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⇝ Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Movie Storyline
“ Thomas and his fellow Gladers face their greatest challenge yet: searching for clues about the mysterious and powerful organization known as WCKD. Their journey takes them to the Scorch, a desolate landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles. Teaming up with resistance fighters, the Gladers take on WCKD’s vastly superior forces and uncover its shocking plans for them all. ”

The Scorch Trials (2016) New Poster :D
In the sequel of The Maze Runner are three new actors in the cast :)
Giancarlo Esposito as Jorge
Jacob Lofland ad Aris
Rosa Salazar (who plays Lynn in Insurgent xP) as Brenda
Aidan Gillen as Janson

The Maze Runner Film

DISCLAIMER these are my emotions DIRECTLY after seeing the film (staying up a little late to write them down) and there may be some spoilers. I am a book reader and I understand that some things don’t translate to film but here are MY opinions!! Also read the book about a year ago so..

To begin…

As a movie-goer… I thought the film was fantastic and well done. It makes me so proud to be behind such an amazing fan base to an even AMAZING production & novel. I thought the film was so well done, the effects were fantastic and the actors did a great job. I would recommend this to anyone, although I feel like it might get overwhelming and confusing but still a good film!

Now.. As a booker-reader… I came out of the film overwhelmed and a bit stunned. I want to enjoy the movie as A MOVIE GOER and I know I need to see it again to get the full - less overwhelmed - reaction. I KNOW, I know that everything can’t translate. I respect fully the changes of the griever hole plot line and some others. I was really upset by the relationship between Thomas and Teresa and other relationships. I felt like the film lacked that relationship development (between Thomas & Teresa, Newt & Alby etc..) It might be to destroy all romance between Thomas and Teresa to pave way for Brenda (who I love dearly) so people won’t say OH THE MAZE RUNNER LOVE TRIANGLE which is not at all what it is. I know that the telepathy wouldn’t translate but I felt like they needed a bit more of a connection. Next, I’m assuming that Gally-lovers are a bit upset with the way he was portrayed. I kinda am, but I get as a reader of the trio, that it all come full circle. Correct me if I’m wrong but DOES GALLY GET STABBED…? I was so upset because I thought they killed him off that I couldn’t even react to Chuck’s death. I yelled WHAT THE FUCK in the theatre, so I seem like an idiot if he didn’t! His eyes though reassured me that he may come back for TDC. WHY WAS FRYPAN LIKE THE SIGNATURE BLACK DUDE???? WHY WASN’T THEIR ANY BE CAREFUL DON’T DIE?! OR GREAT WERE ALL BLOODY INSPIRED! I was so upset by that, I was waiting!! NEWTS LIMP WASNT THAT SIGNIFICANT?! Why was their no crank preview?! NO BARK OR FLOATCAT??!?! NO BURNING OF THE MAPS? WHY WAS MINHO PORTRAYED AS SO MYSTERIOUS AND NOT THE FUN LOVING SASS MASTER? WHY DIDN’T THEY PRONOUNCE IT MIN-HO?!?!??! WHY DID ALBY SACRIFICE HIMSELF THEN?! 

Positives: GRIEVERS were fantastically done, I’m so proud of the production. Production in general. The actors fulfilled their roles as they were supposed to (less important characters only having a few lines). I honestly had chills multiple times and fan girled hard. The whole Ava thing AND JAMES CAMEO was great, and the scorch.. FUCK WAS AWESOME! There’s so much more!! Best line? HOLD ON CHUCK.. NO SHIT! Also really cute boys sat next to us who read the book A+!

I’m just a little upset that no one knows about the film, meaning we might not get TST due to sales.. Which would break my heart and so many others! I’m so hoping that it’s not another shitty one filmed saga YA series and other experience the amazement that is TMR. All in all this is just my quick out of the theatre fast review, I loved it as a whole and I’m so proud. I hope it does well for both JD and our fan base! I’d love to know what you all think!

The Maze Runner: Not As Bad As I Expected


The Maze Runner is yet another movie which falls into the dystopian category which has been sweeping through YA culture for the last few years. From The Hunger Games to Divergent, both which have also been made into movies recently, dystopian themes from authors like George Orwell and Ray Bradbury have resurfaced and made frightening and undesirable societies desirable again. So much so that every time I introduce a new book I’m reading to my parents, their first comment is something akin to “let me guess, it takes place in a dystopian world.” Dystopians let us explore what our world would be like if shit completely hit the fan without having to, of course, live in a world where shit has completely hit the fan. We can explore ideas and theories about the future without having to be subject to the cruel and malevolent all-powerful governments that are running rampant in basically every single dystopian story ever.


Saying that, The Maze Runner is not a plot-driven film. Aside from the general concept of “we have to get out of this maze guys,” there isn’t really much world building or a plan which the story seems to follow. The Maze Runner isn’t really a character-based film either. After the credits rolled, I didn’t really feel like I had a deep personal connection with many of the characters or had gone with them on some sort of life-altering path of self discovery. No, this film is a gritty, intense, action-filled look at a group of boys (and a girl who ends up there for seemingly the sole purpose of saying Thomas’s name and making everyone else suspicious of him) stuck in the middle of a maze filled with robot-monster hybrid creatures that literally just want to kill them.



It mixes a Lord of the Flies-esque community with a bit of intrigue, mystery, and plain old fashion life-or-death chase scenes. There are kids trying to run their own society. There are lots of fight scenes and plenty of red shirted background characters that get picked off along the way. There are gross things pulled out of dead creatures. There is blood and gore and spears sticking out of chests. And it does that really, really well. It’s fast. It’s dynamic. It has enough terrifying monster-fighting scenes to get your blood pumping and enough not-monster-fighting scenes in between to let you calm yourself down again. The music is amazing and consistently fits the mood throughout the entire film. The visual effects are at best breathtaking and at worst still pretty damn great. There aren’t really any boring parts in this film, with the music transitioning between scenes wonderfully. Some character arcs are a bit predictable and slightly cliché, but it doesn’t detract from the film overall too much.


All in all, The Maze Runner was a pleasant surprise and I liked it so much more than I was expecting to when I walked into that theatre. Fingers crossed they keep it up for the sequels.

The Maze Runner doesn’t been in the cinema yet, but in Comic Con producent gave us a poster to sequel The Scorch Trials :D