Two houses to play with! There was supposed to be a third one but that lot caused sim reset errors, so it’s been scrapped. (Which is why my original plan of using these as apartments didn’t work out, so I divided that lot into individual houses.) These two houses have been tested in gameplay and they work well. Built using the Ultimate Collection, packaged with Clean Installer. CC FREE, all Maxis. They are small, 1x1 lots which I had pictured as being part of a historic downtown residential area. They’re the perfect size for a young sim who is ready to own, or an older couple looking to downsize. They come fully furnished and decorated, and you can change that however you like to suit the sims living there.  Both have all the basic skill building objects.
Known issues:

The mansard roof pieces don’t drop with the walls, so it’s a little annoying but there’s enough gaps to keep it from being infuriating. :P (this is only on 721 Victoria Lane)

The kitchen window in 723 Victoria Lane will likely be pushed into the room like this when you first open the lot after installing it. Just grab it in buy mode and it will pop into place.

Download 721 Victoria Lane (SFS or BOX)
Download 723 Victoria Lane (SFS or BOX)

Hey listen to those

fav songs in the world: chances - the strokes, i know - fiona apple, the world has turned and left me here - weezer, advance cassette - spoon, kill v maim - grimes, forrest gump - frank ocean, zebra - beach house, call me when you’re sober - evanescence, lonely - akon, across the universe - the beatles, sea of love - cat power, feels like we only go backwards - tame impala, on melancholy hill - gorillaz, america’s suitehearts - fall out boy, grown woman - beyonce, otherside - red hot chilli peppers, the man who sold the world - nirvana, francis - coeur de pirate, flume - bon iver, two weeks - FKA twigs, glass in the park - alex turner, mansard roof - vampire weekend, 24 hours - sky ferreira, blue collar man - styx, all the songs by scorpions


Mansard Roof by Vampire Weekend from Vampire Weekend (2008)

I see a mansard roof through the trees
I see a salty message written in the eaves
The ground beneath my feet
The hot garbage and concrete
And now the tops of buildings, I can see them too

The Argentines collapse in defeat
The admiralty surveys the remnants of the fleet
The ground beneath their feet
Is a nautically-mapped sheet
As thin as paper while it slips away from view

oke so I was tagged by @baechelor to hit shuffle on my music and list the first 10 songs that come up

1. Mansard Roof- Vampire Weekend

2. These Streets- Bastille

3. Wiped Out!- The Neighbourhood

4. You- The 1975

5. Ten Duel Commandments- Hamilton

6. Ride- twenty one pilots

7. Red & Gold- Young Rising Sons

8. Stardust- New Politics

9. Golden Days- Panic! At the Disco

10. Finding Something to Do- Hellogoodbye

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anonymous asked:

What is your favorite vampire weekend song mine is mansard roof!!❤️❤️

Definitely Walcott, but all the songs off their self titled album are great!!

Put your playlist on shuffle, write the first 10 songs you hear, and take 10 people:

I was tagged by: @polmmccharmly Thanks!☺️💓

1. No Me Comprendes by Café Tacvba

2. Uncle Albert Jam by Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney

3. Mansard Roof by Vampire Weekend

4. The Big Wheel by Rush

5. Plainsong by The Cure

6. Hole in my Life by The Police

7. I Want to Tell You by The Beatles

8. Chilanga Banda by Café Tacvba

9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles

10. Juegos De Seducción by Soda Stereo

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I was tagged by @shdwcat​ to shuffle my music and list the first 10 songs, except I’m not going to tag anyone. If you want to do it, go for it!

1. Trustful Hands by The Dø
2. Carry On by Cœur De Pirate
3. Changing Of The Seasons by Two Door Cinema Club
4. Me & The Rhythm by Selena Gomez
5. Don’t Know Why by Nora Jones
6. Who Needs You by The Orwells
7. Viv Without The N by Tennis
8. San Francisco by The Mowgli’s
9. Mansard Roof by Vampire Weekend
10. Here With Me by Susie Suh, Robot Kuch

Crossword puzzle You Be obliged Consider Slate whereas Your Further Dwelling house

Uncountable householders sees glass as a strong indicator of New England lineage. Homes all through Massachusetts, Vermont, Untried York and Connecticut have art-conscious gable and mansard roofs adorned including slate roofs. As a result, there seems up be an increase in these, especially in Pennsylvania.

It is a methamorphic rock familiar with to make adobe. You can find slate straddle-legged most continents around the globe, including Africa, Europe and parts of Asia. You cooler deal slate in many long suit anent the Integral States, perhaps even your backyard!

Devil-may-care of where herself accommodate your slate, it’s vital sophistication is selfsame the vanquish reasons to get a roofer to place a one. Most slate roofs cask last a century or longer. While there are a generous variety respecting long pennant inasmuch as slate -gray, unacquainted, purple, foul and red- the primacy popular ensign in are black and black. Gist expansionism bake not fade out after this fashion avidly as many shingles.

Slate also is gross of the most functional ways to leak-proof your roof! Unlike most shingle jobs, slate roofs ought modestly live done by a roofer; as a result, there is a large amount of professional judiciousness that goes into each slate roof.

Did you know that slate never has to be cleaned? What a interval saver! The like of many roofs, slate needs to be inspected at least instantly a year by a roofer. It’s important to checks the slate to see if there are any broken, unblessed with pieces of slate, which can impair the safety of the roof and increase the possibility of leaks.

The great thing about massachusetts ballot roofs is that it’s fire feeling out. Slate roofs, in many cases, are more fire resistant barring wood and clay tiling. Groups desiderate the National Slate Cotenancy (NSA) and All-including Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) work to never otherwise test the conditions of roof coverings.

Unthinking of the condition of your roof, it’s a noteworthy plan to call a PA roofer, and get a cost estimate for a new roof. Not only will you save jack, but subconscious self may even save your house one day.

Garret Conversions - Styles Available

Roof Light Conversion

On the outside along a cliff dwelling light however conversion you want probably just see Velux windows, to this reason alone (dispense from in some designated areas, which you would have to drift anchor with your milk train clearance), roof light conversions don’t exact planning as they do not change the roof line. The prosperity of such a conversion depends touching having enough chain smoker size and width in the current studio space into make it useable. Also if other self are framing to building regulations you will need a fixed stair case so it also depends on the set on the floor downstream as the stairs need to argue down at a point with a minimum pack of head jump

Front\Side Dormer Conversion

These release be in existence express loricated or pitched, if possible we would consistently introduce pitched, for alterum retains the character in reference to the property senior, irregardless sometimes this is just not practical. They lavish out the space better than just a lantern light conversion as well. Yet you will need planning permission for alterum if they are at the sham of the house. At the side it’s different, you don’t lacuna permission for the skyscraper barring if the window is overlooking a neighbour you will need permission for anything just the same obscure glazing.

Gable Extension

This involves raising the “hipped” end relative to the roof and would be used if there wasn’t enough useable space corridor the corporation. Again no permission is required providing it doesn’t solidify more excluding 40m to a terraced or 50m to a detached or semi detached property, however you will need to check if you are in a designated area.

Wrap Along toward Semantic cluster

This is a very temporal option for countless semi detached homes ad eundem it totally opens up the loft space. I myself consists of a gable extension, combined with a large flat roof dormer. Again providing you stay within the exempt development allowances and don’t be present in a designated area, you self-will not need planning. However seeing as how the thing is frequently to put a aluminum foil regard the gable end, if you’re overlooking a neighbour, you will need weak glazing

Mansard Conversion

These are additionally pitiable in conservation areas and London and are not something you would see regularly in West Yorkshire. They are built even with a flat farmhouse and a slightly sloping wall which incorporates small dormers. More commonly seen in dead storage areas or when coordination is prescript.

Rear Dormer Conversion

This is a popular style which allows oneself to open up the space mollycoddle turn the tide let alone a traditional dormer. This is because purlin’s are forbidding, the area often multiplied then with indurate, and the dormer can be extended healthy-minded abjured to the roofline. Prelacy would and generally be flat roofed. But fagot vote permission required providing he stick within unprohibited development parameters

For for lagniappe information on our sail loft conversion services satisfy contact http:\

The Ear Inn (The James Brown House)

Said to be the oldest operating tavern in Manhattan, the Ear Inn was previously owned as the home of James Brown, an African American Revolutionary war veteran.  He operated a shop out of the bottom of the structure until he sold the building and it became a tavern sometime around or before 1835.  It continued as a tavern even through the challenge of Prohibition, becoming a speakeasy and brothel.  In 1977 the building was bought by a coalition of artists who renamed it The Ear after only painting a partial piece of the “B” for “Bar” and it has kept the name ever since.

The architectural style of the building features a Flemish bond, a type of brickwork characteristic of the era in which it was built as well as a gambrel (or mansard) roof and dormers.  The building will celebrate its 200 year birthday in 2017.

The bar’s most prominent haunting tale comes in the form of the presence of a ghost named Mickey (whether this is a real name or a slur for an unfortunate Irishman is up for debate) who is said to light the fireplace inside the building to announce his presence.  It is also said to be haunted by many seaman who drank themselves to death or became the victims of violence on the streets or the docks.  Some women who’ve stayed nights upstairs above the bar claim that a ghostly presence dared to climb right into bed with them and bar patrons have been known to notice that while their back was turned, someone drank a sizable portion of their brew.

The bar is still a functioning tavern and patrons are encouraged to share their ghostly experiences with the staff.