Tomorrow's Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

I want more Vulture

I want more of Tony’s Flash they showed him for .5 seconds in the first trailer

I want more peter trying to deal with being Spider-Man while trying to be mad regular

I kinda wanna see more of this “Michelle” character

I want to see Donald Glover’s character for more than .2 seconds

I wanna feel some of the breakfast club vibes that they kept mentioning in the past. Like that would be a nice poster for them to release

anonymous asked:

So apparently there's a new Spider-Man trailer dropping sometime tomorrow, now I do wanna see this movie...but how convenient they're gonna drop a trailer after the 2 days of hype The Justice League 🤔😂

I figured a new trailer would drop soon since they released all those posters. I still don’t care about that movie though.

Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!

Castiel’s palms are sweating so profusely, he’s ninety-five percent sure he’s going to sweat through his mittens and the wrapped gifts they’re clutching. He watches with wide eyes and a racing heart as Dean rings the doorbell and walks inside, tugging him along by his coat sleeve.

“What if they hate me?”

“Won’t happen.”

“Mom? Dad? We’re home!”



“Unca Dean!”

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