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Moon pie
Doom an’ Gloom


Morning Swim

So I’ve been bored at work and @bkwrm523 inspired an idea in me to kill time and yay, look it’s Bones! Also @kaitymccoy123 @outside-the-government look! I’ve started practice for your prompts…

Please be kind this is my first reader insert!


You’ve always done swimming, albeit leisurely.

Back home it started out as sport and then when you got older, had less time, it turned into a once-ever-blue-moon sort of thing.

But now that you’re at the Academy you decide to give it a shot again. Especially now that it’s summer, you miss the pool. Not the warm water and the slides, no you sort of miss the cold water lapping at your body, the diving and the swimming itself. Up-and-down, under and above water and the exhilarating feeling of pushing yourself to go faster.

It’s quiet in the pool, most people choosing not to go swimming at seven in the morning and you’re happy for it. You feel terribly out of shape and it’s good to get back in touch with all the strokes again without too many people watching.

By the time you’ve done a few laps and your movements are getting smoother someone else walks in.

Curious, you decide it’s time for a little break anyways and you lean onto the edge of the pool, watching the man as he puts his bag down on one of the benches. He’s dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie and he turns, probably feeling your eyes on him.

He’s handsome, you find yourself thinking in surprise. His brown hair slightly tousled and he looks very much awake for the early hour.

“Hi,” you give a small wave and consider doing another few laps. You’d love to watch him get out of his clothes but just hanging there on the edge of the pool as he undresses… well, you’re not that creepy.

“Mornin’.” he greets – and oh darn it that voice – and then says: “haven’t seen you here before.”

You chuckle and, unable to help yourself, quip: “so then I assume you come here often enough to recognize all the swimmers?”

He raises an eyebrow at you, an amused smile on his lips. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say that’s a pick-up line, Darlin’.”

And well, it wasn’t a pickup line – just your awkward skills at making conversation – but when he starts to unzip his hoodie you don’t think you’d mind if it had been a pickup line.

It’s blatantly obvious he’s undressing slowly, easing the zipper down rather than just pulling it like one normally would.

You take it as the invitation he hopefully means it as and decide the laps can wait.

Instead you watch him remove the hoodie, revealing a tanned chest and oh yes, you immediately recognize the muscular body of someone who swims regularly.

“Well it’s got you undressing so I must’ve done something wrong.” It’s not often you flirt this openly but he makes it so easy, engages so easily.

He laughs and it’s rich, deep and there’s the beginning of arousal twirling through your body because hot damn.

He slips out of his pants and he’s all muscular legs and acres of tanned skin and his trunks are tight, small and they hardly leave anything to the imagination.

Your throat is dry all of a sudden and when he saunters over to the pool and squats down right in front of you you’re certain your blush is all the way down your chest.

He smirks and offers: “So how about a race?”

You take a deep, unsteady breath. “What does the winner get?”

“Oh darlin’, I’m certain we will both be happy with the prize I’ve got in mind.” He smirks and it’s the slowest lap you’ve swum the entire day, knees weak and body too hot.

But it doesn’t matter.

Not when afterwards he takes you to the showers and makes you feel like you won first prize instead.

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I loved your firefighter/paramedic au!! I know that Jim and Bones were arguing about Bones running into buildings to save people, but somehow it turns to Jim gets stuck in the fire and Bones goes and saves him or the other way around where a pyro intentionally set a hospital or something on fire where Bones is at?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • Jim doesn’t know how long it’s been when he regains consciousness. His lungs are filled with dust, his entire body hurts, and it’s a miracle he can still move all of his limbs. Barely, but he can move them nonetheless. There’s a crushing weight on his chest, though, and he struggles to breathe, but he’s not able to move the debris on top of him. What feels like moments ago Jim was in a burning building, guiding out a few people who’d previously been trapped inside, and the thing he knows, the building collapses on top of both him and his Chief Fireman Pike. “Pike,” Jim calls out, coughing violently while he tries to look around through the mess for his colleague and friend. “Pike,” he repeats, once he sees the man next to him - just out of reach. There’s a fair amount of rubble in between them, and though Jim tries, he just can’t get any closer to the older man to see if he’s okay.
  • At last he becomes aware of voices from outside, though he’s slipping in and out of consciousness by then. Vaguely, though, he realizes the rubble and debris around them is being moved, because the sun becomes more apparent and the voices become clearer. He swears he hears a: “Damn it, Spock! I don’t need to take a break, that’s my Jim in there!”, but before he gets to see his boyfriend in action, he passes out completely. 
  • Waking up isn’t so bad. There’s flowers on his nightstand, get-well-soon cards from his mom, his colleagues, and his friends, and a fruit basket that looks half eaten already. Jim suspects the man asleep at his bedside is responsible for eating his fruit, but he doesn’t mind and he’s too high to pretend to be upset about it. Jim’s fingers reach out, running through Bones’ hair gently, until the other wakes up. “Oh, thank God,” Bones breathes out, and Jim’s smile must look a little drunk when Bones kisses him. “How bad is it?” Jim asks, lazily gesturing towards himself, though he must have looked like an idiot doing so. “Broken ribs, a few sprains, and a concussion,” Bones says, “you’ll be fine.” “What about Pike?” Jim continues. Bones’ frown is worrying, but maybe it’s the morphine that somehow makes Jim already upset before Bones even speaks. “Injured his spine, the doctors don’t know if he’ll live again. I did my best out there, but I can only do so much. I’m sorry, Jim-” “He’s alive,” Jim concludes, and that news itself is enough to happily pass out again.
  • On the bright side; Bones moves in with him, officially. Initially just “to take care of you” and “to see how it goes”, but without even having to talk about it, both know it’s a permanent thing. Jim’s up and walking (against Bones’ orders), to create drawer space in his wardrobe. He replaces some of his books and DVDs with Bones’ medical books, and he makes sure those pictures of Joanna are on the faux fireplace by the time Bones returns home from work. “You’ve been up on your feet,” Bones concludes when he finds his moving boxes largely empty, his stuff cleaned. “I can’t sit still for too long,” Jim replies, smiling sheepishly when the other sits down next to him. “You shouldn’t be sitting still you should be sleeping,” Bones scolds him, and Jim almost feels guilty. Almost, because Bones leans in, and presses a kiss to Jim’s lips. “Thank you, though.”
  • It takes a while, but Jim recovers. On his first day back on the job, he makes a point to visit the police precinct and thank Spock for looking out for Bones when Jim was under the rubble. They may disagree on almost everything; Spock’s a very decent guy (for a cop), and the fact that he was there to save Jim together with Bones was worth a thank you. Pike is back in the station, too, but he’s not out in the field anymore. Probably never, mostly behind a desk now to do the team’s paperwork. Jim feels horrible for him, but Pike insists he’s okay. He’s alive, Jim’s alive, that’s all that matters.
  • Bones lives with him, Jim grows back into his old self again, Pike can even walk properly again, and overall, things are looking up. Until suddenly, that all comes crashing down on Jim again. Jim’s just wrapped up a number of trashcan fires on and around the local campus (and, really, realizing how much he’s turning into his angry boyfriend when he finds himself lecturing these college students on safety hazards) when his phone rings. “Spock?” “Jim,” Spock’s voice rings, “I know your shift’s over, but-” “I swear to God,” Jim says, “if there’s another trashcan fire I’m going to lose my shit.”
  • It’s so much worse than a bin fire. By the time Jim gets to the children’s hospital, most of his colleagues are already there, and the building’s in flames. “Spock,” he calls out to the police officer when he finds him, “anyone get hurt?” “No, almost all staff has been evacuated,” Spock says. “Good,” Jim says, looking around, “where’s Bones?” “That’s why I called you,” Spock says, “Leonard is still inside.“ “Why is Bones inside in the first place?!” “Because this is a children’s hospital, Jim,” Spock answers, “with the slightest chance there’s a child left inside, Leonard just ran inside.”
  • Pike verbally opposes. Of course, like himself, Jim’s only just been back into the job. It’s dangerous, the building looks on the verge of collapsing - everything calls for an unnecessary repeat of last time, except this time they might not be so lucky. All of that doesn’t matter, because Jim’s pulling on a suit and running in, anyway. “Bones!” he calls out, the smoke immediately painful in his lungs; reminding him just too much of the time he spent in trapped under a collapsed building.
  • “Bones!” Jim repeats, pushing through the building. He finds Bones in an area that’s not on fire (thank God), but the smoke is nearly unbearable, and Jim feels close to passing out despite the mask he’s wearing. Bones isn’t quite that lucky, and so Jim rushes over to the body on the floor. “Bones!” he says, yanking off his own mask just to cover the other’s face with it, “hang in there, I’m going to get you out of here, you idiot.”
  • Jim doesn’t even know if Bones is still alive. In a lot of fires, it’s not the actual flames that kill people, after all. And just that thought makes Jim panic before they’re even out. His eyes are burning because of the smoke, and he’s pretty sure he’s covered in ashes when he stumbles outside. 
  • Luckily, Bones wakes up almost immediately once they make it to the ambulance. “Hey, you idiot,” Jim says, tugging off that mask and running his fingers over those ash stained cheeks, “you’re supposed to save me, not the other way around.” Bones grunts, letting out a tired, pained laugh. “You carried me out?” “Uh-huh,” Jim says, “bridal style and all. Which, really, I shouldn’t have to do until marriage.” Bones huffs, and Jim steps aside to let another paramedic check Bones out completely. 
  • “Don’t you ever do that again,” Jim tells Bones when they make it home. Bones looks so much better already, though completely exhausted when he falls down on bed. Jim’s more than happy to follow suit. “What, saving lives? That’s my job, and it’s yours, too.” “Don’t you talk smart at me,” Jim warns, smiling and sliding an arm around Bones’ waist, “I didn’t spent so much effort in picking you up only to lose you to a fire.” “So much effort?” Bones asks, turning to him a little, “I distinctly remember the worst possible puns, and that’s about it.” “Those were great puns, even better pickup lines!” Jim counters, grinning when Bones leans in to kiss him. “The worst,” he says. “You think you can do better?” Jim asks, easily relaxing into Bones’ company knowing the other’s fine. “I don’t need to do better, we’re already together,” Bones laughs, “that said, though, you might be the fireman, but I think you and I both know how to handle a hose.” Jim bursts out laughing at that. “I stand corrected,” Jim says, “we’re both horrible.”
The Enterprise malfunctions

One day the sensors on all the doors glitch out and they start opening and shutting super fast. Communications are down and everyone’s stuck in rooms or hallways without being able to enter or leave.

Scotty can fix it if but he needs to get to the engine room. Kirk suggests that he try to run through, and Bones protests mightily. Spock is trying to time the door’s pattern to determine when you can run through, Uhura is working on getting communications back up, and Sulu is watching Bones hold Kirk back.

Suddenly they’re all silenced by


Chekov took a flying leap at the door and hurled himself through headfirst. He made it 99% of the way but his boot got stuck, holding the door open a crack, and preventing it from moving.

He pulls his foot free, stands up, dusts himself off, and grins through the opening.

“I can do zhat!”

Walk of Shame

So. Back to the perioperative playlist: I think Bones plays Walk of Shame by P!nk in the operating room whenever he catches one of his staff doing the walk of shame in Enterprise’s halls. He’s up and around at strange hours of the day and sees a lot of things people think he doesn’t, including who is sneaking out of who’s room.

They don’t necessarily know that he saw them (and he doesn’t tell them), which leads to a lot of “Shit, is that for me?” and “Oh, God, don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact” and general sweating by the guilty one in the OR.

The really fucked up thing? Sometimes he plays it when he hasn’t caught someone in a while, just to see if anyone starts sweating. It’s never who he thinks it will be.

He stops the day that two of his best staff get that “Oh, shit” look about them. Technically, there shouldn’t be any shenanigans between staff within a department. When they both show up at his office later ready to face the music, he cuts them off before they can even get started.

“I didn’t see anything,” he tells them.


“I didn’t see anything and of this moment I don’t know anything. So feel free to turn around and leave before you tell me anything I do NOT want to know. Because I do not want to lose one or two of my best staff.”

And that was the end of that particular song in the playlist.


AOS Fic - In Darkness, part II

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For @gracieminabox

Read part I here

This keeps getting longer and longer, guys.

Warnings for language, discussion of disability, and some serious eye squick. I also feel that I should mention that Jim’s thoughts at the end do not necessarily reflect my own opinions regarding subject matter. More on that in my notes, which are at the bottom.

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk


Silence greets him.

“Bones?” Jim’s voice cracks. He’s hoarse from screaming, his ears are ringing and his eyes are burning, and the world is pitching and reeling beneath his feet.

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More Than You Think

Beastsilver is real in these here parts of town~ \(-_-)/
Basically- Hank starts noticing Peter a lot more when the speedster begins showing up around him.


Hank knew that Peter was still unable to forgive himself for what had happened to Alex- he could clearly see the deep dread that was buried deep in his dark eyes, no matter how much Peter easily covered it up. He inwardly frowned when he thought about it too long- how whenever the ghostly mentioning of Alex’s name came up every now and then, Peter’s smile would all too easily slip a bit. How his eyes flickered a certain way. How his head hung low sometimes, and how Hank would surface from the lab at two in the morning to find the boy walking mindlessly through the halls- slow and drenched a melancholy that he miserably lied about.
Hank wanted to talk about it; wanted to just ask if his worries were true, and if Peter needed help that he just wasn’t used to. But the words always stuck and hesitated a second too long- you had to be quick with Peter- and before the doctor could ever just stop him a moment and lay a hand on his shoulder, Peter smirked and took off; gone for the day with a sure smile not quite as wide as it usually was.
Hank easily saw how upset Peter still was; even if no one else did. He was a doctor- that sort of thing was his job, in a way.

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