I simultaneously love and hate Sebastian Stan with my entire being because he’s like this absolutely gorgeous and unattainable guy you dream about and can barely believe he’s real but then he drinks starbucks coffee and he stays up in the night fighting mosquitoes and rips tags off shirts and makes holes in them and wears them still and honestly he’s just so goddamn #relatable i just can’t even

Hannibal(Leaning over Will): You tricked me.

Will(bleeding on the floor): I “deceived” you. “Tricked” makes it sound like we have a playful relationship.

AKMU’s Dinosaur, BAP’s Skydive or Wake Me Up, and VIXX’s Shangri-La are not nominated for the Best MV? Winner for the Best Male Group? Taeyang for Best Male Vocal Performance? IU × G-Dragon’s Palette and IU × Hyuk Oh’s Can’t Love You Anymore for Best Collab?

Okay. Something seems wrong.

I’m kept under the thumb at home. Seriously. I drive the kinds to school and do the dishes after lunch. I’m as gentle as a lamb. When I’m at home and my choreographer wife is at work, I do the shopping as well. I’m just your everyday no-frills guy. I’m even a tad boring. I’m certainly not a demo or a psychopath. I don’t take my work at home. That’s how I protect my mental wellbeing. I’m not schizophrenic - unlike some actors, who cannot shed their characters once they’re off set. I’m not easy to cool down after expressing really strong feelings, but I’m working on it. I’m glad that I have profession that occasionally lets me swap my comfortable, bourgeouis, peacefull life for something crazy and bizarre that I would never dare try in real life. I think that’s a healthy approach. At home I’m husband and father.

- Mads Mikkelsen [Kaleidoscope magazine, 2016]

okay, but you know the moment tom was guessing who wrote his thing, he said something about phil being the one who might find him offensive still and phil immediately says “i do” ? so, tom joke about serotonin was funny and everything and i like tom, but the way phil said that “i do” sounded just like “yeah of course i do you keep making offensive depression jokes about my boyfriend you don’t want to mess with my danny what are you thinking just wait until this video is over-” and his face with that look and oh idk phil is savage and hell yeah you stand by your man philip ! 


NCT didn’t break their spines and knees for nothing…

It’s been very popular to use British actors to play the villains, but for some reason they need an even funnier accent to play the villain which is the Scandinavian one. We’re the villains right now. Why they’re doing it, it’s hard to say, but I’m glad as, if the alternative was not to work in the States, I would do villains forever. I’ve been crazy lucky to be part of some wonderful projects, like the Bond film and Hannibal, where it’s very difficult to call it a one-to-one villain. I’ve been very fortunate.