Roleplay Playlist ♥ Richie’s Playlist to Eddie

misfits • astro zombies | childish gambino • redbone | the black keys • the only one | the cure • just like heaven | ringo starr • you’re sixteen you’re beautiful (and you’re mine) | mac demarco • one more love song | daniel caesar ft. kali uchis • get you | frank ocean • pink + white | sza • prom | kanye west • bound 2 | the darkness • i believe in a thing called love | fleetwood mac • say you love me | the 1975 • love me | steve monite • only you | robert parker • sweet nothings | mazzy star • fade into you | arctic monkeys • baby i’m yours | cake • love you madly | anamanaguchi • prom night | hozier • from eden | the mamas & the papas • dream a little dream of me | sixpence none the richer • kiss me | tommy james & the shondells • crimson and clover | cat power • sea of love

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SUPER rad playlist made by @violetgarland , moodboard by me!!

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Dream a little dream of me + Reddie

~Dream A Little Dream Of Me + Reddie~

Hc List:

~Eddie first discovers this song when Richie takes him to some record store outside of Derry that he’s been talking about for ages. 

~It’s playing softly over the speaker as Richie goes on and on about the albums there, his own collection and more. 

~He has to shush his excited boyfriend and they huddle under the speaker in the corner of the room. He can just hear Mama Cass from The Mamas & The Papas singing through the static. He is just about to ask what it is when…

~”This is ‘Dream A Little Dream of Me’ by The Mamas & The Papas… like it?”

~Eddie has never been more happy that Richie knows all there is about good music. 

~As soon as he gets home, he plays the 45′ of it that Richie had bought for him. And he falls even more in love with it. He also finds the 45′ of the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong version in his mothers old record collection. 

~Because he loves it so much, it sort of becomes one his and Richie’s many songs. 

~They like to listen to it when they can’t sleep or maybe have had nightmares they’re too embarrassed to tell the other one about. 

~It is the song playing during their first slow dance. 

( Send me your favorite 60s-80s song + Either Reddie or Stenbrough and I’ll do a little Hc list and mood board for you! I’ll be doing these later today so send in any requests!)

Since I posted that last playlist, I found more songs that fit the heartbreak category and thought to post them because the last one was somewhat successful.

Please Don’t Set Me Free - The Tangerine Zoo
Don’t Bring Me Down - The Animals
Where Did Our Love Go - The Supremes
A Fool’s Fantasy - Steppenwolf
No Matter What You Do - Love
Look What You’ve Done - Bread
Trip, Stumble, and Fall - The Mamas & The Papas
Don’t Believe What They Say - Vashti Bunyan
It’s Wrong - Orphan Egg
What About Our Love - The Easybeats
I’ll Never Quite Get Over You - The Hep Stars
Snake in the Grass - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, & Tich
Life Ain’t Easy - Nirvana (1960s band)
Another Day, Another Heartache - The 5th Dimension
Are You Lovin’ Me More (But Enjoying It Less) - The Electric Prunes
Disillusion - ABBA
Don’t Make Hurting Me a Habit - The Marvelettes


The Mamas & The Papas - Monday Monday