I’ve always been amazed by hand-painted cakes - from the confection’s vivid illustration brought to life by the clever use of edible watercolours, to the nuances in the hues used, and so on. This one depicting two love birds being connected by a single vine, is yet another masterpiece.

My friend and I found the superb owl!!

Look at him, truly superb

Or perhaps it is I that is the superb owl, as my wingspan matches that of the great grey owl? :o

Either way, I had a great time at the aviary today searching for this superb owl everybody keeps talking about! 

<3 followers <3

I have been meaning to thank my new followers for weeks, but I’m really shy about this sort of thing. I suppose now is a good time since there is an influx of new people here. Anyway, thank you for following, thank you for all the notes, bless those of you that comment on my posts and reblog my art. I see you and appreciate you. You make me feel welcome and happy. 

Honestly, I could individually thank at least 30 of you, this fandom is full of amazing people. It’s kind of insane. Seriously, stop being so awesome. :P I can’t even think of 10 people in my real life I like or want to thank. 

I started this blog in November, and I thought I was delusional with optimism when my goal was to eventually have 15 followers. I didn’t think people would care about my analysis or opinions on the show. I worried I would say the wrong thing and get thrown out of the fandom. I never thought I would make fan art. But this fandom has been amazing and accepting. I was in a dark place and this fandom has given me so much light and happiness. Anyway, thank you, new followers, please don’t be shy about talking to me or joining discussions. :* 

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Blue Bird's Song (a poem)

Blue Bird’s Song (a poem)

She’s the calming blue among a mystifying grey, A fighter as art burning in your fiery rage. The blue birds sing above the mountain’s arch, Your hand pressing on her chest as she fights for a breath, She prepares to be dropped into a pit of regret. As you stand and watch, miles apart, Your love for her is an anchor disguised as a net; You should have help her but you left her instead To burn in…

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