The number of notes on that post advocating to not pursue an impeachment of Trump due to Pence is actually horrifying.

1. Pence is running things anyway. Showing the public the man behind the curtain is quite crucial. Remember, when Trump offered vp to Kasich, he told him he’d be in charge of both domestic and foreign affairs.

2. Trump’s temperament is likely to have extremely negative geopolitical consequences in a way that Pence’s wouldn’t. Who do you see as more likely to engage in a ground war along with Russia? Trump already talked about invading Iraq again. And this isn’t touching the nuclear arsenal thing.

3. Pence is not popular in Congress at all. A republican who is hugely hated in Indiana does not really have a ton of political capital, especially since he tanked their economy. A lot of the reason GOP swung to Trump late is because *he* was the charismatic face that was creating this supposed populist “movement” (the marches sort of knocked the wind out of that a little). It’s Trump that is being held up, and it’s Trump specifically the neonazis are looking towards (Bannon wrote his fucking inaugural address). We need Trump, the man, to go ASAP for that reason.

Pence will be our worst president, but he’ll be survivable, he’ll have no chance at reelection, and seeing as he’s already most definitely the one driving policy (Dep of Ed pick was his, almost without question, for instance), we at least need to have that recognized so he can be held accountable.

Pence is not the “real Hitler.” Authoritarian movements prop up one person. In this case it was Trump. The MAGA hats have jack-all to do with Pence, and exceedingly little to do with policy. Which is why Trump, specifically, is the threat to our democracy.

A tale of two citadels

The Citadel in Half-Life 2 was far too large for the initial version of the Source Engine to be able to handle at a 1:1 scale with the rest of the game.

To solve this problem, Valve constructed the Citadel at a mere fraction of it’s actual size, and then project that model into the ‘skybox’ of the actual map; giving a convincing Wizard of Oz esque illusion.

If the player so chooses, they can noclip on almost every map in Half-Life 2 to the box where the citadel is held, allowing them to view the actual size of the model in comparison to it’s enlarged projection.

Map: ep1_citadel_00

my favorite hobbies are: drinking coffee, going to get coffee, making coffee, thinking about drinking coffee, going to coffee shops, asking people to get coffee with me, drinking coffee with other people drinking coffee, talking about coffee, trying different kinds of coffee, drinking coffee out of mugs, drinking coffee out of paper cups, drinking coffee out of travel mugs, black coffee, coffee with milk and sugar, iced coffee, coffee,

jaxxgarcia  asked:

I got asked and now it's your turn, what's your favorite thing about me! pretend i'm anon or something. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Ok anon…

I love her fucking sense of humor and I love how she makes me feel. I’ve never understood someone on this kind of level and I’ve n e v e r had someone just get me to the extent that she does. No one sees through my bullshit quite like her lmao and her presence calms me in the most real way. it’s difficult to explain but she always feels like home.

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yuuri is a witch in training and viktor is a prince!

guys. which one of you failed to inform me that yesterday was @beanpots‘s bday? this is dedicated to them now

The bell above the door tinkles merrily as it opens. Viktor steps in nervously, pulling his hood about him and closing the door quickly, before peering out the little window in the door to make sure he hadn’t been tailed.

After ascertaining that no one had, he steps out into the main part of this shop, looking around him at the dried herbs tied to the ceiling and gathered in baskets all around. A book lies open on the counter, next to a mortar and pestle and a small linen bag. 

A bengal cat comes leaping down from the rafters, landing onto the counter before flicking its tail and turning to survey Viktor with piercing green eyes. Viktor stands rooted to the floor, hardly daring to breathe. He only moves when the cat does; it leaps off the counter and pads away silently through a set of black curtains behind the counter.

Viktor returns to his examination of the room. Minako is taking such a long time to get out here, and he didn’t remember seeing a bengal cat familiar the last time he was here to be checked up by her. He sighs, finger skimming across a deer antler and a rabbit’s foot before coming to rest on a fox pelt. It feels unbelievably soft.

“Hey! I’m sorry it took me so long to get out here!” A voice startles Viktor from his reverie and he turns to see a young dark-haired man at the counter, wiping his hands on his apron. Viktor’s chest does an unpleasant-feeling lurch, and he heaves, caught off-guard by the sudden motion. The young man’s eyes widen, and he scrambles around the counter to catch Viktor just as he stumbles.

The young man smells like petrichor, Viktor muses, before he’s being guided to a stool and instructed to sit. The young man vanishes behind the curtains again, and reappears momentarily with a cup of some sort of hot beverage.

“It’s tea,” he explains, when Viktor clutches the cup and stares at it. 

“…Thank you,” mumbles Viktor, before he sips. It is scalding, but it is tea, indeed.

“You gave me a bit of a fright,” admits the young man. “What can I do for you?”

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Very Late Notice Of Hiatus?

(im so sorry to have left you guys hangin as much as i have absbsbsbs school started and ive been working on that and work and now my computer broke so im just,,, ghostin for a bit :’D this blog isnt going anywhere tho! and feel free to send things or talk to Narciso, i probably wont draw in response cause… computer death but! i can still play as him! i hope you enjoy what this blog already has on it and im so sorry again :’D)

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,
He’s a brainless, heartless coward
With no power, 
It’s just another trick of his
He ain’t no wiz

Don’t fear his fire, 
Jump in my balloon, I’ll take you higher,
Take you somewhere over the rainbow,
Get your ticket to the show
Heels click and here we go
Cuz you already know

There’s no place like home.”

Todrick Hall’s “Straight Outta Oz” hit me like a punch in the gut sometime last year, and I started this piece a few days after he released the visual album, I had just been so taken by it. I put it aside for a while because I was having difficulty with it and I was very frustrated. 

I saw him in concert a few weeks ago and it was beautiful and I picked it up again for the first time in a while. Been chipping at it for a couple hours every few days or so and I’m finally just going to call it done. I have so much to do these days, but I’m glad that I at can at least take this out of the “WIP” folder.

All my love and thanks to Todrick Hall, who made a beautifully vulnerable piece of art. 

Back to work. 

LOST s03e20 ‘The Man Behind the Curtain’

Does it pass the Bechdel Test?


How many female characters (with names and lines) are there?

Nine (47.36% of cast).

How many male characters (with names and lines) are there?


Positive Content Rating:


General Episode Quality:

AMAZING. One of the series’ best, in my opinion.

MORE INFO (and potential spoilers) UNDER THE CUT:

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Keira Knightley was SEVENTEEN in the first pirates of the caribbean movie and now she’s THIRTY and she looks EXACTLY THE SAME. And by “exactly the same” I mean at seventeen she looked like she was in her mid twenties and possessed beauty and elegance too perfect for this world, like the physical manifestation of the word ethereal, and can anyone actually discern any sign of her aging in the last 13 years? has she honestly ever aged? will she ever? I’d say it’s witchcraft or aliens but I think the most reasonable explanation is that she’s Keira Knightley 

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Who creates the Hey Girl's? Just curious :3

Most of the submissions are sent anonymously, so I have no idea who send those in. But on the regular day to day its me 😉

As we do catch some grief about the Hey Girls on a regular basis, I like to keep my personal page separate from this one as the nasty comments have spilled over to my personal inbox. I’m not looking for any praise/hate when it comes to the Hey Girls. It’s for fun and for you guys to enjoy.

7 Moments In ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ That Still Make Us Howl And Clap And Buy Land And Go To Sleep

Almost 80 years later, this film classic still gets us hooting and slapping and purchasing and dozing!

1. When the color kicks in: No one who’s seen The Wizard Of Oz will forget their first time watching vibrant Technicolor bloom across the screen when Dorothy finds herself in Oz. Even watching today, it’s impossible not to start screaming and applauding and bidding on tracts of Alaskan hinterland and nodding off as she takes her first steps into that fantastic land.

2. When Dorothy oils the Tin Man: The chemistry between those two still pops off the celluloid, and watching their first scene together, we just can’t help but let loose awful window-rattling whoops as we frantically bat our palms together and pour our inheritance into acre after acre of worthless property and then promptly lie facedown and faint dead away. No matter how many times you watch it, it still has that effect!

3. When the trees start hurling apples: As soon as that first apple is hurled, we’re already hoarse from the involuntary animal cries tearing out of our throats. The callouses on our palms have been torn back open from blow after blow after blow, and we’re tearing splinters out of the floorboards with our knees as we clap and howl and writhe. We sound like an a cappella group freaking out on salvia. Not only that, but we’ve also bought up every foreclosed farm we can get our hands on and capped it off by plunging deep into a dreamless void we’ll have to claw our way back out of if we ever want to escape.

4. When the flying monkeys show up: If you ever see us snoozing on the floor of the bank, clutching dozens of land titles to our chests in throbbing pink palms or hear our guttural roars wafting out of long-vacant lots, chances are we just caught a few frames of flying monkeys. That’s really all it takes.

5. When the real wizard is revealed: The moment when Dorothy & co. reveal the man behind the curtain is a stone-cold classic, and just like it must have for audiences in 1939, it never fails to start us screeching and windmilling our arms and bowing and mortgaging our homes and burying documents and discovering inner stillness and getting shot by rifles and overheating and sinking. If anything, watching it with modern eyes just makes us buy land and sprint and pulsate and crawl under our bed and pass water and declare bankruptcy all the more! Any Oz fan knows the feeling well!

6. Whenever Toto’s on screen: No one put this better than the late, great Roger Ebert in his Wizard Of Oz retrospective: “Whenever Toto comes trotting on by, I find myself having fallen fully asleep, and yet I’m shrieking and shrieking so hard that my head freely whips around on my limp body. It’s not long until my hands begin pouring every cent I’ve got into deeds for uncultivated French hills, stopping only long enough to slam into each other over and over and over, the dry thwack of flesh on flesh commingling with my increasingly ragged yelps and yawps, and god help me, but I’m not stopping till Toto’s long gone!”

7. When Dorothy sees her family again: Gets us loud, thrashing, prosperous, and comatose Every. Damn. Time.