Watching OUAT specials always makes me really emotional. I love this dumb fairytale show with its cheesy messages about hope and love and fighting for your happy ending. I love it so so much. I love our beautiful ship. And I love this fandom. Shoutout to all of you for being so welcoming, kind, talented, and fun to fangirl with! Thank you all for being wonderful and always making me smile. 

“You desperately needed to change th’ oil. How long has the light been on?”

“Um… a few months. Maybe?”

“… oh my god.”

The presidents have some car trouble in the middle of the desert! Awful. Luckily, Harris just calls up the mechanic bf. Easy fixin’. Harris belongs to @bohim, and Rizzo to @moorgate! The blonde dummy (Alan) is mine B^)

Legally Blonde au (w one difference) where Jim is Elle, Spock is Emmett and Bones is Paulette.

Jim goes to law school to prove to his crush he can be enough. Spock helps him study and realises Jim has something worth nurturing.

Bones runs a walk in medical center and Jim swings by a fair bit after getting patched up once. Bones’ ex is a problem and Jim helps him get his pet tortoise back.

Spock has a spare job as a mail delivery guy (this is where i deviate from legally blonde canon) and he comes by the medical centre and he and Bones get surprisingly steamy.

After Jim gets his big win at the murder case w the perm game changer he sees Spock and Bones having a serious flirt. Jim offers to let them date, he’ll be happy with his career, but they both explain, tripping over each others words, that they want Jim too. Cue legally successful mcspirk au.

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blurb starters number 6 for Jeddy <3

Teddy pinched the bridge of his nose, looking wearily but with a soft smile at the boy who was flapping his arms, pretending to fly around the room like an owl.


James sent Teddy a wild grin before soaring around the couch in the Gryffindor common room, nearly sending a lamp to the floor, “Teddy, ‘m gonna bring you your mail, ready?” His words were slightly slurred, courtesy of the bottle of fire whiskey on the table.

“No, no not ready. James, you have to go to bed, you’ve got to sleep this off-“

James completely ignored him, ‘swooping’ to a place a few feet away from Teddy, “‘ere it comes!”

Teddy held his hands out in front of him, but he couldn’t help laughing a little as James jumped up and down like he was a boxer readying himself for a fight - the laughter probably defeated the purpose a little, “James! No!” Teddy tried to suppress his smile, “You’re gonna break something- or you-“

“Special delivery!” James called.

And then James was launching himself at Teddy, or attempting to. Alcohol and running didn’t appear to agree with him, however, and he was suddenly tripping over his feet, ankle caught behind the ankle. Teddy only just managed to catch him, making a ouff sound as James’ crashed into his chest and sent them both tumbling backwards.

“Jesus fucking Christ.” Teddy groaned, already feeling the sting that would be a very sore back tomorrow, “You are so drunk.”

James just laughed into Teddy’s neck, before picking his head up and looking at him, nose crinkled by his smile.

“Special delivery.” He grinned.

“Yes, well you are quite the special one. Now get off me.” Teddy said the last part so half-heartedly that he wasn’t surprised when James just became a deadweight on top of him, letting his full weight fall against Teddy, arms and legs draped over him.

Teddy laughed lightly, “You know, if someone walks in right now they’re going to be a little startled.”

James’ voice was muffled by Teddy’s skin, “Jus’ tell them I’m your owl.”

Teddy stared at the ceiling, pretending all of his thoughts were not focused on the place where James’ breath was hitting his neck, “Right.” He said a bit shakily, “I’m sure that will help.”

They were silent for a few beats, Teddy telling himself each second that he was going to get them off the floor and then, each second, saying it could wait a moment longer.

“‘m tired, T.”

“Too much flying?”

“Yeah.. suppose so.” James sounded like he was already falling asleep. He adjusted himself, pressing his nose under Teddy’s chin, “Maybe I’ll just sleep here. Y’re warm..”

Teddy tried to calm his beating heart as he press his elbows into the floor, one hand on James’ back to keep him from sliding away, “I think you’ll like your bed better, Jamie. Besides, I’m not lying on this rug all night. It’s scratchy.”

James let out a little hum but didn’t make any move to get up. He just looped his arms around Teddy’s neck.

“James, c’mon. I can’t carry you.”

“Bet you could.”


“If I let you take me upstairs will you lie down with me?”

Teddy’s eyes widened slightly at that, lips tickled by James’ messy hair, “What?”

James pulled back, arms sliding until it were his palms pressed to Teddy’s neck, “Would you stay? Please?”

Teddy’s eyes scanned James’ face. His eyes looked wide awake now, cheeks pink, pupil’s dilated from the whiskey.

“I- I’m Hufflepuff. I can’t-“

“No one has to know, T.” James passed his thumb over Teddy’s pulse point and Teddy desperately hoped he couldn’t feel the wild racing underneath. “Please T… I want you to, I want-“

Teddy held his breath, watching James watch him.

“I want… you.”

Teddy let out his breath, closing his eyes, “Merlin.” He’s drunk. Remember he’s drunk. “James, you can’t just say stuff like that to me, okay? You can’t-“

But Teddy’s sentence turned to nothing as insistent, fiery lips pressed to his. And it was like a natural reaction, like sugar dissolving into tea; the way James’ hands went to Teddy’s hair, the way Teddy’s hands went to clasp the back of James’ sweater, the way James seemed to breathe in and Teddy breathed out and it was like they suddenly were just JamesnadTeddy.

“God,” Teddy gasped only to have his breath instantly cut off by James’ mouth, his lip caught between teeth and pulled on gently. Teddy’s hands fisted his sweater tighter, pulling him closerclosercloser.

“James-“ Teddy panted, “James we- we should at least go upstairs-“

James had somehow switched to straddling Teddy’s waist and rocked his hips pointedly, making Teddy let out a choked sound, “Not to sleep, I hope.”

Teddy groaned, “Fuck. You’re extremely intoxicated right now, we should not-“

“I am not drunk-“

“You tried to fly at me-“

“I kissed you!”

Teddy spluttered, “How is that an argument for not being drunk?”

“Because I’ve wanted you for years!”

Teddy felt the air leave his lungs. Hell, the air could’ve left the room for all he knew. They looked at each other, the room silent except for their breathing. James watching Teddy and Teddy watching James. James’ breath was coming out in soft huffs, like he kept almost saying something, then not. Slowly, Teddy reached up, fitting his palm to James’ cheek, feeling the hot skin there.


And the kiss was softer this time, because there was no uncertainty, no doubt. They had this now, each other, and all the time in the world.