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Q: My package is stuck/missing / Contents of my package are damaged or missing
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Q: Is x still available / will it be available again?
A: DIGITAL VERSION The digital version of the zine continues to be available on gumroad, and will be until we make the donation. I will give warning before it closes.
These are not currently available.
The time for pre-orders ended and almost all packages have been shipped. We ordered some extra copies of the zine and bundle items in anticipation of lost/damaged packages. Depending on how many packages actually are lost or damaged, there may be extras, or there may not. If there are, they will be announced and listed for sale on a First Come First Served basis at a disclosed time in late August/Early September. 
Stamps and coin purses are all spoken for and will not be made available again due to the circumstances surrounding ordering them.

Q: Where did you get x made?
A: Zines - Smartpress
Stamps -
Prism Postcards/Bookmarks - Catprint, though if you need bulk GETMEDS also offers these with nice options like rounded corners and spot gloss/gold! Both provide great service, but I would’ve gone with MED if not for timing.
Sticker Sheets - Zap Creatives
Charms - Vograce
Buttons - Me!

Thank you again everyone, for your patience and your support on this project!

I think I just sobered up from whatever kind of hazed state I was in because what the F*CK. I cut off his ARM. Like that shit is really f*cking painful and could have maybe killed him with shock alone. Please get me a restraining order because I should not be allowed around this guy anymore
—  me, ooc, about my character who cut off his own arm to escape a giant snake. He earlier lost his eye in that same RP, although that was not my fault.

anonymous asked:

46. “I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes” Supercat first time meeting au?

46. “I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

Kara tries not to be obvious as she glances down at the watch on her wrist, eyes widening when she realises that only five minutes have passed since she last checked the time, despite it feeling like ten years because this guy has been droning on and on forever and Kara’s never allowing herself to be set up ever again.

She’s going to kill her sister.

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G Alberto Nacci ‘Premonition’

Past and future, youth and old-age.
The bird symbolizes adolescence while old-age is represented in the window.
A tear slides from the bird’s eye. It’ s crying for disappointment, for disillusion, for rage. The real world blights every adolescent expectation, hope and dream.
The bird is free because adolescence does not accept compromises, that is why he faces with his chest out the future.
There is fear in his eye because fear is the state of the origin, of the newborn conscience. Mind was born to overcome the fear of the vacuum, of the unknown.
Old-age is represented in the window: the man alone, slow-pace walking, resigned, overcame, lost and trapped in a boundless, labyrinthic house/Mind where everything is ordered and still.

She’s Not Her

Request: HII can you write a Jungkook scenario where he meets a girl who looks exactly like this exgirlfriend (however she’s gone from this world). And Jungkook happens to be the girl’s bodyguard through her dads order for him to keep her safe. So they have to stick together. 

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to write your request. I hope you enjoy it.

Part One

Originally posted by jjks

I closed my eyes again as I lay in my bed. Getting lost in thought about being kidnapped again for the second time this week. How my new bodyguard has been treated me badly. Let me guess it’s because my father is the biggest CEO in America and Korea too. Everyone thinks I’m that stereotype type rich girl, but I’m not. I never wished to be rise and born into this lifestyle. The only thing, I’m happy at this moment is that tomorrow is the day I’m leaving the U.S. after 5 years.

I miss Taehyung the most. The way he made me feel better about myself. The way he made me smile, laugh, and enjoy life every second. But in this moment he isn’t here to comfort me. I locked myself in this room for 3 days now. I wouldn’t let anyone in except Jungkook because of my father. I felt I was always alone to the point I’m so used to it now. I hate how everyone used me so much that I acted like that stereotype rich girl.

It’s been only two months that Jungkook became my bodyguard. Just two freaking two months just like everyone else, they acted like they know every inch of my life. News flash they don’t. They don’t see me hurting or crying.I’m just a show for them. One thing I couldn’t stand was his damn attitude with me. Everyone else he treats them nicely. The day we first meet was really great but the second day I saw his true colors. Ever Since that day I treat him the same way he treats me.

I had my phone laying on top of my stomach as it vibrate. I had my phone vibrate because I couldn’t stand having noise in my room. I check and see, it was Taehyung. I started to smile for the first time in 3 days.

“Hey, my lady. I miss you so much” he said

“TAE I MISSED YOU SO MUCH. I have some good news for you and the guys”

“HM…Let me guess you’re finally coming home” he said

“YES, I’m leaving tomorrow”

“I just texted them the guys and they're happy you're finally coming back” he said 

“Theres my address where I’m going to be living by myself for a while”

“Thats means I can be your roommate. HUH HUH” he said 

“Let me think about it first”

“Okay. I have to go I’m meeting Namjoon. Goodnight my love” he said

Wait minute he never called me his love before. Is he in…. I shake my head not wanting to believe what I was to say because I’m in love with them. I looked at the time on my phone and notice it was 6 pm. I decided it’s time to get out my room. I walked up to the door, as I reached to the doorknob. My heart started to race. Fear started to build up, being locked in a dark room only hearing my scream filling up the room. It was only two time they tried kidnapped me in a week and I’m here still alive. 

I took a deep shaky breath and open the door slowly. I took my first step and saw Jungkook standing in front my door. I see how his lips are about to something. “I don’t to hear it” I said. This was the first time everyone has seen me in my worst moment. You know what was worst it was one of my maids who step up my kidnapping. This is what I get for trusting in people. I want to leave this place and be far gone and left alone in peace.

I didn’t notice I reached  the stairs. I felt someone bumping into me. My eyes widen, realizing I’m about to fall down the stairs. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact but it never happen. I open eyes seeing how close face to face I am with Jungkook. I felt my heart racing and stomach feeling weird. His hands are around my waist. I never notice his dark brown eyes so beautiful. Wait what was I think. Those eyes aren’t beautiful those eyes hate me as I hate him too.

“Jungkook let go of me” I said in pissed tone. I wasn’t mad at him,I just found myself not know how to acted around him. His expression changed, he felt sorry for me. He didn’t say anything. He let me go and I continue to walk down the stairs. I stop at the last stair step.

I wanted to reach for hand her and tell her “it’s okay” and tell her I’m here for her. But I couldn’t I’m just be nice to her because she reminds me of her. Waited for her move again but she took her time. She had eaten anything or drank anything the past 3 days. She looked pale and skinner. She finally took the step and continue into the  kitchen.

She didn’t said anything as she enter. Some of the maids were cooking. One of them ran up to her. Y/N slides to the left avoiding her. Does she really think that  everyone is going to hurt her?  She avoid everyone and when to the fridge and grab a waterbottle and leftover lasagne from yesterday.  

We stood watching her not saying anything as she placed the plate with lasagne into the microwave. She just stood there waiting still it hit zero. She open the microwave taking the plate  out and closing the door. She walk up to the table and sat down and took her first bite.

“We’re going to miss you” said one of the maids as she walked up the table sitting in front of her. She didn’t said anything but continue to eat. I eat o ready so just watch her eat like aways. Seeing Kari eat and smile what I cook for her. Made me really happy. How her eyes light up as she took her first bite. Each expression was really cute but that thought faded way.

“WHAT”  said Y/N as she stood in front of me. She has her eyes, her lips and her hair. She had everything of Kari. Did Kari really die how can she stand in front of me and pretend she doesn’t know the love I have for her.

“Nothing” I said as she walked pass me. I follow her up the stair making sure she went into her room and she did. I when into my room closing the door. Talking of my suit off, I walked to the closet and grab a random shirt and sweatpants. I walked to my bed throwing myself. I wanted dream of her, having her in my arms and feeling her lips again. I just lay there imagining as she lay next to me.

Matthieu Cousin clouds Malo the Eye in a purple haze. Next few weeks we will be closing this Act of Chapter Zero, setting everything in motion for our story and world. This train is going to feelings town all aboard. 

Update next week the 4 weeks of releases! Along with teasers of Act 2, Wallpapers, a free music release and more.  Happy Holidays if you are stateside.

clairese1980  asked:

Soryu comforts MC after he rescues her from being kidnapped by rival mafia. Maybe a little hurt but nothing hospital. Please and thank you

You opened your eyes slowly to find yourself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. Your hands are tied behind your back and you tried to recall what happen. You were walking along the street when you were dragged into a car. The next thing you could remember was you lost conscious after they placed a clothes over your mouth. You tried to break free from the rope but a gun was pointed at your head. You freeze and soon realized a few other men were in the room. You recognized one of them as a rival of Soryu. You felt a slap on your face and the impact pushed you back on the floor.

“Kill her.” One of them ordered.

You closed your eyes to prepare for the worst and Soryu’s face appeared on your mind. Is this going to be the end of you? You shivered in fear and soon heard a bang sound but the bullet did not hit you. You opened your eyes to find the man drop on the floor with his hand in blood.

“This is what happens when you touch my woman.” Soryu arrived with his men. The enemies soon wipe out.

“_____, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?” Soryu said worryingly, as he untied the rope that tied behind you. He then embraced you and you can feel his body shivering. He must be worried about you.

“I am not hurt. Thanks for saving me.” Your voice trembled, as you replied him.

“Let’s go before Kishi here with his men.” Soryu said and you help get out of that place.

Soryu brought you back home and have Luke check on you. Luckily you are not hurt badly that required staying in the hospital. However, you are still shivering from fear. You could be dead if Soryu was few minutes late. You just escape from death.

“I promised you before that I will protect you. I will not let anything happen to you. Have a rest tonight. I will keep you accompany in my arms.” Soryu whispered and embraced you tightly.

Feel his warm body pressing against you, you started to relax a little. Yes, Soryu will protect you. So far he has never failed you. You believe that he will continue to do so in the future. Slowly you feel yourself feeling better and eventually fell asleep in his arms.

Walk You Home

You hadn’t seen much of Steve since his mother passed. He used to be a regular at your father’s corner drug store, sometimes picking up medicines and the occasional odds and ends, but mostly to split a sandwich with Bucky and order chocolate sodas. He’d roll his eyes when Bucky asked you out for drinks and dancing when they’d stop by for gum or a newspaper. You always declined, working most evenings in the store, but the invitation was always flattering.

By himself, Steve wasn’t much of a talker. If he sat at your counter for lunch, he usually had his nose in the paper or the pencil in his hand to his sketchbook. You didn’t mind if he lost track of the time, chatting with some of the older men who sat down for a soda or to be comfortable, while they waited for their prescriptions, and sometimes didn’t buy more than a 10¢ drink. He was good company when he spoke, asking how your ma and sister were or how business was at the shop. He always said goodbye before he left, wishing you a good night, even in the middle of the morning. On the rare night Steve was around when you closed, he walked you home, telling you the latest adventures he and Bucky had or the movie they’d just seen.

It wasn’t until a week after his birthday that Steve reappeared in the store. Bucky had been in several times, letting you know how Steve was taking his mother’s death and how he had talked him into to moving in with him. You smiled, hearing Steve had someone looking out for him still.

“Hiya, [y/n],” Steve nodded, with a small smile, as he swiveled in his seat to face the counter.

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Roadrat: 1812 part 2: The Snow Waltz

Title: The Snow Waltz (part 2 of 1812)
Pairing: Roadrat
(Anon asked for some more gore and angst. This isn’t that gorey, but I knew I needed a follow up to 1812. You can read them out of order, they work both ways.)

Jamie stared up at the sky with blurry eyes. The snow falling down like a hundred dancing ladies; the petals and blooms of their dresses as they scattered across the land. Falling, dancing, spinning around him as he stared up at them.
He slumped across the snowy ground, the ashen fallen and dirty smearing the white surface. He had lost his boot somewhere, and the cold was seeping in through his toes. What a difference a world made. What a difference winter was to Australia compared to what it was in Russia. What a difference.
Jamie slumped and slide across the ground, his peg-leg battered as it crunched under his weight. The jarring drag of him pulling himself along, warry of his movements. His fingers itches as he brought them to his face, shaking and raw as he saw the ooze of blood and clog of clots as he stared at the wounds. Hadn’t lost anything. No need to start planning another bionic arm.
How spectacular.
A dry laugh escaped the man, the sound grating as he pulled himself through the snow. He stepped over bodies—their blown bits sticking to his feet as he trekked through the snow and destruction. He had made this. He had created this crater of snow and ash; the cobble stone ground bellow it bleeding into grass as the sprouts woke far too early. It wasn’t spring yet, not summer, but the peeks of greens seemed to startle the red and the white.
Blood on snow.

Snow on grass.

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I had a strange dream during my flight to Royal. I was on my way to the theatre in New York City when suddenly I got lost. Somehow I ended up in Royal, 1300 miles far from the city I’d been previously in. Walked all of them, of course. In not more than 2 minutes. When I woke up and opened my eyes I went like whaaaaaaaat?. I was in Royal for real. I didn’t walk all those miles, though. In real life I take planes, in my dreams I’m a super-dude. Shall I sleep more often? In order to avoid confusion, I didn’t come here in my sleep. I was aware of what I was doin’. I think. Yo’ everybody, I’m Lin-Manuel. ‘The guy from Hamilton’ works as well and this isn’t the beginning of a freestyle yell. Seriously, it’s not.

lordcarlisle  asked:

“What have they done to you?”

Elliot whimpered softly when he heard the voice, shaking his head quickly because he didn’t want to be ordered around anymore - didn’t want to be punished for doing as he was told, completely confusing his brain. 

“G-go away…” He pleaded, his wrists and ankles covered in new and old blood from days of struggling, his eyes covered by an old cloth tied so tightly that it hurt and Elliot had lost a few chunks of hair trying to get it off with his fumbling hands. 

insecure-cookie  asked:

Hey, so I had a quick question about Septic Sam....What's under that hair? Does he have another septic eye, a regular eye, no eye?! Idk I'm just curious.... (p.s I love your art!!)

his broken eye. there’s a backstory to it where he use to have both eyes and “something” happened then lost both of his eyes, but, again, “something” gave him the “septice power“ to his left eye in order to survive. which leaving his right eye broken/blind. 

(Excuse the poor picture, I’m cuddled up under a blanket with my laptop and my face is ugly rn)
Click the picture to buy one for yourself!

My totally awesome “Mentats & Chill” shirt designed by @mentats-ghoul-herself​ FINALLY came in today!! Thank you for making such a prime shirt design!! I’ve been eyeing this top since you made it omg.

(I was worried it got lost in the mail) But it’s totally amazing and I love it!! Now I can hopefully attract all sorts of Fallout people to me!!

This is my first order from TeePublic, and I was worried a medium be too small since I never buy stuff online and my sizing in stores varies greatly depending on the clothing item. BUT THEN I REMEMBERED, It’s American sizes, so it ended up being a little bit big.

But that just means it’s super comfy and it’s chill if it shrinks <3


The Great Oracle is the leader of the Lost Order of the Eye. She remains hidden from all except for those who know to seek her wisdom. The Great Oracle is protected by the Lilid, a small select order of guards who have taken a solemn oath to protect with their lives. The Great Oracle uses her powers of second sight to peer into the future, and is sought out by others for consolation. However, since the lost of the previous oracle, hard times have befallen both the Great Oracle and the Eye.


Characters: Jeon Jungkook & You (named Ara)

Prompts: hanahaki disease
하나하키병 (Hanahaki Byeong, 花吐き病): n. A disease of the human system that cough up flowers due to severe one-sided love. Its infection route is through contact with vomited flowers. In order to fully recover the disease, the one’s love must be fulfilled.

Genre: angst

Warning(s): character death

Summary:  Here they are: beautiful forget-me-not petals. Your unrequired love lying out in front of your eyes.

Words: 1879

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The Founders

As the four creators of the Clans as a system, these cats have been mythologized and altered over time. Some refer to them with the name of their Clan and the leader suffix -star (Windstar, Thunderstar, Riverstar, Shadowstar), some say they were spirits sent by Horoa to bring order to the forest, and others still believe they had magical powers. This post is solely concerned with the truth of who and what these four cats were - vices, virtues and all. Certain details have, of course, been lost over the course of history, but what is presented here is entirely accurate.

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Kat was just done with work, couple hours past midnight, when she grew a higher need of some fresh air and decided to take a walk. She dragged her oxygen tank along, almost annoyed by how loud it was. Her eye caught what seemed to have been an open bar so she got in, ordering herself something random, hoping it’d turn out okay. She was lost in thought, almost asleep when someone got her attention. “Sorry? Did you say something?”