Hey guys! So I actually have 2 videos up on my channel for you all today, yayyyy! This is the first one which is my very first unboxing video, here I’m opening up some Kreepsville666 goodies and the lovely package sent to me from w0lfys  . I’m still going to apologize for the lipstick stained teeth because it bothers me greatly haha. I hope you guys like it anyway though!

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Look at all the beautiful people that are gonna be at the cosplay party THIS thursday night (April 3rd) at the Supper Club!  No, I’m serious - look at who’s gonna be there! 

The crazy thing is, this list is not even updated - we’re going to announce more as the week continues!

There’s still tickets left!  To come join us, please visit:

I can’t wait to see you all!

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