Abandoned Mansion by Paul
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Montgomery County, New York.

Build Inspiration - Victorian

In preparation for VAMPIRES, I’ve been scouring the interwebs looking for inspiration.  I’m not a fan of the Queen Anne style for TS4 because of the roof limitations (kind of hard to build a turret without a circular roof and I’d rather not piece something together).

So, I’m probably going to focus more on Second Empire style since it’s a bit more doable (even then we lack mansard roof pieces….sighs……what I would give for all the roof types we had in TS3!)

If you’re looking to recreate the house used in Interview with a Vampire? Google “Oak Alley Plantation”.  Personally, I would use The Myrtles since it’s listed as one of the most haunted places in America but it’s kind of boring looking and doesn’t have the drama of Oak Alley or the tie-in to a vampire movie.

ANYWAYS……here are some images for anybody seeking inspiration.

More and some floor plans below the cut

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the signs as bizarre encounters i’ve had with men

Aries: man on a tricycle who yelled at me in spanish

Taurus: homeless man who garbled his life story to me while i was passed out on the sidewalk

Gemini: fat guy on molly who spent 20 min telling me how much he values “conversation” and then asked me if i wanted to get out of here

Cancer: drunk teen who shouted “i’ll egg your nog!” to me at a christmas party

Leo: 47 yr old man who wouldn’t stop dancing with us at a david bowie tribute concert

Virgo: danny devito lookalike who nervously told me i had beautiful hair

Libra: guy who tapped me on the shoulder and started quoting “mansard roof” by vampire weekend

Scorpio: 23 yr old, who, upon learning that I was 16, laughed and patted me on the back while continuing to flirt with me

Sagittarius: guy who parked my car for me in a crowded lot bc he didn’t want me to ruin my paint job

Capricorn: old men who waved at me from a restaurant window (i didn’t know them)

Aquarius: man who made me take a picture with his younger brother “so he could be popular on the ‘gram” 

Pisces: elderly fellow at Cafe Express who tapped me on the shoulder just to tell me a bad joke

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Mansion on the Hill by Paul
Via Flickr:
Coxsackie, NY.

for two dumb punks in love 

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Mansard Roof - Vampire Weekend • Sarah - Kim Churchill • Who’d Have Known - Lily Allen • Patient Love - Passenger • Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend • Chocolate - the 1975 • Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood • Wander the Tracks - Kim Churchill • Arabella - Arctic Monkeys • We Are Young - fun • Something I Need - OneRepublic

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I gave a little facelift to one of the homes in Eltham’s Drift—the Carfax Estate. (See another Eltham’s Drift makeover here.) I particularly like this lot because it’s the crazy cat lady’s house, and that’s something I can strongly relate to :D

“Before” pictures on the left and “after” on the right. I really like the architecture in this world but a lot of the houses are bigger than I prefer. So I first of all shrunk this one quite a bit by pulling in the back wall by two tiles and pulling in the lefthand side wall four tiles, as well as taking out a chunk of the second floor to make a wraparound balcony.

The other structural changes I made: added dormers, added a shorter turret in the back, moved the back porch, added a tiny balcony to the front turret, and extended the top room in the front turret so I could connect it to the master bedroom via spiral staircase. I also changed the floorplan quite a bit and made room for an extra bedroom upstairs. And cosmetic changes: switched the main gable roof for a mansard roof, used a hipped roof for the front porch, changed the siding/roof styles, used different windows and added shutters, used different fences and interspersed the one around the perimeter with a hedge, and dropped in some quick landscaping. I didn’t add any extra furniture so I think it ended up being around the same price, everything considered. I’m not going to play with this lot—right now, anyway—so this was mainly for curb appeal.


Canandaigua New York ~ Clement House ~ Second Empire ~ 1885 by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
The Structure was home to three prominent Lawyers. The unique Second Empire style is created by the mansard roof eleven dormers, arched porches and Victorian double door. 176 - 178 North Main Steet


Vampire Weekend released Mansard Roof as their debut single on October 23, 2007. It is also the band’s first ever music video, filmed on location at the yacht club in Perth-Amboy, New Jersey and directed by Alexis Boling. It was shot using 16mm reversal stock and cross-processed the negative at the lab.


Today is the turn of the Old house.

Here is the final design followed by some of the earlier versions, it was a very fun part of the project.

Since the very early stages I found the idea of giving it something to help her walk, like a cane. Then after some research we found the italianete style and the mansard roof to make it contrast with the Young house and there it came slowly.


Another Eltham’s Drift makeover! (Here’s the last one I did.) After the first couple of pictures, “before” is on the left and “after” on the right.

Like the last house, the first thing I did was shrink it a little bit. I pulled the lefthand side wall in a couple tiles—making the front gable section narrower as well—and shifted the turret one tile closer to the roofline. I also lowered the top level of the turret to half of full wall height and used a mansard roof for the main section of the roof. I put a couple cantilevered additions on the second floor to make the back a bit more interesting. Last, a few little adjustments to the floor plan: I separated the dining room from the kitchen, added a hallway upstairs so the second bedroom is no longer accessed from the first, made the upstairs bathroom a full bath, and added an extra bathroom.

The obvious cosmetic change was using different siding styles and colors, and I also recolored the chimney to match the foundation brick I used. Unlike the Carfax Estate renovation, I didn’t change the interior walls or floors at all (mainly because I had a crash while doing this and had to start over once, so I was getting bored of looking it). I really like how the exterior turned out though, so I will probably come back to it later and give the inside a little sprucing. 

This one was called the Blue Carbuncle, though I should probably rename it now that it isn’t blue anymore. Suggestions?