She didn’t feel the warm rush of excitement, that her brother often spoke of. No. Instead all she could feel was cool and calm relief. The only warmth was from the vibrant red blood staining hands and splattered on her face. 

She closed her eyes, happy to let the strange sense of peace flooded over her. Even as the sounds of foot steps reached her ears.

Lifting her head, her pale blue eyes rested on the figure barely lit by the shadows. Joanna sat on top of the dead man, blood pooling around them from his multiple stab wounds. The knife still held in her hand. 

It must have been a strange site. To see a child covered in the blood of man twice her size. Maybe her brother would have a good laugh later. But right now she felt as if she owned an explanation. Softly, evenly, without an ounce of remorse or fear she spoke out.

“He was gonna hurt my brother.”

♡ loveliest flower.

⊰ hayaru ♥ ⊱

He was still over the moon at the fact that they were engaged now. 

More than once, the florist had caught himself simply smiling down happily at the ring adorning his ring finger, be it at work or at home - and thus, waking up first thing in the morning (with his fiance sleeping next to him) also didn’t change anything as he held up his hand, silvery hues watching the piece of jewelry on his left hand attentively before they strayed over to the butler’s sleeping form. The sight made him smile, and for a moment, all he did was watch his beloved with the fondest smile gracing his lips. 

What did he do to deserve someone as wonderful as his fiance? 

Leaning close, Yoru began to pepper the champagne-haired male’s face with sweet kisses, and he couldn’t suppress the soft chuckle that escaped him as soon as he felt the other stir. It wasn’t until he was able to gaze into those familiar, light brown eyes that he finally claimed the younger male’s lips tenderly, arms wrapping around the other’s frame in the process. 

Happy anniversary, handsome,” he greeted with a hum while keeping their close proximity by pressing his forehead against the younger Strain’s. He continued spoiling his beloved with a lot of more kisses before he seemed to be satisfied enough to pull away for the time being - though not without keeping the butler closely pressed to himself as he nuzzled his face into the crook of the taller male’s neck. Today would be spent with spoiling his significant other, but before that, he remembered that there was something he wanted to talk about with his beloved.

I still can’t believe that you proposed to me,” he finally muttered out, his happiness clearly audible in his voice as he pulled away to face his fiance properly, the smile gracing his lips speaking volumes. “It feels… like a dream, but it also made me think about a lot of things - about us. Like, moving in together eventually… and…” He paused, a look of uncertainty briefly flashing up in his eyes as he rubbed his nose gently against Hayato’s. “…and introducing you to… my mother at least. I don’t think my father is ready to forgive me just yet. But… my mother has mentioned that she would like to meet you when we last spoke to each other over the phone.” It wasn’t often that they got to talk to each other, but it was enough to know that the other was well and fine. “And I’d love to show you around in China’s capital, where I grew up and all.” He stole another small kiss from the other. “Only if you want to, of course. And if you have the chance to take some time off…

    For the first few moments after waking, Hayato was still so drowsy and more than enchanted by the way the older male had smiled at him and kissed him that his words only dully reached him. The moment sleep finally let go of him, however, and he belatedly realized just what Yoru had said there, he suddenly became overly aware of everything – Yoru’s arms around him, the sun peeking through the curtains tickling his nose and the date … oh, the date.

        ‘H-happy anniversary!he stuttered out, voice still a litle croaky but tinted with endless affection. He soon smiled, happily and warmly as he draped his own arms around the florust and carded his fingers through his hair. One year … Hayato could barely believe it. Just like Yoru, he also couldn’t believe they were engaged now, but that was nothing new. He had been more than dazzled by his own actions since he had proposed, which Leandre had noted with high amusement and the offer for his butler to take a few days off just to spend some time with Yoru in peace.

    So when the other spoke again and made that suggestion, the Strain didn’t need a second to nod his head in agreement. I’d love to meet her, of course … and Bocchan did say he would give me a few days off if I want some now, so … that definitely wouldn’t be a problem. Knowing him, he’d probably even offer to pay for our expenses … He was rambling, which he blamed on his still a little sleep-muddled mind despite being completely awake at this point, and it didn’t cease to make his cheeks flush high with embarrassment.

        ‘And about … about moving in together … you know I’d really love that. I never … really mentioned it in detail because I know you would probably want to keep your apartment above your shop and I … still need to be close enough to Leandre, but … maybe we can find a compromise. I’m sorry, I’m still all over the place, ah … Despite his embarrassment, Hayato smiled again and even leaned in to press a few kisses to his fiance’s cheeks, forehead and tip of the nose.

        I love you so much, he suddenly said dreamily, and before Yoru even had a chance to retort, hayato already kissed him sweetly on the lips and pulled him back with him onto the mattress.

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hey pal, Imu but I'm awkward and insecure so I'm not sure if I should hit you up but remember you're the loveliest flower in the garden lil sunflower; drink some water (lots of water), order some pizza maybe cus it's the weekend,& take care of yourself k? ily. ps: check your Sc you egg

Thank you love & I’ll check it