Fic Rec List: Great Long Fics

I LOVE long stories. All of these are over 100k words. I’d buy any of these as books, that’s for sure. All of these stories have fantastic plots and will get you from the very beginning. Some of these have shown up on other lists I’ve made because they’re AWESOME. They aren’t in order of preference. 

You Are The Blood (175k) by povverbottoms​ - Harry and Louis (Zayn, Liam and Niall too) are in their seventh year at Hogwarts 15 years after the Harry Potter series. 

Love is a Rebellious Bird (134k) by 100percentsassy​ & gloriaandrews - Louis is the Concert Master and Harry is the new Conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra.

You’ve Got to See Yourself from Far and Wide (113k WIP) by ygtsyffaw - Harry and Louis are football (soccer) players who started off on the wrong foot at 6 years old.

You Always Make Me Smile (60k WIP - 7/32 chapters) by champagneboyband ​- Harry is the Gordon Ramsey-esque Michelin chef and Louis is his producer for a new TV show.

Branching Out (226k) by angeequalsawesome - Louis is a reality TV star and Harry is a waiter at a restaurant. 

Let’s Fall in Love in a Place You Want to Stay (134k) by embrofic - Louis is a model and Harry is the (Tarzan-like) man he met in the jungle.

Escapade (146k) by haydolce - Harry is a high end escort and Louis needs a date for Ziall’s wedding.

Wild and Unruly (123k) by 100percentsassy​ & gloriaandrews - Harry owns a ranch that his mother wants to sell for oil. Louis is the paralegal sent to make it happen.

As You Are (139k) by zarahdetand - Louis is an X-Factor judge when Niall and Harry enter as a joke.

All Too Human (166k) by gotthisniallthang - Harry is a part of a 4 piece One Direction when he meets Louis and his son, Nathan.

Relief Next to Me (271k WIP) by haydolce - Louis is a graphic designer and Harry is a pastry chef. They meet on Craigslist.

Wear It Like A Crown (141k) by zarahdetand - Harry is the Prince and Louis is brought in to help when scandal breaks.

Burn To Ash (116k) by bethaboolou - 5 years after Harry’s alcoholism caused One Direction’s breakup, he’s back. Harry and Louis have to figure out what to do now.

my heart is breathing for this moment in time (159k) by usedtothebeach - Louis is a time traveller who doesn’t know why he’s thrown back and forth to different points in Harry’s life. Harry knows.

And Then A Bit (158k) by infinitelymint - The record company wants to bring One Direction back and needs Larry Stylinson for PR. Now, Harry and Louis are stunting together, until they’re not.

Into The Blue (117k) by zarahdetand - Louis is a scuba instructor and Harry is trying to escape his life.

The Dead of July (117k) by whimsicule - Harry is Captain America and Louis is the Winter Soldier. Are they on the same side of the fight? Not sure.

Diana taking up chewing bubblegum and she gets Jason hooked too in an effort to get him to stop fuckin smoking and they walk around like bad bitches snapping bubbles in tandem and driving Bruce up the batcave wall


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dontforgetaboutdeath asked:

My bird loves to hang upside down on me. Is that normal?

As a general rule, yes, birds are very acrobatic and many of them adore climbing, hanging and contorting their bodies in to odd positions, some may even choose to sleep on walls or upside down. As long as you’re not noticing other odd behaviours that could be indicative of illness, injury, or neurological damage they’re likely just being a happy bird.