this is a smol  starter call,  ft. my cute son.  mutuals only  !  ♥♥

1. @msmidnightblonde(Davis Fowler)

2. @thatsimslove(Finn Alexander)

3. @smallsimmer  (Liam Richardson)

4. @thatsmolplumbob​  (Wyatt Avila)

5. @maggiesims

6. @gaiahypothesims(Zeff Hawk)

7. @hureuf

8. @cobrasimship​  (Norris O’Dell)

9. @simbodyoncetoldme​

10. @s3ns2​ (Kai Chung

Holy snaps I have 7/10, you guys got these boys in fast. Thank ya! ^.^ Good thing that island is just about ready. 

Little fur man is finally going to see his new doctor tomorrow, because cat mom finally has the money for it. His breathing is notably labored from the cut in his prescribed dosages (again, burn in hell previous vet) but he’s not as bad as it was before he was diagnosed. Plus he’s still bopping around like a goofball, which I think is a good sign he’s feeling okay. So I’m hoping if we can get his levels back up by the end of the week there won’t be any real damage here.

To that end, if you can please keep a good thought for him, his sister Clarice and I would appreciate it 😽His appointment is tomorrow evening (because cat mom has her interview tomorrow mid day) and I’m hoping there will be no surprises and we’ll just do the quick exam, they’ll take some blood, and we’ll be done with it without any NEW devastating news. But he was asymptomatic up until the meds were cut so my hopes are high that nothing new will pop up. My other concern is the money though (very much secondary) but still this is all out of my bank account so here’s to hoping we don’t go over my worst case estimate of $350 because cat mom is back on 20 cent packs of Ramen if it’s more than that!



I’m aware that we’re discouraged from asking others to make du'ā for us, because skeen why we acting like we don’t got direct contact with Allāh 😕😕😕

At the same time, I thought that I’d inform you man that I got two french presentations to deliver, one tomorrow and another the day after.

That is all. May Allāh elevate you all.


Hangout doodles to celebrate my freedom! EyyeeE! Now I can draw Sans all day every day. *tap dances* 

Thank you for joining the stream!! It was super fun /u\ oh god


If this is to end in fire,

Then we should all burn together.

Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!


something disgustingly sweet to get y'all through the week