The number of notes on that post advocating to not pursue an impeachment of Trump due to Pence is actually horrifying.

1. Pence is running things anyway. Showing the public the man behind the curtain is quite crucial. Remember, when Trump offered vp to Kasich, he told him he’d be in charge of both domestic and foreign affairs.

2. Trump’s temperament is likely to have extremely negative geopolitical consequences in a way that Pence’s wouldn’t. Who do you see as more likely to engage in a ground war along with Russia? Trump already talked about invading Iraq again. And this isn’t touching the nuclear arsenal thing.

3. Pence is not popular in Congress at all. A republican who is hugely hated in Indiana does not really have a ton of political capital, especially since he tanked their economy. A lot of the reason GOP swung to Trump late is because *he* was the charismatic face that was creating this supposed populist “movement” (the marches sort of knocked the wind out of that a little). It’s Trump that is being held up, and it’s Trump specifically the neonazis are looking towards (Bannon wrote his fucking inaugural address). We need Trump, the man, to go ASAP for that reason.

Pence will be our worst president, but he’ll be survivable, he’ll have no chance at reelection, and seeing as he’s already most definitely the one driving policy (Dep of Ed pick was his, almost without question, for instance), we at least need to have that recognized so he can be held accountable.

Pence is not the “real Hitler.” Authoritarian movements prop up one person. In this case it was Trump. The MAGA hats have jack-all to do with Pence, and exceedingly little to do with policy. Which is why Trump, specifically, is the threat to our democracy.

Jeff Davis:  In Teen Wolf, we’ve always been the proponents of, “You love more than once in life.” 

Stiles Stilinski: Remember how you were the first girl I ever danced with? Remember how I had a crush on you freshman year, sophomore year, junior year? Remember how you saved my life? Just remember. Remember I love you. 

Jeff Davis: …Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. 

my thoughts on 5x13

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Okay. Let’s try this. 

  • The gun control storyline felt heavy handed, from the montage of the shooter packing up guns in the beginning to Oliver’s candle-light vigil speech at the end.
  • It’s one of those “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” things that makes it hard to really immerse and invest in the story on the screen.
  • it was nice to have Thea back
  • Having her rip on Susan made having her back even better. I really hope this means they’re setting Thea up to be the one to take on Susan later.
  • Listen, I get Oliver has a right to move on here
  • I’ve been expecting it since last summer
  • And once we saw Felicity and that…whatever it was she had with Billy (cuz she refused to call him her boyfriend so… booty call?), I knew Oliver needed to have a chance too
  • I just haaaaaaaaaaate that his chance is with SUSAN
  • I don’t dislike Susan because she’s “between my OTP”… I’ve disliked characters on this show for that reason before and that’s not what it is for me at all. It’s that she’s been shown to be shady. Regardless what she DOES from here with her shady information, she has behaved shadily. The show has not been shy about showing us that. SHADY. SHADYSHADYSHADY. 
  • She was introduced in a way that showed her to be without scruples, the way she treated Thea. THEA. Oliver’s own beloved sister. As such, Thea has never been coy about how she feels about Susan. I don’t think Susan ever apologized to Thea. Did she apologize to Oliver about how she treated Thea? Don’t think so. Did Oliver ever bring it up with Susan? Not likely. 
  • So when Oliver says “she’s a good person” I’m just like BITCH, WHERE.
  • Anyhow. That’s a big problem for me. And Oliver defending her to Thea just… hit me wrong. WAY wrong. 
  • I want to respect Oliver’s attempt to move on but I feel like I just can’t with Susan. I feel like Felicity in 2x06: “You deserve better than her.” I feel like he should feel he deserves better by now too.
  • Back on topic: The shootout at City Hall was meant to be shocking but in a show where shootouts happen almost every week it just… wasn’t.
  • Adrian has a wife. Huh. 
  • Oh, hello, Vigilante. Nice of you to join us again. I guess? What was the point of that other than to show us he’s still around? Or was that the whole point?
  • Team Arrow debating gun control = okay, sure
  • Felicity saying they shouldn’t debate cuz they’re busy doing Team Arrow stuff = okay, sure
  • Felicity saying they shouldn’t debate it PERIOD? = uhm NO
  • Curtis lecturing Felicity about not debating = (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  • I don’t expect Felicity to be a focus in an ep like this, but since we’re hearing Curtis, Lance, Rene and Dinah’s views on gun control, maybe we can hear hers to? OR DIG’S?? Cuz Dig is like… the OG Gun Guy on the team??? And ex-military?? HELLO IS THIS THING ON?
  • Also, no one even mentioning Felicity being shot (SHOT. WITH BULLETS) last year and paralyzed…. I just don’t even know what to think there but I’m aggressively annoyed. 
  • This isn’t even touching the other times she’s been shot at (2x01) or shot (2x14) or had a gun held to her head (3x05). 
  • (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  • *clears throat* Anyhow, Oliver is doing mayorly stuff so that’s nice to see, I guess. He’s trying and I like to see him trying. It’s clear that he cares about what he’s doing.
  • I’m just gonna be honest, I could not give less of a shit about where Dinah is living. We don’t even know where OLIVER lives. So it’s nice that Dig is encouraging her to open up and live her life but like… it felt out of place in this episode in a major way. 
  • I really liked the Rene flashbacks. I am really starting to feel for the guy. I hope he can get his daughter back. 
  • The scene where Oliver talked down the shooter in the hospital was probably my fave of his this episode
  • It showed him embracing his own light and really grasping this theme of legacy so that’s great progress. 
  • But this ep as a whole? Can just be skipped. Not great. Not great at all. Others (like @jbuffyangel) have stated why far better than I could. 
  • just… when the ep ended I blinked and went “that’s it??” and that’s not a great emotion to have at the end of an Arrow episode. 
  • Better luck next week. 

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