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Neat extra content! Here is a sketch dump of some concept work for Tasty Teaspoon’s mascot, Yolli.

Early on, the project was actually named Cooking Club and we wanted to stick with our chef chicken mascot, but we needed a way for the look to match our new graphic theme. After some sketches, I came up with a final look! Yolli is a simple circle chicken with a welcoming cute vibe, ready to cook up a good meal.


Kotobukiya and Comic Market Bonus Items

These are the items that were given to people who purchased various CC2 goods from the Kotobukiya stores.

First one is a set of bookmarks handed out to people who bought CC2 Comiket 88 goods for 6,000 yen or more at the Kotobukiya stores.

This was also handed out later as well to people who bought CC2 Comiket 89 goods for 2,000 yen or more.

This set includes a Solatorobo bookmark as well as a Kemono Project and .hack one.

Next is a set of tin badge straps featuring Haseo from the .hack series, Red from Solatorobo and C-nya, the Kemono Project mascot character.

These were given to people who bought CC2 Comiket 89 goods for 6,000 yen or more at the Kotobukiya stores.

The last item is a paper fan handed out to people visiting the CC2 booth at Comiket 89.

One side features Solatorobo while the other features Kemono Project.

Here’s my sona’s (aka myself) design for “The DETERMINATION PROJECT”. No glasses for me ‘cuz… it’d be real annoying to have glasses Underground. ‘Cuz I’m a total klutz. My vision’s fine in the UT realm. My hair, tho! Yeah. Messy as always *thumbs up*

Oh. Yeah. I’ll be making an animation for this project :3 Doin’ design stuff nao >:V But sleep first!!


This Native American artist is putting white people on helmets to protest offensive mascots 

Matthew Bearden is an Oklahoma-based artist whose latest project, “Sacred Mascots,” turns white Americans’ long fetishization of Native culture on its head by making them the subject of sports fans’ gaze. Bearden, a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribe, is painting white people on football helmets as mascots. His Pope analogy really clarifies the issue.


Quick video done for the client showing the movement in the costume 😀 #Mixedcandy #fursuit #client #work #project #latinvixen #mascot #cosplay #dog #costume

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