This is my current project, and gosh I just dont know what to work on next. I’ll ask my teacher for advice tomorrow so its fine, but it’s just so huge and overwhelming. How do you even choose a spot to start gosh


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Wait why is everyone talking about how tomorrow's the 28th? What happens tomorrow?

no clue. i know the Another Man thing comes out the 29th so maybe they’re hoping with the time diff we’ll get the article tomorrow?

Because my husband is a good man he checked out Whisky Tango Foxtrot for me from the library. Because my husband is a great man he understood when I told him I was just too involved in my writing and self imposed deadline right now to watch it with him before it is due back tomorrow. Because my husband is the best man ever he agreed to crush on and adore Martin Freeman in it for me. And he has done so faithfully, sighing and cooing whenever he is on screen.

I am so lucky.


If this is to end in fire,

Then we should all burn together.


something disgustingly sweet to get y'all through the week