Hi there!

This weekend at Otakon I purchased a Love Live trading charm mystery box and got Rin.  She’s super cute, but she’s not my favorite idol and I’d much rather see her in a home with someone who loves her the most.  

If anyone has a Kotori they would be willing to trade for her, or if you’re willing to make an offer on her, please inbox me!!  She hasn’t yet been removed from her plastic baggie and the box is still in perfect shape.

Updates #2

Hi guys! This is whatthenaia, and this is my second update!

Anyways, I’m taking a break from UTAU until my birthday, so the VCV for Maria will be on hold (originally the VCV was going to be released in late July, but due to vacation stuff, it’ll be released in early August hopefully). Also, after finishing Marias VCV, I want to make some more UTAU covers!

Not only that, I will be making a backstory for one of the mascots for FUWAutau Project - FUWA Maria and FUWA Mario. I will also be adding a gallery page of the fanart, containing all FUWAutau related art! Lastly, hopefully I can rev up the official website a little (not changing the theme though; its too cool)!