pre-hogwarts sirius headcanon (:

— the blacks first sensed that sirius was meant to be different than them was when sirius was six and kept refusing to take more piano lessons. refusal and disobeying the wishes of his parents at an age where he was mature enough to know what he want was something unheard of, so walburga was suspicious and orion was indifferent, but extra wary and careful with sirius. ever since then, regulus was favoured more by his parents and sirius was often left in the shadows, was only brought up and remembered when guests came by and conversations about the next family heir and eldest son were brought up.

— when sirius was nine, he was sitting at his desk with papers in front of him and a quill in his hand. he was writing poetry — which wasn’t something bad, but when his cousin, narcissa walked in and saw how messy his handwriting was, she instantly laughed about it in front of everyone. walburga and orion were embarassed, but it was nothing compared to how embarrassed they felt when orion nicely asked his son, in front of the whole family, if he was interested in changing his handwriting into a certain font and sirius replied with, “no, i don’t care if my handwriting is messy and i don’t care if anyone else does. no one has the right to comment about it unless i am inking my words onto their skin.”

— sirius was eleven and he was standing with his parents at king’s cross, already dressed in black robes, his hair cut short and brushed back neatly. too neat and too brushed back to the point that even the september’s warm and chilly winds couldn’t let any strands go free. once the express arrived, his father knelt down in front of him and tied a green, black and white scarf around sirius’ neck. with his lips pursed and a challenging glint in his eyes, sirius shook his head and quickly pulled off the scarf, not showing any hints of emotion as the wool burnt his skin. “i won’t be needing it now, father, because i still am not sorted,” sirius explained. walburga, standing next to regulus, gasped. she said something and she looked angry, while orion appeared to be speechless, but sirius couldn’t hear any of her screeches because the hogwarts express arrived and it was too loud and too late.

— it was too late, because sirius left and when he came back during winter break, the walls of his room were magicked into gryffindor and muggle themes and the way he acted lacked respect and elegance and the moment his lips parted, arguments and demands of changing and pride poured out. it was too late, because sirius had found people he could trust and people he could love and sirius had found out the truth and found himself and broke the bars caging him in. it was too late, because sirius was different and he was always meant to be different and he was too stubborn to obey.

Who was the Potter cat?

So we all know the Potters had a cat, right?

All we have per descriptions of this cat is that 1. It was enough of a Potter to make the list when they went into hiding and 2. Harry scared it with his new broom he got from Sirius.

There is further no mention of said cat.

On the other hand, don’t we know another, really old, beaten down, ugly, sad, sad cat?

A cat that befriended Sirius Black and seemed to KNOW Peter Pettigrew’s smell, hold a grudge against him, even?

Part-kneazle, so it has a remarkable ability for finding home or things that it has a connection to, like, say, a family member.

A cat that knows it’s way around Hogwarts, around the Whomping Willow, almost like it had been there before with another owner.

A cat that absolutely REFUSED to let Hermione leave that shop without him after seeing a certain rat, was CRAZED, almost.

We have no mention of this cat/kneazle’s age, except that it had been in the shop for a while and no one had wanted it. Magical creatures live a long time. Cats live a long time. It’s within reason that this cat could be 30, even 40 years old.

It makes too much sense.

The Potter cat is Crookshanks.

remus headcanon
  • i have a headcanon
  • the marauders notice how Remus gets really moody when he reaches the 2 day mark before a full moon
  • each month varies in emotion
  • some months, he’ll be really sad
  • he’ll push his food around his plate, drag his feet when he walks, go to bed early, not even bother to get a cup of tea, lay his head on the table during class, not chime in on conversations, and have the boys constantly worry about him
  • other months, he’s completely pissed off
  • he’ll sigh in exasperation when he drops something, snap when someone asks him more than one question, rub his eyes and groan when he’s asked to do something, and sit on a common room couch with a mixture of annoyance and disgust on his face as he tries not to roll his eyes at everyone, making the other boys nervous whenever they’re around him, like he’s a bomb ready to explode
  • and sometimes, just sometimes, he’ll have a mixture of both
  • he’ll listen to his sad records but let out an aggravated groan when they skip, he’ll stare off in class and when he misses something the teacher said, he’ll hastily flip through his book and try to catch up, whilst having a pissy-pouty look on his face
  • the boys don’t even try to test him during this mood
  • when he’s this way, he has a no tolerance for any bullshit
  • and so, one day in 6th year, a day before a full moon, he was in that particular mood
  • they were all in transfiguration
  • James was sitting with Lily today, she let him; she’s starting to like James
  • Sirius is next to Peter, chatting about nonsense, and Remus is at the next table with his head on his crossed-arms
  • he likes being alone during classes before a full moon
  • but of course, only the marauders new that
  • so a snotty Slytherin sat next to Remus, seeing that there was no other seat available
  • neither one was too happy about this arrangement
  • toward the end of the class, Mcgonagall was talking about how transfiguring muggle-owned things isn’t tolerated because it’s too risky in exposing magic and confusing and scaring the muggle half to death
  • and of course, the Slytherin sniggers
  • “What is it?” Mcgonagall asked the slytherin
  • “I just think it’s funny,” the Slytherin starts,” that muggles can’t really seem to grasp anything.”
  • James can feel Lily tense next to him
  • James purses his lips and knits his eyebrows together, ‘here we go again, guess i’m going to have to get my knuckles bloody after class’
  • “Come again?” Mcgonagall asked with a puzzled look
  • “I just mean,” the Slytherin continues,” haven’t they noticed something’s up by now? Haven’t they noticed magic before? I mean the ministry can’t erase everyone’s memory… I guess their just slow… uneducated and slow.”
  • at that, Remus slowly lifted his head off the desk and turned to look at the kid, wearing the most ‘i can’t believe someone actually thought that in their head and then decided to said it out loud’ expression on his face
  • then the Slytherin kid says, in a voice just low enough for Mcgonagall not to hear, but everyone in a ten foot radius to, “Maybe that’s why mudbloods are so slow and horrid at magic, take after their stupid parents. Aren’t i right?”
  • and just as Sirius and James are about to pound this kid into the ground, Remus takes a handful of the kids hair from the back of his head into his fist, and slams the kids face on the table so hard and fast, James almost missed it
  • “REMUS!,” Lily and Mcgonagall shout at the same time, both standing up, Lily knocking her chair over
  • the kids nose starts gushing blood, undoubtedly broken, as he wails and fumbles to get away from Remus
  • and Remus just has this half bored, half disgusted look on his face as he watches his classmate flail about
  • Peter has the same shocked expression as James, and then James and Sirius share a glance, and before they know it, they’re on the floor laughing their arses off
  • since then, that was always the first story that got brought up whenever someone mentioned Remus for the next two years, and the story that always made Remus grin wide whenever he was in one of his ‘moods.’

Messrs Prongs, Wormtail, Padfoot and Moony  🎶


“Why did Snape think I’d got the map from the manufacturers?”
“Because…,” Lupin hesitated, “because these mapmakers would have wanted to lure you out of school. They’d think it extremely entertaining.”
“Do you know them?” said Harry, impressed.
“We’ve met,” he said shortly. He was looking at Harry more seriously than ever before.

Before Pottermore ruined it I had a decade-long headcanon that Remus’ father walked out on him and his mother, after they couldn’t find a cure for his lycanthropy. His mother tried her best and loved her son, dearly, but they were dirt poor and she could only give him so much.

I also had the headcanon that Peter’s parents always wanted him to be the best, which caused him to have major self-esteem issues.

And of course Sirius’ parents were abusive jerks.

Meaning that James’ parents became the de-facto group parents and they were more than happy to take on the role and they were wonderful at it.

The Marauders had “sleepovers” at the Potter Manor at least once a week during the summer. The manor was out in the country, so the boys spent most of their days running through meadows and flying on broomsticks and climbing trees and staring up at the stars and all of that wonderfulness. Mrs. Potter sent Remus home with a garbage bag full of food. Sirius often didn’t go home for several days. Nobody minded.

Mr. Potter having long conversations with Sirius about how the world isn’t black and white and how it’s not split into good people and Death Eaters, how we all have light and dark inside of us.

Remus offering to help Mrs. Potter around the house. (It’s the least he can do, after accidentally hitting a Bludger through the window.) Mrs. Potter giving him a hefty allowance. They both understand the subtext but neither one mentions it.

When Sirius is old enough, he pulls his long hair into a bun, securing it with his wand, and joins Mrs. Potter at the stove, creating some of the most delicious meals that the other boys have tasted. Mrs. Potter exclaiming that he has a true talent for cooking, something that surprises and pleases Sirius.

Peter giving Mr. Potter - Wizard Chess Extraordinaire a run for his money. The entire living room erupting into cheers as Peter’s able to capture Mr. Potter’s king. Mr. Potter is cheering the loudest of them all.

The Potters assuring Remus that there’s nothing wrong with him and treating him as they treat everyone else.

The Potters also putting in a bunker in case Remus wants to stay over during the full moons. He accepts the offer once and Mr. and Mrs. Potter sit outside all night, in case he needs them.

Sirius and Regulus arriving at Grimmauld Place the summer after their third/second year, only to find that Orion and Walburga are gone. (It wasn’t uncommon for them to go on vacations and forget about their children) They survive off of crackers in the pantry for three days, before Sirius drags Regulus onto the Knight Bus and they make the hour-long journey to the Potters. They stay there for a month and though Regulus would never admit it, it was the best month of his life.

It’s around this time that Sirius gets his own bedroom, complete with his own decorations and a wardrobe of spare clothes. Just in case.

Mr. and Mrs. Potter not forgetting Peter, giving him all sorts of advice and trying to help him study so that he can impress his parents, while taking the time to tell him that they are already impressed with him and that he doesn’t ever have to feel the need to prove himself.

And of course, one day, Sirius shows up bloody and bruised and he doesn’t leave. The Potters fought to get custody of Regulus as well, but the Blacks fought harder. It was one of the Potters’ greatest sorrows and they only hoped that Regulus would be okay. (He wasn’t.)

Remus being able to hold himself together in front of Peter, struggling to hold himself together in front of Sirius, slipping in front of James, and falling apart in front of Mr. and Mrs. Potter, because he’s seventeen-years-old and what’s he going to do with his life and nobody’s going to hire a werewolf. Mr. and Mrs. Potter comforting him and giving him advice and never once judging him, especially not judging him for breaking down.

The Potters taking the boys, their boys, on vacations and giving them Christmas presents and sending them letters of encouragement when they’re at Hogwarts, along with sweets and small presents. The Potters giving them advice and hope and love.

Mr. and Mrs. Potter eventually passing away and Sirius, Remus, and Peter crying just as hard as James because they were their parents just as much as they were his.

It’s the one group of headcanons that I refuse to let go of, to be honest. That and the headcanon that James’ father was an Auror. I’ll never give that one up. (It works so well, you don’t understand.)

what if when remus died he saw harry? and oh god he was devastated, james’ son was supposed to live, voldemort must’ve won, all hope was lost, but then he realized harry wasn’t that tall, or had that sort of swaggering posture. and where was his scar?

“hello, moony. oh, stop acting so shocked. you know i’d never leave my best mate to enter this afterlife alone, would i?”


favourite friendships (1/7): The Marauders

“For the first time ever, I had friends, three great friends… I was terrified they would desert me the moment they found out what I was. But […] they didn’t desert me at all. Instead, they did something for me that would make my transformations not only bearable, but the best times of my life. They became Animagi.”


Minimalist Poster  ➳ The Marauders

“There were four heroes as it were in the previous generation and one of them betrayed the others, and then there were the three. So I wanted Harry to be surrounded by… James and Sirius and Lupin, all of whom had died in a way for him. You know Lupin had laid down his life in Harry’s battle, he didn’t have to come back, he didn’t have to fight. James had died trying to protect the family; Sirius very obviously had died fighting along with Harry.”

Person: “What do you like to do with your free time?”

 *Flashbacking to hours of eating and binge watching and fanfictions*

Me: “I like to read.”