A Little Love Spell!

Its cuffing season! You all know what that means… It means there’s love in the air! For those of you experiencing a little “cuffing season” fever, I have a little spell for you. I personally am not a fan of love spells potentially manipulating another person, so here is an attraction spell instead to give you a little boost of confidence and extra shine, so let’s get right to it!

What you’ll need:

  • Two pink candles - for love and romance
  • Twine/String - a natural bond
  • Bay leaves - attract lovers and grant wishes
  • Rosemary/rosemary oil - makes you memorable
  • Vanilla oil/extract - creates an attraction
  • Epsom salts - for calming and cleansing for a fresh start

Before you begin, mix some Epsom salts, rosemary, and vanilla together in a container and set aside for a bath after you have completed the spell. I prefer to use rosemary oil for this, but be careful applying essential oils straight to the skin for long periods of time! Bath salts dilute them and make them safer. 

Begin with your personal pre-ritual cleansings, meditations, or circle castings. Allow yourself to enter a pleasant state of mind, like a “happy place”. Picture the candles as you and a future partner, but imagine no certain person, only pleasant thoughts regarding a partner. Take your two candles and tie a knot around the one representing yourself and then around the other, leaving twine or string draped between the two. Dress your candle with an oil of your choice or with vanilla. Carry this oil down the twine connecting the two, and then dress your partner’s candle; light your candles. Take three bay leaves for each candle. On your candle’s three, write three “attractive” attributes you wish to have, and on your partner’s three, write three broad personality traits you would like to see in a partner. Burn the bay leaves in their according candles, and then allow the candles to burn out or burn as much as they can safely and snuff out the flame. Complete your ritual by lighting some candles, burning some incense, and taking a nice warm bath with your Epsom mixture while you absorb the qualities of your oils!

- mybookofbitchcraft

(image from lovepotionnumbr9 via blogspot)

okay so Sheldon and Amy, guys

In the Love Spell Potential, when Bernadette casts the spell, did anyone notice Sheldon’s reaction versus Amy’s? Amy was extremely uncomfortable the entire time, but Sheldon went from:

“what the hell are you guys serious” 

“oh my god you are serious”

“wait this is actually interesting”


“I sure know how I look at her”



Sheldon and Amy deciding to get physical – but in the context of Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a really brilliantly constructed scene where they’re rolling the dice to figure out which article of armor, or clothing, comes off. It’s really an amazing moment and a microcosm of the show. It is the reality of these characters, yet it’s very universal. It’s real to them and what maybe is a small step to other people, is as big of a step to these characters as you can find.
—  Simon Helberg on his favorite moment of Season 6 (interestingly the only one to pick a moment unrelated to his character.  And his character had some amazing scenes this season.  I guess he digs the Shamy)

For me, the moment Sheldon encourages Amy to continue the D&D game with his is actually really important, for several reasons:

Point number 1: The way Sheldon shyly says, “ we did have a love spell cast on us, we wouldn’t be playing the game right if we didn’t see it through”, shows just how much he really loves Amy. We already know how Sheldon feels toward intimacy, he “has not ruled it out”, but still feels quite awkward around the subject, for me this moment when he stops Amy and finishes the game is like his way of telling Amy that he is really trying to be the man she wants him to be. It’s obvious that this is outside Sheldon’s comfort zone and that’s why it’s so important, because it would be a typical ‘sheldon moment’ to totally ignore how amy feels and just continue the way it suits him, but he does not. Instead, Sheldon acknowledges that Amy deserves better and really tries. It’s also obvious that he felt slightly awkward when he says the “erotically caresses” line, but he still says it, because it becomes clear that as he gets into it, he becomes more comfortable, because Amy is just as frightened.

Point number 2: Can we not just totally ignore the setting for this scene - they are in Sheldon’s room, even though “no one goes in” Sheldon’s room. Granted Sheldon does make a little comment on it at the beginning of the scene, but after he recognises how upset Amy is, he immediately drops it. Why you ask? Because sheldon recognises how, in the grand scheme of things, that is so insignificant. This is yet another demonstration of how Sheldon has matured so much, and is totally prepared to prioritise when things are really serious.

Just a few thoughts..