Teen Wolf S6E4!

I know I’m late but like, omg. This episode was quite the ride!

- Mama McCall & Papa Argent? I AM HERE FOR THIS POWER COUPLE

- The fact that quite a few people now are aware of the supernatural is quite weird to me. Not sure that I like it honestly

- That Nathan kid really should have listened like seriously 

- The lacrosse scene in the rain where they were all standing there in front of the Ghost Riders was INTENSE

- “He didn’t leave anything behind.” “Just us.” That broke my heart. I miss Stiles & pack moments ):

- Seeing Lydia lost, confused, the one still being persistent in Stiles being real breaks my heart. She’s always so alone without him. Ah, my Stydia heart.


- The preview to the wall scene is so sad. I need Lydia & Stiles reunited asap. I need the whole pack reunited!

I’m beginning to really comprehend that it’s the last season and it’s making me sad. I’ve watched and loved Teen Wolf since season 1. It’ll be hard to not have it to go back to with new episodes. The pack feels like I’m part of it sometimes, like actual friends. Well anyway, can’t wait till the new episode next week!

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The Mamas & the Papas | California Dreamin’

Stopped into a church
I passed along the way
Well, I got down on my knees (Got down on my knees)
And I pretend to pray (I pretend to pray)
You know the preacher liked the cold (Preacher liked the cold)
He knows I’m gonna stay (Knows I’m gonna stay)
California dreamin’ (California dreamin’)
On such a winter’s day