Breaking the fast: first day of ramadan at the Bakkoush household (Sana+Jamilla+Yousef+Balloon Squad)

TITLE: “How did you know you were in love with him?” 27.05.17 10.01PM

There was exactly fifteen minutes left until Iftar*, which meant fifteen minutes until Sana and her family would break their fast. The first day of Ramadan was always the hardest seeing as your body wasn’t exactly used to not eating or drinking for 10 hours or more. Sana had spent the day indulging in some Quran reading, she had read two of the first surah’s* in the Quran* today and had decided to read the entirety of the Quran in Ramadan. If she were to distract herself in any way from all the things that were going on in her life, she might as well do it with something that comforted her.

The Bakkoush household were in a slight panic which was a characteristic of it soon being Iftar time. Sana’s mom was busy in the kitchen finishing the dinner while commandeering the rest of the household to set the table.

“Younes, did you remember the forks?” Sana’s mother asked. Younes, Sana’s father shook his head and quickly picked the forks up and continued setting the table. Sana’s mother joked about how the one thing he always forgot, was the forks. Her father rolled his eyes in mock annoyance while they both continued joking to each other, resulting in Elias letting out a small laugh.

Sana’s mother looked over at Sana and Elias and said, “Don’t think you two are getting off the hook. Go get the nice tableware, we’re having guests as well.”

Sana furrowed her brows in response. What guests?

Sana’s mother, Faiza noticed the furrow in Sana’s brows and said, “Salim* and Jamilla are coming.”

Sana lifted her eyebrows. It had been a while since she had seen Jamilla. Ever since the karaoke night, she had contemplated talking to her, but she had felt that too much time had gone by. Jamilla had always taken care of her, but all Sana had done was push her away. She felt guilty, she didn’t deserve Jamilla’s forgiveness. But she couldn’t help but hope. Maybe, just maybe, Jamilla would forgive her and she could have someone to confide in.

Sana nodded in response and left to get the tableware her mother had asked for, and behind her steps were Elias.

“Sana,” he said. Making her halt in her steps. “What do I have to do in order for you to not be mad at me anymore?”

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In The Coral

Genre: Fluff


Characters: Jimin/reader

Words: 730

A/N: “Boy/girl (reader/BTS member of your choice). Strangers to friends. “Are you crying?” Mermaid au.”

40. are you crying? 

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I kept starting at the ocean watching the fish jump in and out of the crystal blue water of the ocean, I’m not quite sure where I am. I really had no plan of where I was going when I left, I just went as far as my little aqua-blue tail would take me. It’s been three days since we’ve seen mama. Papa said that she just lost but I don’t know if I believe him, mama’s not one to get lost very easily. You might be wondering what happened on, let me tell you. Three days ago, me, my sister, mama, and papa were at the reef playing games, until a big ship came in the reef and was about to crash. Papa told everyone to leave as fast as then can. I could get out of the way fast enough because my tail got stuck, mama came to help me and I got free and swim away, but when I looked behind me mama wasn’t there. I went to go back but then Lily, my older sister, pulled my down so I would keep swimming away. 

I left to try and find mama, but I think I got lost in the process. I sat on a rock that I’ve found, watching the waves move with the wind. Tears started to fall from my eyes, I looked down trying to keep me from crying anymore till I heard a sweet voice speak.

Are you crying?” I looked up to a boy probably about two years older then I was starting at me with confused eyes. He’s hair was bubble gum pink, and he had rosy cheeks.  

 “No.” I was obviously lying since I was wiping away my tears as I said that.

“Do you think that I’m stupid? I know that you’re crying, I just asked that because I want to know why?” He started swimming closer to the rock that I sat on, moving to sit next to me.

“Yah, why would I tell you? I don’t even know you.” I muttered. 

“Here I’ll tell you my name if you tell me yours after. I’m Jimin, now it’s your turn.” The now named pink haired boy said. I why does he want to know so badly, I don’t even know who he is except that he has pink hair and that he’s name is Jimin, and I know learned that a few seconds ago. I must have been taking a long time to answer because he spoke again. “Come on, I won’t bite. I just want to help. What’s your name so I can help.” 

“y/n.” I almost whispered. Why was I getting do shy? 

“That’s a pretty name.” He smiled, why is he being so sweet when he doesn’t know me? “Now, what happened? Why do you look so sad?” Papa always told not to talk to strangers because they are mean, but I guess papa was wrong about that. 

“I can’t find my mama, she’s been missing three days and I swam away to try and find her but now I’m lost and I don’t know how to get back home and I’m scared that I’ll never see mama and papa again an-” I stopped because I was crying so hard that I was having trouble talking. 

“Okay, slow down. It’s will be okay. I’ll help find your way home.” Jimin explained. “Please stop crying, I don’t want to see you sad.”

“Why don’t you want to see me sad?” I questioned. Why is the boy so nice? 

“Because my mom always told me to help pretty girls that need help, and it looks like you need help. Also, I want to see want it looks like when you smile.” He replied. He got what he wanted because I did smile a little at that comment. “Now, why don’t I help you get home y/n?” He noted, jumping off the rock into the water.

“Okay.” I answered, following him into the water. We swam for a little bit, but then I stopped in my tracks. Jimin, who was a little bit ahead of me, must have realized that I wasn’t following him anymore because he turned around to look at me. 

“Hey, why did you stop?” Jimin said as he swam up to me. 



“Thank you.” I whisper as I moved into hug him.

Okay, I hope you liked that. I actually I had a harder time writing that then I thought I was going to have. Oh, and if you are wonder I made them little kids. Jimin’s about 8 and y/n is about 6. 

-Bangtan Drabble Game


Spanish Promo

Sick, just sick to my stomach knowing that Jacob made little Mike call him Dad. This man is sick, and deserves a world of pain, and I reckon he’s gonna get it.

Jacob, I hope thay you’re prepared for this hellish wrath that’s about to engulf you because Mama and Papa Bear Scofield are gonna end you.

I am so ready for this to go down.

Mamá, papá:

No me grites. Te respeto menos cuando lo haces, y me enseñas a gritar a mí también, y yo no quiero hacerlo.

No me des siempre órdenes. Si en vez de órdenes a veces me pidieras las cosas, yo lo haría más rápido y con más gusto.

Cumple las promesas, buenas o malas. 

No me compares con nadie, especialmente con mi hermano o hermana. Si tú me haces lucir mejor que los demás, alguien va a sufrir, y si me haces lucir peor que los demás, seré yo quien sufra. 

Cuando yo hago algo malo no me exijas que te diga el “por qué lo hice”. A veces ni yo mismo lo sé.

Cuando estés equivocado en algo admítelo y crecerá la opinión que yo tengo de ti y me enseñarás a admitir mis equivocaciones también.

Trátame con la misma amabilidad y cordialidad con que tratas a tus amigos; porque seamos familia eso no quiere decir que no podamos ser amigos también.

No me digas que haga una cosa y tú no la haces. Yo aprenderé y haré siempre lo que tú hagas, aunque no lo digas; pero nunca haré lo que tú digas y no hagas.

Cuando te cuente un problema mío no me digas “No tengo tiempo para tonterías” o “eso no tiene importancia”. Trata de comprenderme y ayudarme.

Quiéreme y dímelo. A mí me gusta oírtelo decir, aunque tú no creas necesario decírmelo.

—  Anónimo.

Viktor’s already overlarge heart grows ten sizes when they get back to Japan after Barcelona. Yuuri thought that maybe, maybe he would return from Barcelona with a gold medal. What he does have is something gold and round, just not in the expected form.

“Would you like to see my medal?” Yuuri asks his parents, shyly, and they enthusiastically agree. They sit down in the dining room where the light is best, and Yuuri puts the medal in the middle of the table to let his family ooh and ahh. Hiroko traces the words Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final Men’s. 

“Mama, Papa,” Yuuri says after awhile, and grips Viktor’s hand hard under the table. “I–we have something else to tell you.”

Hiroko and Toshiya turn their kind faces towards their son, open and welcoming.

“Viktor and I…have decided to get married.” Yuuri’s hand tightens almost painfully. Viktor soothes his thumb over his knuckles and feels the affection and adoration pool in his heart. “And also we’re…we’re going to move to Russia.”

“For a few years,” Viktor adds quickly..“For a few years, but we’ll visit, and once we both retire…” He imagines returning to this place, coming back to these people and their unspoken support and affection that swirls like a warm breeze. Bringing back to them their son, older and wiser and accomplished, a champion. His husband. He clears his throat. “I’m getting ahead of myself, but it’s–not permanent, you see?”

“Would you like to see my engagement ring?” Yuuri asks, perhaps just to soften the blow, and Hiroko nods happily, holding out small and work-marked hands.

Viktor watches the way Yuuri reveals his ring; slowly, blushingly, like it’s a secret he is sharing. The feeling of his own engagement ring is present, happily unfamiliar.

“The right hand?” Hiroko muses happily, as she examines Yuuri’s hand.

“In my country, we wear them on the right hand,” Viktor says softly. “It’s, um…important to me.”

“May I?” asks Toshiya, who’s noticed that Viktor wears a ring as well. Viktor holds his hand out and Toshiya stares at it for a moment, considering, then pats his hand. 

“Since Yuuri was born, we’ve only wanted for him what would make him happiest,” Toshiya says after a moment, the emotion thick in his voice. It’s the first such outward display of emotion Viktor has seen from him. The elder Katsukis go about their lives in a sort of genial cloud, despite raising an incredibly emotional son. Viktor suspects it’s because they made a point never to judge him for the emotions they, themselves, may have been taught to keep inside. “Both of our children, we’ve told them to follow their dreams. To seek out their best lives. When you came to him, to us, it was as though…you were delivering his happiness to him. He’s grown so much with you. There is no one I would rather him marry, and no one I would rather accept as my son. And if it is important to my sons, for them to go to Russia, I would carry you there myself if I had to.”

Yuuri cries, as Yuuri does. He cries until they crawl into bed that night and Viktor holds him so close he can feel his heartbeat.

“I’m just so happy,” Yuuri whispers into his shoulder. “I never thought I would be this happy, Vitya.”

Viktor kisses his head and whispers, “Me too.”

Viktor doesn’t think he knew was happy truly was until these people defined it for him. If that’s so, he’s glad his heart waited. 


harryshumjr So my dad is pretty new to smartphones and just figured out how to use FaceTime. It has been amazing to communicate with him. But today, he sent me a video attachment for the first time and I was so proud of him. But this video had me 😂😂🤣🤣 tho. He couldn’t send me a cake IRL so he sent me a video of different cakes with HBD song in three different languages. 😂😂