The only downside to having fast metabolism is you know one day it will slow down. And you don’t know what day that will be. Today. Tomorrow. Maybe it was yesterday. Idk man. Should I still eat this donut now or what? Imma eat this donut man. If I gain weight remember who I was man. Remember man.

DEATHLESS. so i got this really nasty cold
                       & its affecting my writing ability. 
                       BUT– i did make some themes & containers
                       someone tell me which they prefer. por favor
                       ( take these & i’ll devour you & your kin

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150329 - Twitter @inspiritddww: 
아 저거 인형은 그냥 귀여워서 마우스는 완전 좋아서 멋있지 않아여!?…아이언맨! 흐흐~.~ 모두들 내일 월요일인데 산책하시면서 기분전환 하세요~ 오리들 귀여움ㅋㅋ'♤’ 언제나 시작이지만 자신감갖고 내딛기입니


아 That doll is just cute and the mouse is totally good, It’s cool, isn’t it!?…Iron Man! 흐흐~.~ Eveerybody, tomorrow is Monday, walk around and have a change of feelings~ The ducks are cuteㅋㅋ'♤’ It is only the start, take it with confidence

translated by: fyeah-infinite ; take out with full credits.

this Neo-Nazi group that caused riots in my city back in 2005 are marching again through downtown tomorrow and like..idk man I’m terrified for protestors and all that bc they go through the black neighborhoods and yell slurs and all this other shit. i was only 11 when it happened the first time and it was just scary watching it on the news but now i’m 20 and woke and it’s even scarier to me.


Attn #CloneClub:  #OrphanBlack returns TOMORROW! 

Prepare w/ these interviews w/ the stars!

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oh man oh man driving to SoCal tonight which means tomorrow is the ob premiere party in the hotel room that i booked whaaaaa??????

but first, work. and i am far too tired.