answer each time so you could see all the results?

Remember generic anime girl faceclaims?

Remember reading smut for the first time?

I have a lot of memories invested in Quizilla and now the site’s being shut down for good. I’m actually quite sad.

Goodbye, Quizilla. It’s been real.

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omg seeing ur mobile header suddenly hit me w feelings... lucky palms is legit my all time fave world & why i got ts3/playing sims in the first place (i LOVE desert towns, i wish oasis springs was bigger oops)

Ahhh Lucky Palms is my all time favorite Sims 3 world too!! It reminds me of 2013 when I was watching ts3 lets plays and wanting the world so much!! Desert towns are the best, Oasis Springs was the first town I moved my sim into when I bought ts4!! 💕

Me when PB confirmed TCATF is ending

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Bleach opening 1