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You are soooo lucky to be married with a husband and a family!! I really hope that's me one day but I keep getting my heart broken and I feel like it will never happen for me.

You can get your heart broken when you’re married.

Life is more about being happy regardless of your relationship status…

The Week That Was

Someone please get me back to Ansan. 

It’s Friday and I long for my bed and my local supermarket and cafes. Take me back to my dusty floors and dying plants. I need to go to there. 

It’s hard to put into words the utter discomfort and awkwardness I experience when I am with my in-laws. Things are getting better with my brother+sister in law due to dinners out together etc but I still don’t know how to conduct myself around my in-laws. I have heard advice from people from all sorts of different walks of life and none of it has been particularly helpful. Apart from the unifying conclusion of ‘it gets better with time’. Almost a year into our marriage and I’m not too sure if it has taken effect yet but by golly gosh I hope it’s true. 

schnappsshots dropped this message in my askbox: “How much time does an intj spend with their significant other if not married yet? I’m just curious, cos all us intjs got some project on the brain. (provided that project isn’t related to the significant other) This is not urgent.”

I have no idea. Because I’ve never been in a relationship and the only INTJ I know in real life is married. But I think it’s a really interesting question. So I’ll pass this one on to you guys as well: How much time do you spend with your significant other?


Cliff’s Diary

Diary Dearest.

Isn’t is sad that you, my show appointed diary, are currently my only dear. I’m stuck in this grey walled prison while other men woo the woman I hope to marry. Life can be cruel.

It’s enough to give you a tension headache, Or maybe it’s just the decor. Oh an mum and dad, if you’re reading this, being open about weakness DOES NOT MEAN I’M GAY. That’s generalisation and offensive to both me and the gay community. Capisce?

I have decided to cheer myself up with some waffles.

The waffles were…. unsuccessful. 

I never knew grills could be so temperamental. Whoever kitted out this place used the cheapest things they could find. It’s a miracle I didn’t die.

I did lose an eyebrow.

The mirror took great delight in pointing this out to me and made up a nickname. Clff. Because now I am less an eyebrow. It’s not even funny.

I shall restyle my hair until the eyebrow grows back.

The humanity.

Cliff also failed to skill up or score points from any of the items in the room and has only boosted charisma via interacting with the mirror. He also received no less than 4 negative moodlets from repeatedly using the admire me interact!

He ain’t even trying to hide it!