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I would hurt you or use you. | you unsettle me. | I dislike you or you annoy me. | I would like to get to know you better. | I pity you. | you confuse me. | I feel indifferent towards you. | I would be friends with you. | I would fight by your side. | I would hug you or hold your hand. | I would kiss you. | I would sleep with you. | I would lie for you. | I would protect you. | I would fall in love with you. | I would kill for you | I respect you. | you are my family. | I don’t know you.

( adapted from dw’s heart meme. )


anon asked for immortalanex in 2 >> vibrant colors
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otp meme | two songs/poems/quotes [2/2]
↳ “They have an understanding, they have a bond they don’t share with anyone else. That would be impossible. Nobody else shares the story, whatever that wonderful thing is that makes them compelling to watch when they’re together.” Melissa McBride