Only the gods are real.

paulie is literally the most egotistical annoying ratty person ever and aside from my personal reasons for not liking him he literally should be the BIGGEST target in that house and it’s appalling that he’s not??? like??? 1. he’s in a showmance 2. he’s the brother of the runner up from 2 seasons ago 3. he’s a fucking comp beast and has damn near won every hoh he’s competed in and probably will win the next hoh too 4. he’s working with every side of the house/simultaneously running everything. him not having a huge ass target on his back deeply concerns me and makes me question if these houseguests are even AWAKE

Whether Sehun is straight or not, I hope you support him not just because of his sexuality. I hope you support his talent, passion, and hard work. If ever he’s not straight or doesn’t meet your expectations, I hope you won’t turn your back on him and be mad at him. I hope you support him and love him because he is Sehun.