The events in Triangle and Ski Lodge 2 (and a few moments in the episodes in between) practically contradict everything the kids have learned. I mean, just take a look at the pictures above again. 

The most jarring one is the quote from GM Flaws; “At this age, you’re just finding out who you are. I mean, people don’t usually walk around wearing signs that tell you”. Riley and Josh literally tell Maya who she is and who she has been for the past year. They invalidate her growth and her feelings for Lucas. And although she initially fights it, by SL2 so many people have told her that who she’s been for the past year is one big lie, she ends up buying into it.

But there are MAJOR problems with what Riley and Josh said. Here:

So, what made Maya push Lucas away in GMSL2? Well, Riley’s diagnosis in Triangle/Upstate + everyone telling Maya she needs to be herself (even though she IS aghhh) = Maya being insecure about her feelings for Lucas. 

And then there’s Josh, who pushed Maya right over the edge. I have a MASSIVE problem with what he said to Maya in this scene:

What I can’t stand is how he nearly brainwashes a vulnerable, insecure, impressionable 15-year-old high school freshman bc he’s “good at observing people” (like firstly, sit your ass back down josh you’re 18 years old I wouldn’t even trust you to buy a cookie why are you fucking with her life). Because if you’ve watched the pilot, then you KNOW that if you want to protect your friend, the last thing you do is become them. 

That is the FIRST thing the pilot taught us. All those tweets about the biggest clue being in the pilot? It’s THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^. THIS is the fucking clue. 

*drops mic*

*picks it back up bc I’m not anywhere near done*

Let’s talk a lil bit more about this ‘protecting’ thing. In GMNW, Maya asked Riley to ‘protect’ her from the shiny ring Farkle gave her. In GM Crazy Hat, Topanga told Auggie what’s shiny isn’t always good. The beautiful thing about Riley and Maya’s friendship is that they’d protect each other no matter what. But the pilot taught us that if you want to protect a friend, you don’t become them. 

Maya KNOWS this. She was there when Cory told Riley that. 

But Josh the Psychotherapist™ tells Maya that she became Riley, and OF COURSE she eats it up. They’ve just put her through an identity crisis, dammit. She’s insecure, so if a trusted adult tells her something, she’s gonna believe them. And she’s too fueled with emotion to even think about what Cory said over two years ago.

But history shows us that bad things happen when you don’t know who you are. History shows us that bad things happen when you let other people’s perception of you (Riley and Josh, in this case) dictate your behavior. Cue the ‘wrong’ decisions.

“The first thing they did was die”. Indeed. 

Okay, so let’s talk about the (possible) big lesson. We know this is much more than a triangle, we know that the story was clear from the pilot, and we know it has to do with the secret of life. 

The secret of life is that people change people. That’s what this story’s about, and that’s what it’s always going to be about.  

But as of now, these kids still think that the truest versions of themselves are the people that they were at the start of the 7th grade. The kids have been told that people change people. Yet when Maya starts to change, the kids think that she isn’t herself. They’ve been told that people change people, but they haven’t learned it yet. They haven’t gotten to a point where they can embrace change with open arms. 

They still think that Riley is light and Maya is darkness and Farkle is smart and Lucas is good. And while it’s part of who they are, it’s not all that they are. 

Because the relatable storyline here isn’t absorbing feelings or turning into someone else. It’s the struggle that teens go through with identity. 

See, as teens, we think that each of us has to fit into a certain box. We think that you have to fit into a category and play into the stereotype. We think that you can only fit in a box if every aspect of your life reflects the characteristics/stereotypes that are assigned to that label.

How often have you struggled to pick just one word that defines who you are in every aspect? How often have you struggled to fit into just ONE box? 

Here’s the thing: it takes a lot more than just one word to define you. You are a combination of adjectives, maybe good or bad, but they all fit together. Don’t take all that you are and belittle it into one word, because who you are isn’t just one word

It’s not “Riley the Sweet, Farkle the Genius, Lucas the Good, and Maya the Broken”. These kids are going to learn that it’s perfectly okay to grow and not fall under one label. They’re going to change, and that means they’re not going to fit into the box they thought they belonged in when they were in the 7th grade.

But that’s okay. 

Because you know what’s the great thing about evolving?

“The great thing about evolving is that we continue to grow and feel.”

- GM Jexica

would you rather:
a) battle an all-powerful immortal duck that is 46 feet tall and shoots lasers out of its eyes killing you quickly yet painfully but this duck also has the power to resurrect meaning that it can keep bringing you back to life only to painfully kill you again
b) battle a regular duck that does not do any of that 

I want to let you in on a little secret. There are no problems. There never were any problems. There are no problems today, and there will never be any problems. Problems just mean that the world isn’t turning the way you want it to. But in truth, there are no problems. Everything is unfolding as it should. Everything is right. You have to forget about yourself and expand your consciousness until you become the whole universe. The reality in back of the universe is pure awareness. It has no problems. And you are that.
—  Robert Adams
  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:According to the Pokédex the Vulpix is born with one white tail which becomes six curled tails if it recieves love from its trainer. However it already has six tails by the time you capture it. Does this mean that it was previously owned and you captured it away from its trainer? Or since its wandering in the wild, were they separated? Is its trainer dead?

Lapis: “I can’t stop thinking about being fused as Malachite, how I used all of my strength to hold her down in the ocean and how I was always battling against Jasper to keep her bound to me.”

Lapis: “ I was terrible to you. I liked taking everything out on you. I needed to. I- I hated you. It was bad!”

Now that Lapis has literally admitted to taking her anger and hatred out on Jasper, you can’t deny that they were hurting EACH OTHER, meaning that they were both victims. 

My mom: *Calls*
My mom: So, what are you doing?
Me: *Looking up the 18th Century rankings of the British Royal Navy*
Me: …Not much.

By the way, if any of you were curious, Captain James Hook started out as Blackbeard’s bo'sun, which I found out is another word for ‘Boatswain’ which means that he fell into the rank of “Standing Officer”, which was one rank above ‘Senior Petty Officer’, and, assuming that Blackbeard had commissioned officers, he had to climb three whole ranks before he earned the rank ‘Captain’. I’m so proud.

(And yes - this is what my life has come to.)

It’s great that there is so much diversity, even within your own couple on the show. What kind of reaction have you gotten from that? It’s been overwhelmingly positive. The LGBT community has been super vocal and welcoming with open arms. To see a gay, interracial couple on network television in the States and abroad and having sex–I mean, especially in the States–we don’t get a lot of that. That has been, I think, eye-opening for a lot of people and in a really good way. So I feel grateful that I can be some small part of that.


I’ve been thinking about everything that my grandpa’s been saying to me my whole life recently and he would always tell me that in his line of work, he was at the top in his business, he was at the top of his game. People were so mean to him, left and right, everybody was always trying to tear him down and he was just telling me that I would be in the same situation. He said, “Babydoll, you keep your chin up and you keep going and you sing and that’s it. You focus on the good and keep going. You are surrounded by love you’re protected by love, you are blessed to be able to do what you do. Don’t even let it make you skip a beat.” That advice from him has always sort of… resonated.

today, this fateful day, taking American Airlines out of SUX…..there was a 4 hour delay to Chicago. 4 ½ hours in, the staff called it quits. they canceled every single one of my flights
there are no flights out of any accessible airports within a 100 mile radius that can fit me in, and the next opening is on the 30th, wherein I’d be heading back on the 1st
meaning my presence at @destielcon has been abruptly ripped from me

I am DEVASTATED. I absolutely adore this con, and having it taken from me more or less just because I live in an inaccessible area makes me feel so helpless
I’m totally gonna be there in spirit, though–I was also super excited to see how the badges looked! so I’m technically jaunting around on every attendee’s torso, while I’m actually in purgatory with a big sad
my ride is still an hour away so I gotta kinda just stew in my sadness :c so sorry everyone!! I was so excited to meet and catch up that I’m just
[sits alone sadly in abandoned airport]

Yuanfen - Part 4

Characters - Bucky x Reader

Word Count - 1985

Warnings - None

A/N - This is an AU. 缘分 (Yuanfen) is a Chinese word that has no direct English translation and (roughly) means “A relationship that is brought together by a force such as destiny or fate.“ Again, just building up, establishing personalities and whatnot before getting to the meat of the story.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Bucky’s lips gravitated toward yours slowly and for a split second you almost let go. Quickly snapping yourself back into reality, you jerked back, only to feel Bucky’s large hands grip your waist.

Keep reading

thejokesterearth3alive  asked:

You know if Perdiot is right about the whole "not making gems like they used to" thing I think that might explaine the behavior of the gaggle of red idiots we saw in Hit in the Diamond. What do you reckon?

naw, I don’t think so. The Rubies are the same size as our Ruby and, honestly, Ruby isn’t that much smarter than they are (”She’s definitely not in that barn!”). Plus, the behavior of the Rubies wasn’t that different from the Rubies in “The Answer”. In that, our Ruby even has to pause before saying there’s three of them, which I think means that Rubies just generally aren’t good with numbers/counting (I think they probably always forget to count themselves)

I think that’s just how Rubies are by design (they’re footsoldiers, it seems like they’re given one specific task and aren’t meant to question or deviate from it in any way). Rubies are ‘common’ Gems and low-ranking, so I think they don’t use a lot of resources to make anyway, which is why there’s so many of them. I think Pearls are probably the same way. I think common Gems are ones that are made with the most plentiful resources and/or probably the least amount of resources, so Rubies and Pearls are probably more or less unaffected by the reduced resources, whereas higher-ranked, rarer Gems like Peridots are.

I’d love to be mentally well enough to remain detached and know that people’s doubt does not mean I have failed or am a failure and help more of you and not be a total mess since everything has gotten so active and it’s just NonStop but I Can’t. I don’t have the energy to devote to fixing my mental health and make a 30 minute video a week on average. I think you’d rather have the videos. I’m just going to block people. Im just like, I’m doubting that I’ve done a good enough job making this clear too so that I’m being unreasonable blocking people, but I don’t know what else I can do. I can’t do this breakneck schedule and go to work well over half time and full time grad school and deal with my anxiety over this in a better way and since none of the other things can suffer it has to be like this.

You get the Car

Prompt: Selina Kyle is flirting with Bruce at a party and Batmom gets jealous and insecure and she leaves the party early

Words: 429

You know it doesn’t mean anything. You know in your heart that Bruce loves you more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately, your brain didn’t get that message, and has insisted on taking Selena flirting with Bruce seriously. And the thing is Bruce isn’t even flirting back, he’s just smiling, and you can’t help but think that for the world’s greatest detective he can be pretty clueless sometimes.

           You leave your table for the roof top. It’s not exactly easy climbing the flight of stairs in these shoes but you do it anyway. The night air is cold, but it’s welcomed against your flushed skin. You take in Gotham’s sky line and enjoy the view.

           On nights like this, when the sky is clear, you see exactly what Bruce always seems to see; a beautiful city worth being saved. “Come here often?”

           You smile and turn towards your husband as he closes the roof door behind him. “What’s a boy like you doing in a place like this?”

           “I’m looking for my wife, she mysteriously disappeared from the charity gala downstairs about ten minutes ago.” He doesn’t stop until he reaches you, his hands going to your hips. The teasing disappears from his tone and he asks. “What’re you doing up here sweet heart? It’s cold.”

           You lean forward and wrap your arms around him, burying your head into his chest. “You’ll think I’m silly.” He just kisses the top of your head as encouragement. You pull back a bit “I may have gotten a tiny bit jealous,” you spit that word out “of seeing you and Selina together.”

           Bruce smirks at that before suddenly his lips are on yours. It’s a hard and fast kiss, filled with passion, and when he pulls back you whimper just a bit. The two of you look at each other for a moment before Bruce says “Time to go.”

           “The event isn’t over yet.”

           Bruce just looks at you and says “They have their money; trust me they’ll be fine.”

           You smirk a bit “What in the world has gotten into you Bruce?”

           He just turns to you and says “Alfred it out of the town visiting his mother, and all of the boys are out on missions. You realize what that means right?”

           Your eyes go wide “We have the house to ourselves. That hasn’t happened since we were teenagers, and Alfred went to the grocery store.”

           Bruce just smirks “And they’re all gone for several days.”

           You just nod “I’ll call in our personal days, you get the car.”


Going To The Movies While Deaf [CC]

[Image Description: Video thumbnail shows Rikki pointing to caption glasses and the CaptiView. Rikki is sitting on a bed in a bedroom, wearing a grey tank top, blue and yellow Pikachu ribbon, and has her brown and blue hair in braids.]

Have you ever wondered if d/Deaf/HOH people go to the movies? I mean, you’ve noticed the lack of captioning there. For a long time, a lot of us didn’t bother going to movies because of no captions. Now, times have changed! In this video, I’m going to tell you about two nifty devices that offer a solution!

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Military camp Day 4 part 3 (final)

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“And with the rate you suck at cigar I guess you will see him soon enough.” I coughed as I turned my head around seeing Naruto stand there together with Sakura and some other classmates. I couldn’t stop coughing, Shin started patting my back.

“I can’t believe you complain about Shisui-san, but you are worse.” Sakura shook her head.

“Hey…It is different. This is like the third in my entire life.” I felt the judgemental look especially coming from Sakura, “It is a real Cuban…” I added.

“It stinks.,” Naruto said as he had a slightly annoyed look before pushing Sakura slightly so they could walk inside the café. I let my head hang before thinking “fuck it” and put the cigar back between my lips.

“I should have known.” Utakata walked towards us as he sat down next to me. “You guys seem to celebrate just fine.” He grabbed my cigar. “I know it’s rude to refuse, but no way you are going to finish this.”

“Hey….It is true though.” I said as he exhaled the smoke before handing it back to me.

“What a peaceful night. I am going to miss this.”  Utakata said as he stretched his arms.  

“It is getting cold…” Before I could even announce that I was going to head inside the café somebody came up with a better solution.

“Some scotch will get you warm!” Shin grabbed a flask opening it already.

“You really brought everything.”  Mika looked confused seeing how Shin took a sip before whipping his mouth and handig his flask to me.

“Thanks..” I said as I took a small sip. We ended up talking a little more before heading inside the café to get some food.  I sat next to Shin on a bar chair, laughing at some stupid jokes while waiting for my food to arrive. It wasn’t wise to drink with an empty stomach. I got tipsy way faster than I thought I would.

“What time are we going to head back?” I asked as I saw the clock hitting 8.

“Pffff….I don’t know…Tomorrow is the last day of the camp. After that we will be on our next mission.” He leaned his head on the bar.  “We will stay in touch, right?  You will teach me some black widow moves.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I said as I patted his back.

“Aah…I kinda regret signing up for the camp. I would have liked to get late a couple of times. Heeeyy~ you are single right?” He turned his face towards me, I pushed it away.

“In your dreams.” I turned my head to the plate with fries.

“Pfff…I am more into chicks anyway.” He muttered turning around to look around the bar.

“Pfff…No woman is interested in your sorry face.” I grabbed my glass of water.

“Watch me, bitch. Also..That is Vodka.”

“…Well…That explains a lot.” I looked at the glass before putting it back down. “My head feels heavy.”

“Are you drunk?”

“I don’t know.” I said. He suddenly leaned in and I punched him in his face.  He fell backwards right into a woman.  

“Fuck that hurt!” He held his hand on his cheek.

“I am sorry ma’am. I  didn’t take you into consideration.” I said as stretched my fingers that hurt.

“It is alright. It is not everyday a handsome man falls right on me .”

“I told you, I am a lady magnet!” Shin said as he stood up and put one arm around the woman.

“Hey get your hands off my girl!” A man walked from the other side to push Shin against the bar.

“Maybe if yours were on her, hers wouldn’t be on my ass.” Shin has this smirk on his face.

“Owwh, he is drunk he doesn’t mean any trouble.” I jumped off the bar chair and got between them.
“He didn’t know.” I added, but the man seemed to be very angry. I wasn’t a therapist or anything, but I guess he had some relationship problems he tried to get out of his system.

“Fuck you! Stay the fuck away from my girl!” He shouted trying to get closer, but I tried to keep them separated.

“Owh please she ain’t that pretty.”  Shin just had to make that comment. I glared at him from the corner of my eye.  “Get the fuck out of my way!” I suddenly felt a hand in my hair, pulling so hard that it almost felt like somebody was trying to skin me. He pulled me towards him and my body bumped against his. I cried out because of the sudden pain. His other hand suddenly wrapped around my throat, and before his fingers could get a tight grip…He suddenly let go. I fell on the ground. My head was spinning as it was and my reflexes were so slow.  I heard screaming.

“Are you alright?!” Kiro knelt next to me. I pushed the hair in front of my face away. Seeing how Utakata was punching the guy right in the face…Again…And again…And again.

“Stop..Stop!” I got up and almost tripped over my own feet like a fool. At that moment I made a mental note to never fucking drink again if it was making me this vulnerable.  “Stop it!” I shouted as I grabbed Utakata’s upper arm trying to prevent him from hitting the guy in the face again.  “You are killing him!” I shouted, but instead of pulling him away. He hit my jawline with his elbow. I fell backwards as my teeth bit my lip causing it to bleed.  My head hit the ground hard, making the headache even worse.


“You are hurting me!” I shouted. He suddenly got pulled away, causing my head to hit the ground.

“Sasuke, are you alright?” Sakura helped me sit up. I spit the blood in my mouth next to me.

“My head is spinning,”  I admitted as she helped me up. Apparently I blacked out on the way home. My head felt so heavy and light that I kept falling asleep, and I would wake up for a couple of second before falling back asleep.

“Ugh…What is that?” I moved my head away from what felt like ice. I felt a hand pushing my other cheek so the side of my lip and chin was still pressed against the ice.  “Niisan..Noo..I wanna sleep.” I tried to move my head away again, but I couldn’t.

“You should have thought of that before drinking all that vodka.”  I opened my eyes slightly and saw Naruto.  

“I thought it was water.” I whispered before closing my eyes again.

“He hit you pretty bad. It’s purple,” Naruto sighed.

“That fucker…I have to like…Cut his balls off for this.”  I took deep breath before trying to get up.

“How is hangover?”

“It is bad…I never had this before.” I rubbed my head.

“Is that a bald spot?”

“Waaaahh?!” I looked at him with wide eyes, but he couldn’t keep the straight face and started laughing.

“You should have seen your face!” Naruto laughed.

“Don’t be so loud. Besides, I can’t pull off the bald by choice look.”

“Maybe that’s actually a punishment from the Almighty for having been such a big jerk.” Naruto said.

“I was just…Having fun.”

“What’s with the pouting face?” Naruto asked. I grabbed the ice from him.

“Nothing.” I looked up, seeing him closing in.  My eyes widened slightly as I suddenly felt his forehead pressed against mine.

“Let’s enjoy the last day here, dattebayo?” He backed off before getting off the bed.

I let my head fall on my pillow before smiling slightly, feeling my heart beat slightly faster.


I woke up later than the others for their last day. Probably everybody felt kinda awkward for what happened yesterday. I put my cap on suddenly hearing my name getting called out. I turned my head seeing Mika.

He handed me his mug of coffee.

“Are you alright?” He asked me as I nodded. He looked at the bruise on my face, but this wasn’t the first time somebody I cared about hit me in the face. Madara claimed the title of being number 1.

“About yesterday…”

“It is alright. Shin equals trouble. Mainly because he put Vodka in my water. It is true what they say about the people in the grass village and Utakata has a severe case of PTSD.”  I took a sip of the coffee. “I am pulling your leg. I know he is in love with me. And I also know….It hurts to see somebody you love getting hurt.”  

“Damn, brat you talk like you have seen stuff in life,” he said.

“A stalker shot my father in the head. I killed him. My mother turned insane, she tried to kill me twice before committing suicide. I live with my five brothers. The oldest is never home, the other hates me, the other got the title of queen bitch, the one I actually have nothing much to complain about is dating a bitch and the last one has a mindset of a 12 years old. “

“You are kidding…Right?”  

“Did I get you?” I asked as I looked at Mika from the corner of my eye.  

“No, it sounds unbelievable,” Mika said. I saw how Utakata jogged with my class before stopping to do some combat training.  He didn’t see me from so far, but if he did he might start running.

“Hold it.” I pushed the mug in his hands before adjusting my cap. I ran towards them.

“Out of my way!” I shouted before placing my hand on Utakata’s shoulder. I jumped up, wrapped my legs around his neck, pushing my torso down. I jumped away, landing on my feet while he fell hard.

“Right…I deserved that. Did your thighs got bigger?” Utakata asked as he groaned slightly before getting up.

“Wanna see my other move? I saw it in a movie and I have been eager to try it out on someone.” I narrowed my eyes. He gave me this slightly scared look, but then I cracked a smile.

“It’s cool,” I said. He lowered his eyes before getting up. “I’m sorry about your pretty face.” He had this half smile on his face.

“It’s fine. It will heal.” I said. “But next time..” I narrowed my eyes, causing him to swallow.

“Hey, I do wanna see that movie move.” Shin walked towards us, smiling innocently.

“You got some rope like thing?” I asked as I looked at Utakata who handed me some dental floss.

“Really?” I gave him a weird look.

“In case something gets stuck between my teeth,” he said.

“Watch…And learn.” I said as I couldn’t help but to give Neji an arrogant look.

I ran towards Shin. His eyes widened as he moved his hand up to defend himself, but I jumped and kicked his arm, I put my one hand on his shoulder, spinning my body so I sat on his shoulder. I put the dental floss in front of his neck and I pulled back, but I let the floss lose so I wouldn’t really choke him. I pushed my body back, and jumped away causing his body to hit the ground.

“What kind of movies do you watch!” He shouted as he groaned in pain. I raised my shoulders.

“Can we learn that?” Kiba asked.

“No….You guys are not experienced enough for such advanced…” Utakata suddenly realized something as he turned his face towards me, “You got that move from the avengers movie..”

“Could be…I just memorize the cool stuff.” I said. We ended up training and sparring before playing paintball in the end.

The bus arrived, and it felt like the day went by so fast. I was glad that I was going to be home tonight, but I was going to miss being good at something.

I put my suitcase away before saying goodbye to the guys, and wishing them good luck with their missions.

“We will keep in touch right?” I asked Utakata as I punched his shoulder. He gave me this pitiful smile before nodding.

“Sasuke, I wanted to tell you something. About my mission.” He lowered his eyes. “It is going to be in the land of Iron.”  

My eyes widened slightly as I suddenly felt a lump in my throat.

“No…No it’s very dangerous there.” I didn’t want to believe this, and I guess it became clear why he didn’t tell me to begin with. I felt so bad…So extremely bad. I couldn’t express it.

“I didn’t want to tell you…But if I am going to be in touch with you. You’ll find the address in the letters anyway.” He looked away. I didn’t know what to do..Or what to say. I swallowed loudly before wrapping my arms around his torso.

“You will come back to me…You have to promise.” I said, “I can’t handle you dying on me…You can’t die on me.” I felt my breathing become faster.

“…I can’t promise you that…I’m sorry.” He whispered as he stroked my hair. I broke the hug.

“That is why you said…That you love me.”  Everything became so clear.

“Yes…” He sighed, looking away.  A usual habit of his.

I placed my hands on his cheeks, forcing him to look at me.

“You will come back to me….I will be very…Very hurt if you don’t.” I said he gave me a half smile. He grabbed my chin and I didn’t move away when he kissed me. Call me weak, but even my heart wasn’t made from such strong cement to push a man risking his life for the freedom in a battle against some religious extremists. I kissed him back. I felt nothing, no love, no heat, no fast beating of my heart or all that shit.  

“Sasuke…” I didn’t respond at the name call, it must have been the second or even third time before Utakata pulled away.  I turned my head, seeing Neji giving me some judging look. “The bus is going to leave…So…..” I just nodded as I looked back at Utakata. I leaned in and gave him one last small kiss.

“Promise me?” I whispered.

“I promise….Wait for me?” He asked with a doubtful look in his eyes. I remained quiet for a few seconds.

“If…If things don’t work out with-”

“Naruto.” He said.

“You…Know?” I looked shocked.

“He is a good kid…I could tell, by the way you look at him…I wished you would look at me with those eyes.” He looked away again, “I hope he makes you happy…If…If it works out…If not..I know I will.” He said caressing my cheek before lowering his hand to brush over the bruise he made.

“You are a very good man.” I said as I moved his hand from my cheek, he entwined our fingers and it was hard to let go, knowing I might never hold his hand again.

“I have to go.” I said. He nodded, slowly letting go.

“Promise alright!” I shouted as I rushed towards the bus.

“Promise…” He said.

I sat down next to Sakura seeing the trainings wave before the bus left. I exhaled deeply before leaning my chin on my left knee.

“So, Sasuke and Utakata!” Neji suddenly exclaimed. I guess he figured I couldn’t beat him up in a riding bus.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Don’t act innocent. I was there when you two were making out. I called you a hundred times before you two stopped dry humping.”  Why did he have to be so loud.

“He is so much older…You have a thing for that?” He kept teasing. I wasn’t going to comment on it. I didn’t mind it….That’s until he made a comment of soldiers being people who simply couldn’t finish high school. I suddenly stood up and my first instinct was to throw him out of this riding bus, but I changed my mind as I glared at him.

“That man is going to fight in the land of Iron, against the people you fear when you watch the fucking news. Not because he was too dumb to finish high school. You wanna know why?” I stood in front of him. He seemed to shrink, but he was sacking down.

“Because you are weak…A good for nothing…And he…He is strong…Brave, he makes a difference. You never will. So never….Ever…Speak ill of him. Or I will kill you.”  I said before walking back to my seat.

“So what if I kissed him! I also took fucking dump this morning. Is that world news too?!” I hissed and sat down. I suddenly felt Sakura’s arm on my shoulder. She gave me a simple nod, and for most people it wouldn’t have meant anything, but I know what she told me with that simple nod.

That she didn’t judge me, that she approved of my actions, and that she knew exactly why I did it.

“If it makes you feel better. I think you really gave him something to fight for….To return to.” Sakura added and it did make me feel better.

“OMG that is such a romantic love story!” Ino exclaimed.

“Can you shut up! Everybody just shut the fuck up!” Naruto suddenly shouted before folding his arms and looking annoyed. “…Some people just want to sleep….Alright.” He muttered as he leaned his head against the window.

“K…”  Ino muttered.

It was a nine hours drive back and it was 2 in the morning when we were in the parking lot of the school. I stepped out grabbing my bag  that was mostly empty and not heavy at all. I looked around, but I couldn’t find my brothers. Yup…This is what I feared, they abandoned me. They realized how nice their five days alone were and now they want to keep it that way.

There was this bit of hope as I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I thought it was Shisui and I turned around seeing Naruto.

“Did you find your brothers?” He asked and I shook my head. Most people already left with their parents.

“Maybe they are running late?” He suggested.

“They abandoned me…” I muttered

“Of course not.” He gave me light punch in the shoulder.

“Sweetie.” I heard Kushina said as she walked towards me. She gave me a hug. “Glad to be back?” She asked and I nodded…Not really sure actually.

“Owhh…Nasty bruise…Was it hard?” She asked. I raised my shoulders.

“He is very good, mom. He got to train with the trainers.” Naruto said.

“You think something happened to my brothers?” I muttered as I looked at the road.

“They probably just overslept. Tell you this, let me drive you home.” She gave me a kind smile resembling that of Naruto’s. I nodded and followed her to her car.

“What if they really abandoned me…What if they already packed everything.” I muttered.

“Of course not, sweetie!” Kushina laughed, but she was unaware of the fear getting bigger by the minute.  

“I’ll walk you to the door.” Naruto said as he stepped out. It was odd after knowing I am a great fighter, that he still offered to walk me to the door. I knocked and I suddenly heard a baby’s cry and a dog bark. That is it…Somebody else is already renting the house.

The door opened revealing Shisui. His hair was mess, there was baby vomit on his sweatpants and..There was water on the floor.

“AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE IN CAMP TILL FRIDAY?!”He shouted…He seemed kinda deaf.

“It’s Saturday…” I said as his eyes widened.

“Wooww….” Shisui seemed mind fucked as he literally sat on the ground, causing his sweatpants to get wetter.

“W-what is going on?”I asked as I walked inside into the living room.

“MADARA DO SOMETHING!” Izuna shouted as the sink was broken and the water was gushing out like a fountain.


“The dog is part of our family! Why does Sasuke get to keep the cat?!” Izuna shouted and then saw the dog pee on his leg. “He is still learning!” I turned my head towards Itachi-nii who was casually sitting on the couch….Which was the only casual thing about him. His state was worst than Shisui’s and he seemed to be on the verge of crying.

“I can’t handle two fucking babies..I can’t even babysit two fucking babies! Sasuke was so much easier. Stop crying..Stop crying!“ Itachi kept repeating.

“Well….They haven’t abandoned you…” Naruto laughed.

“Uhhm….Guys?” Suddenly all eyes were on me.

“HE IS BACK!” I never knew I was a magnet, until all of them wrapped their arms around me.

“You returned to us!”  Madara shouted.

“The balance is back!” Izuna cheered

“My sweet baby….” Niisan stroked my head.

“W-what happened?” I asked, but couldn’t stop laughing when they all started talking, hearing their individual stories made me laugh.

“Well ‘balance’ I will see you Monday?” He asked as I walked him to the door.

“Yes…Thank your mom for the ride.” I said with a small smile. He gave me this small smile before leaning in. My eyes widened as he kissed my cheek.

“Goodnight, Sasukeh.”


Special thanks to @emeneska-chan


Ocean: So… umm… I-I-I’m here with my p-p-parents… They sorta make m-m-me come here to… umm… freshen up? They said I… umm… was kinda depressive… after… after… I mean after everything… sorta… went down and… I saw your truck… umm… And… It was an… impulse or something… I-

Luke: Do you know that a person who cares the least about relationship has more power in it?

Ocean *confused*: What? What are you- What?

Luke: I thought it made me weak, like you know love blinds and makes us fools and all those songs, I thought it was true, well, it IS true, but that’s not the point, I thought it’s the scariest part, to depend on someone who has an upper hand over you, but-

Ocean *confused*: Luke, what are you talking about?

Luke: I’m talking about me being wrong. It’s not the scariest part. The scariest part is not having other hand at all.

Ocean *confused*: Do you mean amputation? What-

Luke: Yes, amputation. Metaphorical amputation. Metaphorical amputation  of your second half. Metaphorical second half.

Ocean *confused *: Are you drunk?

anonymous asked:

Yeah, what would it be like to date them! Like, where would they take you, would they kiss you on the doorstep at the end, do they not date at all?..I mean, not that I have some weird crush on Damien and want to visualize dating him or anything. Ha ha...

Oh boy, Damien would probably be the worst on a date. If someone actually expressed genuine, non-ability-related interest in him, he would have no idea what to do. He wouldn’t know what to talk about and he’d fall back into bad habits and probably make you pay for everything, whether you wanted to or not. 

Sam would probably show up with conversation topics on note cards in her pocket. Once she relaxed, she’d have a lot of really amazing stories to share with you, and she’s an excellent listener. But unless she already knew you pretty well, you’d have to make the first move. 

Caleb and Adam spend a lot of time trying to make each other laugh. Adam is less overt about it, but making Caleb laugh is his favorite thing. Dating someone who can feel your feelings is sometimes the best thing in the world, and sometimes it’s really, really annoying. 

Chloe is definitely the best at dating. She’ll take you to the coolest new restaurant and you’ll find yourself pouring out your heart to her. Not because she can read your mind, but because that’s who she is; she’s always been the kind of person to encourage secret-sharing. She would also take the first opportunity she got to hold your hand. 

Mark is probably equally as good at dating as Chloe is. Regardless of your gender, Mark is going to step into the role of classic gentlemen - he’s going to pick you up, open the door for you, etc. etc. He also will spend most of the date trying to make you laugh. Then, keeping with the gentlemen theme, he’d probably kiss you on the cheek and skip away into the night (he’s seen Singing in the Rain too many times). 

Agent Green would bring you on a perfectly nice date. And he would call you the next day - not text - call. And you’d go on another perfectly nice date but there’s a good chance you’d be bored. 

Dr. Bright would bring you somewhere unexpected - a science museum, or a weird exhibit, or some kind of one-night-only event. She’s an excellent conversationalist and would spend most of the date trying to impress you. You would be impressed. 

awesomea102938  asked:

Can you imagine like everyone in the Karasuno team, even hinata, they all have chest hair... except Asahi, the member with the longest hair AND beard isn't able grow chest hair and only Noya knows

lmao i was thinking about how anime boys never have any hair and i just thought of this horrifying au! where all the boys have regular chests with hair and all that stuff except for asahi who has Anime Boy™ chest like 0 hair and 0 nipple and ive been laughing for the past 20 minutes

why am i so mean to the characters i like ;u;