Me when PB confirmed TCATF is ending

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Remember Seven Minutes in Heaven? (For girls only) Or Spin the Bottle?

Remember fanfictions that came in 30 or more “parts”, not chapters?

Remember how asking your favorite color was the most hated question of all?

Remember going back and changing one answer each time so you could see all the results?

Remember generic anime girl faceclaims?

Remember reading smut for the first time?

I have a lot of memories invested in Quizilla and now the site’s being shut down for good. I’m actually quite sad.

Goodbye, Quizilla. It’s been real.


Merlin, opening credits❤

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Flashback to this day six years ago when I met Susanne for the first time when she was playing with Lust (who describe themselves as a “costumed girl power band”) at the Starlight Theater, which is a cool drive-in theater in East Atlanta. As you can see the theme was yetis and sasquatches and their keytarist Sam (who I still call Sasquatch) totally made a scene.

Later Susanne took @uncomfortableandgross and I into the legendary “fart box” (the same one that used to be Mastodon’s tour van when they were broke) and we got to hear four new Mastodon songs from the upcoming album The Hunter. They hadn’t even been mixed yet but I got to hear rough versions of “All the Heavy Lifting” and “Creature Lives” along with two others I can’t remember right now.

It’s weird because when I introduced myself to her after Lust’s set I didn’t mention who I was but she already knew anyway because Brann told her. He was in Germany at the time and she texted him that I was going to her show and he was all “Aww, you’ve got a fan too”. Ridiculous. She also let me and Jamie swig Crystal Skull vodka out of the “fart box” too and we were shown photos of Brann as Mr. Rogers for the “Hellbound” video that premiered later that month.

All in all that ways a fun day and it’s still crazy that I’m still watching these weirdos on stages around the US.



sometimessurprising replied to your post “Stumbling on non-Swedish people posting Swedish Eurovision…”

haha i remember that guy who won a couple of years ago! my great-aunt was very taken by his hotness :D

Ah, yes. Måns. 

Hot problematic ESC fave 

(this is from when he and Petra Mede hosted ESC last year)