I saw her again today
and it could have been 30 years
with all the change her soul has seen,
but we are not as old as our eyes
or our nightmares tell us to be

when I let her go,
she still did not understand what I meant
when I said we were both still learning to bloom,
that being beautiful was as simple as 
letting yourself unfurl and not thinking

and like a child, I pulled her off 
a petal named ‘she loves me not’
so that the wind could take her somewhere
that has never known a drought,
never known a fallow season 

today, she is the loveliest flower I have ever seen,
the long spring has clearly been good to her
and I can almost smile
at the way she now knows blooming,
even when I am still waiting

—  midsummer sights || O.L.

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34 mchanzo if youre still doin em!!!

Thank you for the prompt!! 34 is “It’s not like I missed you or anything.” (I hope I didn’t mistake the prompt list, since I reblogged two list. If its the wrong list please tell me lmao)  

Link to Ao3 

McCree heard it, before he saw it. When he got off the transport for their three weeks long mission in the freezing Kongsberg, he staggered behind to help Lúcio carry his sound equipment. Lena parked the small transport close to their safe house so they wouldn’t have to walk too long in the snow, bless her. When McCree and Lúcio got to the cabin door, they could hear cooing and laughing despite the storm raging on.

“What’s all the fuss about?” He said, slamming the door. His metal hand was all frozen, the joints stuck uncomfortably. McCree’s mood dropped instantly and the noises weren’t helping. “Can someone turn on the heating? Or get me – ”  

A huge bouquet of Baby’s Breath was shoved into his face by Hana, who was beaming and babbling furiously. McCree smacked the flower down and away from his face, “What the hell are you on about.”  

“Your boyfriend is the hell I’m on about,” she picked up a tag from the side of the flowers. The handwriting startled McCree and he took the bouquet from her.

It was from Hanzo. McCree blushed like he was twenty years younger and in the start of a relationship, but by God, it was from Hanzo.

“How did he get the flower in here before we got here?” Lúcio asked.

“No idea,” Lena replied. “Whoa! That’s a huge bouquet.”

McCree ignored all of them and went to sit down on a dusty and uncomfortable couch. “Loveliest,” the tag started, and McCree shrunk into his heavy coat to hide his smile.

“Loveliest, I hope these flowers got there safe and before you did. I know you hate the cold and thought I get you something to cheer you up. Baby’s Breath always reminded me of stars, and that reminded me of you.

Don’t read too much into this, it is not as if I miss you already.

Stay safe.


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Hello lovely 💟 I was just wondering how you press/dry flowers? Sincerely, a fellow spring fairy 🌻

🌸 to press petals you simply place them face down in between the pages of a book (if you wish to keep the pages of your book safe from moisture and sap, place paper on top of the pages!) 🌸 make sure to place a heavy book or objects on top and leave it there for about a week or more 🌸 if you wish to display or use the pressed petals, make sure it’s kept in a cool and dry environment! 🌸

🌹 to dry flowers you simply clip them upside down and leave it in there! 🌹 keep it out of the sun’s path to keep from bleaching the color 🌹

I hope you find them somewhat helpful and hope you press and dry the loveliest petals and flowers ♡
Taming the rage

TITLE: Taming The Rage

Original Imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki he has to marry and its you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he chuckles knowing all the duties you will have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t fond of you either but can’t help looking forward to the challenge.


Author: Lokilover9

Notes: Comments and likes are much appreciated. Thank you!

The next day she went to Janes for lunch. Upon receiving a tour she was in awe at the size of their chambers. Twenty rooms in all including a hot tub and a small private pool. Thor was swimming with Junior. Erika thought he looked so cute in his little floaty chair. “Hello Erika.” Never seeing Thor with his shirt off before she was a little in awe of him too. She smiled. “Hi how are you?” He came to the pools edge handing Junior to mommy. She wrapped him in a towel scooping him up into her arms. “Look who’s here to see you today!” Junior and Erica smiled at each other. While the servants prepared they decided to eat on the balcony. Erika sat with Junior on a big spongy blanket while they played with his toys. “I have never seen him take to anyone the way he has to you.” Erica blushed. “I’m in love with this little man already.” When she picked him up and kissed him on the forehead he instantly nuzzled his little head into her neck. “Awe! What have I done to make you like me so much little one?”

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Eternal Garden

Finn and Rey have grown in sterile, lifeless environments, so when the war is over and the chance to start over presents itself, they build a greenhouse and fill it with the loveliest flowers and sweetest fruit. They are stronger from where they came; gentler and more full of life. And Finn feels alive every time he gently tends to his plants, for this is what they were meant to do.

Jily Student/Teacher AU

Requested by read-it-and-sleepSorry that it kind of sucks!

Lily had only been teaching Transfiguration since September and she had to admit that those boys were getting on the last of her nerves. Did they ever shut up and pay attention? She gave the students their essays on Animagi back and tapped on Sirius Black’s desk as she passed by him. She gave him a stern look that brought him to a smug silence and she marched on to the front of the class. “If you have any questions in regard to your grade, you may stay after class and we’ll discuss it.” She turned to the blackboard and took a piece of old fashioned chalk. She liked the feel of it between her fingers even if it made her hand look like a grandmother’s at the end of the day. “But for now, please turn to page 254 of your books.”


Lily closed her eyes for a moment, before she took a deep breath and turned around again. “Yes, Mr. Potter?”

He leaned back in his chair and gave her an arrogant smirk. “I know you find me irresistible, my loveliest of flowers, but you don’t need to give me an E for me to stay behind after class.” The wink he gave her after that statement, nearly made her head blow up. And not in the good way, either.

“Detention, Mr. Potter.”

He waggled his eyebrows. “I knew you couldn’t resist the Potter charm, darling!”

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Intro Fic List: Professor AU

Professor James (usually teaching Transfiguration or DADA) and Head Girl Lily is the most popular variety of Professor AU in the Jily fandom. But there are also many fics with pining student James and Charms or Potions Professor Lily. The following is a masterlist of fics in which James, Lily or both are Hogwarts Professors. 

Teachers Pet, T, 6 chapters, WIP / abandoned - It’s Lily Evans final year at Hogwarts. Her world’s turned upside down when she meets the handsome and steamy new DADA professor, James Potter. In turn she decides to play her game of seduction on him but what happens when it’s not a game anymore?

Every Other Midnight, M, 83 chapters, WIP -  Professor Potter and Head Girl Lily Evans… The Dark Decline

So Close, M, one shot -  “James looked at her and she felt like her skin had suddenly caught fire. ‘It’s got one hundred percent, absolutely nothing to do with your essay.’”: Featuring professor!James, student!Lily, and both parties’ abandonment of better judgment.

Professor!James and Student!Lily, K, one shot - Lily Evans was not the kind of girl to get a crush on a teacher. She was far too sensible and level-headed to ever entertain such idiotic notions… or at least she was, until Professor Potter

Professor!Evans, T, one shot - Lily closed her eyes for a moment, before she took a deep breath and turned around again. “Yes, Mr. Potter?”He leaned back in his chair and gave her an arrogant smirk. “I know you find me irresistible, my loveliest of flowers, but you don’t need to give me an E for me to stay behind after class.”

College AU, T, one shot - Before she could finish, however, the babble of the other students collectively died down as the professor’s assistant entered the room. […] “Wow,” Marlene admired under her breath along with many other female students in the class. At once, she began to scratch off her half finished reply, writing something else instead. ‘…I found the perfect candidate to give you that snogging (and more) you desperately need. Hint: he is standing in front of you.’

Bloody Professor Evans, T, one shot (extract) James was very rarely truly angry, but at that moment he was. And it was all because of stupid Evans - sorry, Professor Evans - with her stupid hair and stupid eyes and stupid laugh and stupid robes that weren’t supposed to be that tight.

Professor Potter, M, one shot (extract) - No-one looked twice at them. No-one ever did. It wasn’t uncommon to find Lily and Professor Potter together; ever since she’d transferred in to finish her final year of school at Hogwarts she’d had a certain amount of private tutoring with him to bridge the gap in DADA.

The Coffee Shop on the Little Boulevard, K, two shot -  Lily wasn’t sure what was more bizarre, the fact that a sixteen-year-old had just analysed her personality, called her ‘love’, let a subtle innuendo slip - or the fact that he’d done it all in about three sentences. Professor/ student muggle high-school AU.

Affliction, T, one shot - “Excuse me, Professor?” He looked up. “Miss Evans,” he said, surprised at how normal his voice sounded. […] looking at her face, with those gorgeous green eyes and pretty red hair and adorable little nose, didn’t help matters so he settled for staring at his desk. ‘Student, student, student,’ he repeated mentally.

Jealous Professor, T, one shot - Professor!James is jealous of some boy who has a crush on Lily.

Listen Up, Shanks!

request: Well hello ^_^ I have a request :) can you make an imagine where newt and (y/n) are in love but they are kissing secretly and stuff like that because they don’t want everyone to know about them ^.^ ill be really glad if you can do that :3

warnings: none c:


  It all started the first day you showed up in the Glade. The odd metal contraption you were in came to a sudden halt and a bright light shone through the opening doors. You saw the silhouette of a very tall, slender boy as he jumped down into the box with you. Though you were scared and lost and had no idea where you were, you could only focus on one thing — how gorgeous the boy was. He had dirty blonde hair, and big brown eyes that could make you blush on the spot. His smile made your heart melt, and when he spoke to you in that moment, it made you forget about the horrifying situation you were in. His voice was so smooth, and coated with a beautiful British accent. His name was Newt, and he was pure beauty. The feelings you developed for him in those mere seconds grew with every passing day.

  It’s been six months since that day, and your feelings for Newt still hadn’t faded. In fact, they were only made stronger when he confessed his feelings for you, too. Of course, however, Alby wasn’t very keen of a single girl being around dozens of guys. You and Newt were sure that he wouldn’t appreciate the two of you dating, so you kept it a secret, sneaking off for kisses and cuddles whenever you got the chance – which wasn’t very often.

        *        *        *

  “Hi, beautiful,” Newt’s accent rang through your ears and you giggled when you felt him wrap one of his arms around your waist. Nobody was around, so you turned around and brought Newt in for a kiss on the lips. He chuckled and took a step back. You were disappointed at first, until he produced a bouquet of small white flowers from behind his back and held it out in front of you.

  “Oh, Newt,” you took them and brought them to your nose. They didn’t really have a smell, but you took a deep breath in anyways. “They’re lovely.”

  “Well only the loveliest of flowers belong to the loveliest of girls,” he smiled and rocked back and forth on his heels. You wrapped yourself around him again and let out a sigh. “What’s wrong, darling?” he asked, cupping your face and making you look him in the eye.

  “Nothing, it’s just that.. I’m so happy to be here with you, Newt,” you wrapped your hands around his neck and smiled up at him.

  “You’re so adorable, Y/N,” he kissed your forehead and brought you back in for another hug.

  The both of you just stood there hugging for some time, neither of you saying anything until you finally broke the silence.

  “Newt,” you looked up at him and he grinned at you.

  “Yes, love?”  his voice was full of compassion and concern.

  “What if we told people about us?” you asked hesitantly. You knew he was against letting people know that you guys were a “thing.”

  Yes, a “thing.” He never properly asked you to be his girlfriend, so if you ever denied it, it wouldn’t be a total lie.

  “Y/N, beautiful, are you crazy?” he laughed a little before realising you were serious about it. “Oh, you weren’t kidding… Y/N, you know what would happen if Alby found out. He’s already been giving us weird glares when we’re close to each other. If he figures out that we have something going on he’ll banish me to the buggin’ Grievers.”

  “How do you know that?” you asked pleadingly. “Have you ever even talked to him about the subject?”

  He looked down at his feet, “Well, no,” he admitted.

  “Then why don’t we let them all know?” you asked cheerfully. “Then maybe we won’t have to run away and hide. Don’t you think it’s time we opened up, Newt? It’s hard for me to be next to you without hugging you or kissing you on the cheek when we’re in front of everybody else,” it was true. Not being able to express your feelings for Newt more than half the time broke your heart.

  “I know, it’s hard for me, too,” he bit his lip and stared at the ground, pondering whether or not this was a good idea. He took in a deep breath of air before answering, “Okay. We’ll tell them,” he smiled at you.

  Your eyes filled with pure joy and you were jumping up and down in glee in your mind. “Really, Newt?” he nodded and smirked. “I’m so happy for this! Wait, when are we gonna do it?” you asked curiously.

  “Right now,” he whispered excitingly before grabbing your hand and dragging you out of the gardens where you were hiding. He ran through the Glade, calling out for everyone to come over to the council room, where he knew Alby would be with Minho.

  “What’s this?” Alby asked when he noticed you and Newt holding hands. “Newt, what are you doing?”

  “Something I should have done a long time ago,” Newt answered calmly. He lead you over to where everyone could see you two and looked you in the eyes. You nodded at him, and he turned to face the crowd of impatient and anxious Gladers. “Listen up, shanks,” he started. “Y/N here and I have had feelings for each other for a long time now, and we decided it’s about bloody time we told you guys,” he gripped your hand tighter. “Alby, I know you never really wanted this to happen… And I know it’s weird, but you all need to get over it, because it’s official.”

  He seemed pleased with himself and his speech, and nodded at everyone again.

  “Actually,” you stepped forward and faced him, grabbing his other hand in yours, “You never properly asked me out,” you winked at him and his face flushed bright red. You knew what you were doing, you were making him prove just how much he loved you by having him ask you out in front of a group of tough guys.

  “Okay,” he bit his lip and looked down at his feet. “Y/N, you are the most beautiful girl I, along with the rest of this lot, know. You’re funny, and sweet, and smart. You’re just so bloody perfect. I love everything about you, especially how you put up with me. You give me the hope I need to keep fighting for a way out of this shuck place, and I’m happy you’re here with me. And, Y/N, it would make me even happier… if you would be my beautiful girlfriend.”

  You were smiling like crazy, at a complete loss for words. Before you could stop yourself you leaned up on your toes and kissed him hard. He kissed back immediately, and an uproar of hoots and wolf whistles sounded from behind you. Soon you remembered that you still hadn’t answered his question, so you pulled away, and looked him right in the eyes.

  “Yes, Newt. I’d love to be your girlfriend,” you said, bubbling up with pure cheer.

  Suddenly you were being picked up bridal style by Newt, and he walked you past all the Gladers. You saw all of your friends – Chuck, Minho, even Alby smiling and laughing and cheering. You wrapped your arms around Newt’s neck, and left the council room alone.

  You let out another sigh, this time a sigh of release, and Newt frowned at you. “What’s wrong, now?”

  “I love you,” the words left your mouth in a whisper, and you leaned your head against his chest.

  “I love you, too, Y/N.”



a/n: fluff is so fun to write, lmao. thanks for requesting (: i have more to do, but you guys can always request another imagine.

May Procession 80 years ago
Hymn to Mary
Bring flowers of the rarest
Bring blossoms the fairest,
From garden and woodland and hillside and dale;
Our full hearts are swelling,
Our glad voices telling
The praise of the loveliest flower of the vale!

Refrain: O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today!
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May.
O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May.

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